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TAP 34: How To Leverage Bestselling Books To Grow Your Business With Laura Petersen

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TAP 41: How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything
I missed out on a very important meeting because I was late for it... I gave out the most wrong impression of me when I met with a potential influencer by being late... I miss out on very crucial things in my life because I was late... For a long time, I never realized how my old habit could affect me tremendously in every bit of my life. I knew that was my signature move to almost anything that goes on in my life but never realized how much it could affect me. But it did! And one thing I can say is this... How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything Find out on this episode what I'm looking to do to get myself better at this and how you too can! Have a good listen and don't forget to stay Arisen!!!
March 11, 2019
TAP 40: Change Your State And Change Your Life
Have you ever head this phrase before? "Change Your State And Change Your Life..." For a long time, I didn't know what it means to change your state. I really didn't understand it until one of the Godfathers of motivation, Tony Robbins explained it to me and everything made sense. Have you ever watched a scary movie and your favorite character is in deep trouble and about to get stabbed and killed? How do you feel? Do you feel threatened as well even though you know they're acting? Heck yeah! What the movie directors and film makers did to you was to change your state and influence you in a way to transfer the same emotions running through your character to you as well.  They do it visually and very smoothly so we don't really see what's going on... BUT, we can learn a ton from these film makers on changing our states.  Sometimes, life can be really challenging and we get hit by tons of adversities and mishappenings and what do we tend to do? We succumb to it and everything around us automatically becomes sore, awful and we tend to live in a new reality where everything feels, looks, tastes bad. Such things will happen to us all the time in our businesses, life, and career so we have to find a way to deal with it so it doesn't override us. This episode is going to help you with exactly what to do to combat and quickly change your state so you can control everything that happens in your life. Have a good listen and don't forget to stay Arisen!!!! 
March 5, 2019
TAP 39: World's Richest Man Tells It All On Why Most Christians Are Broke
Would you rather have the World's richest man in the world tell you the secrets to creating wealth? Or would you rather have an anointed man of God pray for you in order for God to bless you? Do prayers REALLY cut it? What are these 6 secrets a man worth $2.1 Trillion (Yes! That is Trillion with a T)  shares that most Christians are avoiding and even some of the world's most anointed men of God don't seem to see it?  Hint: These secrets are in the Bible... In this week's episode, I share these 6 abundant-money making secrets that are ONLY found in the greatest book of all times and how we can take advantage of them for ourselves, family and people around us. Have a good one and as always, don't forget to stay Arisen!!!!
February 25, 2019
TAP 38: My Little Rant And Why You're Enough!!
Have you told this before? "You're not qualified..." Or "you're not good enough..." Or "you're dumb..." Those words are strong words people say to other people quite often.  I just had an encounter with someone who only didn't piss me off but inspired this episode and also give me the opportunity to  give a strong warning and caution to the arisen tribe. See, the concept of arisen is to motivate, inspire people to do whatever they set their minds on regardless of their status and pedigree. Unfortunately, the society sees us like people who have gone mad and not appreciative of what we have but looking for better and greater impact.  Sad to say, right? But that's the honest truth! How many times have you been told you can't be millionaire, or you can't be an influencer, or anything you set your mind on? People don't understand us so we're described as misfits and disregarded people but this week's episode is on encouraging yourself with positive vibes and chasing away negative thoughts and affirmations.  You're more than enough. You just have to tap into the realm and make it happen! You're Arisen so stay Arisen!!!
February 18, 2019
TAP 37: This Is The Surest Way To Develop Your Passion...Unfortunately, Not Easy!
How many times have you been told to follow your passion and you'll achieve greater heights? How many people do you seek advice from and they keep telling you to follow your heart desires but you don't see yourself doing THAT very thing? I've been there several times and sometimes, I face this issue of, "do I really love what I'm doing?" What is the SUREST way to first discover what you're passionate about, develop it, and harness your full potential with it? I answer these questions on this week's episode.  Enjoy and as always, don't forget to stay ARISEN!!!!
February 11, 2019
TAP 36: Arisen Diamond, Your Next Best Investment
 "Sam, I have GHS 2000 and I'm looking to invest but I have no idea what to do and how to do it. Can you please point me in the right direction?" This was the question a friend asked me recently and I froze for a second.  As much as this question sounded like a simple one, I didn't know what form of investment to tell him to go into... ...then something clicked in my head - Aha moment, you can call it... One of the richest men in the world right now was asked that question and his answer was surprisingly simple and straight forward - but unconventional. Find out on this weeks episode what form of investment the third richest man in the world right now recommends to everybody and my unpopular answer I gave my buddy and how it can get you up to speed on making the most money you can ever imagine. Enjoy and as always, don't forget to stay Arisen!!!
February 5, 2019
TAP 35: The Menzgold Shutdown And Lessons For Investors With Leonard Quansah
How do I know this investment is a dangerous one? How do we investors protect ourselves from really high risk investment portfolios like Menzgold and what should we do? These are the questions many wannabe and even pro investors typically ask.  I had a friend approach me several months ago on this Menzgold investment and it's surprising how she gave in after my thorough explanations about the investment topic. It leaves me to believe alot of education needs to be done in the investment arena. This week, we're fortunate to have Leonard Quansah, an avid investor jump in here on the Arisen podcast to share 8 important lessons for investors. All your questions are going to be answered. You're welcome ;) And as always, don't forget to stay ARISEN!!!
January 29, 2019
TAP 34: How To Leverage Bestselling Books To Grow Your Business With Laura Petersen
How do entrepreneurs like without lots of connections and authority position ourselves as experts in our field? How do we intelligently take the marketplace by storm with ease and confidence and get people wondering who we are? Simple Answer: By writing a bestselling book But the big question is, "How do we write a book to be recognized by Amazon as a bestseller?" That is the question, and this episode brings all the answers. Laura Petersen, who's a two-time bestselling author on Amazon in her category in the US and Canada (and has helped dozens and dozens of upcoming and established business owners achieve that status) goes into some dark secrets she only shares with her students on how to pull off your book launch in grand style. What you're going to learn in this episode: 1) How do you take the leap of faith to escape the 9-5 job into the entrepreneurial world (you're welcome!) 2) How do you start writing your book even if you don't know what to pen down? What three steps does she go through to get clarity in your writing? 3) How do you use your bestselling book to establish credibility, authority, and social proof in your market? Make sure you share with your friends and family... and as always, don't forget to stay Arisen!!!
January 23, 2019
TAP 33: What This Ashaiman Sandals Seller Taught Me In Business w/ Samuel Ofoe Dotse
What does this Sandals Seller and Apple company have in common? What strategies are they deploying in their business to boost their sales numbers and stay above their competition even when other competitors are devouring themselves? This little tip, when implemented can not only skyrocket your business but it also gives you an edge over your competition and makes you an authority in your niche and industry.  Find out what this strategy is on this episode as Sam, goes deep on it shares this secret. Have fun listening and as always, don't forget to stay Arisen!!!
January 15, 2019
TAP 32: The Bush-Shitting Journey That Involved Feeding Orphans And Its Effects w/Samuel Ofoe Dotse
"Give More, Make More..." This was the ever running theme my mentor framed our sessions with him. Everything he did from business to his family life involved him giving whether his money, time or resources He always acknowledged his tremendous success to giving more without any ulterior motive.  I've personally learnt a ton from him and I inherited that trait and I can't tell you how much my life has escalated after adopting this strategy in my business and life.  This brought about Arisen Aid - an arm of Arisen Nation where we focus on reaching out to the less privileged every Christmas and helping them.  I give a full account of what happened and the embarrassing experience we had along the way and what the side effect of giving has brought to me personally. Have a good listen and don't forget to stay Arisen!!! 
January 7, 2019
TAP 31: My GHS 124,375.00 Lesson On Wealth Creation - Part 4 of 4 w/Samuel Ofoe Dotse
 Is Knowledge REALLY Power? My Junior High School's motto was... "Knowledge Is Power" Is this cliche responsible for poverty in this country? There are two resources Bill Gates and Warren Buffet use to create billions. What are these two elements that has separated the poor from the rich since King Solomon's era? Find out in this week's episode on the Arisen Podcast. ... And as always, don't forget to stay Arisen!!!
January 2, 2019
TAP 30: My GHS 124,375.00 Lesson On Wealth Creation - Part 3 of 4 w/Samuel Ofoe Dotse
Sarkodie...  Nana Aba Anamoah...  Ameyaw Debrah...  Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwah... What do these people have in common? Can they really teach us the secret to wealth creation? This episode, Sam shares one of his favorite lessons on wealth creation.  This little-known big lesson is the reason a bad stutter who struggles with speech is willing to do anything he can to fully harness the power on that level of value exchange. Listen in and as always, don't forget to stay ARISEN!!!
December 24, 2018
TAP 29: My GHS 124,375.00 Lesson On Wealth Creation - Part 2 of 4 w/Samuel Ofoe Dotse
Why are people who are in managerial roles relatively make more money than the janitor? Is it the qualification or certification due the manager and the lack thereof with the janitor? Or life is simply unfair? For a long time, I wondered why as well until I learned these simple wealth creation secrets I guarantee only the 1% of successful people know I shared these secrets in this episode on the Arisen Podcast. Enjoy and have a good listen and don't forget to stay Arisen!
December 17, 2018
TAP 28: My GHS 124,375.00 Lesson On Wealth Creation - Part 1 of 4 w/Samuel Ofoe Dotse
"Study hard... work hard" ... They said Does hard work really equate success? Does laziness really equate failure? These are the questions that get answered on this week's lesson where we digest on a GHS 124,375.00 worth of coaching session with one of my mentors. I share the real secret to wealth creation that has been deliberately hidden from the masses by the rich and has left the sad poorer generation with nothing but being poorer all the time. Lucky for us, we've found the secrets and we're unraveling all the untold chops and leaving them bare and unadulterated to you on this week's episode on the Arisen Podcast Enjoy listen and as always, don't forget to stay ARISEN!
December 12, 2018
TAP 27: Are The People You Hang Out With Uplifting Or Squashing You
Have you ever had a deep realization to the people you hang around with? This easily cliched phrase... "Show me your friend and I'll show you your future..." ... isn't only true but affects our lives in a tremendous way we can never imagine Have you ever wondered why Millionaires are friends of millionaires and drunkards are friends of drunkards? In this episode, Raymond shares the 3 ways to evaluate your association and how to make it work for you in the right way... Enjoy and as always, don't forget to stay ARISEN!!!
December 4, 2018
TAP 26: How To Become A Guru At What You Do Even If You Currently Suck At It w/Samuel Ofoe Dotse
Have you been thinking about how bad you are in what you do? You know you're passionate about it but can't seem to get it to where you want it to be? You see, for a very long time, I wondered how many successful people achieve mastery in what they do but I couldn't figure out how... Then, I had one of the biggest AHA moments in my life and it changed everything. Now, this principle is what I follow for everything I want to get better at. In this episode, I share exactly how I do and how you too can! Enjoy and don't forget to stay ARISEN!!
November 27, 2018
TAP 25: The Ultimate Goal Setting Formula That Actually Works And How To Hack It w/Samuel Ofoe Dotse
One of my biggest mentors and someone I look up to almost all spheres of life from health to business to relationship and everything in between is Alex Charfen. He's taught a lot of entrepreneurs about the actual goal setting formula that works for his high end coaching students and today I go in and share what I've learnt from him and how you can implement that goal-achieving formula in your life as well. Enjoy and don't forget to stay Arisen!
November 19, 2018
TAP 24: The Three Life-Changing Lessons By Jim Rohn That Will Give You A Paradigm Shift w/Raymond
"If you think it's impossible, it's NOT... If you think you know it all, you DON'T... If you think you're alone, you're NOT..." These were big paradigm shifting lessons one of the biggest influencers of the old shared with his students and today, Raymond goes way back to share with us what these lessons are and how they apply to our lives today! We sometimes go through circumstances in our personal lives, relationships, or businesses and we think the problems cannot be solved... Or sometimes, we think we know too much about a topic or subject and we tend not to see other options or ideas that are more than likely smarter than what we were thinking... Or life's hardship gets to us and we feel left alone in a seemingly 'already-defeated' battle... BUT today, Raymond shows us how we can actually achieve the impossible, we can still know more, and we are not alone! Listen and don't forget to stay Arisen! Enjoy
November 14, 2018
TAP 23: Your Comfort Zone Is The Demon Against You w/Samuel Ofoe Dotse
This is how I've been able to accomplish some unimaginable things in my life... My first appearance on TV... My first BIG stage business talk... My first educational course... My first mentorship program... For a long time, I now figured what makes us super humans... what makes us achieve the big goals in life! Everything GREAT is always BEYOND YOUR COMFORT ZONE. In this episode, Samuel shares why your comfort zone is the demon working against you and how you can jump out of it and kick start your life with greater and unimaginable things you've always dreamed of... Have a good listen and as always, don't forget to stay ARISEN!
November 6, 2018
TAP 22: Be A Door Opener And How To Avoid The Social Media Craze w/Ernest Tsifodze
A dying father shared 7 important lessons with his cherished son and Ernest fills us in on what the 7 lessons are and how we can utilize it to our advantage. Lesson 2 was my favorite... Have a good listen and don't forget to stay Arisen
November 1, 2018
TAP 21: The Biggest Lie About Life And How To Avoid It w/Raymond Amezuwe
You get born... You get education... You get a job... You make some cash... You probably get married... You have kids... You go on pension... You die... That's what we've been told about living life, right? HELL NO!!! Life is more than that. Find out on this podcast episode what you SHOULD and CAN do to make life worthwhile living. Have a good listen and don't forget to stay ARISEN!
October 24, 2018
TAP 20: Living Life On Your Terms w/Jerry Awuku
Living life on your terms is something you've heard before but funny thing is, there are bazillion ways of accomplishing that and as such has made things extremely difficult. Here on this episode, Jerry, the CEO of four businesses, and author of several books gives us step by step procedure on how he accomplished that. He goes into find your purpose, nurturing it, and training your talent and how you can use it to your advantage on your quest to living life on your terms. Have a good listen and don't forget to stay ARISEN!!
October 15, 2018
TAP 19: How I Stay Arisen Using Social Media With Victoria Quaynor
As millennials are taking the world by storm each and every day, I've realized most of these game changers and people who live life by impacting and empowering others are using a tool we all use. Think of people transacting businesses, raising awareness for a cause, widening connections have become even more easier with social media. On this episode, Vic shares how she uses these form of media to her advantage and how you too can! It's a great episode... Have a good one and don't forget to stay ARISEN!
October 10, 2018
TAP 18: I Am Retiring In December w/Samuel Dotse
On this episode, Sam reflects on what jump-started his quest to seeking financial freedom. He shares his story way back from medical school and how much has changed in the past three years. He shared a life-changing experience that happened recently and how its going to affect the next 40+ years of his life... Make sure you listen and don't forget to stay Arisen!!!
October 3, 2018
TAP 17: The Million Dollar Blueprint w/Ronnie Sandlin
On this episode, we interview Ronnie Sandlin who's a multiple 7-figures business owner. He gives us actionable steps on how to kickstart a business to the millions even if you don't have money or don't know where to start. It has nothing to do with a business plan, or product development...good to know, right? Have a good listen and don't forget to rate this podcast if you find it valuable and impactful. Cheers and don't forget to stay Arisen!!!
September 26, 2018
TAP 16: How To Become The Best Of Yourself w/Ernest Tsifodze
This week's podcast, Ernest takes us on the journey of self awareness and appreciating how important each and everyone is to the universe and how to take advantage of it to help us grow as influential and impactful individuals. Have a good listen and stay Arisen!!
September 18, 2018
TAP 15: Effective Time Management w/ Victoria Quaynor
What exactly do you use your time for? How do you wisely use the time in your day and maximize your efforts? We all have 24 hours in a day but many at times, we're not productive all day and we subconsciously know the reason but we tend not to appreciate the time wasted and we wonder why things are not working for us. Victoria explains how to manage our time effectively and to stay productive all day. Cheers
September 12, 2018
TAP 14: The Magical Thread w/Raymond Amezuwe
"Keep It Simple Students" This was the only answer a group of struggling students got from a world renowned mentor. In as much as making things look complex make us look intelligent, advanced and well informed, we are actually doing ourselves more harm than good. History has proven countless number of times how keeping things simple could improve our lives tremendously. Raymond shares a story during World War II on why the little simplicity magic works in all aspects of our lives whether in business, finances, personal development and so on. Have a good listen
September 5, 2018
TAP 13: Where Is My Money w/Samuel Ofoe Dotse
On this episode, we continue on the episode, "How To Start A Business - episode #9." You see, as a business owner, if you don't know where your customers are going to come from tomorrow, you don't have a business. This is so true because, when Sam started his Cosmetic business, he didn't know where his customers were going to come from... So you get to cheat your way to immense success if you implement the lesson in this episode in your business. Have a good listen and stay Arisen
August 28, 2018
TAP 12: Embracing Roles And Responsibilities w/Leonard
On this episode, Leonard shares his story on how assuming roles and responsibilities have helped him tremendously and shaped his personal development journey. Many at times, we always say NO to roles at the workplace, school, church, home and so on. And the reason we typically say NO without even thinking about it is because we tend to lack confidence in ourselves. He shares how facing your fears could be the answer to building confidence and personally developing yourself self-esteem. Have a good listen!
August 21, 2018
TAP 11: How Your Vision Will Give You Confidence w/Ernest
As a creation of God, we're all endowed with ungodly amount of vision that when harnessed, will without doubts make the world a better place. We have the vision to manufacture ammunition for war. How about about using our vision to eradicate global hunger? On this episode, Ernest talks about how understanding our vision can leave us with so much confidence that the sky is the only limit. Hope you enjoy listening... Cheers!
August 15, 2018
TAP 10: And So What w/Raymond Amezuwe
On this episode, Raymond shares a business venture they had massive loss on. He went completely vulnerable to talk about what many people don't enjoy sharing but most importantly, he shares why he wasn't hindered by the failure of the venture but rather moved on to get past that mishappening. You see, everyone in his/her life goes through really bad situations but how you handle it what makes you great or average. Enjoy this episode Cheers!
August 7, 2018
TAP 09: How To Start Your Business w/Samuel Dotse
Many individuals struggle with their startup and wonder why it's not taking off. Through my pursuit of figuring out why I was struggling with my cosmetic business, I found out the secret formula that successful business owners, struggling businesses and individuals use to scale, and or take their ventures to the next level. Hope you enjoy!
July 31, 2018
TAP 08: The Power Of The Tongue w/Victoria Quaynor
The power of saying good things you wish for yourself go a long way to affect how you live your life. A good morning ritual is to look into the mirror and see yourself in the next couple of years being whoever you want to be and feeling the moment of accomplishment. The universe aligns itself for you to reach that goal you envision. But we all know, faith without works is meaningless. You need to take action on your dream and work towards it. Listen to the full episode as Vic showers us with gold. Cheers!!
July 24, 2018
TAP 07: The Value Of Being Significant w/Ernest Tsifodze
When is the right time to take the first step, the first leap. We talk about faith but we tend not to exercise in our daily lives. What's your goal? What are you doing to accomplish? Are you waiting on opinions to feed your fear of taking new opportunities? On this episode, Ernest shares in this week, the value of being significant... Have a good listen!
July 17, 2018
TAP 06: Why Not Now w/ Raymond Amezuwe
Many of us have dreams, goals and aspirations but for some odd reason, we don't seem to be interested to take actions on them but rather "romancify" them by talking about it for centuries. We then live the rest of our lives in total regret for not pursuing our dreams. On this episode, Raymond reminds us on why we need to start that business, that enterprise, and hefty goal we've set for ourselves and are doing nothing about it. Have a good listen!
July 10, 2018
TAP 05: The Storm w/Victoria Quaynor
Everybody goes through a storm one way or the other. The question here is, how do you handle the storm? Do you easily throw in the towel and give up on your dreams? Listen in on what Victoria does when she's encountered with storms. Stay Arisen
July 3, 2018
TAP 04: Harnessing Your Full Potential w/Samuel Dotse
More often than not, we're being told to discover our strengths and weaknesses and try to make our weaknesses our strength. But I guess the issue here's that, harnessing your potential to the fullest will require you focusing on your strength and forgetting about your weakness. Because your strength is who you are as an individual. In this episode, Sam talks about how to find your strength and weakness on the subconscious level. Enjoy!
June 26, 2018
TAP 03: Creating A Simple Financial Plan w/Leonard Quansah
Do you know have a firm financial plan? Many times when we set our life time goals, we tend to forget to set financial goals alongside. Listen to Leonard as he spits real value and shows us how to create a simple financial plan
June 19, 2018
TAP 02: Will, Mind & Sacrifice with Ernest Tsifodze
On this episode, Ernest takes us on a journey of knowing our belief system which in turn influences our thinking asset, our mind which in turn makes us who we are! He also talks about the power of the mind and how to feed it with good stuff and not negativity. Thanks for listening...
June 11, 2018
TAP 01: The Power Of Knowing Yourself w/Victoria Quaynor
It’s been said that you can never really know someone completely. But perhaps the person that is the most difficult to get to know is the one that’s closest to us: Ourselves. Although our experiences and chemistry have collectively shaped each one of us into the people we are, this does not mean that we necessarily know who we really are and how we relate to the world around us. Most of us react to the days events in an autopilot mode rather than evaluating them based on what we’re truly passionate about and what we want out of life. This impacts everything–from our relationships, opportunities, and potential. Being true to ourselves is exceeding difficult in a world of expectations, but it’s the only way to reach contentment. Vic takes us on a journey we rarely embark on ourselves. But trust me, it’s a journey worth taking especially with Vic, who has traveled back to back on this trip.
June 5, 2018
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