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A podcast made to educate, inform and give insight into what it’s really like to be an apprentice and juggle multiple worlds. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for even more apprenticeship content @ApprenticeTalks.
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S2E9: What can I get involved with as an apprentice?
If I complete an apprenticeship I'll have no social life and will miss out on loads of other exciting opportunities! WRONG!!! In this episode we're joined by Jasmine King, Housing Policy and Practice Degree Apprentice at FlagShip Group, and Anna Morrison, Director of Amazing Apprenticeships who discuss the endless opportunities available to apprentices. From going to the pub or out for lunch to speaking at school events or in front of MPs, apprentices get to do so many amazing things. Hit play to find out what else you could get up to as an apprentice!
December 4, 2020
S2E8: Convincing your parents that an apprenticeship is the route for you
The Apprentice Talks team are reunited for this episode to discuss how their parents reacted to them starting their apprenticeships. We understand that many things influence the choices you make, especially when you're going through education. Whilst many parents are extremely supportive whatever route you may choose, some may not quite understand how life-changing an apprenticeship can be. Things have changed so much over the years and the apprenticeships that are now on offer are probably very different from the ones your parents know of. Due to this, some parents still think university is the only route to success. We're here to help you show them that apprenticeships are just as credible and offer you an alternative pathway to success.  Why not call your parent over and take a listen to this episode together!
November 27, 2020
S2 E7: Why employers value apprentices
Employers play a fundamental role within apprenticeships, so it was vital that they featured on at least one episode of Apprentice Talks. We wanted to understand why employers value apprentices so much and why apprentices are key to closing the skills gap. On this episode we're joined by Jenny Taylor, UK Foundation Manager at IBM, and Daniell Morrisey, Senior Editorial Early Careers Schemes Manager at the BBC. Both Jenny and Daniell make it clear that apprentices are an essential part of their organisations and help them future proof their business, as well as allowing the organisation to reach younger audiences. Find out more about the apprentice roles available at IBM and the BBC and why employers value apprentices by clicking play.
November 20, 2020
S2 E6: Careers you can break into through an apprenticeship
We're sometimes told that apprenticeships are only for those who wish to be plumbers and hairdressers, the reality is that couldn't be further from the truth. There are currently 739 approved apprenticeship standards being delivered! This week we hear from Maia, a Level 7 Solicitor Apprentice working at DAC Beachcroft, and Emma, a Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprentice, who works as a Software Engineer at Thales. We discuss some of the exciting things they get up to within their roles and give you some tips and insights into how to break into similar roles.
November 13, 2020
S2 E5: Do apprenticeships help career progression?
In this episode we look at how apprenticeships can help with career progression. We are joined by Charlotte Stoddard, who is now completing her third apprenticeship with Trafford Council. Charlotte is an associate member of the CIPD, the sub-regional Chair for the Greater Manchester Young Apprentice Ambassador Network and won apprentice of the year in 2017. Charlotte has accelerated her career by choosing the apprenticeship route and is now an experienced HR professional working towards gaining a level 5 qualification. You can find out more about Charlotte's career journey and her successes by hitting play on S2 E5.
November 6, 2020
S2 E4: Where in the world can an apprenticeship take you?
Most apprentices will tell you that taking an apprenticeship is a great opportunity, but many apprentices will tell you it's the opportunities that come from taking an apprenticeship that can really change your life. This week we talk to two apprentices who have been lucky enough to travel internationally through their apprenticeships.  Emily, a Level 6 International Rotational Degree Apprentice at Pearson College London works as a Student Recruitment Assistant. Emily has had the opportunity to work in the Philippines as part of her apprenticeship and would have had another international placement this year too had it have been safe to travel. Akua, a Level 4 Engineer Apprentice and Software Engineer at Lyst, was a Grace Hopper competition winner, which resulted in her attending the Grace Hopper Conference which brings together leading women entrepreneurs at the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. The conference was held in Florida, and whilst in the USA, Akua was lucky enough to visit NASA.
October 30, 2020
S2 E3: Where an apprenticeship could take you
Episode 3 of our second series is all about where an apprenticeship can take you. We talk to two brilliant graduate apprentices, Holly Garrett, a graduate Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice working as a Marketing Executive at Tesco, and, Shola West, a graduate Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprentice working as a Community Associate at WhiteHat. Holly and Shola take us through the journeys they have had whilst being an apprentice, some of the incredible opportunities they have received and what they have achieved since graduating their apprenticeships. Take a listen and find out what you could achieve through an apprenticeship!
October 23, 2020
S2 E2: Gaining confidence as an apprentice
This weeks episode focuses on confidence as an apprentice. For most, the idea of joining a business is both exciting and daunting at the same time. Us apprentices can probably all remember our first day, our first meeting, our first mistake and most importantly building up the courage to point out our colleagues mistakes. It's never easy being one of the youngest members of a team, but that's mainly just because we lack confidence. This quickly changes though!  One apprentice who can agree, is William Laven, a graduate level 3 Business and Admin Apprentice, now Operations Executive at Publics Media. William suffers from dyslexia and a stammer, which he says he used to really struggle with, particularly at school but also in job interviews. However, William has not let that hold him back and throughout his apprenticeship has gained the confidence he needs to be extremely successful, winning awards and even publicly speaking about apprenticeships and his stammer. William has a truly inspirational story, so click the play button and take a listen!
October 16, 2020
S2 E1: Juggling Multiple Worlds
The life of an apprentice can often be extremely busy. We are used to working on many projects and trying to stay organised in order to manage our work, studying and social life amongst other things. At Apprentice Talks we refer to this as 'juggling multiple worlds' and believe that apprentices do this so much, we even made it our strapline. We wanted to hear from some other apprentices to find out what they get up to at work and how they manage their time. We were lucky enough to be joined by Haider Ali, Level 4 AAT & Level 7 CIMA Apprentice from Rolls Royce and Walyd Abdallah, Level 6 Software Engineering Degree Apprentice from Accenture. 
October 9, 2020
Apprentice Talks is back
We're back for a second series, and we are certain you'll love this series even more than the first! We have spent many hours planning each episode and finding incredible guests to feature. You all told us how much you enjoyed our guest episodes, so this series don't be surprised to find a lot more guest appearances. Take a listen to this short introduction from the Apprentice Talks team to find out more about what to expect from series two and make sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date with all the latest news on apprenticeships.
October 2, 2020
E10: Learning to adapt - what we have learnt from Apprentice Talks
The team - Katie, Sam, Dexter and Niamh - get together one last time for the finale episode of series one. They talk about how they have had to adapt to working from home and producing the podcast remotely instead of in the studio. They also summarise what we can all takeaway from the first series, as well as giving some teasers of what to come in series two. Take a listen and give us a follow on Instagram, @ApprenticeTalks to make sure you stay up to date. 
July 10, 2020
E9: Jack's Story - Applying for an Apprenticeship
We are joined by Jack Young, Software Engineer (Degree Apprentice) at Jaguar Land Rover. Jack applied for loads of apprenticeships, so is an expert in the process. He discusses some of the different applications processes, how you can prepare to apply, his advice and talks about his apprenticeship at Jaguar Land Rover. 
July 3, 2020
E8: Applying for an Apprenticeship
Found your dream apprenticeship? Want to apply? Listen to find out our top tips! Katie and Sam discuss our top tips for applying for an apprenticeship and the teams top considerations before applying. 
June 26, 2020
E7: The Stereotypes of Apprenticeships
Dexter and Niamh, both degree apprentices and part of the Apprentice Talks team join Sam and Katie to discuss the stereotypes of apprenticeships. The team discuss common myths and misconceptions regarding apprenticeships, their experience of the stereotypes and how all of this is slowly changing. The team have all benefitted from their apprenticeships, could you?
June 19, 2020
E6: Sarah's Story - The Range of Apprenticeships
We're joined by Sarah Edstrom, a Level 6 Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace) Degree Apprentice at Rolls Royce. Sarah is in a role many people may not even know exists, let alone know it's possible to get there via an apprenticeship. Sarah discusses her journey and what her role entails. 
June 12, 2020
E5: The Range of Apprenticeships
You'll be amazed by some of the careers you could get into through an apprenticeship. Find out just how diverse the range of sectors offering apprenticeships is. We also explain the different levels of apprenticeships there are from Level 2 all the way through to Level 7. There really is an apprenticeship for everyone, take a listen to our latest episode and find out for yourself!
June 5, 2020
E4: Antwaan's Story - The Benefits of Apprenticeships
Antwaan Whyte, Technology Degree Apprentice, Global Media & Entertainment, joins Katie and Sam to discuss the benefits of apprenticeships. He explains how he found his apprenticeship at Global, his expectations of the role and what the role is actually like amongst other topics. 
May 29, 2020
E3: The Benefits of Apprenticeships
In this episode the Apprentice Talks team discuss the key benefits of apprenticeships from having your education paid for through to building a network and meeting like-minded people. 
May 22, 2020
E2: Meet the team
Meet the team behind Apprentice Talks. Find out more about their apprenticeships, from the positives to the challenges. This episode will help to give you an initial insight into the life of an apprentice. 
May 15, 2020
E1: Welcome to Apprentice Talks
Welcome to Apprentice Talks, a podcast made to educate, inform and give insight into what it’s really like to be an apprentice and juggle multiple worlds. This episode is a brief introduction from the team behind the podcast.
May 15, 2020