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By Carlene Kurdziel
A collection of conversations to inspire passionate living.
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Episode 5: Lizane Tan


Episode 8: Bruce Craig
Welcome to SEASON TWO of A Passion Project Podcast! To kick things off with a CRASH (the sound of a tree falling down in the forest), we're chatting with Bruce Craig (Katrina's amazing dad) about renewable forestry and ethical construction on Prince Edward Island.
August 12, 2018
Episode 7: Bob Essex and Catherine Rusk
Bears, bike butts, and belly laughs, oh my! On this episode of A Passion Podcast, we chat with Bob Essex and Catherine Rusk from Bob’s Bike Ride. This May, they’ll be lugging their 2-wheel steel machines to Vancouver and riding coast to coast to raise awareness for the Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba! To show your support for Bob’s Bike Ride, head to for more information on how you can donate to their bike journey for a great cause.
April 17, 2018
Episode 6: The Aftershow with Lizane Tan
In this episode, we continue our chat with Lizane Tan where we debate digital vs. manual artistic mediums, the White House art archives of public submissions, Katrina's terribly hilarious audiobook experience, and that real success means getting things done 80% of the way.
March 24, 2018
Episode 5: Lizane Tan
Happy 5 episode-iversary, APP (this counts as an anniversary, right?)! We’re *so* excited to release this episode for a couple of reasons, including: -We’re just a couple o’ ladies who “don’t know how to make a podcast, but we’re trying anyway.” -Lizane is an INCREDIBLE and BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING, and we can’t wait for you to hear her thoughtful perspectives and passionate insights. Lizane Tan, a designer and artist originally from Manilla, is now making a home out of Halifax Nova Scotia, and loving every minute of it. As a graduate of NSCAD University, Lizane has been figuring out how to sustain a creative lifestyle, and shares what aspects of her creative practice are helping her to find that path.
March 3, 2018
Episode 4: Alyson Shane (Part 2)
Hey, folks, and happy New Year (a wee late, but happy none the less)! It’s 2018, and we’ve taken some well-deserved time to experience horrible flu’s, make some cool stuff, and celebrate the past year of friendship/life. Episode 4 starts off with a bang (elephant noises), as we dive further into our chats with the Queen of the Internet herself, Alyson Shane. In part two of this two-part series, we chat becoming a “pod,” NPR politics podcasts, our favourite Instagram accounts, and Alyson’s best facts about “the internet.”
March 3, 2018
Episode 3: Alyson Shane
Episode 3, coming at cha’. This month on A Passion Project Podcast, Carlene and Katrina get cozy with Alyson Shane: Winnipeg’s leading Social Media Expert. We talk about entrepreneurship, building a personal brand, and the power of community engagement both on and offline. Alyson shares plenty of valuable information, intermittently spread with giggles, and Katrina Craig enlightens us on how she knows SO much about Canadian “Historic Moments”. This episode is filled with off-the-chart giggles and some deep insights from our guest, such as this gem, “People want to be friends with people who give a shit.” …and that’s just the half of it. Stay tuned for more come social media magic with Alyson Shane come December!
March 3, 2018
Episode 2: Robin Shaban
On this episode of A Passion Project, we chat with Robin Shaban: economist, policy analyst, and aspiring clown. Robin – whose work has appeared in HuffPost – shares how economics helps us make sense of the world around us, how analyzing policies helps us make it better, and the importance of embracing absurdity through it all.
March 3, 2018
Episode 1: Thinking About Passion
For the premiere episode of A Passion Project, Katrina and Carlene sit down and discuss “passion”; and the differing views of what passion can mean for an individual.
March 3, 2018