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Anything that Moves

Anything that Moves

By Maniv Mobility
A podcast for founders, stakeholders, and the mobility-curious by Maniv Mobility.
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Are OEMs ready to handle automotive data?

Anything that Moves

“If Uber and Southwest Airlines had a baby”: Kolors on digitizing Mexican intercity busing
Rodrigo Martinez, Founder and CEO of Kolors, discusses why he believes that LATAM intercity busing is ripe for digitization. Rodrigo breaks down why intercity busing in Mexico and other emerging markets serves the role of domestic flights in the US and Western Europe, and explains how Kolors aims to improve the passenger experience with ancillary products and services. He argues that the industry can learn much from successful airline business models, and suggests that the “Uberization” of transportation has changed how mobility companies approach customer acquisition. For more information on Kolors, see
June 19, 2022
Fully-electric long-haul trucking: coming soon to an (interstate) highway (somewhat) near you?
Graham Doorley, CEO of Solo AVT, discusses why he believes that fully electric, autonomous-enabled, long-haul trucking is coming sooner rather than later, and how Solo AVT’s ground up Class 8 truck, the SD1, plays into the future of electric, autonomous trucking. Graham breaks down how the company approaches regulation, why diesel big-rigs can't be easily retrofitted for electrification or autonomy, and what redesigned trucks mean for millions of truck drivers worldwide - as well as the environment.  For more information on Solo AVT, see and
May 26, 2022
What are automotive Tier 1 suppliers and why do they matter?
Loan My Descourvieres, StartUp & Technology Group Vice President at Valeo, breaks down the role of Tier 1 vehicle suppliers in the automotive supply chain and how they can foster technological innovation. She touches on new e-bike powertrains, how Valeo has survived the chip shortage, and why Tier 1 suppliers make ideal design partners for early-stage mobility startups.
April 19, 2022
Can small startups really disrupt Big Auto?
Dr. Peter Mertens, an automotive industry veteran, breaks down the role of startups in the automotive ecosystem. Building on his 35 years of experience at Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Tata Motors, Volvo Cars, and Audi, he touches on how Israeli innovation encourages the world’s largest automakers to adopt new technologies, and how new EV brands are increasingly competing with legacy OEMs and Tier 1s.
April 06, 2022
How will AVs and EVs affect vehicle ownership?
Itay Michaeli, Auto Equity Research Analyst at Citi, breaks down the changing vehicle ownership landscape. He discusses the shift towards new mobility business models in both urban & rural settings, the relationship between vehicle access & freedom of movement, and the impact of EV adoption & autonomous driving technologies on personal automobile usage patterns. 
March 22, 2022
The future of mobility in Africa
Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, General Partner at Future Africa and co-founder of Andela and Flutterwave, breaks down African innovation and the growth of the mobility-focused entrepreneurial sector in Nigeria. He discusses the policy mobility of trends in new vehicle financing and ownership models, fleet electrification, and urban growth.
March 14, 2022
The optimization of electric vehicle charging: will fast or slow charge points dominate the ecosystem?
Anil Paryani, CEO of Auto Motive Power (AMP), breaks down the critical EV charging infrastructure problems within President Biden's Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. He discusses how to achieve the ideal balance between AC and DC charge points, incentivize users to purchase EVs, and optimize the charging experience.
March 03, 2022
Micromobility and the future of on-demand logistics
IQ Sayed, CTO at Fenix, breaks down the current state of micromobility and discusses F10, the company's experiment fusing micromobility with on-demand urban logistics
February 02, 2022
The EV revolution is upon us, but who wins?
Meir and Prof. John Paul MacDuffie of Wharton's Mack Institute discuss his recent whitepaper on why this round of vehicle electrification is real and why not to underrate traditional OEMs, despite Tesla's running start. Prof. MacDuffie's whitepaper can be found at
January 11, 2022
All I want for Christmas is goods 
Meir is joined by Eytan Buchman, CMO @ Freightos, to breakdown the global supply chain, freight forwarding, the movement of goods, and what we can expect during the holiday season. Listen to Ship Happens here:
November 28, 2021
The new used car marketplace
Meir and Daniel Esponda, CEO and co-founder of Odetta, break down the used car marketplace and share insights on where it's come from and what's in store for the future. 
November 10, 2021
Is L5 autonomy an AI fool's errand? 
David Magerman, Managing Partner and CTO at Differential Ventures, is has witnessed firsthand the different applications of AI and machine learning since he began his career working on early data-driven approaches to natural language processing at IBM. Through this lens, Meir and David breakdown the state of automated mobility technology, the players involved, and the troves of data needed to make L5 a reality.
September 29, 2021
Revel, rideshare and the gig economy
Meir and Haley Rubinson, VP Business Development at Revel breakdown how mobility start-ups can benefit from working with local regulators, the future of the gig-economy, and the importance of infrastructure in support electrification ambitions. 
August 17, 2021
Are OEMs ready to handle automotive data?
Meir and Yoav Levy, CEO at Upstream Security break down the world of automotive cyber-security, the state of connected cars, and the question of automotive data. 
May 05, 2021
A private equity take on new mobility
Meir and Tom Wagner, Founder and Managing Director at Knighthead Capital Management break down the changes happening in the mobility space, the advent of autonomy, rural mobility solutions, and the future of the urban landscape.
February 23, 2021
Rethinking the passenger experience in the age of autonomy
Intuition Robotics' technology enables the creation of relationships between humans and machines through cognitive AI. In this episode, Meir and Dor Skuler, CEO at Intuition Robotics break down proactive human and machine interaction, how this tech is used in both cars and digital companions, and how start-ups today should approach partnerships with OEMs.
January 25, 2021
The fleetification of future mobility
Meir and Kobi Eisenberg, CEO @ Autofleet begin this episode with the most basic question: what is a fleet? Hint: It may have to do with warships. They then breakdown the economics of car sharing, management of EV fleets, and discuss whether or not car sharing is broken. 
December 07, 2020
Is TSLA a tech stock or a fashion product?
Meir and Olaf from the Maniv team unpack ideas discussed in Olaf’s recent piece: Is TSLA a tech stock or a fashion product? They discuss the evolving narrative of carmakers, challenges facing mobility software startups today, and the need for a standardized network architecture. Read more at 
November 23, 2020
The future of delivery and the last mile
Meir and Mina break down the gig-economy, discuss how early-stage mobility start-ups are attracting investors, and talk about how start-ups in the mobility space are adapting amid the global pandemic. 
November 04, 2020