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The Harassment Free Workplace Podcast

The Harassment Free Workplace Podcast

By April Terreau
A podcast to help HR professionals and CEO's create healthy workplaces by eliminating harassment and discrimination.
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Flora Vineberg - Sexual Assault and Harassment Investigations Lawyer
Join us as we dive into another subject that takes bravery to tackle head-on. Meet Flora Vineberg who is a lawyer specializing in sexual assault and harassment. She has dedicated her life to advocating an end to gender-based violence. Learn what you need to know to help make your organization less likely to experience gender-based violence.  Flora is a formidable advocate specializing in labour and employment law, with a specific focus on sexual assault, harassment, human rights litigation, and workplace investigations. Employing a client-centred and trauma-informed approach, Flora's background in both criminal and civil law enables her to represent clients from all walks of life with compassion, tenacity, and focus. In turn, she uses these skills to provide informed and thoughtful legal advice, while incorporating strategic or creative solutions to myriad workplace and human rights-based issues. Flora recognizes the value of a healthy and productive workforce and works alongside both employees and employers to achieve positive, sustainable legal outcomes predicated on trust and professionalism. With a focus on gender-based violence, Flora has worked at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, received training in The Hague to conduct international criminal investigations, and is currently also an Investigator with the province’s Special Investigations Unit. Flora has volunteered for and participated in myriad forms of community-based advocacy including the Toronto Police Services Sexual Assault Advisory Committee, and the Missing and Missed Implementation Task Force as part of the LGBTQ community. Flora regularly writes and speaks publicly regarding all aspects of sexual assault, centering a feminist approach to legal advocacy and an enduring commitment to building client trust. Outside the office Flora loves the outdoors, playing ice hockey, spending time with any/all animals including her rescue dog, playing music, and sharing meals with loved ones. To get in touch with Flora or April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
February 22, 2022
Erin Alexanders - What We Can Learn From A Complainant's Point of View
Listen in as I talk with Erin Alexanders as we discuss what employers can learn from a complainant's point of view. Erin was sexually harassed in the workplace and the investigation and processes were not dealt with effectively. What can we learn from her point of view? How do we make sure that those who have experienced harassment in the workplace are supported, heard, and treated with respect and dignity? A brief synopsis of Erin's story "I have been a part of the trucking industry since 2015. I have witnessed and been a part of the female growth which brings a unique perspective to an industry that has been heavily dominated by male workers. In June 2020 my employer in the federal public service terminated me during their investigation process (terminating employees during an investigation is a violation of their harassment-free policy) after reporting sexual harassment and an assault at work in the spring of 2020 among three separate coworkers. Not only did the events that transpired change the trajectory of my life, but the mistreatment I faced by both my employer and union amplified the trauma of what should have been a supportive process. Instead, I am learning that victimization and gaslighting in workplaces is not an isolated issue; there are systemic fractures across many employers that first allow misconduct in the workplace, and second, post-incident internal processes that leave complainants feeling alienated and with limited trauma-informed resources to handle workplace harassment. I hired my own legal counsel (after months of rejections due to being unionized) while navigating a corrupt system that employees are told is actually designed to guide and provide empathy to complainants. Two years later, and after multiple substantiated complaints, there have been no reported corrective measures imposed in the workplace I was harassed and assaulted in. Ultimately, no closure. After being terminated, it took me 21 months to return to the trucking industry due to psychological trauma and being forced to self-navigate the complaint system and being terminated in the process. Since For several months after my losing my employment, I suffered mentally by blaming a federal, unionized system that appeared to strive to silence complainants. Today, I prioritize owning my adversity—finding meaning in what I can control. The circumstances I have faced empower me to stand with survivors of workplace trauma and to educate employers on what it can look like when they are not impartial, supportive or trauma-informed. Some decisions I have had to make are risks that complainants should never have to make. My advocacy is formed around promoting compassion in workplaces that spans beyond policies, legislation and collective agreements. I work to help employers understand that there is no shame in embracing the power of employees who find the courage to use their voices for safer, more inclusive workplaces; to confront workplace misconduct and systemic malpractice rather than ignoring complaints or failing to seek appropriate resources to handle workplace matters." To find Erin: LinkedIn: Twitter:  Website: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
February 01, 2022
Leena Sharma Seth - Making Diversity, Equity and Inclusion a Foundation of Your Organization
We invite you to push your edges and embrace this conversation. Join me as Leena and I discuss ways to make Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion a living, breathing part of your organization.  Leena Sharma Seth (She/Her) is a racialized settler, a daughter of Punjabi, East Indian immigrants, and Founder of Mending the Chasm, a firm committed to working with communities, clients, and organizations that are committed to building inclusive cultures, from the inside out. With over twenty years of experience in various leadership roles, in Canada and in Asia, Leena has worked in non-profit, consulting, education, philanthropy, and supplier diversity spaces. Leena has a Masters in Conflict Analysis & Management from Royal Roads, achieved her Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional (CCIP) designation with the Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion, is trained as a Circle Way facilitator and recently completed the Pride at Work LGBTQ2+ Workplace Inclusion Certificate. Leena’s work in community-building has been recognized by the 2021 Mayor’s Community Service Award through the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, Karina Gould’s Sesquicentennial Citizenship Award, as well as the Women’s Centre of Halton - 150 Years of Exemplary Women Award. Leena has served as a Community Mediator for more than a decade with Community Conflict Resolution Services of Halton. Leena is a passionate foodie and enjoys reading. She is raising two social justice warriors with her partner Sanjay and is proud to call Burlington home. To find Leena: Website: LinkedIn: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
January 11, 2022
Phil Kriszenfeld - Family Business Advisor and Mediator - How To Avoid Family Conflicts in the Workplace.
To all of our listeners far and wide THANK YOU  for making 2021 a successful year for The Harassment Free Workplace Podcast. We have been streamed in over 44 countries worldwide and have surpassed 2400 listens so far. If you find value in this conversation please spread the word. As we are in the end of year holiday celebrations I thought it would be good to talk about families and how families can cause some conflicts in the workplace. I reached out to my good friend and colleague Phil Kriszenfeld, as he is a Family Business Advisor and Mediator to help us all navigate the family drama.  Listen in to Phil and I discuss his experience as a family business advisor and mediator and what he's learned to help reduce harassment in the workplace. Phil sees conflict in family businesses all the time so listen in to gain some pointers on how to avoid it.  Phil Kriszenfeld is a Family Business Advisor and Mediator. BA in Economics from the University of Western Ontario, Q.Med (Qualified Mediator) and FEA (Family Enterprise Advisor) graduate from the UBC Sauder School of Business. Transitions Mediation and Consulting Group focuses on improving communication for family enterprises in transition and mentoring the next generation to determine the optimal outcomes for the family and the family business. This includes managing conflict amongst the family members both inside and outside of the workplace. He has recently completed his CEA designation as a certified executor advisor to guide families through estate closure while maintaining family harmony. To find Phil Kriszenfeld: Website: LinkedIn: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
December 21, 2021
Hilda Gan - REV UP Your Potential - Effective leadership through REV UP principles
Listen in to learn how Hilda has created success in her companies and how she helps other leaders lead with her REV UP principles. Let's create healthy cultures where people are excited to go to work every day.  Hilda Gan -  The President and Chief People Officer of People Bright Consulting, Hilda Gan and her team provide employee engagement, manager and team training and HR policies and procedures to organizations that recognize that people are their greatest assets. A serial entrepreneur, she has built four companies – in Healthcare, HR, Management Consulting, and Engineering. The latter, she co-founded with her husband. iTRANS Consulting was an award-winning, national Engineering consulting Firm that was recognized as a "Best Workplaces in Canada®" – top ten twice and a finalist in Canada’s Best Managed Companies. She was recognized by the BWNYR for her work in promoting HR literacy to Businesses. She created the Connect with REVUP™ Program to help organizations build stronger teams, managers, and respectful work cultures through training, mentoring, and coaching. Based on the successes of iTRANS, the program provides a proven roadmap to develop an inclusive work culture so employees can feel inspired, safe and motivated. Where to find Hilda: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
November 30, 2021
Linda Crockett - Bullying and the Bystanders
In this episode, we focus on bystanders. What keeps bystanders from coming forward and how can we encourage them to do so? What are the effects on the bystander? How do we support bystanders who have been witnessing harassment?  Linda Crockett is known for pioneering the first and only full-service workplace bullying and harassment resource center in Canada (2010). And for spearheading regional and national awareness with active government leader endorsement since 2010. She has won awards from our Government and the University of Calgary for her services.  Linda’s clinical and professional training includes a master’s degree specializing in workplace bullying and trauma. She is a certified trauma therapist and social worker with 33 years of experience in her profession. Linda has designed two aspects of services for all professions and industries. One is for leaders offering consultations, coaching, and training. And the other is her repair and recovery clinic.  Linda offers a safe, nonjudgmental, confidential space for services of education, training, advocacy, coaching, and/or treatment. Wearing many hats allows Linda to provide a wide breadth of knowledge and services saving employers and employees time and money e.g., consultant, trainer, coach, educator, investigator, advocate, and counsellor. All of these hats are necessary to appropriately serve the complexities of these cases. For example, for individuals or groups (complainants, witnesses, or respondents), or internal and external workplace services e.g., HR, Leaders, insurance, unions, legal, mediation, safety officers, and investigators. Linda is an active member of the International Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment Association, and a proud alumnus of the Workplace Bullying Institute in the USA. How to find Linda: Twitter Instagram  alberta_bullying_expertise LinkedIn Facebook Website: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
November 09, 2021
Dr. Betty Pries - Conflict and Organizational Health in the Workplace
Dr. Betty Pries - Creating Organizational Health with Policies, Tough Conversations, and Unconditional Positive Regard With over 28 years of experience coaching, mediating, training, facilitating and consulting, Betty is highly regarded as a Conflict, Change, and Leadership Specialist. Betty specializes in working with complex challenges, supporting leaders and their organizations to be at their best. Betty’s capacity to care deeply, listen well, and provide wise and thoughtful support allows her to help her clients engage in tough, meaningful, and important conversations, set directions, and achieve positive organizational change. Betty is a specialist in equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), leading anti-racism / anti-prejudice workshops, supporting EDI committees, reviewing and writing EDI-related policies, coaching leaders, and offering support to organizations wrestling with EDI challenges. Betty brings a wealth of experience to her work, having worked with a wide range of organizations, both nationally and internationally. Betty has extensive education, training, and experience in coaching, mediation, negotiation, consensus building, consultation, facilitation, and organizational health. As Co-Founder and CEO at Credence, Betty’s great joy has been the opportunity to mentor and support the growth of the Credence Team. Betty has a Ph.D. from the Free University Amsterdam on the topic of conflict transformation. She is a Chartered Mediator with the ADR Institute of Canada and a member of the ADR Institute of Ontario. Betty is a regular instructor at the University of Waterloo. How to Find Dr. Betty Pries: Websites: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
October 19, 2021
Maryann Kerr - Chief Happiness Officer - How To Increase Happiness In Your Workplace
Join in the last episode of our first season of the Harassment Free Workplace Podcast. Learn how to increase happiness in your workplace.  Don't we all need more happiness in our lives? Let's create it at work too.  Maryann Kerr is Chief Happiness Officer, CEO, and principal consultant with the Medalist Group. Maryann has worked in the social profit sector for 34 years and helped raise over $110M. She has led at the local, provincial, national, and international levels and is passionate about her family, feminism, and continuous learning. Maryann knows that successful organizations create and nurture a climate where everyone understands their role; politics are minimal; engagement is high and turnover low. Environments where employees co-create the roadmap to mission delivery. Compassion, kindness and a deep commitment to the co-creation of collaborative and productive workplaces are core to her work. Maryann has participated on many social profit boards and committees and her first book, “Tarnished: It’s time to rebuild, reimagine and repurpose the social profit sector,” will be out this Fall. Maryann earned her master’s in organizational leadership and is currently applying to do her Ph.D. If that doesn’t come through, Maryann will take her research idea and turn it into her next book. How to find Maryann Kerr: Website: LinkedIn: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
June 21, 2021
Jasvinder Sandhu - Employment Lawyer - A Case Study in Sexual Harassment
Jasvinder Sandhu - Employment Lawyer - A Case Study in Sexual Harassment Listen as Jasvinder Sandhu and I discuss a case of sexual harassment in the workplace. We discuss the takeaways that everyone can learn from this case. Jasvinder Sandhu, Esq. - After having worked on Bay Street for a couple of different firms, she went in-house at one of the big-5 Canadian banks and worked most recently in the employee relations space.  While she focuses much of her practice in Ontario, she is licensed in the great state of New Jersey and comes to us with a lens of an employer, advocate, and politician.  She runs a successful solicitor's boutique here in Ontario and dabbles in politics part-time as a municipal representative. Where to find Jasvinder: Website: LinkedIn - Facebook - How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
May 31, 2021
Leslie Zann Outrageous Achievement - How to lead your team through change with courage!
Join Leslie and me as we talk about how to lead your team through such massive change with courage! Leslie is passionate about what it takes to live with Courage - and inspiring others to do the same. Having risen from the ashes of loss, abuse, betrayal, and illness, her mission is to inspire people on a global scale to get unstuck, stop settling for less than they desire, and harness the courage to create major breakthroughs!  Leslie is a dynamic speaker who has presented live to more than 100,000 people around the world dedicated to achieving their full potential and living their best life. She is in high demand as a speaker and personal development coach.  The National Speaker’s Association awarded Leslie their highest honor of CSP (Certified Speaking Professional). Less than 17% of NSA members worldwide hold this prestigious title.  Leslie is a member of the exclusive “Inner Fitness Team” at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico, consistently voted “Best Spa in the World” by Travel and Leisure magazine. There, she brings her unique approach, inspiring guests to live a life without limits. Leslie has a unique talent for helping people overcome their “limiting beliefs” to create exponential success in all areas of their lives. Her newest book, Outrageous Achievement, is a #1 International Bestseller on Amazon. Where to find Leslie Zann: Website: Facebook: Linked IN: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
May 11, 2021
Rikki Smith - Racism and Microaggressions in the Workplace
Come and join the tough conversation of microaggressions and racism in the workplace and learn how to address microaggressions in a way that works.  Rhonda “Rikki” Smith is the founder and Chief Training Officer of Stratus Training and Consulting, LLC; a training management company providing soft skills training for managers, teams, and associates. Rikki is passionate about training and the ability that practical training has to build confidence increase productivity and ultimately affect the bottom line. Rikki has worked in various positions in Homeland Security, the hospitality industry, Home health care, and Health care insurance. She is a Military Veteran having served in the U.S. Army as a communications specialist. Rikki holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management and is an avid volunteer in her community. Rikki is an inspirational, motivational speaker, and author with an emphasis on transformational living. Her weekly YouTube channel, Faith on Friday, is a source of encouragement, humor, and challenge to those who see it. Rikki enjoys reading, working out, and playing golf. She has been married 22 years to a retired Army Veteran, she is mother to four adult children and grandmother to two grandsons. How to find Rikki Smith: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
April 19, 2021
Ruthann Weeks - Domestic Violence in the Workplace
As an employer do you know what your responsibilities are for protecting your employees who may be involved with domestic violence? Listen to this episode to learn more from Ruthann about Domestic Violence in the workplace.  Ruthann Weeks is a Cultural Change Strategist and Principal Consultant at Harmony In The Workplace. She is a change agent whose efforts have helped to bring the importance of an abuse-free work environment to the forefront of public awareness. She is a best-selling author and gifted speaker who delivers a powerful message about today’s workplace challenges. Working as a Certified Resource Specialist in the human service sector, Ruthann went on to graduate as a Human Resource Manager. She is a Certified Psychological Safety Advisor and specializes in diversity and inclusion, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, domestic violence, and mental health in the workplace. Ruthann Weeks, CRS, Cultural Change Strategist 780-460-1019 How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
March 29, 2021
Timothy Clark - The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety
DR. TIMOTHY R. CLARK Tim is founder and CEO of LeaderFactor and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tim ranks as a global authority in the fields of senior executive development, strategy acceleration, and organizational change. He is the author of five books and has written more than 150 articles on leadership, change, strategy, human capital, culture, and employee engagement in publications such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Fast Copany. He is a highly sought-after advisor, coach, and facilitator to CEOs and senior leadership teams. He has worked with leading organizations around the world. Tim’s leadership experience is extensive. He was previously President and CEO of Decker, a consulting firm based in San Francisco, and CEO of Novations SDC, a consulting and training firm based in Boston. Prior to these assignments, Dr. Clark spent several years in manufacturing, serving as a vice president of operations and plant manager of Geneva Steel Company. He began his career as a survey research project director for what is now Harris Interactive in Washington, D.C. Dr. Clark earned a doctorate degree in Social Science from Oxford University and was both a Fulbright and British Research Scholar. He also earned a master’s degree in Government and Economics from the University of Utah. As an undergraduate at Brigham Young University, he was named a first-team Academic All-American football player where he completed a triple degree cum laude. Where to find Tim: Website: Twitter: @Timothy R. Clark   Linkedin: The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ Behavioral Guide - A Free guide How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
March 08, 2021
Chantara Leistner - How to address conflict in the workplace
How are you as a leader in your organization addressing conflict when it arises? Is your culture one that buries its head in the sand? Or do you combat conflict with more conflict? Listen in to learn simple steps to create healthy, sustainable ways to address conflict in your workplace.  Chantara Leistner is the Owner of Cloudburst Consulting Services. Cloudburst provides support to individuals, families, and businesses faced with conflict by helping to develop long-lasting conflict solutions. After graduating from Brock University with her Honours B.A., Chantara went on to obtain her Honours Post Graduate Certification in Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation) from Humber College. After extensive work in the social service sector Chantara decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship in 2019. Chantara combines her unique skillset/experience in mediation, negotiation, conflict coaching, and restorative justice with an intense passion, to deliver creative conflict resolution content and strategies. Where you can find Chantara: Cloudburst Consulting Services Instagram: @cloudburstconsulting Facebook: @cloudburstconsulting Phone: (289) 407-7590 How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
February 16, 2021
Katharine Manning - The Empathetic Workplace
How to recognize and address trauma in the workplace.  Join Katharine and I as we discuss how trauma affects the workplace and how to address it.  We also discuss her new book The Empathetic Workplace which discusses concrete ways to address trauma through empathy.  Lots of great practical tips in this episode.  Katharine Manning is the President of Blackbird, which provides training and consultation on issues of trauma and victimization, and the author of The Empathetic Workplace: Five Steps to a Compassionate, Calm, and Confident Response to Trauma on the Job. As a Senior Attorney Advisor with the Justice Department, for 15 years Katharine guided the Department through its response to victims in cases like the Boston Marathon bombing, Bernie Madoff, and the violence in Charlottesville. She has been an advocate, counselor, and legal advisor for victims for more than twenty-five years. How to find Katharine: Author website: Business website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
January 25, 2021
Kellie Gray - Employment Lawyer - Back to the basics
Kellie Gray - Employment Lawyer In this episode, we get back to some of the basics. Do you know how to recognize harassment complaints in the workplace? Do your managers? What is reprisal and how do we avoid it? Please listen in to our conversation with Kellie as she discusses some of the pitfalls that she has seen in her practice when it comes to complaints of harassment or discrimination.   How to find Kellie Gray -  Email: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
January 04, 2021
Anne Cesak - Organizational Connection Strategist and Founder of the Continuous Connection System ™
Join Anne and me as we discuss the importance of building connections with your employees to improve engagement, ensure customer loyalty and drive business results. How are you connecting with your team in this world of remote work? How can staying connected with your team help decrease harassment? Welcome Anne to our podcast. How to find Anne Cesak- How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
December 14, 2020
Jorge Lasso - Exploring the intersection of race relations and harassment in the workplace
In this episode we meet Jorge Lasso who was the first race relations officer in his police service in 1987.  He has a wealth of information not only in navigating race relations but he has been performing many workplace investigations since his retirement as a police officer since 2012.  How to find Jorge: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
November 23, 2020
Bob Stenhouse - Psychological Safety in the Workplace
Bob Stenhouse of Veritas Solutions talks to us about psychological safety. What is psychological safety and how do I make sure my workplace is safe from a psychological perspective.  Bob has a very interesting background as an ex-RCMP undercover officer and knows first hand the risks of ignoring psychological safety. Come and listen to his wealth of information and how he looks at company through 3 different lenses of psychological safety.  The books that he speaks about in this episode: Amy Edmonson - The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth Timothy Clark  The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation How to find Bob Stenhouse: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
November 02, 2020
Elevating HR - Uplifting the Voice of HR to create healthier workplaces
Elevating HR - Shari Angle and Michele Bush are committed to elevating the conversation of who HR is in organizations.   Harassment claims and investigations can create a level of discomfort, even for HR professionals who are, often times, expected to facilitate or lead the process.  But we can’t be afraid of the topic because it may make us uneasy.  It can be complex, and some situations can be tricky, especially for HR because we can have unconscious biases, walking a fine line between employee advocate and representing the employer. There are 3 things that we can do proactively in our due diligence to help mitigate harassment in the workplace: (1) Make an intentional commitment to a workplace free of harassment – it’s more that just a written policy;  (2) Define the behaviours – make it real for people by describing what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour; and (3) Hold people accountable - be brave enough to address and/or take action if there is non-compliance. How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
October 13, 2020
Deborah Jann - Connective Intelligence
Deborah Jann - Make Shift Happen so you can Get Shift Done! Leading with Emotional Intelligence and Innovation.  Listen to learn how important emotional intelligence is to creating a harassment free workplace. 647.998.4608 How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
September 28, 2020
Kathleen Hilchey - Anti-Bullying specialist
Bullying doesn't just happen in the schoolyard, it can also happen in the workplace leading to a toxic work environment.  Listen to Kathleen's novel approaches to bullying and how you can apply those to your workplace.   Kathleen Hilchey Bullying & Harassment: Facebook & Instagram @kathleen.hilchey.antibullying Linkedin: Kathleen Hilchey Website: Email: Find Your Voice - Find Your Power: Conflict Coaching for Women Facebook & Instagram: @kathleen.hilchey.findyourvoice How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
September 07, 2020
Dan Holstein - Certified Master Business & Executive Coach
In this episode with Dan Holstein - Certified Master Business & Executive Coach we discuss how preventing harassment in the workplace must start with the leaders of the organization.  How to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.  How to get in touch with Dan Holstein LinkedIn: YouTube: Web. Twitter: @Dan_Holstein American Icon book: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
August 17, 2020
Maggie Craddock - Author of LifeBoat
Maggie Craddock Order Lifeboat now: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
July 27, 2020
Dr. Georgette Zinaty - Diversity and Inclusion Expert
Where to find Dr. Georgette Zinaty:  Resources discussed: White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
July 13, 2020
Kathryn Marshall - Employment Lawyer - What is Workplace Harassment?
In today's episode we talk with employment lawyer Kathryn Marshall of MacDonald and Associates.   You can contact Kathryn at: How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
July 06, 2020
About the Harassment Free Workplace Podcast
This is our first episode talking about what to expect from our podcast. Welcome.  Please feel free to leave comments, feedback and suggestions about guests you'd like to hear from.  We are committed to creating workplaces that work for everyone.  How to find April Terreau - Workplace Investigations and Assessments or to be a guest on this podcast:
June 12, 2020