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Make it a Pear!

Make it a Pear!

By Marlena Compton
The Appear Works Podcast covers the cross section of art, technology and community.
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The date of expiration in tech
Content warning: workplace abuse Chani Nicholas/Astrology app (not paid, I just like it) --  btw, as of this post, they are looking for mobile developers. Join our meetup tomorrow (Tuesday, April 6) -- What's all this about? --
April 5, 2021
Fun is not optional, joy is not a luxury.
Click to join us next week! Beth Pickens: What is Let's Sketch Tech? --
March 29, 2021
A simple technique for a self-care breakthrough
How to do the 3 day challenge: 1. Spend 3 minutes massaging, moisturizing and caring for your hands. 2. Give them some gentle stretching. 3. Use your hands to write your name, and slow it way down. Click here to check out our next meetup. Click here to find out what "Let's Sketch Tech!" is all about.
March 23, 2021
What the C?
Here's all you need to know... The 3 question survey I talk about is here:
March 16, 2021
My depression story and how zines helped me out of it
Content warning. In this episode I share some parts of my journey with depression/anxiety. Also, I'm not a doctor or therapist. I'm speaking about my own personal journey, and if you know someone who needs to hear this, I hope you'll share it. If you are a Patron or received the Let's Sketch Tech survey, please fill out. Want to know about the Patreon? Click here. Or signup for the free Let's Sketch Tech! newsletter.  Click to join our zine meetup tonight. (March 9) Or to find out about our lettering meetup next month (April 6) Keep sketching!!!
March 9, 2021
Telling your story with Zines
In this episode, we talk about why it's so important to find your story and how the free-form format of zines can help. Explore the world of zines and make a small business-owner's day by purchasing some zines to check them out. Not sure what you want? Call up and ask for a $20 random assortment. Here are links to some of our favorite zine stores. These aren't affiliate links, we just think they're great. Silver Sprocket Books with Pictures Floating World Microcosm Links from the episode: Sign up for the Let's Sketch Tech! newsletter. (It's free!) Join us next Tuesday (March 9, 2021) for our zine workshop. Click to check out our Patreon Buy a zine from the Appear Works shop -- We are the creators of the podcast.
March 3, 2021
Drawing Cute Robots and Computers
A little bit of news and lots of fun. Learn how to sketch cute computers and robots the easy way!
February 23, 2021
What is "Let's Sketch Tech!" doing this year?
Plans are happening for 2021. Find out what's in store and how we're tailoring it just for you!
February 16, 2021
Fresh air for the new year!
In this episode we go through an exercise of talking about what we wish we knew last year, and what we'd like to know about the coming year.
February 9, 2021
Can we talk about January
We're 3 days into February. How can we even process January? I talk about this and what a vision board of January could look like. 
February 3, 2021