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ApeTV on Spotify

ApeTV on Spotify

By Beeridiceos
Interviews with the founders, creators, and builders of decentralized finance.
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024 - RugDoc

ApeTV on Spotify

027 - BSC NFT Special
Chip converses with Feydor, co-founder of Neural Pepe, and Ox from Bull Society about their experience launching a NFT project in BSC & what their expectations are for the market going forward.  
November 23, 2021
026 - Liquid Collectibles
Today Apeguru ( Cofounder of ApeSwap & Liquid Collectibles ) joins me to chat about the groundbreaking platform of Liquid Collectibles! We talk tokenizing NFTs, Tokenomics , Do’s & Don’ts. Plus Apeguru goes over what it means to be “Powered By ApeSwap”
November 12, 2021
025 - Galactic Arena
Today I chat with Mike Gusso CMO of Galactic Arena. He walks us through the inception, partnering with ApeSwap, the IAO experience then gets deep into this exciting game. Tune in for another informative episode !
November 2, 2021
024 - RugDoc
In todays episode Bee speaks with RugDoc about securing DeFi, honeypot scams & much more !
October 19, 2021
023 - NFTY Labs
Today CEO Digital Lawrence & COO Tytaninc of NFTY Labs join me for an information packed episode!
October 9, 2021
022 - ApeLabs
New host Beeridiceos talks with Chimpin Chip (President of ApeLabs) about this ambitious education platform being offered by so very helpful apes!
September 29, 2021
021 - Lossless
Conversation with Viziris, Marketing Manager for Lossless, about their model of hack/loss mitigation, the involvement of third parties in their decision making process, and the role their service plays in DeFi regulating itself. 
September 10, 2021
020 - Lympo
Conversation with Ada, CEO of Lympo, about their unique stake to mint NFT model, the bridging of sports & DeFi, and a candid talk about central banking at the conclusion. 
September 2, 2021
019 - Ternoa
Conversation with Clement Tequi, co-founder & CFO of Ternoa, about potential use cases for their time capsules, an overview of their technical features, and a preview of life after mainnet. 
August 19, 2021
018 - Fortress
Miro returns for a second appearance to provide updates on Fortress & JetFuel, a deep dive of macro topics for BSC & Polygon, and a discussion about regulatory interference from entities who have proven incapable of safeguarding retail in TradFi markets.   
August 12, 2021
017 - Polygon
Conversation with Asif, Growth Director for Polygon, about their concept's design & execution, technical developments on the horizon, and how their unparalleled growth has attracted a network of capable builders.   
August 4, 2021
016 - Dragonary
Conversation with Alejo, co-founder & CEO of Dragonary, about their platform's unique gaming experience, the potential for Dragons/items, and how their personal experience with poor LATAM monetary policy shaped their tokenomics. 
July 30, 2021
ApeTV Special - The First Fifteen
A look back on the first fifteen episodes of ApeTV. We'll take a peak at what the warm up process for guests looks like, highlight important topics, and reflect on some of the wonderful conversations we've all shared together. Special shoutout at the end of the presentation to the groups, regions, and apes who have made this all possible. 
July 23, 2021
015 - BiShares
Conversation with Vlad, co-founder of BiShares, about their on-chain index funds, the role of their DAO within the ecosystem, the steps they're taking to secure their platform & contracts, and a preview of developments to come. Take part in their IAO on ApeSwap at
July 6, 2021
014 - Wyvern
Conversation with Kyle & Karan, co-founders of Wyvern, about their unique tokenomics, how their native AI plays a critical role in routing reflections, and what lies ahead for Dragon Riders. 
July 2, 2021
013 - Seascape
Converation with Kerel, co-founder & CMO of Seascape, about their platform, incentivization of gaming, the role of Scape NFTs, and detail the pivotal nature of their cross-chain approach. 
June 25, 2021
012 - Moonlight
Conversation with Nick & Don, co-founders of Moonlight, about their origin, the value of their platform's tools & alerts, the role of the Moonlight token within the ecosystem, and a (leak filled) preview of what's to come for Moonlighters. 
June 15, 2021
011 - HiFi
Conversation with JM, co-founder of HiFi DeFi Gaming Society, regarding the games, services, and role of NFTs within the HiFi platform. We go in-depth and cover all bases - from platform security to governance expectations. Learn more at 
June 9, 2021
010 - KeyFi
Conversation with Ben Gervais, co-founder of KeyFi, regarding the features of their platform/project goals, their pivot to BSC, and a peak into their potential integration of AI. 
June 4, 2021
009 - BSC Gemz
Conversation with Ogle, founder of BSC Gemz, regarding their group's focus & services, followed by a deep dive into the current state of BSC DeFi. 
May 26, 2021
008 - ApeRocket
Conversation with Abu, Head of Marketing & Community for ApeRocket, regarding their platform's service, the $SPACE token, and the value they'll bring to the ApeSwap ecosystem. Take part in their launch @
May 18, 2021
007 - xBTC
Conversation with Mark Sgambelluri, CEO of xBTC, about the ins & outs of xBTC mechanics, the impact of derivatives in DeFi, and their decision to be the first rebasing token to cross-chains.  
May 12, 2021
006 - Ontology
Conversation with Humpty Calderon, Head of Community for Ontology, regarding the movement of self-sovereign ID, what it unlocks, ONT's cross-chain functionality, and how teams & communities can bootstrap a better experience for themselves.  
April 30, 2021
005 - Koala DeFi
Conversation with Jeff Hohner, founder of Koala Defi regarding their goals of providing a secure farming environment, the role of the Lyptus token, and their decision to #BUIDL with ApeSwap. The episode concludes with comments direct from the Koala community.  
April 21, 2021
004 - Bitfresh
Conversation with DiceTwice of Bitfresh regarding its iGaming platform & its coming IAO on ApeSwap. Learn more at
April 16, 2021
003 - JetFuel
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Conversation with Miro, founder of JetFuel Finance, about their platform, IJOs, Fortress lending protocol, and future developments. 
April 14, 2021
002 - Astronaut
Conversation with Toby Rothschild, CMO of Astronaut, about the NAUT platform/token, IDOs, the importance of community, and his experience undertaking ApeSwap's first IAO. 
April 3, 2021
001 - CryptEx
Conversation with Dan "Mr. BscScan/Etherscan" from CryptEx regarding their liquidity/token locking services & how they benefit the entire BSC ecosystem. 
March 29, 2021
March 28, 2021
March 28, 2021