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By Ft Eugenia Hernández
Todo lo que quieres saber sobre el mundo de la terapia acuática. Publicamos contenido en español y en inglés, los episodios en inglés serán traducidos al español.

Everything that you want to know about the world of aquatic therapy. Our publications are in spanish and english, the episodes in english will be translated to spanish.
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What it is IATF? Urs Gamper (English)


What it is IATF? Urs Gamper (English)


Experiencias de las certificaciones de terapia acuática con Georgina Guerrero
Actualmente hay un boom en el mundo de los cursos de fisioterapia; tanto en México como otros países hispanos empieza a crecer la oferta para seguir formándose después de la universidad, es así como la terapia acuática no se queda atrás. Hoy en día encontramos un mayor número de ofertas educativas en esta área. En esta ocasión tengo el gusto de compartir este episodio con la Lic en fisioterapia y certificada en WST por la IATF Georgina Guerrero, que nos contará su experiencia.
April 15, 2021
Oliver Krouwel: Aquatic Physical Therapy and Pain management
The sensation of pain is communicated through the nervous system and is influenced by many things both physically and psychologically. Moving in water is a good way to improve movement tolerance, utilising buoyancy can assist movement as well as gently resisting the movement. Buoyancy provides the sensation of being lighter and easier to move, less risk of falling, feels supportive, promoting safety messages. Exercise progression is easy through more buoyant floats or utilising drag/turbulence. For more about this topic I have time Oliver Krouwel he is a aquatic physiotherapy specialist and a clinical specialist NHS
March 26, 2021
Alison Bonnyman: Aquatic Physical Therapy for Orthopedic patients
Aquatic Physical Therapy (APT) is the practice of therapeutic treatment interventions in the water environment. It is a tool to achieve optimal movement and function in clients using hydrodynamic principles.  Canadian Aquatic Rehab Instructors teaches evidence-based practice techniques founded in physics, fluid mechanics, physiological response, pathology and aquatic therapy research. In this episode I have the pleasure to talk with Alison Bonnyman, a physiotherapist in Canada.  Alison is the founder and lead instructor of Canadian Aquatic Rehab Instructors (or CARI for short). Alison has over 35 years of clinical experience, working as a physical therapist in hospitals and private clinics in Canada. Her clinical work and expertise has focused on orthopaedics, long term care, and chronic neurological conditions. The link below for more information in the CARI
March 11, 2021
Jens Bansi: Why the intensity matters-the effect of high- intensive (aquatic) exercise on brain health
Aquatic exergaming combines high-dose playful movement exploration, focused on individual specific impaired balance control and challenging executive elements. To know more about this topic I have the pleasure to  talk with Jens Bansi, he is currently works at the Department of Physiotherapy, Kliniken Valens. Jens does research in Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine and Neurology. Their current research project involves Training at higher training intensities in persons with multiple sclerosis and evaluates the effects on inflammatory signaling. Don't forget to follow us in instagram as Aquatics_Podcast
February 18, 2021
Emily Dunlap: aquatic rehab journal club
Welcome to this episode, In this occasion I have the pleasure to talk with  Emily Dunlap a physical therapist from Austin Texas , a graduate student at University of Texas and owner of Aquatic Therapy Pro. Since October founder of the aquatic rehab journal club. We will talk more about this project. Here is the link for the Aquatic Journal Club
February 03, 2021
Terapia Acuática pacientes con PCI: APAC COLIMA
El medio acuático se utiliza en los tratamientos de fisioterapia de las distintas patologías, entre las que se encuentra la parálisis cerebral infantil. La parálisis cerebral infantil necesita una atención temprana por parte de los profesionales sanitarios para estimular la capacidad del niño. La terapia acuática parece ser un medio adecuado para fomentar las capacidades que tienen disminuida los pacientes con parálisis cerebral. En México  existe una Asociación a nivel nacional que se especializa en la atención de los niños con esta patología y una  de las terapias que ofrecen  es terapia acuática. el día de hoy cuento con Edgar Iván Hernández, fisioterapeuta certificado por la IATF, nos hablará sobre el trabajo que se realiza en APAC Colima.
November 12, 2020
Aquatic therapy: Early activity and mobilization for ICU patients
Intensive Care Unit Acquired Weakness can be mitigated by early activity and progressive mobilization.Hydrotherapy enables patients to work on their recovery in a very early stage.
November 04, 2020
Influencia de la terapia acuática en niños y jóvenes con parálisis cerebral con Elisa Muñoz
La parálisis cerebral resulta en la pérdida progresiva de las funciones motoras, con un impacto negativo en las actividades diarias y la participación.  A pesar de los beneficios bien descritos de la terapia acuática en los niños, se sabe poco sobre los efectos de la misma en los entornos escolares. En esta ocasión cuento con Elisa Muñoz Blanco que nos hablará sobre su investigación "Influencia de la terapia acuática en niños y jóvenes con parálisis cerebral: un estudio de caso cualitativo en una escuela de educación especial" El artículo lo pueden encontrar en este link
October 28, 2020
Aquatic Palliative Care with Sheila Pyatt
Palliative Aquatics program can use the warm water to help to soothe an irritable nervous system, facilitate deep relaxation and promote maximum movement and feeling of well-being,Benefits include better respiratory efficacy, deeper sleep, increased mobility and overall sense of enhanced quality of life. You can find the book "Beneath the surface" a beautiful book of poems If you wanted to contact Sheila her email address
October 21, 2020
SNAPkids- Together, we swim. Dori Maxon
Since 1991, SNAP has empowered children with special needs to exercise, swim, connect with others, make friends and enjoy the gifts of childhood through a community based and accessible adapted aquatics program. SNAPkids gives children with special challenges and gifts a place for their lights to shine brightly, to be respected and included, to exercise, play and have fun! Our volunteers work one-on-one, creating unique bonds with our swimmers and developing insights and sensitivities which ultimately make our communities more accepting and inclusive. Water is the great equalizer, welcoming and forgiving, enabling the freedom of movement with joyfulness of play. The water can help children with balance, coordination, strength, fitness, focus, communication, social skills, and confidence. Many of the children in SNAP use the water as their primary source of physical activity and exercise. SNAP is a great social outlet and creates a caring and open community for the children, families, and volunteers who participate. If you want to donate , become a volunteer or know more about this program you can go the website to find more information
October 14, 2020
Mesa redonda: Estado actual de la terapia acuática en México, caminando hacia el futuro Parte II
En esta segunda parte hablaremos sobre los retos que tenemos para realizar investigaciones y sobre instituciones en México que cuentan con el servicio
October 07, 2020
EWAC Medical "We get you moving" with Eric Legdeur
Eric is a pragmatic entrepreneur, who likes to search for and discover new possibilities that line up with his current activities. Although his main concern managing sales and innovations at EWAC, Eric's passion lies in applying knowledge of science and technology to help clients improve their processes, and ultimately, to make our world a better place. His talent lies in being able to learn, and being able to quickly apply what he has learned to practice. He started to work at EWAC in November 2003 as assistant to his father and acquired EWAC shares in 2005. As from January 2011 he fully owns EWAC. His main focus is further professionalising the company and consolidate the market leadership positions in different fields that have now been reached. Eric's main focus lies on bringing more innovative products to the market, and to grow a stable business in way that can be sustained for future generations. for more information: e-mail to
October 01, 2020
Mesa redonda: Estado Actual de la terapia acuática en México, caminando hacia el futuro PARTE I
Me da gusto poder darles la bienvenida a esta segunda temporada de Aquatics. Este primer episodio es la primera parte de una mesa redonda con el tema "Estado Actual de la terapia acuática en México, caminando hacia el futuro"  Cuento con los terapeutas físicos:  Mary Carmen López,  Uriel Vilchis y Laura González.
September 25, 2020
IATF covid-19 Statement
In this episode will be read the statement on how to act against these times of pandemic in aquatic therapy. For more information, the full text in english can be found at the following link In the IATF website, you can find more information
July 29, 2020
Declaración IATF Covid 19
En esta ocasión se dará lectura a la declaración en la forma de actuar frente a estos tiempos de pandemia en terapia acuática Para mayor información, el texto completo en español lo pueden encontrar en el siguiente enlace Y donde pueden encontrar otra información, en el sitio web de a IATF
July 29, 2020
Johan Lambeck, System specific loading in aquatic physical therapy.
Aquatic physical therapy and exercise is a popular training method for persons with neuromusculoskeletal function impairments and/or activity limitations. However, commonly the interventions prescribed are non-specific and do not achieve optimal loading for maximal physiological adaptation. Since the pandemic situation, health professionals need to adjust to the new normality. To be able to keep in our continuing education we need to rely on technology, making the webinars one option to keep in touch with other colleagues. Today, in this episode I have Johan Lambeck Senior Lecture and Vicepresident of the IATF to talk about a new project from the IATF; the webinar: System specific loading in aquatic physical therapy.
July 22, 2020
Pt. Patty Ku, The effects of Ai Chi for balance in individuals with chronic stroke
Patty Ku is back to talk about her research were she  investigated the effectiveness of Ai Chi compared to conventional water-based exercise on balance performance in individuals with chronic stroke. You can find the research in the link bellow
July 15, 2020
Ft. Eugenia Hernández, Pacientes que se benefician de la terapia acuática
En este episodio hablaré a grande rasgos de los grupos de pacientes que se ve benefician con la terapia acuática pero no con una lista de diagnósticos médicos, sino con las características funcionales con las que se puedan beneficiar con esta intervención, también mencionaré un poco sobre cómo  la inmersión, la temperatura y otros factores físicos del agua van a  tener un impacto en el paciente aparte de  la intervención que se realiza con los objetivos específicos para cada  persona.
July 08, 2020
Maria Conceciao, Aquatic Therapy for Painful Shoulder Disability,t and experience with Covid-19
In this episode we are going to talk with Maria Conceição about The Evidence of Aquatic Therapy for Painful Shoulder Disability, her Doctoral Thesis in Physiotherapy. Research Center for Physical Activity, Health and Leisure. Faculty of Sport of the University of Porto. where she analysed the outcomes of AT strategies for treating painful shoulders in older adults using biomechanical methods, as well she is going to share her experience with the sequels of having COVID and some ideas to treat in the water. 
July 01, 2020
Efthymia Vagena, Pool Management in the Covid-19 era (English)
The COVID-19 pandemic is a health problem affecting almost every country in the world. Restricting the pandemic and the virus spreading from one person to another is the top priority. With some countries starting to open, we need to consider how to return to the new "normal"  with our patients in the pool. To talk about this topic this time I have Efthymia Vagena she works at Filoktitis Rehabilitation Hospital, in Athens Greece as  a Head of Aquatic  Therapy Department,  she is an Assistant Lecture in IATF  and with other members  helped to develop the IATF COVID-19 statement .
June 24, 2020
Universidad Teleton Mary Carmen Lopez
La Universidad Teletón tiene dentro de su mapa curricular programado, impartir durante el 4to semestre la materia de Hidroterapia (teoría 2 horas y práctica 5 horas), las cuales se cursan en 20 semanas clase, por lo que en total se cumplen con 40 horas de teoría y 100 horas de práctica de la materia de Hidroterapia. La Universidad Teletón es parte de los programas del Sistema de Centros de Rehabilitación e Integración Infantil Teletón, dicho sistema cuenta con 22 centros distribuidos en toda la República Mexicana, los cuales cuentan con un área específica de Hidroterapia, la Universidad se encuentra situada a un costado del CRIT Estado de México en Tlalnepantla, dicho centro fue el primero en inaugurarse y es el más grande, lo que los alumnos tienen la oportunidad de tomar su práctica directamente en el Tanque Terapéutico del Centro,
June 17, 2020
Dipti Patil, aquatic therapy and kids with autism
Dipti Patil, PT is a practicing Physical therapist for the last 16 years. She is a member of IATF. She holds an Aquatic Therapy certification from Switzerland, (IATF) and working as an Aquatic Therapist since 6 years. For the last 11 years, she is the clinical director of Aarrosh Aquatherapy, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Research Center.  In this Episode we are going to talk about aquatic therapy and KIds with autism
June 10, 2020
Pt. Patty Ku, Aichi Clinical in aging population (English)
Patty Pei-Hsin Gu PT, MSc is a licensed physical therapist in Taiwan working with neurologically involved people, at the Department of Physical Therapy and Assistive Technology, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan. She is also a PhD candidate taking part in multiple research projects. Her research interest targets the effects of aquatic therapy on motor and cognitive functions, as well as brain activities in aging population and neurological disorders. She completed her MSc with the research topic on Ai Chi and stroke. Her doctoral proposal relates aquatic therapy to autonomic control and executive function.
June 03, 2020
Cytokine Storm and Aquatic therapy with Johan Lambeck
In this bonus episode,  I was able to talk with Johan regarding the options to treat patients with metabolic problems to boost their immune system.
May 27, 2020
Entrevista con el Dr. Alejandro Parodi
El Dr. Alejandro Parodi director de postgrado, investigación y epidemiología de la universidad Teleton, también miembro honorario de la asociación mexicana de terapia acuática
May 20, 2020
Experiencia clínica con Ana Isabel Rubio y Diana Gallegos
En este episodio de Aquatics  conversamos con miembros de la Asociación mexicana de terapia acuática donde nos contarán su experiencia en el área clínica.
May 06, 2020
Traducción entrevista Johan Lambeck
Este es la traducción de la entrevista publicada a Johan Lambeck a español, por Eugenia Hernández
April 29, 2020
What it is IATF? Urs Gamper (English)
We have as guest in this episode Urs Gamper the president of the IATF telling us how it started and the future of it.
April 22, 2020
Interview with Johan Lambeck (english)
In this episode we are going to talk about aquatic therapy in general; always is very nice to be able to talk with someone so knowable as Johan is
April 08, 2020
BIenvenidos a Aquatics por Eugenia Hernández
Te invito  a que formes parte de este nuevo concepto, la terapia acuática en podcast.
April 05, 2020