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A-Players - Build teams of top performers.

A-Players - Build teams of top performers.

By Robin Choy @ HireSweet
"Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships".

In the world of recruiting, some people have seen it all. They built recruiting teams from the ground up, hired hundreds of people in the best companies in the world, developed their expertise year after year. I’m Robin Choy and I'm on a mission to collect their learnings

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39. How to be a coach to your recruiting team. Chris Ahsing, Head of Support Recruiting @Plaid.
Yelling at your recruiting team “be better” will never make them better. Having a right-minded coach above them, will. I’ve been wanting to do an episode on this topic for a while:  how to coach your recruiting team well, to make them outperform. So I decided to bring Chris Ahsing on the podcast. Why Chris? Because in addition to having been a recruiter at Google and Dropbox, he is also... a football coach. In this episode, Chris Ahsing reveals us : -the first principle to know to be a good coach -the simple technique Chris use to better understand people -how to gain ICs trust faster -the framework to give effective feedback -the difference between focusing on the process VS on the results And much more. To follow Chris on LinkedIn, click here. To follow me, click here. To know more about HireSweet, click here.
September 09, 2022
38. How to create a structured interview process, with Adam Redlich, VP Talent Acquisition @Octane
“In recruiting, trust your gut”. Bullshit. Any recruiter worth his salt knows that it’s the best way to fall into every possible bias. Doing structured interviews is actually the ONLY way to recruit accurately. Now the question is how to do it. Good news for you: I invited Adam Redlich, one of the first recruiters at Google back in 2003, to talk about it with me during a podcast episode. Throughout his career, Adam has helped dozens and dozens of recruiters become better at their jobs. And for the past 3 years, Adam has been VP Talent Acquisition at Octane, where he has grown the company from 140 to 590 employees. So trust me: Adam gives battle-tested advice. In this episode, I talk with Adam about: -How to set up structured interviews in your company. -The perfect number of steps to have in the whole interview process -Specific topics to be covered in each of these steps -Reference checks To follow Adam on LinkedIn, click here. To know more about HireSweet, click here. And to follow me on LinkedIn, it's here. 
August 25, 2022
37. How to build a thriving & strategic sourcing team, with Garrett Lewis, tech sourcing lead at Grammarly.
Too many companies believe sourcing is an entry-level job. This is the worst way to look at a very critical function. Sourcing is NOT an entry-level job for recruiters! And Garrett is as convinced as I am. Garrett joined Google when the company had 35,000 employees and left the company 7 years later when they were 180,000. Today, he builds the tech sourcing team at Grammarly. So who better than Garrett to reveal to us in this episode the secrets of how to build and manage best-in-class sourcing teams. Here’s what you’ll discover in this new episode: -How to radically change your vision of sourcing -How to structure a sourcing team -How to decide on the right recruiter-to-sourcer ratio? 3 to 1, 2 to 1, 1 to 1? -What are the standards for a sourcer in terms of number of emails sent per week, open rate, and reply rate? -How to find, manage and optimize sourcing data To follow Garrett on LinkedIn, click here. To follow me on LinkedIn, go here. Finally, to know more about what we do at HireSweet, click here.
July 21, 2022
36. DE&I strategies for companies below 200 people, with Claudia Colvin, People & Talent @ HappyScribe.
In that episode, we decided to address the specific challenge of DE&I in companies below 200 people. Step by step, the challenge increases. Here's Claudia advice for companies at every step (0-20 people, up to 100 people, 100-200). Claudia actually wrote an entire outline of this discussion, with links to all the resources she mentions in the recording. Here is it: -- To follow Claudia on LinkedIn, click here. To follow me on LinkedIn, click here Finally, to learn more about what we do at HireSweet, click here
July 07, 2022
35. How to reach 10% of hires coming from nurtured candidates, with Lance Sapera, VP Talent Acquisition @ Talend.
I’m convinced that nurturing your past candidates to finally hire them is a powerful strategy. And Lance Sapera is as convinced as I am. He is so much in favor of past candidate nurturing, that his team made 48 nurtured hires the last year at @Talend. Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode: How to reach a target of 10% of hires coming from nurtured candidates Why they are incentivizing each recruiter with a day off for every nurture hire they get How 83% of candidates that don’t get a job at Talend said they were happy of the recruitment process. How to concretely nurture applicants on a daily basis. To follow Lance on LinkedIn, click here. To follow me on LinkedIn, go here. Finally, to know more about what we do at HireSweet, click here.
June 30, 2022
34. Improve conversion rates and candidates experience with a thorough preparation & debrief process, with Larry Anderson, Senior Recruiter @ connectRN.
In this episode, I welcome Larry Anderson, Senior Recruiter at connect RN. Larry reveals to me how to greatly improve your conversion rate and candidate satisfaction as a recruiter, by organizing preparation calls and debriefing calls with candidates. Here’s what we talked about: 1/ Why organizing prep calls and debriefing calls helps improve conversion rates 2/ The 3 parts of a perfect prep call: logistics, process explanation, coaching. 3/ The question Larry tells candidates to ask the hiring manager to succeed in every interview. 4/ The key steps and questions of a good debriefing process Don’t hesitate to follow Larry on LinkedIn, by clicking here. To follow me on LinkedIn, click here. And to know more about HireSweet, it’s here.
June 23, 2022
33. How to run a great discovery process with the hiring manager AND the candidate, with James Donovan, Talent Acquisition @ Rokt.
Discovery is key in the recruiting process. A good discovery will save so much time later during the recruiting process, help you increase your closing rate and internal satisfaction. Discovery is two-fold: Job discovery (aka the intake meeting) and candidate discovery. In this episode, James shares his tips on how to run a proper discovery with both sides - he even goes further and shares the link to his actual intake meeting for everyone to read: I hope you will have as much fun listening to this discussion as we did recording it!  -- James mentions a link to his blog article "Solving the work problem". To read the actual article, click here (and discover James' blog). To follow James on Linkedin, it’s here.  To follow me on Linkedin, click here.   And finally to learn more about what we do at HireSweet, just click here.
June 16, 2022
32. How to retain your employee thanks to strong, unique and no bullshit company values, with Mike “Batman” Cohen, CEO @Wayne Tech.
In this episode, we talk with Mike Cohen, CEO at Wayne Tech, about employee retention. And you’ll see that Mike is brutally honest. Mike talks a lot about it’s own company culture, and why he thinks that strong, unique, and no-bullshit values are the key to employee retention. Here are some of the topics Mike developed: -The Start-Stop-Continue rule -What Gen Z is seeking in its job -What does Church teach you about employee retention -Why employee hours is bullshit -Why being truly vulnerable is a game-changer To follow Mike on Linkedin, it’s here. To follow me on Linkedin, click here. And finally to learn more about what we do at HireSweet, just click here.
June 09, 2022
31. How to create intrinsic motivation & purpose in Talent Acquisition teams, with Mawulom Nenonene, Senior Talent and HR Advisor @Point.
Talent acquisition is hard: you get overwhelmed with tons of notifications, open hundreds of Chrome tabs, send dozen of outreach messages. And sometimes get no reply at the end of the day. That candidate who was sure a sure hire suddenly declines the job offer. You lose purpose. A purpose and intrinsic motivation are so important in recruiting - much more than targets and metrics. That's why a lot of Talent Acquisition Managers wonder: “how can I inspire my team, give them an inner sense of purpose, so they always stay positive and go the extra mile for the candidate and the team?” That's why we tried to answer this question with Mawulom Nenonene in this episode.   We also talked about some other broader topics. Here are some points we discussed: 1/ Why recruiters should first aim to become strategic advisors to the hiring managers. 2/ When should you split between full-cycle recruiters and sources? 3/ What are the activity standards in recruiting teams? 4/ Why recruiters should do a 6 month-checking after the person was hired Don’t hesitate to follow Mawulom, by clicking here. To follow me on Linkedin, click here. Finally, check what we do at HireSweet, by clicking here.
June 02, 2022
30. How to build an employee referral program, with Nasser Oudjidane, CEO @ Intrro.
I get questions about employee referral programs all the time: -What’s a good target for our referral program? 15% of hires? 25%? 35%? 55%? -What should be the reward? If it’s money, how much? -How can I communicate with my team efficiently? So here's a podcast to finally answer those questions! Mostly people understand the value of hires coming from referral (they close faster, perform better and stay longer on average), but don’t know how to drive more referrals. I went on the hunt to find the best expert on the topic - found Nasser (who founded Intrro, a company focused on referral) and invited him to talk. Together we addressed: 1/ The 5 pillars of improving referrals: Building the culture, Setting the right incentives, Build the right process, Optimize and Track, Improve the candidate experience. 2/ A few market average numbers 3/ The concept of ELTV (Employee Lifetime Value) 4/ The “Recruiter Shakedown”, a recruiting technique used by Facebook and Google when new employees are onboarded, and when to execute it (after ~60 days) 5/ That most employee referral programs follow a Pareto rule: 20% of employees will make 80% of referrals. And how to empower “power-referrers” And sooo much more. Here’s the article on the memory palace Nasser mention in the episode : Don’t hesitate to follow Nasser on Linkedin, by clicking here. To follow me on Linkedin, click here. Finally, check what we do at HireSweet, by clicking here.
May 26, 2022
29. How to be the first recruiter in a startup, with Shannon Toomey, Senior Manager, Recruiting @Descript.
For episode 6 of my podcast “A-players”, I received Shannon Toomey, who explained to me how to be a good first recruiter in a startup. Shannon was a Senior Tech Recruiter at Dropbox, and was also most recently the first recruiter at Descript, where she had to hire 50 people in 1 year. Here’s what we discussed (among many other things): -What are the 3 key questions to ask to be sure a candidate is a good fit? -Why you it’s not always efficient to use scorecards to assess candidates? -What are the advantages of being the first recruiter in a startup, and is it for everyone? Feel free to follow Shannon on LinkedIn, by clicking here. To follow me, it’s here. And to know more about what we do at HireSweet, click here.
May 19, 2022
28. How to deal with politics in the workplace, with Hung Lee, creator of Recruiting Brainfood.
Having Hung on my podcast was a dream come true. I'm a personal big fan of all his content, from Recruiting Brainfood to This Week in Recruiting (links below). For our discussion together, we tried to address a topic that we felt was not enough covered in the HR world, almost a taboo: How to deal with politics at work.  Should you take a stance as a company? Should you ban all discussions related to politics or social issues? We see that there is no easy solution - but we can take some inspiration from what companies have already tried: Coinbase, Gitlab etc. About Hung: - Connect with Hung here on LinkedIn: - Subscribe to Recruiting Brainfood here: - Subscribe to This week in Recruiting here: About myself: - Connect with me here on LinkedIn: - Learn more about what we do at HireSweet:
May 12, 2022
27. How to do an effective recruting capacity planning, with Emil Yeargin, VP Talent @Gusto.
Prior to being VP of Talent at Gusto, Emil was a recruiter in a recruitment agency, and an in-house recruiter for Zenefits, Okta or Lyft. And his mission today at Gusto is to grow the company from 1100 employees to 3000 in one year. So who better to talk about capacity planning and forecasting in recruitment than Emil! In this episode, we discussed (among other things): -how Gusto is able to recruit so many people without having any full-time sourcers -how to do your capacity planning when you don’t have an ATS or much data in-house. -how to recruit effectively across different locations To follow Emil on LinkedIn, click here. To follow me on LinkedIn, click here. Finally, to read my Definitive Guide to Sourcing, click here.
May 05, 2022
26. Supercharge your career as a recruiter, with Ginny Cheng, Global Head of Talent @Oura Ring.
A lot of people enter the world of recruiting by accident, then develop a passion for it and go on to have exceptional careers as recruiters. This is the case of Ginny Cheng, who started her career in PR and marketing, then discovered recruiting at Microsoft, before ending up a few years later in charge of recruiting for the M&A team at Facebook. Today, Ginny is the Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Oura Ring, and does career coaching in her spare time. In this episode, Ginny tells us how she navigated her career as a recruiter, and shares her tips on how you can succeed in your career too. To follow Ginny on Linkedin, click here To follow me on Linkedin, click here. Finally, to read my Definitive Guide to Sourcing, click here.
April 28, 2022
25. How to reach a 92% closing rate, with Jose Guardado, co-founder @Build Talent.
Closing candidates is an art & science. It’s one of the biggest-leverage activities in recruiting - get better at closing and everything else just falls into place. Less sourcing, less interviewing time, and better internal satisfaction. So I brought in the best expert on the topic I could find! Jose has been doing recruiting for 15 years, working for startups like Nebula, Edmodo, Dropcam, or large companies like Google and Cisco. Jose has also worked at Andreessen Horowitz (helping on recruiting executive talent) - one of the most prestigious VC firm in the world, and then coached Y Combinator founders. He knows his stuff. There’s one reason why I picked Jose to talk about closing: his impressive 92% closing rate at BuildTalent. See, that’s an agency dirty little secret: when a search firm works on a mandate, they’re only ~40% to actually find someone for the role (hence the reason why companies tend to use several agencies at the same time). Jose is at 92%. That’s twice the industry standard. In our discussion, Jose shares his closing techniques, his numbers, and his secret sauce. We used Jose’s learning and then more to write our chapter “Closing” in our Definitive Guide To Sourcing, check it out here. Follow Jose on Linkedin here. Follow me on Linkedin here
April 21, 2022
24. How to build a recruiting team from 1 to 50 people, with Jeff Winter, Senior Director of Talent @Chime.
Chime is a leading fintech of 1,500+ people, they raised $2.3B in total funding since their seed round in 2013, 3.7M users, they’re now valued at $25Bn after Forbes. Huge. Jeff shares his first-hand experience from scaling the recruiting team to 50 people in 3 years, his learnings from 20 years working in recruiting, from the early days to running a recruitment agency, to Chime today.  He covers how he built his team at Chime step by step, the importance of specializing sourcers vs recruiters, and the role of inbound.  Follow Jeff on LinkedIn:  Follow me on LinkedIn:
April 09, 2022
23. Create a radically candid environment where A Players can thrive, with Kim Scott, Author @ Radical Candor.
Hiring is but the beginning - now you've built that team of A-Players, you need to create the perfect ecosystem for them to thrive. Learn how to get, give and encourage both praise and criticism, organize 1:1s, develop their careers. Kim Scott is the author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Radical Candor: Be a Kickass Boss Without Losing your Humanity. She led AdSense, YouTube and Doubleclick teams at Google and worked with Sheryl Sandberg.  Hear from a management coach praised by top CEOs world-class tech companies (Dropbox, Qualtrics, Twitter, etc.) - and enjoy our great season finale! More on Kim Scott and Radical Candor on
March 16, 2021
22. Climb the Hiring Maturity curve, with Jon Stross, co-founder @Greenhouse.
Jon Stross is co-founder at Greenhouse, a leading Applicant Tracking System that built a very interesting framework: the Hiring Maturity Curve. 4 stages (Chaotic, Inconsistent, Systematic, Strategic) that every company needs to complete before achieving recruiting greatness. Wherever you feel your company belongs, listen to Jon's battle-tested recipes and escape your current stage!
February 08, 2021
21. How your recruiter and candidate experience will change next year, with Sultan Murad Saidov @Beamery.
Sultan is co-founder at Beamery, which they launched in 2016, having started working on the problems and space in 2012 at the tail end of the financial crisis. Now in face of a new enormous crisis, the recruiting industry will adapt and evolve even faster. Sultan shares his vision on what will change in the next few months - not the next few decades. He covers DE&I initiatives, candidate personalization, privacy, nurturing of talent pools. 30 minutes to make sure your company won't miss the boat!  
February 02, 2021
20. The story of Reddit and its founding engineer-turned-CTO, with Rocki Howard, Chief Diversity Officer @ Smart Recruiters.
Chris' story is intertwined with Reddit's. From its early days in 2005 to its sale to Condé Nast Publications in 2006 to the come back of the founding team in 2016. Listen to how the early website operated by a 4-person shop turned into one of the most-visited websites in the world with 52M+ Daily active users (and growing!). His story is one of rapid scale in the engineering team, of building skills as an engineering manager and of becoming a better CTO. 
January 19, 2021
19. 5 Things That May Be Preventing You from Hiring Diverse A-Players, with Rocki Howard, Chief Diversity Officer @ Smart Recruiters.
Rocki knows the recruiting field in & out and she's now the Chief Diversity Officer at a leading Talent Acquisition Software. She has a very clear view on why to improve diversity in any organization (and numbers to back) and how to tactically operate that improvement. In this episode, she discussed with me the 5 main reasons that might be preventing companies from hiring top performers from diverse audiences: lack of commitment, their brand, the sourcing strategy, the hiring experience, and unconscious biases - and how to address those. Let's commit now!  Follow Rocki here on LinkedIn and add me on LinkedIn here! 
January 12, 2021
18. Use LinkedIn beyond inMails and job postings, with Madeline Mann @ Self-Made Millenial.
LinkedIn's the #1 tool in any recruiter toolkit - for a reason. Yet most of us are only scratching the surface and wondering how to dive deeper. In this episode, Madeline explains how to leverage LinkedIn to its maximum. How to start, when to post, what to post. 30 minutes of very actionable advice for you to start today building your brand on LinkedIn! Follow Madeline on LinkedIn on and on her website!
January 05, 2021
17. From 0 to 1,000 customers in 12 months, with Alex Bouaziz, CEO @ Deel.
Deel raised a total of $50M from tier-1 VCs in less than 18 months after inception to build a payroll company for distributed workers. This is their story, his view on hiring top performers, and his vision for the future of distributed work! Follow Alex here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
December 22, 2020
16. Use data to run your Talent Acquisition like a business, with Mike Moriarty, Global Head of Talent Acquisition @Dropbox.
Mike Moriarty is the Global Head of Recruitment at Dropbox, helping to lead a team of 100+ Dropboxers developing and innovating cutting-edge staffing practices and outcomes. Previously, Mike built the tech staffing function at Dropbox from the ground up (2017-2020), and prior to that, rose the ranks at Google redefining the way sourcers and recruiters use data to own and tell their story to business leaders. In this episode, Mike tells us how to build a professional hiring architecture, inspired by the best practices in sales and marketing. Follow Mike here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
December 15, 2020
15. Transition your team to remote work, with Rodolphe Dutel, Founder has been around for 6 years and is one of the strongest remote workers community. They talked about remote working way before the pandemic. Rodolphe tells us about how remote working used to be a niche phenomenon, how most content on organizing remote teams was not created for beginners and how remote can be one future for work - but not the only one. Follow Rodolphe here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
November 03, 2020
14. Write world-class job descriptions and supercharge your employer branding, with James Ellis, Employer Branding @ Roku.
James Ellis is the biggest Employer Branding Nerd on earth (I'm not saying this, Google is!). With great energy and humor, James walks us through the groundwork of employer branding: drafting your company story and hammering it. 86% of people listening to this episode had an epiphany and completely revamped and turbocharged their employer branding. Good for recruiters and C-levels alike! If you're struggling writing your latest job descs, listen to James: he has the answer!  Follow James here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
October 27, 2020
13. A glimpse at the future of recruiting, with Nate Smith, CEO @ Lever.
Nate is one of Lever's cofounders - a leading ATS (serving 2,500 customers) that you probably all know. He started as CEO, turned CTO, and then CEO again. In this episode, Nate shares all Lever's backstory (starting from the underlying technology DerbyJS), his vision for recruiting, the broader evolution of technology - AND how Lever hires their own team. A great episode that we release on the day we (HireSweet) also celebrate joining Lever's official partners' ecosystem! Follow Nate here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
October 15, 2020
12. Find Product Market Fit, with Kulveer Taggar, CEO & Cofounder @ Zeus Living.
Kulveer Taggar is CEO at Zeus, a tech-enabled rental company for business travelers. In this episode, Kulveer candidly shares how Covid-19 redefined the company, their struggles when they had to lay off part of the team, and how they adjusted to the new environment for the better. His key messages? Listen to your inner voice, learn to make principal choices & your values have to cost you something. Follow Kulveer here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
October 13, 2020
11. How YC picks founders and how to hit Product Market Fit with your team, with Michael Seibel, CEO @ Y Combinator.
Michael is the CEO at Y Combinator - the world's most famous accelerator who launched over 2,000 startups. In this episode, Michael shares YC's 5-step recipe to select the best founders and the main advice he gives to pre-Product Market Fit and post-Product Market Fit startups. Listen to it if you're a founder, point-blank! Follow Michael here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
October 06, 2020
10. From $1 to $10M ARR, what changes? with Romain Lapeyre, CEO @ Gorgias.
Gorgias grew from 20 people to 90 people in the last 12 months, one of the fastest ramp up we've seen, right in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis. Romain is one of the most impressive entrepreneur I've met - and a long-time friend. In this episode, he shares his personal experience on going from $1M to $10M ARR. He shares his view on building a team of executives (promote the most promising existing employees), on keeping a strong team culture while growing the team 5X (write it down), on the advice he'd give to his $1M ARR younger self (hire engineers earlier) and a lot more! Follow Romain here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
September 29, 2020
9. Recruitment is broken - but we can fix it, with Alison Eastaway, VP of People @ Sqreen.
Alison joined Sqreen super early (Employee #13) to help the founders build a great team and culture. She believes recruitment needs to be fixed and shares her tips on moving from transactional to relational recruitment. Listen to her now!  Follow Alison here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
September 22, 2020
8. Build a world-class engineering team, with Tido Carriero, Chief Product Development Officer @ Segment.
Tido built engineering teams at early-stage Facebook, Dropbox, now Segment - his mandate has always to build world-class engineering teams. Learn how to work with agencies, how Segment built their strong engineering brand and how to improve intake meetings! Follow Tido here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
September 15, 2020
7. Hiring when hitting stratospheric growth, with Bryant Chou, CTO & Head of Growth @ Webflow.
Bryant, Sergie, and Vlad co-founded Webflow in 2013 with a very strong focus on building the best team. The three of them hired the first 100 people in the team, a dedication that's rarely seen in founders. Created in 2013, a Seed round in $3M in 2014, and then a massive Series A of $72M in 2019 - they're even growing faster during Covid. Is the dedication to hiring A Players the reason why Webflow is unstoppable today? Listen to the episode to hear Bryant's thesis on hiring, his tips on recruiting as a founder, and his formula for hiring ICs and strategic roles. Follow Bryant here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
September 03, 2020
6. Build a standardized hiring Machine, with Charles Guillemet, Recruiting Manager @ Facebook, ex-Head of Recruiting @ Neuralink & @ Gusto.
Charles has seen recruiting as every possible stage of a startup. Hear his learnings from scaling Gusto from 30 to 600 employees in 3 years, learn how to set up a scalable, standardized and unbiased hiring process and take your referrals to the next level! Follow Charles here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
September 01, 2020
5. A recruiting nerd shares her best tools & trade secrets, with Chez Jennings, Tech Recruiter @ Lever.
Chez worked in recruiting for 7 years, starting on the agency side, and made the move to in-house recruiting. In this episode specifically tailored for recruiters, Chez shares her current tech stack, some key numbers, and her top inspirations as a recruiter. She also shares her vision on building diverse teams and how to minimize hiring biases. Follow Chez here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
August 25, 2020
4. How to grow as a recruiter, with Ross Mahaffey, Senior Recruiter @ Uber.
Ross currently leads a Talent Acquisition team at Uber and believes Talent Acquisition roles evolved (and will keep evolving) into a much more strategic role. In this episode, he shares his vision for the future of recruiting and his best recommendations to grow as a recruiter. Follow Ross here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
August 21, 2020
3. When & how to hire your executive team, with Jason Boehmig, CEO @Ironclad.
In less than six years, Jason grew Ironclad to a company of 160 employees and raised a total of $84M. Jason faced two stages at Ironclad:  #1 - Find Product Market Fit (where founders should do most of hiring) #2 - Scale as fast as possible (and hire a recruiting team) In this episode, Jason tells us about this journey and about why he thinks you should hire a great exec team as soon as possible. Follow Jason here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
August 18, 2020
2. Build a sales team of top performers, with Jason Lemkin, CEO @ SaaStr.
Jason Lemkin was co-founder & CEO at EchoSign, sold it for $400M to Adobe, went on to create Saastr - the largest community in the world for Saas entrepreneurs. On this episode Jason speaks directly to his fellow Saas CEO and shares the mistakes he made (and saw other people make) on the road to assembling a world-class sales team, starting with the VP Sales. How to find & assess a great VP Sales, how to improve conversion rates thanks to micro-PR, how to build a hiring routine - a must-listen for CEOs & sales execs building their sales teams.  Follow Jason here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
August 13, 2020
1. Build a best-in-class candidate experience and reach a 75% offer acceptance rate on engineering roles, with Amanda Bell, Head of Talent @Retool.
Amanda has been in recruiting for 10 years and has seen in all. In this first episode, she tells us about her experience building teams of A-Players at Yelp, Lever and now Retool. She shares her opinion on what common traits are most share among A-Players. She shares her secret sauce on how to build a great candidate experience and increase the engineers offer acceptance rate in a super-competitive San Francisco. 30 minutes packed with highly actionable insight, advice & energy. A must-listen if you're currently building a team in the Bay Area!  Follow Amanda here on LinkedIn! And let's connect and continue the conversation here on LinkedIn too!
July 15, 2020