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A Queen with Purpose Podcast

A Queen with Purpose Podcast

By Ja'Lisa Brown, MBA
A Queen with Purpose Podcast is exclusively a woman's guide to purposeful living and conquering the obstacles faced in her life. You will be empowered, inspired, and have your faith increased. From motherhood to the career professional, this podcast is filled with words of wisdom and tools for women to accomplish their dreams and live a life without limits.
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Ep. 7 // Queen Talk Series - The ART of Cultivating your LIFE with Nikkia "Kia" Ingram

A Queen with Purpose Podcast

Ep. 9 // Queen Talk Series - A New Direction on MY Terms with Aquene Watkins-Wise
In Episode 9 of the Queen Talk Series, Ja'Lisa interviews Aquene Watkins-Wise, CEO and Community Wellness Advocate with Royally Fit. Aquene Watkins-Wise relishes the opportunity to serve her community, facilitating wellness, growth and healing. As a teenager, Aquene began a holistic health apprenticeship of sorts, working at the East End Food Coop, exploring alternative lifestyle supports. It was here where she truly found her passion for holistic wellness while she funded her college education. During her collegiate career, Watkins-Wise took a legal class where she learned that the number of prison beds needed is estimated based on third and fourth grade reading and math scores; at that moment, Aquene knew it was her obligation to be an agent of change, working for her community’s betterment. Having spent the last 6 years working as a teacher, Aquene has used her classroom as an incubator for change where she daily chanted the mantra “I can and must make a difference in my world,” with her high school students; a phrase shared with Watkins-Wise during from her first teaching position with The Children’s Defense Fund. Embodying that mantra through her business, Royally Fit has developed a mobile wellness program providing education, access and resources to historically disadvantaged Black and Brown communities. Additionally, Aquene serves as mentor assisting other entrepreneurs in foundational work which will allow them to bring their business dreams to life. Aquene is a proud wife to a U.S. Air Force Veteran, mother of 3 young children, extreme couponer and shark enthusiast. Connect with Aquene and Royally Fit: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Email:
December 18, 2020
Ep. 8 // Queen Talk Series - I'm THE ENCOURAGER with Elise Michaux
In Episode 8 of the Queen Talk Series, Ja'Lisa interviews Elise Michaux, also known as "E" better known as "The Encourager". Elise is Slippery Rock University Alumni and currently pursuing her PhD from Gannon University in Organizational Learning and Leadership Program. E is truly a ray of light. Listen to this episode as she shares what it means to be a servant leader, how to navigate crazy 2020, and how spending time with God is vital in her walk. Connect with Elise: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
December 11, 2020
Ep. 7 // Queen Talk Series - The ART of Cultivating your LIFE with Nikkia "Kia" Ingram
In Episode 7 of the Queen Talk Series, Ja'Lisa interviews Nikkia Ingram, CEO of Cultivate In Life, LLC, Cultivating Resilient Youth and Co-Owner of 3K Co-Op, LLC. Nikkia is passionate about her community and the youth she serves daily. In this episode we discuss obstacles Nikkia has overcome, how she balances it all but most importantly her work with the youth and the impact she creates in their lives.    Connect with Nikkia: Website: Facebook:  Facebook: Instagram: Blog: Email:
December 4, 2020
Ep. 6 // Queen Talk Series - Loving ALL of yourself to make an IMPACT with Cathryn "CC" Calhoun
In Episode 6 of the Queen Talk Series, Ja'Lisa interviews Cathryn "CC" Calhoun, Founder of Phat Girl Zumba. CC is a woman who wears many hats and has a heart of gold! We discuss everything from Higher Education, Women Empowerment, Body Positivity and the benefits of Zumba. Connect with Cathryn "CC": Facebook: Instagram: Email:
November 20, 2020
Ep. 5 // Queen Talk Series - Accepting who GOD says I AM with Tiffany Huff-Strothers
In Episode 5 of the Queen Talk Series, Ja'Lisa interviews Tiffany Huff-Strothers, CEO & Founder of When She Thrives. Through her work, she has become an Award-Winning Author + Entrepreneur, Sought After Speaker, and Mentor for Women.  Tiffany is passionate about helping bounce back from their worst setbacks and share their stories and experiences to make a major impact.   As the Founder of The Tiffany Huff Experience, a leadership development company for women, she provides personal development and professional development consulting, and coaching services for women, businesses and organizations. In 2017 she published two books, EmpowerMoments for the Everyday Woman and 30 Day Stay: One Woman’s Story of Escaping Death, Healing From Heartbreak and Finding Hope in Homelessness. Connect with Tiffany: Website: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Podcast: Email:
November 13, 2020
Ep. 4 // Queen Talk Series - Authenticity at it's FINEST with Keiha Peck Drummond
In Episode 4 of the Queen Talk Series, Ja'Lisa interviews Keiha Peck Drummond, High School Educator and CEO of KD Motivates.  As an educator and business owner she shares with us the importance of staying connected to the children in her school during the Pandemic and the motivation behind her brand KD Motivates. Connect with Keiha: Instagram: Email: Linktree: A Queen with Purpose, LLC Website: Instagram: Facebook: Email:
October 30, 2020
Ep. 3// Queen Talk Series - Ladies, It's Time To Do Your Laundry with Maisha Howze
In Episode 3 of the Queen Talk Series, Ja'Lisa interviews Maisha Howze, CEO & Founder of In-Touch Consulting and Author of the W.A.S.H. Time to Do Your Laundry. W.A.S.H. stands for Withstand All Strife to Heal! Ladies, it's time to do your laundry and HEAL in order to become healthy and WHOLE! W.A.S.H.: Time To Do YOUR Laundry is a self-help book with a workbook embedded. W.A.S.H. helps guide the reader through their journey of healing. In Touch Consulting supports and guides individuals and/or companies in establishing needs for growth and development in four key areas: Program Development, Project Development, Training, and W.A.S.H.  Book GIVEAWAY: W.A.S.H. Time To Do YOUR Laundry Follow instagram: Send a DM and tell me your favorite part of this interview. First person receives the book :-)  Connect with Maisha Howze: Website: Facebook: Email:
October 23, 2020
Ep. 2 // Queen Talk Series - Owning All the Lanes God has for YOU with Kiylise Lowe
In Episode 2 of the Queen Talk Series, Ja'Lisa interviews an amazing woman by the name of Kiylise Lowe, who is the Chief Dream Engineer at The Dream Building Company and CEO of Invitation Only Candle Co. Kiylise shares her story of her passion of working with the youth, owning all the lanes God has for her and not placing limits on herself. A Detroit Native, she enjoys making magic. Her superpower is curating transformative experiences and creating thought-organizing tools for others. Kiylise’s mission is for women who feel they don't have a voice to share beautiful spaces and places curated with them in mind. Kiylise Lowe Contact Instagram: @thedreambuildingco, @invitationalycandleco Website: & The Dream Retreat:
October 16, 2020
Ep. 1 // Queen Talk Series - Walking by FAITH and Facing Breast Cancer with Yolanda Murphy
This is the kick off episode for the Queen Talk Series where Ja'Lisa interviews change making women.  In this episode Ja'Lisa interviews a woman by the name of Yolanda Murphy. Yolanda shares her story of being diagnosed with breast cancer in her early 30's, how the promises of God carried her through, and the ways she shines her light to be an advocate for others going through similar journeys.  Yolanda Murphy Contact Instagram: @thisexceptionaljourney Facebook: This Exceptional Journey Twitter: @tejpodcast Podcast:This Exceptional Journey Cancer Resources provided by Yolanda Murphy Organizations with a Young Adult Cancer focus: - support groups/financial assistance/social outings (Local) - virtual programs such as book club, art workshops, and creative writing - a magazine with a focus in YA cancer survivorship - counseling/support groups/education - financial assistance - programs - webinars/resources - a magazine with a focus in YA cancer survivorship Uplifting women of color facing breast cancer - testimonials/education/inspiration - resources - programs/events/assistance - resources/support National support: - clinical trials/resources - care packages/resources - MBC support groups Local Support: - support groups - support groups - resources - app used by patients to track their health story
October 9, 2020
Ep. 10 | Health is Wealth w/ Clay Moorefield, CEO of G.O.A.L.S. Oriented Training
In this episode Ja'Lisa speaks with her personal trainer Clay Moorefield who assisted her in her battle with Covid-19. He shares his personal story of hardships, triumphs and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Clay Moorefield, CEO of G.O.A.L.S. Oriented Training Facebook: Clay Moorefield Instagram: @mg_2nd2none Email:
October 6, 2020
Ep. 9 | I Had Covid-19 - The Journey Back
In this episode I discuss my journey of testing positive for Covid-19 and the journey back to adjusting with the side effects.
September 25, 2020
Ep. 8 | 4 Journal Prompts for Coping in the Pandemic
Ep. 8 | 4 Journal Prompts for Coping in the Pandemic by Ja'Lisa L. Brown, MBA
June 9, 2020
Ep. 7 | My Life and Business Needed to Pivot - Part 2
Website: She's Got Purpose Journal: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Email:
June 9, 2020
Ep. 6 | My Life and Business Needed to Pivot - Part I
In this episode, Ja'Lisa explains her time away and what's next in her life. Instagram - @jalisalashawn Business Instagram - @_aqueenwithpurpose
April 12, 2020
Ep.5 | God Told Me to LEVEL UP!
In this episode, the host Ja'Lisa Brown, MBA speaks about being stretched in order to be prepared for future blessings and opportunities. When Heaven Opens Sermon with Rev. Dr. William H. Curtis: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Email:
February 3, 2020
Ep. 4 | Don't Dim Your Light
In this episode we discuss the importance of not dimming the light within you! More information on upcoming workshops visit: Follow Us: Instagram: @_aqueenwithpurpose Twitter: @aqueenwpurpose Facebook: A Queen with Purpose Website:
January 27, 2020
Ep. 3 | 10 Lessons I Learned in 2019
In this episode I discuss 10 lessons I learned within 2019. Brown Mamas: My Brown Mama Monologue Experience: Scenes of a Single Mom Experience: To purchase a copy of Scenes of a Single Mom Volume II: When She Thrives Let's Review 2019 Worksheet
January 18, 2020
Ep. 2| 3 Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt
Ep. 2| 3 Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt by Ja'Lisa L. Brown, MBA
December 12, 2019
Ep. 1 | Introduction to A Queen with Purpose Podcast
Ep. 1 | Introduction to A Queen with Purpose Podcast by Ja'Lisa L. Brown, MBA
November 30, 2019