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Let's Try This Instead

Let's Try This Instead

By Ariel Lopez
A podcast designed to help you get ahead in your career and in life. Hosted by Ariel Lopez, tech career coach and entrepreneur.

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What To Do When Things Go Wrong
Talking about the hard things isn't easy, but it's necessary. If you've recently got fired, laid off, or had to take a leave of absence from work then today's episode is for you! I share the story about the last time I got fired, how I bounced back, how to have tough conversations, and why what doesn't break you only makes you stronger. If you know someone going through a tough time, please share it with them! 
June 3, 2020
Shooting Your Shot and The Power of Relationships
Fortune Favors the Bold! In this episode I talk about how a cold email led me to not one but TWO partnerships with major brands, why being aggressive is o.k., how to make the most out of your existing network, and the benefits of cultivating relationships in your career. I also dish what recruiters REALLY want to see on your resume, and how you can spruce it up in less than 5 minutes. Leave fear at the door, and learn how to shoot your shot to get what you want!
May 4, 2020
Episode 1: Avoiding The Black Hole
If you’ve ever had a job search that sucked today’s episode is for you!  Maybe you’re in the midst of one right now and don’t know what to do next. From getting ghosted to getting canned rejection emails, job searches are never easy, and usually come with lots of rejection, confusion, and even depression. My goal is that these strategies should help you gain the visibility you need so you don’t get lost and waste months of your time trying to find your next job. We'll talk about: -Why recruiters are overwhelmed (inundated with apps, not a lot of time, lots of open roles, pattern matching and depending on referrals) -How to Get Targeted (make a top 10, find people that work there, conduct informational interviews, figure out what good looks like for your field) -When to Apply (m-t am, fri/take off weekends, after funding/acquisitions, seasonal, opportunistic) - How to Get Ahead (follow up on everything, research targets on all channels, find a referral, showcase your skills)
April 15, 2020