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Business Mentor

Business Mentor

By Armando Bartolome
As a Business Mentor to numerous entrepreneurs for 26 years, success come in different forms.
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FAQs of Business
I am sure listeners here have questions popping up in their time to time. This is often about business. here I shared the common or FAQs.
December 17, 2020
The Guts of A Seasoned Entrepreneur Kernan Butalid Motoomull
How many of us would have encountered FOUR (4) strikes in our  life almost at the same time? Kernan precisely met those 4 blows in his life. However he never gave up. Perseverance, FAITH and Determination buoyed him. Today together with his wife Louraine Polito Motoomull their businesses continue to flourish. LISTEN and feel the words of wisdom 
November 30, 2020
How A Seasoned Entrepreneur Handled Crisis in this time?
Richie Zamora Cuna began his entrepreneurial influence when his grandfather and father exposed him to the business. At an early age he absorbed the values, persistence as well as being a team leader.  After college he worked in different companies and the last in a major bank. He was next to be the head of that bank. However he gave it up and chose the path of entrepreneurship.  In this interview listen to the many wisdom takeaways from Richie
November 29, 2020
What It Takes To Keep The Business Moving?
If you look at the photo, you see a man riding  bicycle. This is a powerful example  on how a business can keep on moving.  An entrepreneur may have the best of the concepts. Yet if and when there are no parties interested or the market is not tapped then the concept is a waste.  Getting the consumers or the right partners are vital ingredients. With establishing a harmonious relations and listening to each other, a synergistic relations is born. Think about it. Just the two wheels moving towards a direction. Never forget though the various parts which complete the bicycle such as the chain, gears, tires, bearing and the handle. In other words behind every business there lie different components.
October 5, 2020
7000 Trees of Calamansi in a Bottle
The Philippine Calamansi or otherwise known as Calamondi is recognized as one of the exotic fruit and gives healthy benefits specially Vitamin C. A lawyer by profession and a Farmer by heart Atty Jesse Suarez together with his wife Junelle a retired loans Office of a bank decided to put a farm. Initially they wanted to raise and distribute quail eggs in the town where they reside Bacolod City. However due to the less demand, they shifted to planting Calamondi (calamansi) trees. Today with 7000 trees (this was literally counted by the Department of Agriculture), one of their two children Jesselle decided to pursue culinary course. Her aim was to utilize all the produce from their farm.  Aside from the 7000 trees, her father has native chickens, herbs and spices.  The brand SIRJESSPH is now known in many outlets in the Metro Manila, Visayas and Mindanao.  Jesselle made sure that the plant is FDA certified and has attracted assistance from various government agencies #BUK #BeOkay #SirJESSPH
July 25, 2020
MEKENI FOODS 1986 The story of 5 Garcia Brothers and Their Father who faced 5 Biggest Challenges
Pruds Garcia and his 4 other brothers were raised by their parents in Porac Pampanga. Both were public school teachers and inculcated deep values to their children.  The father began his simple meat processing and sought the help of their neighbors. Everything were going well till the sudden eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the early 90's. What they began was all wiped out. Pruds and two other brothers were overseas enjoying their gainful employment. It was only when Pruds received a letter from his father asking all 3 to come home and help out. The many challenges shared by Pruds could perhaps make any entrepreneur give up. Yet they did not. Find out what made the brothers change their decision to close down operations of MEKENI FOODS
July 21, 2020
Leading a World War C (Covid) Timely Tips by GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications
LISTEN to  A. Communication in the Time of CRISES B.COVID and What it Means for Marketing and PR C. Businesses Adapting to New Normal The EXPERTS  Brad Geiser is an award winning communication strategist and Crisis Manager. he is a certified Enterprise Risk Manager. He has been working with large brands in the Philippines for 20 years. He has handled more than 50 High profile crisis cases from private to public sectors. With this, he has also handled hundreds of brands for reputation transformation and enhancement. He is the founder and President of gesier Maclang Marketing Communications Inc., an award winning PR Agency in the Philippines.   Amor Maclang, a globally award winning Brand Architect, experienced Risk/Crisi/Reputation Strategist, Movement Maker and Marketing and Communications Innovator. She helps companies navigate through reputational, education and information gaps in any nascent technologies. #DoGoodByDoing Well #BUK #BeOkay
July 17, 2020
A Real and Licensed Nurse Turned to Nursing the MSMEs
Paul Anthony De Guzman is a professional and board passer for nursing both in the Philippines and US. Working in a non government agency or NGO Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship PCE other wise known as Go Negosyo opened his eyes. PA as he is called developed deep passion in caring and nursing the MSMEs. He heads the Programs Management like Kapatid Mentor Me where various entrepreneurs from different parts of the country avail of free and guided mentoring. His work has taken him to 70 out of the total 81 provinces in the Philippines. Listen
July 11, 2020
How To GET UP when LIFE knocks YOU Down: A TRUE Story of a Successful Entrepreneur Victor Tan
Victor Tan grew up in Binondo and had a strict father. He was always reminded not to leave the house. Yet Victor being a people oriented enjoyed the company of his playmates in the neighborhood. Thus whenever he was caught for sure he received a number of PALO at his butt. Victor did not understand why his father was that strict. It was only then when he grew and became a parent of the values his father was trying to get in his mind. Victor became a successful entrepreneur. He was in full control of his business. Everything had to pass his approval.  It was only when events happened that it took time for him to accept he was losing control. He discovered the real keys to success after his eventual bankruptcy. Today Victor is a renewed person. He never became shy to accept his failure. Rather he would share his life story. Listen 
July 10, 2020
Strive and Survive in The Media Industry
What matters in Life is The ability to Strive and Survive A story of a young lady who has risen and surmounted many challenges in life Meet Aiza T Lumbuan Aiza is a Program Producer of Award Winning shows like Shop Talk, On The Money, ANC Conversations. #Strive&Survive #YouWillBeOkay #BUK #BeOkay #ANCConversations #ShopTalk #OnTheMoney
July 7, 2020
Great TIPS on How Siblings Can Be Great Partners in Business! GOTOBELIEVE
SIBLINGS In Business Thats GOTOBELIEVE Immerse yourself on how siblings began their business and specially their CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility Sandra Santiago the youngest of the 4 began to explore the world of entrepreneurship #GotoBelievePh #Believers #pcciqc #JohnCalubTraining #successcommunity #BUK #BeOkay #CreatingHappiness #iamDTIph #CSR #bowlofhappiness #businessWithAStory #passionate #unstoppable #familybusiness #branding #brandpromise
July 5, 2020
Salve Duplito : ANC's Multi Awarded Host of ON The MONEY
Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Salve Duplito. A well known TV and News Personality and the longest running host of ANC's ON The Money for 8 years. She shared how much impact her mom had on her. As a single mother of 4 children, Salve's mom taught as a teacher. Despite the hardship, she still managed to support some children because their poor condition.  Salve could not understand why her mom would do it considering that they themselves were living in dire poverty. Now as a mother of four children, Salve learned to have personal relationship with of her kids. Her priority is her family. Thus Salve has been doing Work From Home for the past 20 years simply out of her lover for them. As a financial literacy advocate, Salve shared tips for the listeners especially those who are in the midst of the Pandemic #SalveSays @salveDuplito #ANC #OnTheMoney #BUK #BeOkay
July 3, 2020
Values and Formative Years of Two Successful Brothers PJ and Ruben Lanot
PJ the second to the eldest of three boys and Ruben the youngest of the Lanot brothers grew up in an environment where their parents and eldest Richie highly encouraged to reach for their dreams and aspirations.  The phase "Pagsisikapan Natin Yan Lahat" or We will all Try Hard as a Family kept ringing and reminding them of these. Today these brothers have found their own successful niche. Ruben has devoted most of his time as a coach teaching sports. He even joined and ventured in helping kids from government tenement housing. Challenges were there but he persisted in helping transform their lives. PJ discovered his talent in becoming the voice behind many radio commercials and hosting events.  Yet despite their schedules, they joined and became mentors in Go Negosyo. #BUK #BeOkay #CoachOnTheGo #WinandLearnTogether #PapaPeej
June 27, 2020
Let Go and Let GOD A Great Story of Mary Rose Oquias Banares of PIES SURPRISE
PIES SURPRISE surely was organized of the many surprises which happened in the life Mary Rose or Marose.  Let Go and Let God was a game changer in her life. Today PIES SURPRISE does Family and Corporate Catering. Listen as she shares how things began to be clear before her eyes. #BUK #BeOkay #PIESSURPRISE #ILOILO #LetGoLetGod
June 26, 2020
Ferinos Bibingka Original Since 1938 A 3rd Generation Family Business
Sonny Francisco one of the owners of FERINOS Bibingka Original together with his inspiring wife Anne are continuing and growing the legacy of Ferinos. His grandfather Ceferino in 1938 from a humble beginning in Tondo Manila concocted a flavorful and tasty Bibingka.  Sonny as small child saw how his grandfather prepared the ingredients. Growing up his father took over in continuing the business. Little did Sonny know that when he began to help his dad, he would eventually be taking over the task. Today FERINOS has become a household name! Listen to the innovations the couple Sonny and Anne initiated #BUK #BeOkay #FERINOSBibingkaOriginal #1938CafeByFERINOS
June 25, 2020
How three dynamic talented Women and strong leadership Collaborated and Began EchoStore
Starting a business with friends is good if done the right way. Often in my 27 years of experience, I get to focus how the business partnership is crafted. Being best of friends need not be becoming Best of Enemies should something happen to the business. Here are 3 ladies who defied and continued tp forge now going for 12 years. Their business is deeply rooted on their goals dreams and helping others uplift their lives. The more their fire under their belly came  stronger with the legacy of the late Gina Lopez
June 24, 2020
A Millenial Making A Big Difference
A young girl at 24 years old and a daughter of an OFW mother. Her mom left for Saudi Arabia as a Beautician when she was 3 years old. Today this girl is doing great achievements and behind the scenes of Go Negosyo. In Fact she has produced 100 online Mentor Me Online with 300 Business leaders immediately after the start of the Lockdown. Listen Jennelaine Dingalan
June 23, 2020
Meet Joe Sevilla the Man who creates Happy Life
The Youngest of nine children, Joe grew up in a happy family. However there were times when he would have Asthmatic attacks from chemicals sprayed to rid of mosquitos in their house.  It would last for days and thought of someday to have a product thats is friendly and natural. Today after his working experiences with multinational companies, he devoted his full time in creating products that are organics. #BUK #BeOkay #HappyLife
June 21, 2020
ERIC ELNAR Trade Commissioner : A Strong Passion To Serve The Philippine Government
Watch our friend Eric Elnar​ who is the Trade Commissioner based in Los Angeles California. He grew up in San Fernando La Union. He spoke of the values he learned as a child. A truly government servant who is returning the benefits he obtained when he was given a scholarship in Quezon City Science High and later in University of the Philippines. A man full of passion to entice foreigners to look at the Philippines as a destination to invest. Likewise he shared how Filipino Entrepreneur can explore bringing the business to the US. Proud to be Pinoy, Eric Elnar! #BUK  #BeOkay #DTILosAngeles #iamDTIPH #illustrado #dubai #philippineconsulatela #philippineconsulatedxbne #PhilippineGovernmentServant #pbcdne #upalumnus #qcsciencehigh #sanfernandolaunion #ScholarNgBayan #proudtobepinoy #TaasNooFilipino
June 20, 2020
Do You Care About Your BRAND?
Joel Cruz a simple yet strategically thinks how to grow, maintain and sustain a brand. He focuses on MSMEs as he believes these have potential to grow especially in the new normal
June 19, 2020
Carl Balita The Multi Awarded Entrepreneur with a Passion To Make a Difference in Business
Listen to Carl Balita sharing his thoughts, views and the many challenges he faced in life. Despite all he stood and aimed to be better and better. His many achievements are living legacy like the ISO Certified and only review center CBRC Carl Balita Review Center which has many branches in the Philippines as well as abroad. Listen to his undying love for the Nurses as he is a nursing graduate. Education achievements for Carl is endless. He has many degrees he obtained. Radyo Negosyo aired over DZMM every Saturday evening has been the longest running program with Carl. Many start up entrepreneurs who are now big names were interviewed by him. #CBRC #BUK #BeOkay #DZMM #RadyoNegosyo
June 18, 2020
Crossing The Continents and Sharing Lives to ENRICH Others Manila UK and Canada
They say that today the World has No Boundaries. With the age of technology it is now possible to have a virtual meeting.   In this BUK episode we meet 3 Filipinos as they share various experiences from challenges in living in a foreign land to missing home and moving forward in the new norm  Richie Cuna who had overseas assignment and stayed in his young years in Japan  Jimmy Wong a Nurse by profession and now an entrepreneur in Southampton UK  Queency Munoz Mesa Villanueva who is in Nova Scotia Canada is one of the #daughters5 a band composed by sisters #daughters5 #queency #kurimimilkteabar #TeamADF
June 17, 2020
Love Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry! The couple Arnel and Sarah shared their Lives To Enrich Others
Meet and learn from how this couple manage to balance their life between their business and helping others. Becoming leaders of Rotary and Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry meant becoming passionate and fully committed in attaining goals for many.  Arnel is the current president of Rotary Club of san Francisco Del Monte while Sarah is a two term president of PCCI Quezon City. She too was Past President of Rotary Club of Midtown QC. They got their hands full as entrepreneurs. Arnel is a lawyer and specializing on Data Privacy. Sarah concentrates in the Service Contracting Despite all their schedules they have undying love for each other #RotaryClubSanFranciscoDelMonte #spdjobs #adm&partnersdataprivacy
June 16, 2020
The Challenges in the Food and Beverage Industry and How The Couple Ernest and Twinkle Managed to Pivot
Ernest de Jesus and his wife Maricor De Jesus creative and full of passion in the Food and Beverage Industry. This Pandemic led the couple to pivot and begin to reboot their business A new whole beginning awaits as they are now offering a business partnership for those looking for additional income
June 14, 2020
The Almost Super Woman who Began Taas Noo Filipino Meet Lalaine Chu-Benitez
Lalaine Chu-Benitez was a young girl when her parents went to Dubai UAE. It was meant for a vacation as her dad began working there from Saudi Arabia. Little did she know that that will be the start of her new life. A graduate of University of The Philippines, she discovered an advocacy which till this date she is strongly behind "Taas Noo Filipino" She met her husband Ramon "Mon" Benitez who was the Creative Director of Leo Burnett. They two grown up boys Antonino and Paolo Gabriel. They began to combine their talents and skills and founded ILLUSTRADO Magazine. 13 years and 131 Issues, the couple indeed produced World Class Content. More so they began to focus on the many successful Filipino men and women excelling in various fields. Watch as Lalaine explains the challenges as well as looking back at the good old Dubai when she first arrived #IllustradoGoLive #TheNewNormal #Dubai #UAE #PhilippineBusinessCouncil #TaasNooFilipino #UPAlumnus #overseasFilipinos #OFE
June 13, 2020
Paco Magsaysay: Grandson of 7th President, Son of 2 Term Senator; Founder Carmens Best Ice Cream
Francisco "Paco" Magsaysay spent most his teenage years in Houston Texas. He returned to the Philippines to discover his roots and belonging. Helping his dad Former 2 term Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr in the political campaign was an experience. Later on when his Dad returned to private life, he opted to establish a Dairy Farm. This was contrary to what Paco wanted him to focus. Jun Magsaysay is regarded as the Father of the Cable Industry in the Philippines since 1972. However Paco's heart began to give in when his dad explained that his grandfather The 7th President of the Philippines Ramon Magsaysay wanted to have a farm after his political term. Unfortunately President Magsaysay perished in a plane crash. Paco shared in this light and easy conversation with BUK or BE Okay series about his principles, his tipping point after he was diagnosed with leukemia; his roles as a father to his two boys and a girl; his passion to give back to the community like the Good Shepherd Sisters in Baguio and Philippine General Hospital Foundation #BUK #BeOKAY #CarmensBest #CarmensBestIceCream #CarmensBestSingapore #PGHFoundation #GoodShepherdSisters #echostore Ramon Magsaysay
June 12, 2020
The Man Behind Many Voices and a Voice Artist Pocholo Gonzales
Hear and Feel why Pocholo Gonzales deserved to be The Voice Master and founder of Creative Voces Academy.
June 11, 2020
John Calub The Filipino with a Mighty Dream To Uplift Everybody
John Calub grew up in extreme poverty in his early childhood years after his parent’s house, which was situated in a remote province in the Philippines, got burned.  After this awful situation, his parent’s migrated to the city of Manila hoping to find a way to get back up financially.  However, years passed and their economic status barely improved.  This was the time that John started dreaming of transforming his life to help his parents get out of poverty.   John learned selling at a young age and was able to send himself to University of the Philippines from selling different household products to his classmates during breaks.  From there, he graduated with two degrees namely Bachelor of Science in Economics and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. After graduation, he worked as an entry-level executive for several years until he found himself becoming a part-time writer for the biggest newspaper company in the Philippines. His assignment was to interview successful people as how they reached the top and kept themselves at top.  This led to John’s turning point, where he got a chance to meet Jack Canfield, who at that time was doing an international book signing for his best-seller entitled The Success Principles.  John interviewed Jack and was invited to attend his one-day seminar about success. After applying the principles he learned from Jack’s book and his live seminar, John went on to becoming a sought after sales consultant to top corporations in his country and immediately rose from being broke to becoming a multi-millionaire in less than one year.     Today, John Calub, is recognized by the biggest media companies in his country as the Philippines’ number one success coach and persuasion guru.  He is the founder of John Calub Training International, an academy for personal development.  His workshops have already produced thousands of success stories and multi-millionaires in Asia.  He is the founder of Success Community, the fastest growing online mastermind group in the world with membership growing at an exponential rate.  He has been quoted in publications like Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur, et al.  His amazing life story has been featured in two New York Times best-selling books of Jack Canfield namely the Success Prinicples (10th Anniversary Edition) and Living The Success Priniciples. He has been personally mentored by top global business gurus the likes of John Maxwell, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and billionaire’s Donald Trump and Richard Branson. His book Abundance Factor, which he co-authored with Dr. Joe Vitale, made it to number one best-selling book in Amazon in one category.  Lastly, he co-hosted Success Secrets, a nationwide TV show viewed by millions. On the lighter side, John is now happily married and blessed with two kids.  He loves travelling the globe with his family every year.  On his spare time, he collects gold toys from all over the world and dreams of making his toy collection part of the Guinness Book of World Records.
June 10, 2020
Toni Miranda How She Changed Her Life from the Darkest Moments to Stewardship
Toni Miranda grew in a competitive environment. Her goals before were Possession Position and Ambition. Everything and everybody centered about herself. What she wanted she gets. Her relationship with her husband started to fade till she found herself having illicit relationship. She became a mother yet did not care much for her two children. Her job was more important and establishing connections vital for her goal to become an entrepreneur. It was then that she realized her two tipping poin
June 9, 2020
A Shattered Dream Led to a More Fruitful Business for This Overseas Filipina Worker
This friend Everlyn De la Cruz Gicana, we are going to have a conversation was an OFW in Singapore for 8 years. Coming from her interesting job from various banks in the Philippines, she rose from the ranks all the way to occupying a managerial post. Later her wish was to reach further heights and work in Singapore being a top financial destination. However when she arrived in Singapore, her dream was shattered due to the financial crises. Fortunately she was given a 6 month visa extension to look for other jobs. She was then exposed to retail sector and began to develop a love for it. While in Singapore she met the love of her life Allen Everlyn is one of the Kapatid Mentor Me graduates, a program of Go Negosyo and DTI #BUK #BeOkay #OFW #Alvers #GodIsLove #KMME #iamDTIPH
June 7, 2020
A Young Man from Pinamalayan Mindoro who Steadily Climbed to be known as The Chief Executive Cleaner behind CLEENECO
There is a Great Business Opportunity When may Sikap at Tyaga and determination ng mag asawang Mike Gamez Andrea Amistoso Gamez The couple had failures and learned the hard way. Yet they never quit as they are convinced na darating Panahon tatamaan nila ang tamang business combination. Mike who comes from Pinamalayan Mindoro , even used regular household cleaning equipment while doing the cleaning himself. Andrea even while about to give was calling on potential clients to try their services. Thus from satisfied clients Cleeneco grew.
June 7, 2020
A Lady With A 20/20 Vision for Business Opportunities
A Lady Entrepreneur who is an Optometrist by profession and now a an Eye for Great Business A great Coversation with so much learnings A Must Watch Each brand she established carried a story and reason. This is a good strategy and branding. #BUK #beokay #BusinessMentor #OrientalSpice #PeanutWorld #Crave Josie See #brandpromise #storyforeverybusiness
June 6, 2020
The Man behind the 1st Colonial Original Sili Ice Cream Yet Not for Him But Help Continue His advocacy
Who can ever Think of Creating an Ice Cream made of Sili? Who can ever think of Establishing and Feeding the Homeless? and even Getting Street Children to be scholars even he and his wife were students?Know The man behind, his passion, goals and with a SURPRISE PARTICIPATION from his daughter Chef Ella Aspe who studied in Lucern and now working with Radisson Group in Zurich Switzerland. #1stColonialSiliIceCream #BUK #BeOkay #AsteegBicol #GodIsLove #SoarLikeAnEagle #SanGregorioMagnoFeedingKitchen #StreetChildrenScholars #AlbayDaraga #FamilyThatStaysTogetherPraystogether #Zurich
June 4, 2020
How A Father Loved His 7 year old Sick Daughter with Leukemia and Yet Lost His High Paying Job
How Can A Man who underwent Many Failures Able to PIVOT and become a Digital Marketing Expert! His 7 year old daughter got sick of leukemia then he lost his high paying job! HE WAS DOWN AND OUT He didn't know where and how to figure the situation! Helpless He was relying on his credit card!..... his last hope to live Honestly i felt in tears and the pain he underwent Watch and feel how Kernan Butalid Motoomull was able to stand up and begin to Rise Above! #BUK #BEOK #TECHSUPPORTPH #Pivot #businessmentor #RotaryClub #GodIsLove #SanBedaUniversity #OraEtLabora #AnimoBedan
June 2, 2020
How A Single Mother of 6 and a 2 time Cancer Survivor Faced her Stormy Life
Nia Reyes is a single mom with 6 children. She had to find every means to get and bring up her kids. There was a moment in her life when she just had Two Pesos or US0.04! Not knowing where to get the money an unexpected miracle happened. Nia is a 2 time Cancer Survivor March 10, 2020 she flew to Cebu City for series of business meetings. She later learned that on March 16, her flight back to Manila was cancelled. She has been living till today the 25th of May 2020 away from her kids Just watch and See her @niareyes #bossmom #lockeddownexperience #LockedinCebuCity #GodIsGreat #Life
June 1, 2020
A Restaurant Owner and a Certified Chef with a Heart in Helping the Front Liners
Chef Pauline Gorriceta Banusing came from a family of entrepreneurs and politicians in Iloilo City. She grew up with a liking for cooking and coming up with dishes. After graduating from college, Pauline began to take up culinary courses like in Culinary Institute of America and other schools. Thereafter she returned to her hometown in Iloilo and began to have an authentic Italian Restaurant called Al Dente. Many did not believe her even her friends or the town folks. For them Iloilo eas not ready for such a business concept. However 31st October, 1997 she simply opened the doors as many were curious. She, her husband and a bartender were expecting just a handful of customers. This was considering it was Halloween. Pauline also was about to give birth. Unexpectedly, the whole restaurant was jam packed! Pauline was cooking, her husband as a waiter and bartender as cashier too. The following day Pauline gave birth! Watch this so enlightening interview By the way during this Pandemic, she resorted to doing a Barter meaning exchanging her personal stuff for sack of rice, potatoes, onions all for the sake of cooking food for the front liners. In fact donations were coming slow so she decided to LET GO her precious GUCCI bag which she hardly have use. Yet Blessings poured in; people began saying keep the bag and we will procure the ingredients #businessmentor Mary Pauline Gorriceta-Banusing #AlDenteIloilo #LiveByGrace #HealYourselfByHelpingOthers #humility #ChefWithAHeartForFrontliners #helpFrontliners
June 1, 2020
How A Young Graduate Faced Challenges In Surviving The Family Business
B.U.K Interview with young entrepreneur and mentor John Chung who will share the challenges and success he learned! John narrated how he felt almost becoming desperate as he just graduated not knowing how to handle the tremendous problems! But John never surrendered he kept on moving and pivoting! One great lesson is Having Great friends to support which he declared precious. Aside is having a supportive family and his wife Leah. Important is Supplier relationship. In the midst of his down moments, John felt the deep sense of how important his Swiss Supplier understood and supported his business. In fact John is also an active mentor in #GoNegosyo #businessmentor #BUKBeOkay Acquasuisse Perfume Bar #kurimi Sherwin Gatchalian
May 30, 2020
The Woman who broke traditions to reach her dreams becoming later an Inspiring Woman
Imelda  was born and raised in Jolo Sulu Mindanao. Her family was against her studying outside that town and in Manila for fear of danger. Yet Imelda persisted though she appreciated their concern. Her journey began from where she flew to Yemen and became a flight attendant. She didn't even know where Yemen at that time.  Nevertheless she stayed and enjoyed her work as there were free flights to different countries. Her amazing trail is something to watch.  One powerful woman who today aims to share with many Overseas Filipino Workers her experiences and learnings.
May 29, 2020
From a Banker to An Entrepreneur
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Richie Cuna grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. A homegrown Manileno from the Zamora and Cuna lineage. His father was a banker while his grandfather Lolo Pepe was an entrepreneur. He followed his dad becoming almost a president of known banking institution. However later he had a strong calling to be an entrepreneur. His life was tremendously full of activities jumping from one place to another. Yet he finally decided to be an entrepreneur. He studied in Italy and Japan. His experiences in the bank proved to be useful especially during this pandemic. Watch how Richie shared his challenges BUT one greatest Richie shared How He Managed to Walk Through the toughest battles.... FAITH PRAYER Credibility, Sincerity and Positive
May 28, 2020
How an Ex Pinoy Big Brother Young Girl Became a Successful Entrepreneur
Imagine a young lady who joined the Pinoy Big Brother or PBB turned into a dynamic entrepreneur @miki arceo velasquez! T Together with her husband Ivan they put up Maxi Mango not only in Davao but Luzon Singapore and USA! 50 branches in almost 3 years in business! Watch this young couple! What I admired was the undying LOVE and aggressiveness to establish the BRAND MAXI MANGO; the attachment to bringing to another country the Philippine Homegrown business Most important are their concern for their employees, franchisees and quality control for their loyal customers #maximango #maximangoph
May 27, 2020
An Interview with Kimilu Life Coach
Here is an interview with a well celebrated lady named Kimilu The Life Coach. She shares various tips and exercises to appreciate the beauty of LIFE.
May 25, 2020
What is the Life of a TV News Director In This Pandemic
TV News Directors and even other directors are often behind the camera. They direct coordinate and ensure the result will be up to expectations.  Here is an interview of one of the top TV News Director from ABS CBN.  Director Guddy Hernandez shared his struggles from early childhood and attaining his love for directing.
May 24, 2020
Are You Ready to MOVE ON
This pandemic has affected almost everybody. It appears that people just need to MOVE ON and understand the NEW NORM. Entrepreneurs are almost squeezed in finding ways and means in innovating.  This podcast shares How I see  We Must MOVE ON
May 14, 2020
How Are Things Going On?
WFH is a challenge! You either accept or dont. But the result of what you will be depends on how you have spent your days during the ECQ. Productivity is beautiful specially discovering the new norm my special thanks to Mark Demayo, ABS-CBN News for the picture A merchant associate for a financial technology company works from his home in Quezon City on March 18, 2020, amid the enhanced community quarantine for the whole of Luzon
April 25, 2020
We Need Each Other
Nearing 30 days of Lockdown, though the numbers are increasing, the world definitely need one another. This is the time to support in whatever form we can render. Here are my thoughts having been silent since my last broadcast
April 13, 2020
Peter Drucker: Inventor of Management By Objectives
Who is Peter Ferdinand Drucker? Peter Ferdinand Drucker was an Austrian-born American management consultant, educator, and author, whose writings contributed to the philosophical and practical foundations of the modern business corporation. There are THREE Quotes I would like to share“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.” 1. “The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different.” 2. “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.” 3.  “The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.”
March 31, 2020
If the Famous Winston Churchill was alive today, What would he have said?
The Pandemic of COVID 19 has created so much havoc in every part of the globe. No country is ever exempted from being a victim. Pondering on the words of the Famous Winston Churchill, he said  “Do not let us speak of darker days; let us speak rather of sterner days. These are not dark days: these are great days – the greatest days our country has ever lived. ” He may right
March 28, 2020
Business Mentor Tips on Coping with Covid19
It has been days since the Lockdown has been implemented. How does one cope up with COVID 19? Well I am neither exempted from this. Thus I am sharing what I am doing and may be helpful to you. Listen
March 27, 2020
People Who Need People
Yes People Need People in this time of great difficulty. It is the time not to think of self preservation but to think and be with those who are in need. Those people who may be feeling lonely, depressed, or those who are front liners. They are the modern heroes who try to protect and sacrifice their lives for us. This is the moment when we can say that People matter most. Let us keep that strong Faith  Listen
March 23, 2020
Experiencing the California LockDown
Eddie Paris never could believe that a total lockdown would happen in the whole of California. Born to Filipino parents from Pangasinan,  Eddie's love for the Philippines is still close to his heart. One one of his visits, he was attracted to the sweet aroma from a kiosk selling waffle. This is Famous Belgian Waffle. He further studied and sought his friends' opinion.  The scheduled opening of Famous Wafflewich happened to affected with the lockdown. Yet Eddie is preparing for the big day in Convoy District San Diego California. Convoy is known as the foodie area where many brands started. Listen
March 20, 2020
California On Lockdown
Here is an interview with Eddie Paris, a Filipino American based in San Diego California. He tells us about the lockdown of California in few hours Listen
March 20, 2020
Developing a Corporate Social Responsibility
Every entrepreneur must learn to develop its own Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. The secret of Julie Gandionco is clear with her vision and giving back to the society. Thus this is what makes Julies Bakeshop soar to success.
March 18, 2020
The Birth Of A Bakeshop Called JULIES
There are times when opportunities come in disguise. Tita Julie Gandionco never thought of putting a bakeshop.  She was after feeding 1000 workers in her 3 canteens. Yet the baker made a suggestion that with all the bread she was purchasing daily, she can well have a bakery. Tita Julie reflected and began to act..... LISTEN to this exciting Birth of JULIES BAKESHOP
March 17, 2020
A Bakery Began by Non Baker yet with 600 Branches
Have you heard that a bakery in Cebu City was founded by a 50 year housewife of 6 children? Not knowing how to bake she started the largest bakeshop in the country, JULIES Bakeshop. Numbering to about 600, Julie Gandionco had an interesting story to share. It was a privilege  for my company to be selected as her mentor in helping grow the business. Listen
March 17, 2020
Business Opportunities Come in Different Shades
Years ago a utility company called MERALCO (Manila Electric Company) had problems on the collection of bills. Their collectors would have security concerns like getting held up. Thus management thought of letting security guards accompany in critical areas. Unfortunately it did not solve the problem. A bright idea was tossed  doing a Collector less System. The company offered to other companies which may need such service. The Billers as they are called did not accept. However when MERALCO fine tuned the concept called BAYAD CENTER, many began to avail. Listen to the interview of Manuel Tuason President and CEO of CIS Bayad Center.
March 16, 2020
How is the Foundation of Your Business
Every business can be likened to preparing a strong foundation for a building. Most often structures are planned and studied specially the impact towards the identified goal. Injap Sia the Founder of Mang Inasal shared how he looked back 10 years ago on the business. Listen
March 13, 2020
Failure Makes An Entrepreneur Be Strong and Aggressive
It must be TRUE that WATER is LIFE! The couple Edward and Belle Prades began their entrepreneurial journey.  It was a bumpy travel. They established a computer shop which failed due to ordinances. There was law which prohibited school children from entering. They ventured into a restaurant and failed. Edward was a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). He later resigned and joined his wife Belle. Today the couple has a successful business which is called Living Water. Let Belle tell you their journey
March 13, 2020
Do Entrepreneurs Ever Get Tired?
Often getting and starting a Business is a Challenge! More so if the physical exhaustion catches up with the Entrepreneur. In this podcast, Injap Sia, the founder of Mang Inasal shared his experience. Listen
March 13, 2020
Do You Love Your Business? Do You Love Having Business Partners?
As they always say successful entrepreneurs' secret is Loving a Business. This is so true. If there is no love carrying on the sustainability of the business may be cumbersome. How about having Partners?  There may be people telling that having Partners may not be a sound advise. Listen to Chit Juan, a well known woman who has gone to various parts of the world and a social entrepreneur
March 12, 2020
Final Interview of Interesting and Dynamic Couple Malvin and Mae Hosena of Follicles Salon
Winners never quit and Quitters always Loose This couple's journey was not that easy sailing. Their first branch of Follicles had rough edges. It even reached the point of a total collapse.  Yet they never surrendered. Instead of shutting the branch, they took as a winner take all. They opened a 2nd branch! Listen
March 11, 2020
Do You Know your USP or Unique Selling Proposition
Starting  or the continuity of a business is the constant review of the USP or Unique Selling Proposition. I believe it is not enough that one is contented after establishing a business. An entrepreneur constantly reviews and scrutinizes if the USP is still relevant or may need realignment. Here is what my mentee, Injap Sia Founder of Mang Inasal did. Listen
March 11, 2020
Part 2 of the Interview with Malvin and Mae Hosena of FOLLICLES Salon
Continuing the interview, we left the 1st part where the couple already married and traveling on the cruise liner suddenly received a message It was from Mae's sister to say their 1st born had a bad accident. It was here the couple decided on Crossing the Bridge towards settling back in the country. Listen ........
March 10, 2020
Interview with another Young and Dynamic Couple Behind the Follicles Salon Part 1
Everybody has a story of how they all began their Entrepreneurial Journey. This couple began when they worked Overseas in a Luxury Cruise Liner. Malvin is a an Architect and licensed in the Philippines. Mae graduated a Guidance Counsellor. However with their dreams set to sail for better opportunity, they applied as a Dining Crew and Guidance Staff. Both were singles and did not know that their path would one day meet. Listen to the 1st part of their journey........
March 9, 2020
A FallBack Plan : Covid19
Expect the Unexpected! This is the battle cry I like to share. Who could ever say that 2020, the world would be experiencing such a CRISES.... covid19! Imagine all the plans made from the previous year for targets. All of sudden one breaking news from China and the virus became so wide spread. Entrepreneurs never QUIT neither will easily surrender. It is another RollerCoaster Ride. Yet now is the time to be Creative....
March 8, 2020
MAXI MANGO : HomeGrown Davao Philippines
What can set a business apart is the spirit of leadership. I interviewed the lady who used to be a PBB (Pinoy Big Brother HouseMate) named Miki Arceo-Velasquez. Miki together with her husband Ivan began a small business in Davao in 2017. The Brand Maxi Mango grew by leaps and bounds spreading in the country. The couple began looking and exploring the Global Arena. November 2019, Maxi Mango with the assistance of GMB Global Management Services Inc opened in Northridge California USA. January 2020, another space was taken in Santa Anita Mall in Pasadena California. Listen as Miki shares her vision and strategies
March 7, 2020
An Interview with HRH QUEEN Busy BEE
I had the opportunity of meeting this lady named Claire Scott. I was intrigued seeing her business card as The QUEEN BUSY BEE. Claire specializes on Customer Service. She came from the Hotel Industry and saw how important Customer Experience in a business. She made a big Leap of Faith. At the time when she was facing personal difficulties and recession, she began her business. Listen to her Golden Nuggets shared
March 7, 2020
Are You HAVING FEARS as an Entrepreneur?
Often Entrepreneurs specially the start ups are faced with FEAR. The ability to Face Head On those Fears may help make the journey a bit smooth as I would say. However FEAR FACTORS need to be closely studied. Come up with alternatives or solutions. Listen to some of the FEARS 
March 5, 2020
A Chat with the Key People behind FamilyMart Philippines
In the Philippines, Convenience Stores are growing. In fact when one walks in the Central Business District like Makati or Ortigas or even in other cities, chances are there will be branches of convenience chains However every chain has its Unique Selling Proposition or USP.  Listen to the chat I had with the key people behind FamilyMart Philippines.
March 4, 2020
Are You Productive When In Traffic?
Traffic is definitely here to stay. It has become part of life for every person.  Trying to be productive is the challenge. Often we get absorbed by criticizing here and there.  An entrepreneur does not waste precious time. There are things written to do. Find out as I share valuable tips 
March 3, 2020
March The Empowerment of Women and Gender Equality
Women carry many hats. As a mother, the resoonsibility of rearing children, as a wife to support her husband. However women are dynamic entrepreneurs!
March 3, 2020
DREAM BIG Start Small
Oftentimes, we here or read the phrase DREAM BIG Start Small How does one really begin is the question. There are so many ideas perhaps going in one's mind that where to commence is like catching one's tail. Here I share what I did when I began my business 26 years ago. I included valuable tips too Find out more
March 2, 2020
Mindset The Key to Business Start Up
Mindset is vital when somebody is thinking of starting a business. It creates a map on how the individual will commence the entrepreneurial journey.
February 29, 2020