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Episode #8 - Anne E. McMills

An episode of Archiving Technical Theater History

By Richard Bryant
This free podcast is a long form conversation hosted by traveler, writer and curiosity seeker Assistant Professor Rich Bryant with friends and guests that include artists, designers, authors and whoever steps up to the mic.
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Episode 33 - Roma Patel
Roma Patel is a Scenographer and digital artist that designs interactive and site-specific performance, theatre and digital installations in the UK and Europe. Her work focuses on the points of intersection between scenography and interactive technologies. Her current work merges electronic and wearable technology in scenography for theatre early years and is influenced by her work with the Irish site-specific theatre company Coracadorca, large-scale immersive and site-specific theatre performance in old buildings, streets and ponds and the growing accessibility of tangible and wearable technologies.  She was also one of the main Artists and researchers that developed Riots1831, Nottingham Castle Augmented Reality (AR) experience (Digital R&D grant). The project made a case for storytelling as a vital ingredient for sustained museum visitor engagement in AR experiences. Digital Set Design - Website
June 12, 2019
Episode 32 - Ed De Shae
   Hello Everyone and welcome to Episode #32 of the podcast. Even though the PQ is coming up in a few days and I’ve been crazy busy preparing a PQ FlashTalk, I couldn’t let a week go bye without bringing you another interview. It just took a little bit longer than I had planned  This week my guest is Mr. Ed De Shae Mr. Ed De Shae is an exceptional person who I’m grateful to have known since our paths first crossed here in Trinidad in 2009 during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. He was the Production Stage Manager and I was assisting with the lighting design. It was quite the experience and we briefly touch on it during the interview.   Later, he became a mentor to me as I began teaching here at the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s Academy for the Performing Arts, guiding me through some of the doubts that I encountered being a first time university professor.  Even today, he offers advice, insight and counsel forged from the many roles and life experience he has had both in and out of the theater as a Production Stage Manager, Director, Educator, Grandad and as a member of the United States Air Force Pararescue.  I look forward to sitting with him again and listening to his stories.  Everyone working in theater should know  Ed De Shae. Without further a do, Mr. Ed De Shae
June 5, 2019
Episode 31 - PQ2019 / Stage Set Scenery Preview
The Prague Quadrennial event takes place every four years in the Czech Republic in the city of Prague.  This year’s edition will be from June 6th through June 16th, 2019 Website:  PQ2019 Facebook: PQ Facebook Instagram: PQ Instagram Youtube: PQ on Youtube The second event is Stage Set and Scenery. This event takes place biannually in June in Berlin, Germany.  The dates this year are June 18th to the 20th, 2019. Website: Stage Set Scenery Facebook: Stage Set Scenery Facebook Instagram: Stage Set Scenery Instagram Both these events gather participants from around the world I hope you check them out.  
May 29, 2019
Episode 30 - Kino Alvarez - UTT Academy for the Performing Arts
Kino Alvarez has been an Audio Engineer for the last 8+ years, and he comes with an immense working knowledge relating to sound design, lighting design and audio engineering. The majority of his experience came from working at Queen’s Hall as an audio technician, which afforded him the opportunity to hone his skills in live and theatre entertainment settings. He has also free-lanced as an audio engineer for numerous organizations; Wiluvbeats Studios, Samsara The Band, Network Riddim Rapso Band, LALO Sound Systems and Digital Sounds Solutions to name a few. In addition to this, he is the in-house sound designer/audio engineer for The International School of Port of Spain. Kino also functions as the Managing Director of Tech Design 360 Limited; A group of young, innovative designers and engineers who specialize in different facets of scenery, lighting and sound design, with their main goal being to bridge the gap between new, upcoming industry technicians and the wider public, as it relates to their field. Sound Better Profile:  Kino Alvarez Linkedin: Kino Alvarez Facebook: Kino Alvarez
May 22, 2019
Episode 29 - Alroy Harry - UTT Academy for the Performing Arts
     Born in the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Alroy is a 25-year-old third year student of the University of Trinidad and Tobago, currently enrolled in the Academy for Performing Arts(APA), specializing in the Theatre Design and Production program.  Before coming to Trinidad, Alroy has been involved in productions mainly through Houses of Worship. At his home church in St. Vincent, Alroy served in the capacity of FOH Audio Engineer since 2012. Transition into a new facility and through production upgrades, his skills have expanded and allowed him to delve into lighting programming and operating as well.  In September of 2016, his acceptance into the APA was a bold step and was made to further his technical knowledge and skills. Since then, he has been able to get exposure and experience in professional larger-scale productions both inside and outside of the APA. This has also introduced him into the field of Stage Production Management, which can now be considered as my primary focus.  Facebook: Alroy Harry Engineering
May 15, 2019
Episode 28 - Salema West - UTT Academy for the Performing Arts
Hello Everyone and welcome to this latest episode of the podcast.  I wish to extend a big thank-you to you the listener who has taken their time to enjoy the various interviews that have been presented. I am grateful and humbled by your support.  I am also grateful for those of you who have also become part of the ATTH family through the Facebook Group. It has grown so far beyond my expectations. Your thoughts, words and energy help keep me motivated to bring you the best content I can.  Often, I find great motivation in other people’s words. Today’s quote comes from none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He said  “Success isn’t always about ‘Greatness’, it’s about consistency. Consistent, hard work gains success. Greatness will come.”   Whatever contribution I can make or have made, be it great or small, I will continue to keep bringing it.    Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you a series of Theatre design And Production student interviews from my school here at the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s Academy for the Performing Arts. The guest this week is Ms. Salema West  Salema studies Theatre Production & Design at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. Her focus is Scenic and Costume Design. Salema is in her last year here at the school and is looking forward to heading out and creating her own art. She has grown much since she started and it has been great to see Salema become so confident. Her dream jobs would be working for Cirque du Soleil, Disney and or Nickelodeon. So without further ado, Ms. Salema West. 
May 8, 2019
Episode 27 - Megan Gill
      Megan got her start in Trinidad's alternative music scene at the age of 14 playing bass in the hard rock band "Incert Coin" and has since performed in many bands over the years. In 2010, she enrolled in and completed the "Digital Media Studies- Music Technology" program at UTT. and upon finishing the program, she went on to peruse her BFA in Performing Arts with focus on Theater design and production.  Over her years in the field of music and theater in Trinidad, Megan has worked as a live mix engineer and studio vocal and music producer at Random Design Studios, producing works for the corporate market, the local alternative music circuit and her own material as a producer/ singer/ songwriter. She has also produced sound and lighting designs for many productions, including "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Trinidad Theater Workshop and "The Wiz" at Queens Hall, directed by Mervyn de Goeas.  In 2015, Megan was hired by Disney Cruise Line. She held the position of Audio Technician in the Walt Disney Theater, which showcases world class Broadway style productions of Disney Musicals including "Tangled the Musical" and the award winning "Disney Dreams, An Enchanted Classic". Notably, Megan was also on the technical team for the installation of “Frozen- A Musical Spectacular.  Working for Disney Cruise Line has afforded Megan the opportunity to network with professionals from all parts of the world and travel to countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Norway, Iceland and the United Kingdom.  Megan has recently released her latest single “Monsters” with the theme of female empowerment attached to the visuals. Currently Megan is perusing her Masters in Arts and Culture Management in Rome, Italy and hopes that her passion for music, technology and digital media will continue to take her all over the world. Her goal is to eventually return home to Trinidad equipped with the tools necessary to be an active force in the revolution of the arts. 
May 1, 2019
Episode 26 - Aby Cohen
   ABY COHEN is a Scenographer and curator, working for theatre, cinema and exhibition. GOLDEN TRIGA awarded at Prague Quadrennial in 2011 for her exhibition and curatorial project for the Brazilian National Exhibition (Countries+ Regions Exhibition). Invited by the PQ2015 artistic director, Sodja Lotker, she became the first Brazilian PQ’ international curator, in 2015, for SHARED SPACE/ POLITICS. Under the role as PQ2015 curator, she created a special project, the occupation-installation-performance NO MAN’S LAND, at Prague Crossroads. Aby started working in the theatre, as a set designer, with director Antunes Filho in 1992. Since then she has developed projects in Brazil and abroad (USA, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Taiwan and Suriname). Curator and designer for the visual identity of ESPAÇO BRASIL, celebrating the Brazilian year in Portugal 2012/13. She received other important international awards, such as the IDCA - International Communication Design Awards in 2013, for the MAX-MIX BRASIL exhibition project, for Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, 2012/2015.  Her most recent projects are focused on the possibilities of creating, exhibiting and performing scenography: DESENHOS de CENA #1, SESC São Paulo/2016 and, DESENHOS de CENA #2: WSDesign Playground Project, Taiwan, 2017, DESENHOS de CENA #3: INTERSECTIONS – artistic residence performance project ongoing in Brazil, Wales and Scotland during 2018 and 2019. Ph.D. in Performance Design at ECA/USP, where she had been lecturing Performance Design for 2 years (2016-2018). Currently Head of MA Set and Costume Design at Fine Arts Faculty of Sao Paulo (Belas Artes). Former Vice-President of OISTAT 2013-2017
April 24, 2019
Episode 25 - Sean Crowley - Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
Sean Crowley has worked across the design spectrum in film, opera, theatre and television. He has been Wales’ most prolific theatre designer over the past 11 years, designing over 150 productions for companies across Wales, the UK and Europe. Sean became Head of Design at RWCMD in 1999 and is also the College’s Director of Drama. Sean is the Chair of the Society of British Theatre Designers and was Project Leader for World Stage Design, held at the College in September 2013. He has been a member of the Linbury Prize committee since 2002, and was Chair of the Association of Theatre Design Courses UK for nine years. In 2007, Sean was Project Leader and Co-Designer for the Prague Quadrennial Scenofest – an international festival of design and performance attracting some 30,000 visitors with over 5000 active participants. Sean was made an Honorary Fellow of the College in July 2007 and was appointed as an Associate Director at the Torch Theatre in 2010. In March 2011, he was the Exhibition Designer for the Society of British Theatre Designers national exhibition, Transformation & Revelation. As the Project Leader for World Stage Design 2013 he helped bring 13,000 exhibitors, practitioners and visitors to Cardiff. Sean Crowley has worked across the design spectrum in film, opera, theatre and television. He has been Wales’ most prolific theatre designer over the past 11 years, designing over 150 productions for companies across Wales, the UK and Europe. Sean became Head of Design at RWCMD in 1999 and is also the College’s Director of Drama. Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama : Society of British Theatre Designers :
April 17, 2019
Episode 24 - Young Designers Forum USITT (Part 2)
Here is part 2 of my series of interviews with many of the young designers who presented their work at the young designers forum this year at USITT.  You all did a fantastic job.  Your work is inspiring and I wish you nothing but the best. Vanessa J Lopez - Costume Technician, Crafts Artisan / Olivia Deluca - Lighting Designer / Jeremy Smith - Scenic Designer / Brandon Reed - Sound Designer / Becca Johnson - Scenic Designer / Katy Fetrow - Designer / Sasha Schwartz - Scenic Designer, Scenic Artist / Madison Mclain - MakeUp, Fx Artist and Wig Maker / Jelena Andzic - Set Designer, Artist /  Alice Trent - Lighting & Projection Design / Danielle Soldat - Costume Technician /
April 10, 2019
Episode 23 - Young Designers Forum USITT (Part 1)
This is a series of short interviews with the young designers who brought their work to USITT and were part of the Young Designer Forum. In this episode: Erin Reed - Costume Designer / Jenn Bobo - Prop Artisan & Scenic Designer / Qier Luo - Lighting Designer / Izzy Hines - Scenic Designer / Natalie Kandra - Technical Direction & Scenic Carpentry  Carolyn M Walker - Costume Technology & Shop Management / Talbot Jenkins - Costume Design / Catie Blencowe - Lighting Design / Kelli Harod - Scenic Design / Aaron Curry - Lighting Designer / Thank you to everyone for participating.  
April 3, 2019
Episode 22 - Scottish Rite Temple USITT 2019
This episode was recorded form the main temple hall of the Scottish Rite Temple of Louisville, Kentucky.  I had the opportunity to come along with author and artist Wendy Rae Waszut-Barrett and watch her work documenting the various drops currently stored there.  I also had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Terry Bowman, Deputy of the Supreme Council in Kentucky, Lighting Technician Mr. Tom Irwin and finally Stagehand Mr. Stephen Lay.   Recorded: Wednesday March 20, 2019.  
March 27, 2019
Episode 21 - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
This episode of the podcast is a big thank you not only to the first 20 people I have interviewed but also to you the listener.  Its also a chance to catch you up with various events coming up in 2019.   Its also a chance to catch you up with various events coming up in 2019.  I also give some of my thoughts about what is going on in my head and what I hope we can do to make tomorrow better.   Events Coming Up: - USITT 2019 - Prague Quadrennial - Stage | Set | Scenery Magazines: - Stage Directions - PLSN - Projections Lighting and Staging News - The Blue Pages - TD&T - Theatre Design and Technology
March 19, 2019
Episode 20 - Kate Porter
Thank you to Stage Manager Kate Porter for her time  and conversation. At the time of this recording,  Kate was on tour in Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Ms. Porter is a Graduate of Yale '02 and a former Stage Management Intern of the Steppenwolf Theater, Chicago, IL.  She is currently a professional Stage Manager dividing her time between Theater and Opera.  She is also a member of the Canadian Actor'sEquity. Katie begins calling Puccini's "La Boheme" for the Vancouver Opera in a few short weeks and will be teaching at the opera stage management program at Banff. She is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
March 13, 2019
Episode 19 - Giselle Langton
   GISELLE E. LANGTON  Director, Stage Manager, Producer Ms. Langton has produced Rick Abbot’s Play On! (1993), Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart (1993), Charles Busch’s The Lady In Question (1994). Athol Fugard’s “MASTER HAROLD” …and the boys (in association with J. Austin Forsyth and the Little Carib Theatre (1995), Dan Coggin’s Nunsense (1996), Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues (2002) and the award-winning production of Earl Warner’s MANTALK in association with MSJ Productions (2004). In a thirty-two year career, she has stage-managed countless presentations for drama, choral, steelband and dance companies in Trinidad. She has also worked on numerous film and television productions, including Asha Lovelace’s Joebelle and America. Ms. Langton has been Production Manager for The Callaloo Company, notably for the Carnival presentations of Picoplat and The Sacred Heart. In 2007 she stage managed two back to back performances at Madison Square Garden for Machel Montano’s Rezzerek, designed and directed by Peter Minshall. She is the holder of six (6) Cacique Awards. In 2003, Ms. Langton made her directorial debut with Charles Busch’s Shanghai Moon. In 2009, she was the Production Stage Manager for Machel Montano’s first children’s alternative concert “Boy Boy and the Magic Drum” directed by Mervyn de Goeas. She has served as an Executive member of the National Drama Association and, has been the Coordinator of the Cacique Awards Evaluators. Her television career began with Television Enterprises (TVE). For the television series Westwood Park, she has worked as Script/Continuity and 1st A.D. Ms. Langton was also the Producer for the creative concept company, CedarHouse Company Limited. In 2011, she was the Stage Manager for Heather Headley’s concert “Home”, at the National Academy for the Performing Arts. Ms. Langton directed David Lindsay-Abaire’s “Rabbit Hole” in November 2011, at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop for Proscenium Theatre. She was Operations Manager, for the National Theatre Arts Company, from 2015 to 2016. Ms. Langton, has been the Unit Coordinator, for the Stage Department at the Lord Kitchener (Aldwyn Roberts) Auditorium – NAPA, from 2012 to present.
March 6, 2019
Episode 18 - Albert Laveau
Albert Laveau is the Artistic and Managing Director of the Trinidad Theatre Workshop. He joined the then young theatre company in 1962 where, over the years, he became one of the best-known actors in Trinidad, along-side performers such as Errol Jones, Stanley Marshall, Eunice Alleyne, Claude Reid and dozens of others who graced the Trinidad Theatre Workshop stage over the years. Among his acting credits are included leading roles in productions of “The First Born”, “Dark of the Moon”, “Moon for the Misbegotten” and “Tartuffe”. He is perhaps best-known on stage for his role as The Devil in Walcott’s “Ti-Jean and His Brothers”. Mr. Laveau also played principal roles in Walcott productions including “The Joker of Seville”, “Dream on Monkey Mountain”, “Henri Christophe”, and “The Sea at Dauphin” among others. A top-notch director as well as actor, Mr. Laveau spent part of the 1970s acting and directing professionally in the United States, where he worked with Joe Papp at the Public Theatre, was a guest director at New York University’s MFA Programme, became a resident director with the Negro Ensemble and also played in their touring production of “The River Niger” by Richard Walker for a year. Despite his success abroad, Mr. Laveau saw his work as first and foremost the development of theatre here in his home of Trinidad and Tobago. He moved back home, and in 1989 was appointed to the position of Managing and Artistic Director of his home theatre company, where he was able to put into place two programmes which he feels passionately about and are still active today: the Theatre in Education Programme which brings staged productions of plays on CXC syllabi to school children to enhance their understanding of the texts and also expose them to theatre, and the School for the Arts, which has taught hundreds of students over the past quarter century, from as young as six to the elderly, in acting, directing, design, dance and more. In his later career Mr. Laveau made appearances in several local feature films, including the 2001 “Mystic Masseur” and 2013 “God Loves the Fighter”. To this day Mr. Laveau is active in the Trinidad Theatre Workshop, pushing forward and leading his team to continue ensuring that his vision continues to live on. - Biography - Trinidad Theater Workshop
February 27, 2019
Episode 17 - Maureen Freedman
Born in South-Africa, raised in Israel, Maureen has lived in England, Australia and is now based in Brooklyn, NY. She studied Design for Performance at the Wimbledon College of Art in London. A finalist in the Linbury Prize for Stage Design, she gained practical experience in England and returned to Israel where she continued to work in diverse areas of performance including devised performance, movement and object theatre. Maureen was recognized for her design contribution to the production of "The House by the Lake" at the Acco Festival for Alternative Theatre - and which has since toured Europe and Canada - and received a Fringe First Golden Hedgehog Award for her work on a physical theatre piece "The Boat is Sinking". She then accepted a scholarship from the University of Connecticut Design Tech program, and since moving to the US Maureen has collaborated on productions for theatre, opera, new writing and musicals crafting characters and storylines through the design of costumes and space. Work of hers has been presented in CT, MA, LV and in NYC at BAM, and Off Broadwy at 59e59 theatres, The Actor’s Temple and the Rattlestick Theatre. And in July this year Maureen was a fellowship to the NYFA Immigrant Artist Program. Maureen has exhibited at the United States Institute for Technology (USITT), and twice at the Kennedy Center's American College Festival - both locally and in Washington D.C. - garnering the National Partners-American Theatre award and Stage Craft Institute Las Vegas award for excellence in Design technology. Productions Maureen has designed for have been reviewed in several notable papers including The New York Times, Theatre World Publication and USITT Sightlines. And her dramaturgical process behind the scenic design of "Intimate Apparel" for the Connecticut Rep. has been reviewed and published in "A Companion to Lynn Nottage" (Routledge).   Working not only in scenic design, but costume design as well, Maureen was awarded the Zelma H. Weisfeld award for Costume Design and Technology, and was invited to join the US exhibitors of "Costume at the Turn of the Century" at the Bakhrushin Museum in Moscow. This exhibition has since toured the US, the World Stage Design Festival in Taiwan, China and Poland.
February 20, 2019
Episode 16 - Jim Streeter
   Welcome to this latest episode of the podcast.  The guest this week is Mr. Jim Streeter  James E. Streeter currently serves as the Production Manager for the Frist Campus Center Film and Performance Theatre at Princeton University. He was previously the Resident Lighting Designer/ Master Electrician for Princeton University's Program in Theater and Dance, where has designed the lighting for multiple productions including: A Little Night Music,  Cabaret, Yankee Dawg You Die, The Vagina Monologues, The Crucible, The Duchess of Malfi, HAMLETMACHINE, Twelfth Night, The Maids, A Delicate Balance, Happy Days, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Seagull  As well as  the premieres of student works such as A Test of Love, Chamber Music, Mixed Drinks, Invitation to the Blues, Utopia Parkway, Shadowman, The Tire Iron ( Beer, Pool and Darts), Joyce Carol Oates' Mother's Day Weekend, Of Beauty Born and T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland. Jim has also designed lighting and visual effects for A Sacred Place, choreographed by Jacques D'amboise, Negotiations, choreographed by Ze’eva Cohen and Aleta Hayes, Chamber Pieces, with choreography by Ze’eva Cohen, Aleta Hayes and Jill Sigman.  Other works include Resident Lighting Designer for the Body Hype Dance Company at Princeton University, Konvergence and Rosemary with Ginger for the Acting Studio, Inc. in New York City, The Sound of Music and Phantom for The Media Center for the Performing Arts, The Glass Menagerie (Set & Lighting Designer) and A Lifetime on the Streets for Trenton State College Theater, The Rothchilds for Bristol Riverside Theatre, Jungle Coup, Moby Dick and the American Premiere of The Graduate for Stageworks/Summit and the East Coast Premiere of Cynthia Lee Smith's The Night Spirit for the Aphre Behn Theatre Co.  Jim is a graduate of the Center for Media Arts and studied lighting design at The Studio and Forum of Stage Design in New York City. He is also a member of the USITT Board of Directors and a strong proponent of USITT’s Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Committee. This committee is responsible for supporting and promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion within USITT’s programs and projects and the Institute as a whole.  This was a fantastic conversation on topics ranging from lighting practices and how they need to evolve both in teaching and perception, the recent 2018 Telegraph article written by reporter Patrick Sawer titled "Traditional theatre lighting and stage design discriminates against black and asian actors warns Shakespeare's Globe" and finally the merits of hiring someone based on their talent. This is a must listen conversation for students of all backgrounds.  This is one you shouldn't miss.   Without further ado, Mr. Jim Streeter.
February 13, 2019
Episode 15 - Léa Nataf
   Ms. Lea Nataf is a Metteur en scène (Director) / Comédienne (actress) at La Compagnie des Atsaras as well as Technicienne Lumière (light Technician) at Théâtre Garonne. She has also been a Marionnettiste  (Puppeteer) at Cie Artémisia . Studied Théâtre - Mise en scène at Université Bordeaux-Montaigne and Formation Technicienne Lumiere  ( Lighting Technician) at CSCV in Toulouse, France Originally from Bordeaux and currently living in Southern France, Lea has had many amazing journeys. We met in Prague 2015 while volunteering for the PQ event. While we were to stand in front of the DAMU café giving directions, answering questions and guiding people around the event, we did spend a great deal of time entertaining one another and bonding in many funny ways.     I am so glad to have gotten to meet Lea and finally after so much time be able to see and speak with her again. I have missed hearing and seeing her laugh.  The audio for this episode is a bit tricky at times. I have done what I can to clear most of it up however there will be points where the levels are a bit off and you will have to adjust your volume. This shouldn’t take away from your enjoyment. Thank you to Lea for her time and energy. I look forward to a return trip to France to see her and experience the amazing work she is up to now.   Without further ado Ms. Lea Nataf
February 6, 2019
Episode 14 - Umberto Di Nino
Umberto Di Nino is an Italian professional born to offer the best advice in the field of scenography, construction of image and communication for television, cinema, theater, advertising, fashion shows and events. His strategy is to Increase the value of the product through a scenography of great impact.  Umberto has a skilled core European team that he works with as well as a large number of qualified freelancers, specially selected for each project.  He is flexible, reliable and precise. and can offer you great solutions for your project (creativity, production, services). "We are image builders.  Our know - how can be useful for you"
January 30, 2019
Episode #13 - Fiona Watt
Fiona trained with the Motley Theatre Design Course, London. She is a freelance scenographer who enjoys exploring the relationship between existing architecture and the performance space, unlocking the hidden dynamics within traditional and non-traditional theatre spaces to find the strongest points of exchange between performer and audience. In June 2011 she was one of six international artists commissioned to lead 'Six Acts', a site-specific interaction with the city of Prague for Scenofest at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space and in 2013 she co-curated the design-led performance programme for World Stage Design in Cardiff. In June 2015 she returned to the Quadrennial as curator for 'The View From Here', a new collaborative project between the Association of Courses in Theatre Design (ACTD) and the Society of British Theatre Designers (SBTD). Fiona is Honorary Secretary of the Society of British Theatre Designers and UK Performance Design Commissioner for OISTAT (International Association of Scenographers Theatre Architects and Technicians). She is currently involved in planning for the UK’s submission to the next Quadrennial which will take place in June 2019. Be sure to check out: - Society of British Theater Designers - Fiona Watt Professional Site - Staging Places
January 23, 2019
Episode #12 - Chris Van Goethem
Chris Van Goethem started in 1983 as a technician in a rental company, like most technicians in that period. Before that he was active in school and youth theater. He became stage manager through training on the floor and self-study and toured with many companies throughout Europe. He has worked for Théâtre de la Place Liège, De Warande Turnhout, Young Persons Theater (UK), Open Cloth, various festivals in Morocco, Squonk Opera Pitsburg (US), Theater aan Zee, Champs d'action, Cultuurmarkt Antwerp, Theater Stap , Preserve the Desire, Villanella, Kommil Foo and Raamtheater. Van Goethem expanded his field of activity with teaching and consultancy in the field of stage techniques. He advised among others the theater technique for the Augustine Church Antwerp, De Warande Turnhout, Flaget Brussels, De Zwarte Komedie, the abbey of Herkenrode and the cultural center Merelbeke. He also advised on the preparation of the professional profiles and standards of Podiumtechniek (SERV), the professional qualifications (AHOVOKS), safety policy, training policy (SFP) and the start-up of various TSO schools and VDAB programs.  His specializations are lighting, production and special effects. He teaches the RITCS (EHB) podium department, Sabbattini Antwerp and Comedrama Oujda (Morocco), three courses he co-founded. He also gives courses for the Pianofabriek, Arteveldehogeschool, SFP, SADA and Accademia Teatro alla Scala.  Van Goethem wrote "lighting technology for stage technicians" and regularly publishes in professional journals such as Proscenium, STEPP magazine, Die Vierte Wand, Zichtlijnen and Proscen. He supervises the RITCS stage techniques students in their individual three-year research project. As part of the podium arts expertise center he examines the history of stage techniques, education and competence management, sustainability, and safety. From his engagement he is involved in international projects such as theatrEurope, Scenofest Prague, Wakha-Wakha, European Social Dialogue, Scenart Romania, OISTAT Time Line Working Group, ETTE and creativeskillsEurope.
January 16, 2019
Episode #11 - Florencia Dias
Ms. Dias is a scenographer and photographer living, working and traveling in and around Europe. Originally from Brazil and now living in Spain, Flo has had an amazing journey not only capturing images from some of the recent theater events such as World Stage Design (Taipei, Taiwan), the Prague Quadrennial and Oistat50 in Cardiff, Wales but also of the everyday life. It was fantastic to catch up with her and to learn more about the woman behind the camera and where she would like to go next. You check out her work at Instagram - Flicker - Flicker - Tumblr -
January 9, 2019
Episode #10 - Edwin Erminy
This episode is dedicated to my friend Edwin Erminy.   The theatre and arts community of Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago and the world lost an amazing artist tonight. I lost my friend. Edwin will always be a testament to the joy, excitement and passion for Scenography. His love of all things art was infectious. I cannot capture all that his life entailed in a single post nor can I begin to find the right words because there will not be enough of them. I have lost a mentor. Someone who helped make me a better person by being around him. Who helped show me the way to becoming a better teacher. Who would also make fun of me because I was the antithesis to his way of making a plan or a drawing. Edwin's favorite phrase to me was "Come on Man" or his over the top exclamation of "What?! What?!" and then break out into laughter. I'm glad we challenged each other. The last thing I would ever want to do was fail him no matter how much of an argument we would get into. I will remember his patience even though most things drove him mad but he never let that get out or show unless necessary. I will think of how he made fun of me for being an American and how his english somehow conveniently got bad the more "tired" he became. There will be no last moments for me because you will not be gone. In Buddhism it is said that a spirit is not extinguished upon death, but instead transfers to another in one of six planes. That a person’s actions during their lifetime results in karma that determines in what form there spirit will be reborn—as a human, an animal, or various forms of spirits, including angels, demons, gods, and ghosts. You will return and I know you will come visit us. I'll always be sure to keep an eye out for you. "I have been and always shall be your friend"
January 3, 2019
Episode #9 - David Boothman
   Welcome to this first brand new episode of 2019.  I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.  The guest this week is Mr. David Boothman. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, David attended Queen's Royal College and studied Art at the Pratt Institute in New York developing his skills as a painter.  He is also an accomplished Jazz pianist and composer.  David is the brother to artist and musicians Michael and Roger Boothman and nephew to contemporary painter,  designer and artist Boscoe Holder and voice actor, dancer, choreographer, singer, director and painter Geoffrey Holder.  David is currently working with the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s Academy for the Performing Arts and I had the opportunity to speak with him at the end of the most recent school term. David has got some interesting ideas about the relationships we as people have to art and about how to find balance in one’s life. Without further ado , Mr. David Boothman
January 2, 2019
Episode #8 - Anne E. McMills
Anne E. McMills’ career extends across the many facets of the lighting world—from theatre (including Broadway and the West End) to television and theme parks to architectural lighting, industrials, concerts, cruise ships, award shows, dance, and opera. In addition to designing her own work, Anne has assisted many Tony Award-winning Broadway designers, mounting productions throughout the world. Anne is a proud member of United Scenic Artists, Local 829, as well as the author of The Assistant Lighting Designer's Toolkit and 3D Printing Basics for Entertainment Design. She is also the Head of Lighting Design at San Diego State University. Recent work includes Noel Noel with the San Diego Symphony, All is Calm with the San Diego Opera, Sense and Sensibility with South Coast Rep, and Beachtown with the San Diego Rep. For further information, visit
December 25, 2018
Episode #7 - Richard Boychuk
R.W. (Rick) Boychuk has been a student, teacher, technical director, IA stagehand, designer, inventor and an author. A graduate of the University of Saskatchewan in technical theatre, he has worked in the industry for over 40 years. ​Rick owns and operates Grid Well, Inc. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that holds patents on the Front-Loading Arbor, and patents pending for the Arbor Trap and SuperArbor. Rick received two CITT awards in 2016: The Ron Epp Memorial Award for Professional Achievement in a technical discipline within the Canadian live performance industry; and The Award of Technical Merit for outstanding achievement in the use of theatre technology.
December 19, 2018
Episode #6 - Peter Craig
Peter Craig is a designer, technician and theater consultant here in Trinidad and Tobago. Enjoy the show!
December 12, 2018
Episode #5 - Pamela Howard OBE
This weeks podcast is not an interview. It is a replay of a lecture I attended at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. The event I was attending was OISTAT50, a celebration and recognition of the 50th anniversary of OISTAT. Ms. Howard's speech is titled "A Touch on the Times" and speaks about her history in design and shares stories about some of the remarkable people she collaborated with. I captured the audio on my recorder so it may sound a little rough in places. There was a live audience in attendance so there is some background noise as well. Ms. Howard was gracious enough to allow me to bring this too you and I am deeply grateful. I look forward to having a sit-down interview with her in the future. In the meantime, enjoy the lecture and listen to one of the masters of art and design. - Pamela Howard Website - Oistat Homepage - Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
December 5, 2018
Episode #4 - Wendy Waszut-Barrett
Wendy Waszut-Barrett specializes in the evaluation, restoration, and replication of painted scenes for the theatre, opera, ethnic hall, and Masonic stage. She is the President of Historic Stage Services, a researcher, a teacher and artist. Wendy holds a PhD from the University of Minnesota in Theatre. Blog: Business: Facebook: Dry Pigment, Historic Stage Services
November 28, 2018
Episode #3 - Hanne Nuyttens
Hanne Nuyttens is a sound engineer, artist, eco-warrior and traveler. Hanne spent a term here in Trinidad and Tobago studying and found the experience transformative. We spoke about her journey from Belgium to South America, the importance why more women are needed as mentors all over the world and why its okay to speak up and say you don't know something. Check it out.
November 26, 2018
Episode #2 - Kerri-Ann Chandler
Kerri Ann Chandler is an studio and live audio engineer, producer, musician, instructor and friend here in Trinidad and Tobago. Kerri is my first guest and I couldn't be happier to have her on.
November 17, 2018
Episode #1 - How it all began
This is the first of hopefully many episodes. Coming to you from the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, this podcast is an extension of the Archiving Technical Theater History Facebook Group. It's not all about history. Come check it out and give it a listen. In this episode, its the origin story.
November 16, 2018
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