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Architecture, Business & Design

Architecture, Business & Design

By Andres Aviles
Architecture, business and design was established to help new upcoming and veterns in the interior design and architecture feild to learn about the latest news in Real estate, architecture, design, trends and decipher how it will impact everyone in the industry around the world in a faster and easier way. Andres, our host, will interview the experts in the fields to be able to get more insight and a different perspective from everyone. From how todays technology has changed they way of work, to how everyone has adapted to fit into the new changes. You will hear it all.
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Reaching the top of a skyscraper - the success of architect Ed Shim
Ed Shim is a principal at HLW and the managing director in the NYC office. Shim knew he wanted to go into Architecture when he was young. Having had the opportunity to take architecture class in High school strengthen his will to move into the field as an architect and study architecture at Carnegie Mellon University. Soon after his educational career ended, Ed, came back to NYC in search for work. Fortunately, he was able to find work as soon as he came back. Years after working up his experience in architecture, he joined HLW around 2005 which then allowed him to become the director manager of the NY office.
November 21, 2018
From architect to interior designer - Inside the mind of John Mack
John Mack first started as someone who wanted to do architecture. He studied architecture, got his license as an architect but began to work as an interior designer. He had started in an office job and knew he wanted to work in any design. When he landed his first project, after a week he realized that he had gone into an interior design project which invited everything he wanted to do.
November 7, 2018
The success of an architecture and interior design firm - Interview with CetraRuddy
CetraRuddy is an amazing architecture and interior design firm that was founded in New York City. As they celebrate their 30 years of amazing award-winning work, we were able to host an amazing interview with their director of strategy, Emmanuelle Slossberg. She gives us an insight the firms way of work and how everything is taken into consideration.
October 24, 2018
How to find meaning in your work with Phoebe Oldrey
From acting to interior design. Phoebe is an interior designer who started her company in 2006 and has over 15 years of experience. She has recently done a Ted Talk about the deeper meaning of Interior design, so we go in touch with her and asked her more about it. We learned a lot about Feng shui from our previous guest, Marie and wanted to learn about other interior designer's philosophy. Oldrey uses holistic interior design, "work brilliantly and feel fantastic". At first, we assumed it would be the same as Feng Shui, but it wasn't. Although they were similar, we loved how different they could be.
October 10, 2018
Becoming an architect | The journey of Neil Myers
When he first started in his career he met someone from craigslist who, along with his wife, motivated him to become a Registered Architect. Neil Myers has recently become the Senior Architect at J Frankl Associates. His most recent projects were The Freehand Hotel New York & The Avora Condominiums in Weehawken, NJ as IBI's group principal. He has always loved desgining and developing and that help him grow as an architect who know what he wants.
September 26, 2018
Understanding Feng Shui principles with interior designer Marie Burgos
Marie Burgos is an interior design with an incredible portfolio. She is based in NYC but has recently moved to LA with amazing promise and awesome future projects. During our interview with her, we learned so much about Marie as a person and an interior designer. Her love for design is shown by creating a bond with her clients to create a space that suits them both in functionality and artistically. Find out how she does it in our latest episode - Interior Design with Marie Burgos.
September 12, 2018
What is "Architecture, Business & Design"
The reason for this podcast is that big moves in the Real Estate Development industry effects architects, interior designers, contractors, carpenters, metal studios and others. We will bring the latest news and decipher how it will impact everyone in the industry.
August 23, 2018