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Arizona Talks Podcast

Arizona Talks Podcast

By Carlos Alfaro
In order to preserve a free society, we believe that promoting civil and substantive discussions is a vital public service. In times of division, we need institutions that encourage leaders to discover common ground and look for solutions.
As a nonprofit community, we seek to create programs of distinction that influence people towards a culture of open inquiry, fact based analysis, and vigorous debate.
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Vanessa Ruiz on Freedom of the Press
Founder of Arizona Talks, Carlos Alfaro, speaks with Walter Cronkite News Director, Vanessa Ruiz. The conversation revolves around the work that journalists and media outlets play in our discussions of policy and different perspectives on the importance of freedom of the press in our democracy. Go to for more!
July 22, 2020
The Personal Side Of The Criminal Justice System, Story by Jeffrey Taylor
eff Taylor, Advocate and Chair of the Salvation Army of Phoenix speaking about his personal story of transformation and experience with the criminal justice system. His talk was featured at a public policy event featuring Arizona's top experts, activists, and reporter on criminal Justice Reform. Recorded February 2020. Arizona Talks: Criminal Justice was a special event that addressed  the state of Arizona’s criminal justice system and the people working to reform it.  Watch the full event here: Sign up for updates at
April 24, 2020
End Cannabis Prohibition Story by Ryan Hurley
November 2019
January 17, 2020
Cannabis Entrepreneur Story by Melissa Diaz
November 2019
January 17, 2020
Cannabis Science by Dr. Sue Sisely
The Science of Cannabis. November 2019
January 17, 2020
What is Cannabis? by Derek Espinoza
This lecture covers an introduction to cannabis. November 2019
January 17, 2020