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Career Gupshup

Career Gupshup

By Anuradha Shiv

I am so absolutely sure - No one told you these insane career tips. Tap into the wealth of career hacks and turn your career woes into career wows!!
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We all compare ourselves to others. Mostly others who we think did better than us. Yet, we forget that each of us runs our race here. Why burn out for nothing when we could be more productive helping ourselves be our better self?
August 07, 2021
5 Steps to Career Shift
5 Steps to Career Shift
Career Shift can be taxing. In this podcast we talk about the questions you should ask yourself before making that shift? Question 1 : Can I afford the time to plan the transition to the next career? Question 2 : What are my core values and non-negotiables? Question 3 : Why do you work? Question 4 : What does success look like for you? Question 5 : What are the steps you will take to manifest your vision of success?
July 31, 2021