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The Arms Bumanlag Project

The Arms Bumanlag Project

By Arms Bumanlag
Putting the Good, before the news.

Real Stories. Real People. Real Connections. Veteran Broadcaster Arms Bumanlag chats with a different guest each week and goes behind the scenes and dives deep into topics and gets to know unique stories. NOW in SEASON 2! Check out more content at
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S2 - Eps.39 - Dr. Andrea Dinardo - The ABP
On the next #theArmsBumanlag Project driven by Motor City Chrysler... My guest is one of my favorite to interview. I am a massive fan of her work in the field of Psychology. We are talking "how do you define success in your business and life". There is something called the OVER-JUSTIFICATION EFFECT that leads people away from NORTH STAR VISION MISSION to the amygdala fear centres in their brain - utimately dismantling well-being and mental health. All of this feeds into the “Quiet Quitting” and Great Resignation Happening. And there is a solution for companies. And it starts with hiring practices. My dear friend Dr. Andrea Dinardo returns by popular demand LIVE to the show.
September 28, 2022
Season 2 - Ep.#8 - Shelby Colarossi
On the next #TheArmsBumanlagProject driven by Motor City Chrysler... It’s been a challenging few years for many local businesses. But many in Windsor Essex aren’t just surviving, they’re thriving and they’re being recognized for their outstanding work. The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business and professionals in our region. Involved for over 144 years in every phase of community growth, the Chamber works to encourage an economic climate favourable to business and industry. Joining me is Shelby Colarossi to talk about the upcoming 2023 Business Excellence awards live!
September 25, 2022
Season 2 - Ep.#37 - Children's Fest - The ABP
On the next #TheArmsBumanlagProject driven by Motor City Chrysler… Children's Fest (Windsor) is coming back after a two year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With activities including mini putt, Sarah Parks pony rides, face painting, Border City Barkers Dog Show, games, and more the Children's Fest has everything for the young and young at heart. Some of the acts this year include, UWindsor's Physics Club, Copelands Martial Arts, Music from Travis Robinson and some guys who like to sing along with dance performances from Salin Lahi, Industry Dance and Academie Ste. Ceclie. Since its inception in 1995 as a project of the Rotary Club of Windsor 1918, and now in partnership with the Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association, proceeds from this event will go to support community health and education projects for both Rotary and BANA. I am proud to be a sponsor of this event! I hope to see you and your family there! I'm happy to welcome Janet Kelly  and Pat Kelly to the show LIVE!
September 14, 2022
Season 2 - Ep.#36 - Julie Fader - The ABP
On the next #ArmsBumanlagProject driven by Motor City Chrysler... Born and raised in Windsor Ontario, my guest has been a certified teacher for over 23 years. Passionate about the needs of children as learners, She has pursued many avenues towards information and training regarding how students learn, what the obstacles can be to learning for young children and how to overcome such obstacles. One of these avenues has been the imparting of mindfulness skills to students of all ages. As a practitioner of mindfulness since her early teens, She has been using the various skills and techniques of awareness in the present moment with curiosity and kindness, to help students learn connection to self, calm and proactivity With a firm belief in the whole person and the unlimited potential of each human being, She has created a centre dedicated to the pursuit of support, mindful learning and exemplary instruction. I'm happy to welcome my friend Julie Fader from Head of the Class Education Centre Live!
September 07, 2022
Season 2 - # 35 - Chris Holt - The ABP
On the next #ArmsBumanlagProject driven by Motor City Chrysler … My guest has had an amazing eight years representing the constituents of Ward 4. It has been an incredible honour to be their voice at City Hall and to represent their wishes for building the city that they want to call home. He is campaigning to become the next Mayor of the City of Windsor. We’ll discuss a number of issues the city is facing, and more – message in with your questions LIVE with Chris Holt on the next #TheArmsBumanlagProject driven by Motor City Chrysler Tuesday night at 8pm!
August 31, 2022
Season 2 - # 34 - Amber Raymond and Lynn McLaughlin - The ABP
On the next #ArmsBumanlagProject driven by Motor City Chrysler … My guest’s mission is to lead and empower people to make conscious and positive choices. She gives people the opportunity to share their own voices, through her podcast Taking the Helm, through her own writing, or by helping aspiring authors publish their own books. As the host of her inspirational podcast, Taking the Helm she introduces us to a new, courageous guest on Wednesdays. As a best-selling and award-winning author, She has now teamed up with her niece, Amber Raymond, to co-author a children’s book series titled, “The Power of Thought”. Both are passionate about being proactive when it comes to children’s mental health. When children learn to manage their emotions at a young age, they learn to problem solve and find positive solutions to everyday situations. Join me for a conversation with Amber Raymond and Lynn McLaughlin live!
August 17, 2022
Season 2 - #33 - Jim McDowall - The ABP
My guest is a Windsor native. A Wedding Officiant since 2011 He has demonstrated an ability to be flexible and adaptable. Warm, caring, and dependable, he brings a sense of humour to any situation – He’s a good friend, and the man who married Kerri and I back in 2016. Happy to talk Weddings, Windsor and more with Jim McDowall live on the next #ArmsBumanlagProject Live driven by Motor City Chrysler!
August 10, 2022
Season 2 - #32 - Bethany D'Alimonte - The ABP
On the next #ArmsBumanlagProject driven by Motor City Chrysler... Since 2019, my guest has put out 8 songs, four of which are on her first EP titled "More Time" which came out in 2021. Writing music is her sole purpose behind music; she feels that there is just something about being totally vulnerable about your feelings and putting it into a melody that makes you feel some type of way. This year, She was given the opportunity to take over Musicland Amherstburg as her establishment and make it into an Arts hub for musicians/creatives in the area. Her dream for this place is to enhance the music scene closer to home while providing a space for others to perform. Musicland is a recording studio, lesson centre, retail and service shop with the underlying purpose of the performing arts. She’s excited to see where this takes her, and is very grateful for the opportunity to follow in her Dads footsteps by taking over the store that he initially opened in 1986. Happy to chat with the talented Bethany D'Alimonte live to the show!
August 03, 2022
Season 2 - #31 - YQG Roundtable
On the next #ArmsBumanlagProject driven by Motor City Chrysler... Over the years you get to work with people and it just 'clicks'. They are on the same vibe, same energy as you and the stuff you work on together is magic. Out of that hard work, comes mutual respect and admiration. That is the foundations of a great friendship. These 3 gents are back on with me and happy to have Iain Macri, Adam Castle and Adriano Ciotoli on the show as we discuss: - Windsor (of course) - Aliens - Relationships - The cost of living - Ancient History - growing up - The next 10 years... - and more! Honestly I don't know where we'll end up with the convo but I know we'll have some laughs and keep you entertained live!
July 27, 2022
Season 2 - #30 - Fight Like Mason
The Fight Like Mason  Foundation is a Registered Charity organization formed by Iain Macri and Chantelle Bacon, parents of Mason Bacon-Macri. Their son, Mason was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma (a form of childhood cancer) on May 4th, 2015 at the age of two. Mason fought this terrible disease head-on, like a Superhero, because he was a Superhero. On June 27th, 2016, at the age of four, Mason beat cancer. It was not in the way that everyone had hoped, but he beat it. Their goal is to improve treatment, care, quality of life and awareness of patients diagnosed with childhood rhabdomyosarcoma and other childhood cancers. They have a number of initiatives on the horizon and I am proud to expand and partner with them on the year ahead. I'm happy to welcome my dear friends Iain and Chantelle back to the show  driven by Motor City Chrysler!
July 20, 2022
Season 2 - #29 - Greg Lemay - The ABP
“These are people who have a name, and it could be any of us at any point.” My guest is well known in Windsor for his homelessness awareness over the last decade. His advocacy work reaches far – from mental health to parenting to affordable housing. He is community minded and running for city council in 2022. He’s also a dad, business owner, and extended family of ours. Happy to welcome my cousin in law, and friend Greg Lemay live on the next #ArmsBumanlag Project powered by Motor City Chrysler LIVE! #podcast #thearmsbumanlagproject #Windsor #windsorontariocanada #livestream #local #goodnews #ArmsBumanlagProject
July 13, 2022
Season 2 - #28 - Kaitie Fraser - The ABP
Working in a national news room, my guest learned the fundamentals of journalism from some of the best in the business including working closely with Peter Mansbridge. She took that “old school” TV news vibe, and learned how to push it forward online. An online content-creating machine, She manages, populates, and curates one of the best  local news homepages in YQG. Most importantly, She knows the value of bringing that solid content to social media where it drives people to owned and operated sites. What drives her? Writing. She love it. For broadcast, online or social, She know what works. But she never forgets the power of great pictures and video to tell a story. Whether it’s TV, radio or online, She’s ready to do it all. She’s one of the most talented journalists I have worked with and someone who made my time at the CBC a fantastic one with her kindness and collaboration. I’m proud to welcome the CBC’s Kaitie Fraser live to the show on the next #armsbumanlagproject. #thearmsbumanlagproject #windsoressexcounty #Windsor #livestream #YQG #windsoressex #ArmsBumanlagProject
July 06, 2022
Season 2 - #27 - Rob Higgins - The ABP
On the next #ArmsBumanlagProject driven by Motor City Chrysler… My guest knows how to throw one hell of a party. He's someone I've known for over 15 years. He's a Windsor Firefighter, country music singer and songwriter. He's someone I've worked with on a number of fundraising parties and he's holding a huge bash in support of Harmony In Action on July 9th. Happy to welcome my friend Rob Higgins to the show LIVE.
June 29, 2022
Season 2 - # 26 - Maggie Durocher - The ABP
On the next #ArmsBumanlagProject driven by Motor City Chrysler…. My guest is from the Windsor Parade Corporation. They are a registered not for profit corporation with a history of producing large scale events in Windsor and Essex County. She is synonymous with Santa Parades, Canada Day, and so much more. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside her for 20 years in legacy media and now with social media. She’s kind, creative, and always thinking about how to make an experience for her attendees. I’m proud to call her a friend and happy to welcome Maggie Durocher to the show LIVE!
June 24, 2022
Season 2 - # 25 - Rasha Ingratta - The ABP
Lots of questions, lots of speculation when it comes to what's happening with interest rates and mortgages over the next bit... My guest has a very well established reputation for customer service and getting approvals quickly. Her and her team come first to mind when it comes to Mortgage advice, customer service, and when looking to acquire a mortgage. She loves what she does and is now looking to share with her team of Mortgage Agents what she knows best and has built over the years. Her goal is that they can continue the tradition of astounding customer service and excellence in their field. She's active in YQG with a number of organizations... I'm happy to welcome my friend Rasha Ingratta  from Shop Mortgages Windsor  to the show LIVE driven by Motor City Chrysler! #podcast #local #thearmsbumanlagproject #livestream #goodnews #Windsor
June 22, 2022
Season 2 - # 24 - WE SEE - The ABP
On the next #ArmsBumanlagProject driven by Motor City Chrysler.... My guests are from the WE SEE-Windsor Essex Storm and Environment Enthusiastsor WE SEE for short, comprised of a lead /chase group who post weather updates and related info (the admin) and community members who contribute with localized information and pictures from around Essex County. We're talking #YQG weather and more with the crew from WE SEE LIVE!
June 15, 2022
Season 2 - # 23 - Rob Iseppi - The ABP
"You wouldn't believe the things I've seen in homes over the years." My guest is a licensed Home Inspector, who was born in Windsor, Ontario to hard working immigrant parents, and has been in the home inspection business for 23 years. In that time, his office has completed over 30,000 inspections. For 35 years now, as a civil engineer technologist,  he has been involved in many aspects of construction, from masonry to residential contracting and project management. This knowledge has proven quite useful, as he knows how things are made and which areas to really pay attention to during an inspection. Believe him when he says “He’s seen it all.” He’s a proud supporter of his local community, sponsoring charity golf tournaments, the Fight Like Mason Foundation, Transition to Betterness, The Canadian Mental Health Association of Windsor. I’m happy to welcome my friend Rob Iseppi of  AmeriSpec Inspection Services of Windsor to #thearmsbumanlagproject LIVE this Tuesday at 8pm driven by Motor City Chrysler! #Windsor #YQG #Community #thearmsbumanlagproject #windsoressex #podcast #local
June 08, 2022
Season 2 - # 22 - Art In The Park - The ABP
On the next #thearmsbumanlagproject Art in the Park is held the first full weekend in June of each year and is the signature event that launches Windsors festival season. This event is one of Ontario's largest outdoor arts and crafts shows, with exhibitors from all over Ontario and Quebec. The exhibitors display and retail their wares in booths set up around the 15.5 acres of gated grounds surrounding the beautiful and historic Willistead Manor in Walkerville (Windsor), Ontario. This will be the 42nd year that the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) acting as the agent for the Rotary Club of Windsor Foundation Fund, will be presenting Art in the Park, here in Windsor. Joining me are two people making it happen for 2022 – Allan Kidd and Jennifer Charron Live on Tuesday night driven by Motor City Chrysler!
June 02, 2022
Season 2 - # 21 - Fantastic Fathers - The ABP
On episode 21 on #thearmsbumanlagproject -My guests are from a group is dedicated to families with children. They believe there has never been a time when the need for having both parents fully involved has been so important. It does not matter whether you are married, divorced or single as long as your focus is on the children that parents were so blessed to receive. They are active on facebook - forming a strong support network for parents and caregivers to have access to and draw from when needed. Happy to welcome my friends Seth Perera  and Steven Brown – the founders of the Fantastic Fathers Community Group non-profit organization in Windsor-Essex LIVE driven by Motor City Chrysler!
June 01, 2022
Season 2 - # 20 - Jim Crichton - The ABP
“Back to you, my friend.” In my 20 years at AM800, CBC and CTV Windsor I worked with a lot of people across the broadcast spectrum, all coworkers, some friends and only one I called ‘brother.’ My guest is truly a community-minded individual whose caring and compassion reflect his deep concern for all people. His long-term community involvement has made him a guest narrator in Prokofiev’s ‘Peter and the Wolf’ with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra; he has read to schoolchildren during pizza day activities, and Hats on for Healthcare; he served as Master of Ceremonies at the WFCU Credit Union Scripps Regional Spelling Bee, and Stage Announcer for Windsor Bluesfest. He has supported organizations including We Care for Kids, the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex, Carrousel of the Nations, Windsor and Essex Therapeutic Riding Association (WETRA), and the UHC Hub of Opportunities Through his position as news anchor from 2000 to 2021, he publicized many community groups  as the face, and the voice of Windsor Television news. From our friendship, to the ‘golden run’ of CTV News at 6pm to broadcast, classic cars and more… I cannot say how grateful I am and excited to welcome the man himself, my friend Jim Crichton to the Arms Bumanlag Project LIVE presented by Ron Deneau - Sales Representativeof Bob Pedler Real Estate Limited- Brokerage LIVE.
May 25, 2022
Season 2 - # 19 - Remy Sirls - The ABP
On the next ABP presented by Ron Deneau - Sales Representative at Bob Pedler Real Estate Limited- Brokerage – I am so happy to have a discussion with my guest who I have always admired and worked with in our region over the last 10 years. She has been a frequent guest on my panels on the CBC and she has extensive experience in nonprofit management, program design and development, donor relations, and organizational management. Remy has specific experience in working with at risk youth, marginalized populations, and women and children. She is a graduate from Wayne State University. We’re taking community development, gaps in service and how we can make a more diverse and inclusive YQG. I’m happy to welcome my friend Remy Sirls to the show live! #TheArmsBumanlagProject #Windsor #YQG #goodNews
May 18, 2022
Season 2 - # 18 - Eric Bonicci - The ABP
My guests website, Eyes On Windsor focuses on fun things to do, see and experience in the Windsor Essex County area. Teaming up with my guest just made sense when were developing #thearmsbumanlagproject – he’s local and he loves what Windsor Essex has to offer. My guest and his team are here to keep you up to date on all that Windsor Essex is including festivals, wineries, attractions, places to stay, outdoor activities, family fun, community events and more. Windsor Essex is a great community that works together to support each other and help those who are less fortunate. That’s why we do our best to help organizations and non-profits too through volunteering and helping to spread their message and events. I'm happy to welcome back Eric Bonnici from Eyes On Windsor to the ABP LIVE as we discuss the upcoming summer event season. #local #podcast #livestreaming #windsorontario #yqg #GoodNews #conversations #positivevibes #windsor
May 11, 2022
Season 2 - # 17 - Janelle Abela - The ABP
As a proud, Black, South Asian, Caribbean woman, my guest utilizes her privilege and experiences to fortify powerful changes in business and education. She seeks to innovate instructional strategies to integrate the diversity present our social and working environments. As an educator, she works to nurture the value of diversity by expanding content and current approaches in DEI education. • She is an active researcher, focusing on DE&I and BIPOC collaboration. • She actively presents at international conferences, sharing on DE&I initiatives in education/training. She strives to engage in our community to increase equity; upholding the common good and working to increase human dignity for all. Happy to welcome my friend Janella Abela to the show.
May 04, 2022
Season 2 - # 16 - Giuseppe Piruzza - The ABP
“This is the best food I’ve tasted.” – Eminem My guest has cooked for heads of state, pop starts and Hollywood actors through the years. He has spent the majority of his 22-year career working in some of the finest hotels around the globe; honing his craft in kitchens across Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, Egypt, and Kazakhstan. After cooking abroad for over a decade, He decided it was time to find a kitchen closer to home. “The Chef’s Table” personal dinner service, the Windsor-born chef brings a world of experience to his clients’ homes. He explains the issues with our fast food nation and the importance of proper ingredients, as well as pricing for his services and giving back to the community. Love my conversations with him, stories about the restaurant industry and erie street and more! Happy to welcome my man, Chef Giuseppe Piruzza to the Arms Bumanlag Project LIVE this Tuesday night at 8pm!
April 20, 2022
SEASON 2: #15 - Jennifer George- The ABP
Communication in healthcare long-remains one of the top three reasons for patient complaints in the healthcare system. When patients are asked what they value most from their service provider, they often seek someone who cares, someone who is compassionate, and someone who takes the time to listen and explain things clearly. My guest is a compassion-focused physiotherapist with vast experience in the private and public sectors of care. She has spent the last 14 years learning and reflecting on the importance of communication in our health and educational systems. She is a mentor to future and current health providers on discovering their purpose, achieving fulfillment, and creating empowering patient experiences. I met and worked with her during my time in healthcare and I found her work to be rooted in genuine people driven service. A simple concept, but one that can have massive reach when applied correctly. She’s kind, insightful and caring. I’m happy to welcome my friend Jennifer George!
April 13, 2022
SEASON 2: #14 - Ali Al Aasm- The ABP
My guest is an innovator. As co-founder of Red Piston, He oversees an award-winning tech operation with offices on both sides of the Detroit river. Established to generate customized creative solutions to demanding client challenges, Red Piston builds mobile applications and games, designs and develops fully functional web presences, and dabbles in augmented and virtual reality. The company now numbers Fortune 500 companies amongst its clients. His day-to-day involves managing Red Piston’s growing team of developers and designers and providing technical oversight to see its projects through to completion. He's a father of two, husband and Ali and I used to work in a video game store in the early 2000's. From parenthood, to tech in YQG, to our college years and pop culture... Honoured to spend some time with my friend Ali Al Aasm on the show. #thearmsbumanlagproject #Windsor #windsoressex #windsoressexcounty #livestream #goodnews #local #YQG #windsorontariocanada ##thearmsbumanlagproject #Windsor #windsoressex #windsoressexcounty #livestream #goodnews #local #YQG #windsorontariocanada #podcast
April 06, 2022
SEASON 2: #13 - Joanne Soave - The ABP
My guest is the daughter of Italian immigrants and a mother to two boys. Joanne is the current COO at WaveDirect. Those close to her might describe her as a social butterfly - her commentary on pop culture and trends is second to none. I used to enjoy having her on my midday radio show to provide insight to the latest trends. I worked with her during my broadcast career when she was at KELCOM, a TELUS authorized dealer. She quickly fell in love with the world of technology and business development. After an 18 year career in client relationship building and leadership in the tech sector, she was offered the professional career opportunity she never thought imaginable in the midst of a global pandemic. She is an advocate for women in #STEM & all things local. Funny, smart, and personable – Joanne Soave from WaveDirect joins me to talk YQG, Tech, Parenthood and more on the next Arms Bumanlag Project! #thearmsbumanlagproject #Windsor #windsoressex #windsoressexcounty #livestream #goodnews #local #YQG #windsorontariocanada #podcast
March 30, 2022
SEASON 2: #12 - Luis Mendez - The ABP
On the next #armsbumanlagproject... My guest is the President & CEO of True Fitness Inc. He specializes in weight loss and weight management programs as well as corrective exercise methods to alleviate joint related pain. Building, toning and recruiting lean muscle also fall under his areas of expertise. He is also experienced with power training methods for strength training and sport specific training in football, track & field, basketball, baseball and golf. He is a University of Windsor Football and Track & Field alumni. I worked with him for many years and he's been able to pivot through the pandemic. Happy to welcome my friend Luis Mendez from True Fitness Windsor to the show.
March 23, 2022
SEASON 2: #11 - Jeff Friars - The ABP
20 years. Lots of people have come and gone in my life. This guy has been a friend since 2002. Through our crazy concert stories - I hired him to be a part of the 89X X Team, to video games and navigating the world of relationships in your 20's - we've been through it all. A real test of friendship is not seeing each other as much as you would have, but picking up right where we left off. He's seen me at my worst, and he's been there at my best. A kick ass bartender, He's a huge pop culture nerd like me, (we'll have a complete review of the new 'The Batman' film, avid video gamer, dog dad, and soon to be married! He was one of my best men at my wedding and I'll be his Best Man in the fall. Happy to welcome the brother I never had, Jeff Friars to the show LIVE.
March 16, 2022
SEASON 2: #10 - Stephanie Lyanga - The ABP
On the next #armsbumanlagproject... My guest is back again! She's one of my dear friends who is also an amazing mom, community advocate and awesome person  who has a lot of fabulous insight about Windsor as a region. She is the Programs Manager at Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor Inc. (WEST) and has been working in the non-for-profit sector for 12 years. Through her work and community engagement, She has a range of experience in the areas of career development, project management, grant writing along with, assisting individuals and families integration and settlement into Windsor-Essex. With knowledge in training and development, She has facilitated sessions in the areas of cultural competency, human rights, leadership, team building and conflict resolution. Her and her children take time to volunteer in the community and she is pleased to be a part of the Workforce Windsor Essex Board and valuable work that the organization is doing to support Windsor-Essex County. On #InternationalWomensDay I am proud to welcome my dear friend Stephanie Lyanga back to the show!
March 09, 2022
SEASON 2: #9 - WETRA - The ABP
Did you know? Nearly 200 persons with special needs receive therapy at WETRA each week. About 80% of those who are enrolled in the program are children who have developmental, emotional or physical disabilities. The remaining 20% are adults with similar challenges. Children and adults with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, head injuries, post stroke and learning disabilities enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of equine assisted therapies. The physical, emotional, cognitive, and social benefits of therapeutic riding are all encompassing for riders, volunteers, and family members that are involved in the specialized and meaningful programs offered at Windsor-Essex Therapeutic Riding Association! I'm happy to welcome my friends John and Paige LIVE.
March 02, 2022
SEASON 2: #8 - Sarah Mushtaq - The ABP
.!"I appreciate you representing POC in your position and leading from the heart." "I appreciate you always being a voice for collaboration and community for everyone in our region." My guest frequently appeared on my news program and stories on the CBC while I was anchor. She is a recent MBA graduate from the Odette School of Business. Who is interested in all things related to community engagement, she has championed many local initiatives focused on bridging the gap between the Windsor Muslim community, law enforcement, the education sector, and politics. She has appeared in the media through print columns, radio and TV interviews. A recipient of the LWE 40 Under 40 Award, and holds a Bachelors in Arts & Science in political science and biology from the University of Windsor. She is a columnist at the Windsor Star and someone I greatly respect and proud to call a friend. I'm happy to welcome Sarah Mushtaq to the next episode of #thearmsbumanlagproject #Windsor #YQG #windsorontariocanada #windsoressexcounty #thearmsbumanlagproject #goodnews #podcast #livestream
February 23, 2022
SEASON 2: #7 - Canadian Blood Services- The ABP
One in two people in Canada are eligible to donate, however, one in 81 actually does. Canadian Blood Services say they are seeing a shortage of supply of blood donations and donors, and are hoping more first-time donors will sign up to help fill the gap. The pandemic has proved challenging for collecting donations. The Omicron variant has forced staffing shortages and cancelled appointments. Another major hit to inventory was the snowstorm on Jan. 17 that caused appointments to be cancelled across Ontario - it resulted in 1,000 units being lost. I'm proud to talk about the challenges of the last two years and the lifesaving work the Canadian Blood Service is doing and how they need your help. My friend, Marissa Gatfield will join me along with Moneet Maan from Canadian Blood Services LIVE.
February 16, 2022
SEASON 2: #6 - Morgan Ryan - The ABP
You know her voice. She's one of the best media personalities in Windsor/Essex. Kind, Funny and her show is entertaining and local. But she's also an awesome person. "I have some extra... I'm on my way." When we brought Liam home from SickKids - we ran out of specialized formula that Liam took. We weren't able to find it in Windsor - but did order some. Morgan had her beautiful twins before Kerri had Liam and happened to have some of the formula that Liam required. She brought it over instantly and from there on out - we went from fans of Morgan to friends. She's got 12+ years in radio, with a voice you’ll recognize a mile away. A double major in Drama and Communications prepped her for life as a performer, and a love for reality tv made it easy to share her life with her listeners. Homegrown and Windsor proud – catch her hustling around the city, most likely looking for her phone (which is constantly lost), She’s the mother of twins and is a twin too! I'm proud and honored to spend some time with my friend Morgan Ryan from Windsor's Country LIVE. #windsoressex #podcast #livestreaming #thearmsbumanlagproject #YQG
February 09, 2022
SEASON 2: #5 - Angela Yakonich- The ABP
Did you know: The Kids First Food Bank serves over 900 individuals weekly in the Windsor area. It has no geographic boundaries to the clients served. My guest's organization Windsor Family Homes and Community Partnerships advocates for accessible housing to those in need in Windsor and Essex County. They strives to work collaboratively with community partners to maintain and facilitate successful tenancies and eradicate homelessness while providing food, shelter and support programs - including the  Kids First Food Bank. She also runs the Community Family Fitness Centre is a social enterprise venture by Windsor Family Homes & Community Partnerships where profits from this facility will help create and sustain health/wellness/support programs for those in need in Windsor/Essex County. I've worked with her on a number of initiatives through the years and worked out with her as well! From affordable housing, to homelessness in Windsor/Essex to community fitness... We've got a lot of catch up on. I'm happy to welcome Executive Director - Angela Yakonich to the show LIVE. #thearmsbumanlagproject #windsoressex #GoodNews #local #livestreaming #podcast
February 02, 2022
SEASON 2: #4 - Joe and Dawn Marchand- The ABP
On  #thearmsbumanlagproject... You may remember last March I featured the story of Carson Hillier – a local boy in need of a life saving Kidney transplant. Thanks to the power of POSITIVE social media – he received one this week in Toronto. From a complete stranger. And someone who believes ‘everything comes full circle.’ I am grateful to talk to Joe & Dawn Marchand about the incredible gift Joe gave to Carson, the story of their daughter, Layla, pediatric cancer research and more LIVE  - tune in and join the conversation. #windsoressex #thearmsbumanlagproject #podcast #livestreaming #YQG #local #news #GoodNews
January 29, 2022
SEASON 2: #3 - Adam Castle - The ABP
#thearmsbumanlagproject is in full swing for season 2 and on Episode 3 - we're welcoming back my good friend Adam Castle from WEtech Alliance! Adam and I will talk tech, Windsor Essex, Video Games, Pop culture and so much more. Join us live! #thearmsbumanlagproject #live #armsbumanlagproject #goodnews #windsoressex #thearmsbumanlagproject
January 19, 2022
SEASON 2: #2 - Dr.Andrea Dinardo - The ABP
My guest is a psychology professor, TEDx speaker, and former school psychologist who applies positive psychology to facilitate personal growth and transformational change. Happy to welcome my friend, Dr. Andrea Dinardo on resilience, mindfulness, mental health, and hope. Bring your questions and join the podcast conversation LIVE! Enthusiasm, heart, and connection guaranteed.
January 12, 2022
SEASON 2: #1 - Karen Scaddan - The ABP
Kicking off Season 2 of the ABP with Karen Scaddan - professional organizer, bad ass mom, and friend from Get Organized -  Professional Organizing Services. From clutter to parenting, to Windsor and more! Check out Season 1 guests and more good news content at
January 05, 2022
#43 - Season 1 Finale with Adam, Adriano, Iain - The ABP
#43  - on #thearmsbumanlagproject ... With 43 episodes and 2 special reports - I'm closing out this season of the show with 3 of my good friends to talk anything and everything to do with life, YQG and more.... I'm pumped to welcome back Adriano Ciotoli, Adam Castle, and Iain Macri for a no holds barred, off the cuff chat! Join us live this Thursday night at 8pm. #podcast #livestream #fightlikemason #wetechalliance #windsoreats #yqg #windsoressex
December 31, 2021
#42 - Harmony In Action - The ABP
#42 - on #thearmsbumanlagproject... My guests goal is to enrich the lives of adults living with developmental and/or physical challenges by providing opportunities to succeed. The staff and volunteers work with individuals who come to their programs to maintain and/or increase personal skills, and to encourage personal growth and development. The team focuses on developing activities that generate feelings of accomplishment, self-worth , acceptance and social inclusion providing an atmosphere that fosters friendship ,respect and dignity as adults, and contributes to: self-worth and personal growth. From a parent's perspective - it's vital and essential to continue to expand services and maintain programs. I'm proud to welcome Elizabeth Esposito & Dianne Serran from Harmony In Action live to the show. #thearmsbumanlagproject #windsorontariocanada #WindsorEssex #podcast #livestream #yqg
December 23, 2021
#41 - Scott St.Amour - The ABP
"Dude... that's awesome. Please put me down for one." The message I send to my guest every time he posts something cool on Paper Heroes - Comic Book Lounge & Collectibles Facebook page. lol My guest launched his store with a vision. Beyond comics, the location has graphic novels, toys, figures, statues, clothing and artwork for sale. Don’t let that fool you however: This is no ordinary comic shop. Having two decades of retail experience, He is well-equipped to give consumers what they want. When his last position vanished, something many Windsorites can relate to, he could’ve taken a similar job elsewhere: Instead, St. Amour decided to focus his efforts on a hobby he’s loved for over 30-years and the fandom in YQG is all the better for it. He's a fellow fan, a family man, and huge pop culture guru. I'm happy to welcome my friend Scott St.Amour from Paper Heroes - Comic Book Lounge & Collectibles to #thearmsbumanlagproject!
December 21, 2021
#40 - Janice Kaffer - The ABP
#40 on #thearmsbumanlagproject… My guest has been serving in executive roles for many years – most recently as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare and previously the VP Clinical Programs and CNE at HDGH. Prior to this role, She was the VP and CNE at a district health authority in Nova Scotia where she had leadership accountability for many of the programs now delivered at HDGH. As a skilled communicator and systems leader; She has been recognized by peers, government and professional colleagues as a successful and engaging leader of strategic change and organizational development. She delivers value based leadership that is inclusive of the principles of patient and family centered care, staff development and physician engagement and is focused on individual accountability for results within a strong team based structure. Drawing her strength and inspiration from her friends, her colleagues and particularly from her family, her husband of 35 years Bernie, her children Kate and Matt, as well as her son-in-law Jason all keep her focused on the importance of family and community. She is an exceptionally proud Amma to her grandchildren, Allison, Nathan and Courtney who are the light of her life. She’s someone I have had the privilege to interview over the years, work with and admire as as a ‘calming, reassuring and personable’ voice of warmth through the course of the pandemic. I can’t wait to reconnect with Janice Kaffer on the ABP! #healthcare #windsorontario #yqg #community #podcast #livestream #thearmsbumanlagproject
December 17, 2021
#39 - Carol Crooks aka Clarol the Clown
#39 - on #thearmsbumanlagproject.... My guest has been a staple of special events - from festivals to birthdays for over 35 year in YQG. I've worked alongside her at Children's Fest, the CKLW Halloween Harvest Fun Day and Easter Eggstravaganza and countless fundraisers over the years. Always funny, kind and engaging - She wants everyone that grew to love her performances to remember them and think of them fondly. "It's time to let somebody else fill in the shoes too, because it's a big opportunity for someone out there." We'll be talking about her career,  Windsor though the years and more... Join me and my friend Carol Crooks, aka CLaroL the CLown  LIVE on Tuesday night at 8pm. #local #windsor #windsoressex #podcast #livestreaming #GoodNews
December 08, 2021
#38 - Eric from Eyes On Windsor - The ABP
#38 - "I believe in what you do. We believe in the message you're trying to get across. Consider us in.' I"ll never forget the kindness and faith my guest has had in me and my crazy idea to start a weekly show live. "It's needed. Our region needs the positive." Today, Eyes On Windsor focuses on fun things to do, see and experience in the Windsor Essex County area. Teaming up with my guest just made sense when were developing #thearmsbumanlagproject. My guest and his team are here to keep you up to date on all that Windsor Essex has to offer. This includes festivals, wineries, attractions, places to stay, outdoor activities, family fun, community events and more. Windsor Essex is a great community that works together to support each other and help those who are less fortunate. That’s why we do our best to help organizations and non-profits too through volunteering and helping to spread their message and events. Locals using Eyes On Windsor are often surprised at how much Windsor Essex has to offer right in their own “back yard”. Visitors to Canada’s most southern region use our website to plan and find whatever they need to enjoy this unique tourist destination. I'm happy to welcome Eric Bonnici from Eyes On Windsor to the ABP LIVE this Friday at 8pm! #local #podcast #livestreaming #windsorontario #yqg #GoodNews #conversations #positivevibes #windsor
December 04, 2021
#37 - Adriano Ciotoli - The ABP
Adriano. Arms. WindsorEats! Together again. By request. Nothing off limits, expect this to go into overtime as they guys talk life, Windsor Essex, food and more.
November 27, 2021
SANTA CALLS 2021 Presented by AW4U Real Estate Group
An annual tradition is back! Arms connects with SANTA AND MRS.CLAUSE for video chats with kids across YQG about Christmas and more! Thanks to Paul Germanese and the AW4U The Real Estate Group for sponsoring Santa's trip into Windsor Essex!
November 23, 2021
A #thearmsbumanlagproject episode on Cyberbullying presented by Funding Care. The week of November 15th is Anti-Bullying week in Windsor/Essex - I've partnered with the Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association to spread a message of hope and action for high school students earlier this week. Cyberbullying, online harassment or abuse are behaviors where a person repeatedly causes harm to others using electronic devices and technologies. The modern abundance of devices with internet access makes it easier for cyberbullies to remain anonymous and create multiple accounts with different identities, giving them the freedom to attack multiple social media users simultaneously, often without obstruction. There are numerous means of victimization. These include making posts on social media intended to threaten or humiliate someone, publishing videos or photos that embarrass or intimidate. All this harassment leaves victims feeling isolated, scared and depressed – or contemplate suicide. Thank you to CCH for asking me and Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association to present and share our lived experiences earlier this week. Thank you to Lucy, Pat and the team at BANA for continuing to change the conversation and help people feel good about being themselves. Thank you to Sarkis and the team at Funding Care for allowing me to produce this piece for YQG. Check out It’s time we rise above the negative. Together. #thearmsbumanlagproject #cyberbullying #cyberbullyingawarness #cyberbullyingawarnessandprevention #cyberbullyingawarness #cyberbullyingawarnesscampaign
November 20, 2021
#36 - Welcome Back, Steve Biro - The ABP
As we quickly approach the end of Season 1 of the ABP - My guest is back by popular demand. He's been around on several trip taking more amazing photos and will share some of his stories and chat more about his other passions: like pop culture and more. Steve Biro Photography is back on the Arms Bumanlag Project Live!
November 20, 2021
I will be presenting to the faculty and students at Catholic Central High School on Cyberbullying and ways to 'change the conversation' - the presentation will be rebroadcasted as a special #armsbumanlagproject on Saturday November 20th. To kick off the week - I' m joined for a special ABP Report with LeeAnn Poisson. We'll cover: - What does bullying actually mean? - What are some of the effects that bullying can have on people? - Are we making any progress in cutting down on bullying? - How has bullying changed in the realm of cyberbullying? - Why is it important to have bullying awareness week? - What are some things that our schools will be doing to raise awareness about bullying?
November 16, 2021
#35 - Sparky's Toy Drive - The ABP
I've worked with my guests from 2007 to 2017 - 10 years of getting to know the kindness and generosity of the concept of giving during the holiday season. The Drive is run entirely by volunteers and continues to operate by the generosity of the people of Windsor and Essex County. The fire department team is currently headed by Sean with assistance from Jeremy. Many other Windsor firefighters (both current and retired) work multiple hours picking up toys and assisting businesses with charity events that help Sparky meet his quota. On the registering, packing and distribution side, our team is led by Lori & Rob Bremner and a team of many volunteers. They are motivated by the gratitude of the families in need as well as the motto of “giving back to our community”. I'm proud to welcome the team from Sparky's Toy Drive to the next episode of #thearmsbumanlagproject LIVE! #thearmsbumanlagproject #toy #fire #department
November 13, 2021
The ABP - Alexandria Fischer: Family Respite Services - Eps.34
EPISODE 34: Many families who have children with disabilities require support because of the extra demands they face as parents. Respite care is a time when someone else cares for the child to give the family a short break. Family Respite Services provides this service by assisting families to recruit a trained caregiver. This short break can also be a time for the child with a disability to participate in community activities and make new friends. It is a time when the parents can spend time with their other children, rest, or catch up on errands. Respite/short break care is a vital service for families, helping to strengthen and support the family so that they can continue to care for their child at home. My guest is the fundraising driving force for Family Respite Services in YQG and will talk about a major project to benefit families in Windsor Essex. I am happy to welcome Alexandria Fischer from FRS to the show!
November 04, 2021
The ABP - Glen and Kim Greenwood - Eps.33
Over the years I've some incredible people. Glen and Kim are some of those people. Rewind the clock to 2003 - and I attended Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts with Glen and our paths took a different turn. I secured employment with CKLW shortly after I started at specs and Glen shot video for Ted Nuggent and traveled North America. We connected when Glen settled down in Windsor and I got to meet Kim, and their family. Glen helped me secure my job at CTV and I worked with Glen on a number of fundraisers over the years. Little did I know I was preparing to help them during a difficult time. Now, in 2021, I'm blessed to say we've reconnected and established our friendship. Happy to chat about a number of topics with Glen and Kim LIVE for episode 33 of #thearmsbumanlagproject.
October 28, 2021
The ABP - Dean Litster - Eps.32
EPISODE 32 - My guest started his working life like so many young people do, working in a pizzeria. He is among thousands of young Canadians who got their first job in food service. After 17 years with Armando's in Windsor, Ont., Litster has earned his place among the stars of Canadian pizza. You won’t meet a kinder, humbler person. And you won’t meet a prouder showman on the pizza stage – in Canada and abroad. On the competition floor he is the same nice guy but he is also a laser-focused competitor with one thing on his mind - making amazing pizza. I'm happy to welcome Professor 'Zaaa himself to the ABP - and find out what makes a great pizza, among other things LIVE.
October 20, 2021
The ABP - Hiatus House - Eps.31
Since its founding in 1976, the organization has been committed to breaking the cycle of domestic violence throughout Windsor-Essex county. My guests provide crisis telephone support and emergency shelter for women and children in Windsor and area who are fleeing violence and abuse. The team are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing help and hope for families faced with domestic violence. They also provide education to women, men and children through counselling and group services. The team is committed to helping women, children and men live violence-free lives. I'm proud to welcome my friends  Sylvie Guenther, Maggie Durocher and Genevieve Isshak from Hiatus House to the show.
October 14, 2021
The ABP - Episode 30 - Kyle Brykman
My guest has done extensive research on leadership in the workplace.  He has complete studies that indicate leaders need to verbally reward a learning mindset. For example, when a boss responds to an employee who makes an on-the-job error by saying, 'Great, now you can learn from this experience,' rather than berating them for making a mistake, it makes a big difference." Leaders who encourage their employees to learn on the job and speak up with ideas and suggestions for change have teams that are more effective and resilient in the face of unexpected situations. So what makes great organizational culture? In essence - it should reflect the shared basic assumptions, values and underlying beliefs that describe a workplace and shape employees’ attitudes and behaviours. My guest is Assistant Professor Of Management at Odette School of Business and has been featured in the globe and mail and Forbes... I'm excited to chat with my friend Kyle Brykman on #thearmsbumanlagproject LIVE!
October 08, 2021
The ABP - Episode 29 - Stephanie Lyanga
my guest is the Programs Manager at Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor Inc. (WEST) and has been working in the non-for-profit sector for 12 years. Through her work and community engagement, she has a range of experience in the areas of career development, project management, grant writing along with, assisting individuals and families integration and settlement into Windsor-Essex. With knowledge in training and development, she has facilitated sessions in the areas of cultural competency, human rights, leadership, team building and conflict resolution. Her family takes time to volunteer in the community, and she is passionate about Windsor Essex. I'm proud to welcome my friend Stephanie Lyanga to the show LIVE!
September 29, 2021
The ABP - Episode 28 - BANA Windsor Essex
On this week's #thearmsbumanlagproject - my guests are from a not-for-profit, registered charity, community-based organization servicing Windsor-Essex County in Ontario, Canada. They've been committed to the provision of specialized treatment, education and support services for individuals affected directly and indirectly by eating disorders. As the primary regional source for the prevention and treatment of eating disorders, The team is a leader in the promotion and acceptance of diverse body shapes and sizes through the adoption of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Since its inception, they have provided services to thousands of individuals of all genders and social/economic backgrounds with an ongoing case load of approximately 300 clients. In addition, They annually organize and host over 300 educational health promotion presentations and programs that reach more than 20,000 children and adults. Services are are supported by Ontario Health, and I'm proud to welcome my friends Lucy Rosu-Sieza and Patrick Kelly from Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association!
September 23, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 27 - Roy & Dawn Mclean
While needing to stay at home, some may have found they gravitated back to their old gaming systems or had a sudden urge for a new one. I’ve said many times on the show how much I’ve gotten back into gaming this year. Demand for video games, particularly game consoles, has gone up locally since the pandemic began. My guest are family who are invested in the world of gaming and have operated a favourite location for so many in Windsor Essex to get their games and pop culture merch. From humble beginnings based on a love for video games to their location on Tecumseh road to their popular YouTube channel… I’m excited to chat with Roy and Dawn Mclean from The Game MD  LIVE  on #TheArmsBumanlagProject!
September 15, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 26 - Bethany Russell
To my guest on Friday night, playing the piano wasn’t just “another skill”. It was a way to express herself, to create art and build herown confidence. These are all values that she passed on to her students. It’s hard to imagine, but the dream started as a tiny music studio in my guest's parents basement when she was 16 years old! Steadily, she grew her student base while putting herself through school at the University of Windsor. From music in our city to teaching children the joys of music to pivoting due to the pandemic.... On #thearmsbumanlagproject LIVE  I welcome Bethany Russell from Brava Academy of Music and the Performing Arts.
September 11, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 25 - Bill Marra
My guest is a proud Canadian-1st generation Italian Windsorite, a father of 3 outstanding adult children; V.P. at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare Foundation who loves everything Windsor-Essex along with his Harley Davidson rides. He's been an active and avid volunteer in our community since 1986 with numerous community based agencies and non-profit organizations and he has twice participated in Christian sponsored International Missionary trips. Also, in 2004, he was appointed to the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services where he served for four years. Since 1994, He has been elected to Windsor City Council for a total of six terms. During his tenure on City Council, he has served on over two dozen committees, boards and commissions. I'm proud to welcome my friend Bill Marra LIVE to the show!
September 08, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 24 - Jen Strong
As one of the most diverse communities in Canada, Windsor-Essex County is home to an eclectic array of food. My guest is on a mission to try it go! She loves eating takeout food on her couch just as much as the next girl, but it's also great to eat and explore. With so many beautiful parks, paths, and waterfront spaces in our area, she enjoys taking in the scenery while she pigs out. When you order takeout from a locally-owned restaurant, you’re not only putting food on your table, you’re putting food on theirs. She encourages you to support our neighbours and enjoy all the amazing cuisine our region has to offer. She's a blogger, she's a star wars fan, mom, wife and someone I worked with at CKLW. I'm excited to welcome Jen Brignall-Strong from Tailgate Takeout to  #thearmsbumanlagproject LIVE!
September 04, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 23 - Dani Probert
My guest is known from her amazing work for healthcare in our community. Her husband, Bob Probert — the former Detroit Red Wings enforcer and one of Detroit's most popular and polarizing sports figures in the 1980s and '90s -is a legend. And his sudden passing, has guided her and her family to do great work in helping our community. She, as a lifelong planner, organizer and now fundraiser who is helping to improve cardiac care in her community, will chat about how she and her children have navigated what has been a ' journey' and how they have helped raise $1.2 million with the Bob Probert fundraising motorcycle ride for Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare. I've interviewed her over the years and am blessed to call her a friend. I'm excited to welcome Dani Probert LIVE to #thearmsbumanlagproject .
September 01, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 22 - Karen Scaddan
This Friday on #thearmsbumanlagproject - we're chatting home decor, organization and more.... My guest became a Certified Professional Organizer in 2002 and established Get Organized after searching for a career that would allow her to balance my interests, skills and family life. Organizing & design have always her passions and Get Organized combines the best of both to create a personalized space for people that is both functional and stylish. I'm excited to welcome my friend Karen Scaddan from @Getorganizedbykscads LIVE on the show at 8pm!
August 28, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 21 - Jeremy Renaud
Episode 21 of the #thearmsbumanlagproject is LIVE this Tuesday as we welcome Easter Seals Development Office Jeremy Renaud to the show! I've know Jeremy for many years, from the Filipino community in Windsor Essex to fundraising through the region and from the pop culture world! Jeremy has hosted many comic cons, sports memorabilia shows and is doing some incredible work for Easter Seals in Windsor Essex. Plus, Jeremy is an avid collector of pop culture merch and more....
August 25, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 20 - Jeff Burrows
Drawn to music early on, He was drumming by the time he was 11. Not long after, he began sharing his skills as a drumming teacher. In 1990, his passion for music led him and two of his friends from high school, Jeff Martin and Stuart Chatwood, to form The Tea Party. Offering a unique blend of genres, The Tea Party has produced multiple albums and toured extensively. In 2011, the three members of The Tea Party reunited, and have been producing new music and touring Canada ever since. He is deeply devoted to charitable works, and has often used his music as a way to achieve philanthropic goals. He's a father, a husband, and an amazing friend... I'm pumped to welcome Jeff Burrows to #thearmsbumanlagproject!
August 21, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 19 - Steve Bell
"Boomerang." "Beller!"  I used to fondly remember the summers where I would do my noon show live from the Tecumeh Corn Fest on Radio and have him join me to co-host.  The countless times we would have fun on air, the events we supported. To many of us, young and upcoming broadcasters, he was the gold standard of community involvement.  Not content to just 'be a voice behind a mic' and crack some jokes - He was and is actively in our community - authentically representing organizations with his passion for sports.  He arrived in Windsor in September of 1980 to join CKWW 580 AM and when the Windsor Spitfires began the team’s 1987-88 run to a first Ontario Hockey League championship, he was behind the microphone calling the games.  Those Spitfire games are broadcast on AM 800 and, despite being let go by the station, He remains on air to call them, much to the joy of fans across Windsor Essex.  He's a great guy, family man, sports legend, and someone I worked with for close to 17 years.  The amazing Steve Bell is LIVE with me - one on one - ONLY on #thearmsbumanlagproject LIVE!
August 16, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 18 - Laura Rivait-Spencer
Episode 18 of #thearmsbumanlagproject... My guest founded an amazing group that has helped so many families and children not only in Windsor Essex but around the world find some joy in difficult times. They started with an idea: sending a superhero cape to children fighting cancer and other critical illnesses. To date, a dedicated group of volunteers has made and shipped over 8,000 personalized capes to children around the world. I'm happy to welcome Laura Rivait-Spencer LIVE to the show from Happy Soul Project Kick-it Capes.
August 11, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 17 - Melanie Coulter
#thearmsbumanlagproject is going to the dogs... and cats.... literallly. I've worked with the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society for years during my career in Broadcast Media. The staff are warm and genuine, and the cause is a fantastic one. I welcome Melanie Coulter from the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society to talk about the society through the years and where the organization is headed and more.
August 08, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 16 - Greg Gnyp
I welcome the man who was part of the start of 89X, a familiar voice and face to so many in YQG. He's got great stories to tell from his time in Radio, his life and his love of animals. He's the guy who gave me my first internship in 2003. I'm happy to reconnect with my friend  Greg Gnyp on the show!
August 04, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project LIVE - Episode 15 - Meredith & David Finch
I get to welcome friends of mine, and people I admire so much because of their kindness and talent...  My guest’s resume includes work for several comic giants including DC Comics on series such as Batman and Justice League, and Marvel Comics on titles such as Spiderman, The Avengers and X-Men. It also includes creating the fantasy series Rose and working for DC Comics on titles including Wonder Woman and Catwoman.  They also helped give me the best father's day gift I could ever hope for the 1st father's day we were home from SickKids with Liam.  They are great parents, kind people, and amazing creators. I am proud to welcome my friends, Meredith & David Finch on #theArmsBumanlagProject LIVE.
July 31, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 14 - Adam Lally
Episode 14 of #theArmsBumanlagProject  is  a great chat... As Vice President of a thriving and expanding auto dealer group in Southwestern Ontario, My guest on Monday says that an emphasis on customer service, staff and supporting the communities you operate in is critical to success. He’s a huge supporter of all things local, and someone I’m proud to call a friend. As a father, husband, leader and community supporter, he’ll talk about how he got started in the industry, how Lally Auto Group has grown to more than nine locations and how COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the face of automotive retail, Adam of Lally Ford joins me on #theArmsBumanlagProject.
July 27, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project Episode 13 - Mark Jones
Over the years in media and public relations, I got to meet and know so many kindhearted and caring people in our region. Mark Jones is one of the best of the best. I'm so very happy and excited to have this guy on the show this Friday night. He is an award-winning inclusive playground designer with many of his projects at local parks in our region. He was instrumental in getting vulnerable people and seniors PPE during the early days of the pandemic. He's a supporter of countless charities in Windsor Essex including a frequent donor to Canadian Blood Services. I was fortunate to work with Mark on a number of community driven projects and assist him with getting the word out about PPE for vulnerable people in Windsor Essex. He's an amazing guy and I'm proud to call him a friend. I'm excited to welcome Mark Jones to #theArmsBumanlagProject.
July 24, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 12 - Christie Bezaire
Over the years, you get to work with people who really inspire you to do better, be better and to be your authentic self. When I had the opportunity to add television to my broadcasting duties - she was one of the first people to take me under her wing and show me the ropes. I'm so very happy and excited to reconnect with someone I truly enjoyed working on TV with. She is an award-winning journalist, who worked for CTV Windsor before moving on to CP24 in Toronto - now in the Ottawa area. She was an anchor on CTV and I spent many segments getting a laugh from her as we chatted on air. She's the first and only person to ever get me to try aerial yoga and acrobatics - and get it filmed for TV. She was a frequent guest on my radio shows due to her involvement in the community through countless charities. She's a mom, wife, hockey nut, and fitness enthusiast. She is one of the few people who reached out to Kerri and I when we were at SickKids during Liam's recovery to offer any assistance or help she could while we were staying at Ronald McDonald House. She's an amazing person and I'm proud to call her a friend. I'm excited to welcome Christie Bezaire to #theArmsBumanlagProject.
July 20, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project Episode 11 - Chris Tolmie
I'm so very happy and excited to reconnect with someone I truly enjoyed working on radio with. He's a radio veteran with stints on AM800 from producing live shows to hosting talk shows. He's a University of Windsor drama grad with endless enthusiasm. He's a lover of sports, hip hop and never one to turn a good party down. He was on air during the final days of 89X - after 30 years of being a staple on the dial in Windsor - Detroit as the alternative rock station. He's a solid guy who I'm proud to call a friend. I'm pumped to welcome Chris Tolmie, LIVE to #theArmsBumanlagProject - Join in the live stream and join the conversation.
July 17, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 10 - Mark Lander
"It's been a well travelled radio career." My guest is a broadcasting legend, his smooth voice permeated the airwaves of Windsor and Detroit for over 15 years. He’s someone who’s worked across North America with stints in Florida, Detroit and Windsor. His passion for broadcast radio is second to none, and has interviewed hundreds of bands and musicians over the years. He is someone I looked up to in the world of broadcasting and was always available to chat and lend a helping hand. He’s a former morning show host and someone I’m proud to call a friend. I'm excited to welcome Mark Lander to #theArmsBumanlagProject episode 10 LIVE.
July 13, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 9 - Adriano Ciotoli
I'm so very happy and excited to have one of the best people I've had the pleasure to work with and become friends with. Tonight on #theArmsBumanlagProject... He's the founder and co-owner of food & drink guide, WindsorEats, and creator of amazing experiences. He's a lover of food and cats, though not necessarily together. He was named the Province of Ontario's 2017 Tourism Champion of the Year. He was my co-host on ArmsEats on CTV Windsor for over 10 years. He was my master of ceremonies at my wedding. He's a great guy with a big heart. I'm pleased to have Adriano Ciotoli from WindsorEats  LIVE on the show .
July 11, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 8 - Crissi Cochrane and Michael Hargreaves
From performing during a pandemic, to new music and singles, to crowdfunding, and being new parents... Hundreds of live shows over the years, from galas to music festivals to working closely behind the scenes when I was at the CBC to being interview by me on camera... They are some of the most talented musicians in Windsor Essex. They've cracked international charts with their music. They are new parents. They are people I worked with closely during time time at the CBC. And they are part of the new 'Doggy Bag Delivery' event for the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society. Great friends. Good People. And LIVE music on the show... I'm excited to welcome Crissi Cochrane  and Michael Hargreaves to #theArmsBumanlagProject episode 8 LIVE.
July 03, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 7 - Mike Teves
"Before starting my videography business I was extremely nervous about what others would think of me. I tried to conform what I thought a 'professional ' business should sound or appear like. It wasn't until I started putting my authentic, goofy self out there and modeled my videography business based on my personality that really helped me with my confidence." - Mike Teves When I bring guests on my show, they always have great stories to tell - and I love to talk about the connection we share. Hundreds of weddings, dozens of comedy videos, one of the funniest and more sincere people I have the pleasure of calling a friend. He's probably one of the best dancers I know. He’s someone who's gone viral for their creativity and ability to capture unique moments. His passion for skateboarding is second to none, and finding ways to be creative with his camera are inspiring. He was one of the first people I dealt with when I moved to the CBC from Bell Media. He and his family went toe-to-toe on Canada's Family Feud. He’s a huge video game nerd and comedy video legend and someone I’m proud to call a friend. I'm excited to welcome Mike Teves to #theArmsBumanlagProject episode 7!
June 26, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 6 - Adam Castle
"Over the last 2 years, I’ve  taken on the challenge of reversing a type 2 diabetes diagnosis into remission, with a goal of engaging and educating as many as I can along the way.”  Tackling health issues head on, my guest is an example of what you can achieve with the right mindset and dedication.  He’s someone who I’ve interviewed over the years on radio and TV. His passion for Windsor Essex is second to none, and is a huge community booster through his work at CMHA and WE Tech Alliance.  He and his wife were some of the first people to reach out to us to be involved in the Ronald McDonald House locally.  He’s a huge pop culture and video game nerd and someone I’m proud to call a friend.  I'm excited to welcome Adam Castle from WE Tech Alliance to #theArmsBumanlagProject.
June 19, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 5 - Organizing Committee from June 27th Miracle
After a wildly successful first event, the June 27th Miracle organizing committee is launching the 2021 version, with a minor tweak. On a special edition of the Arms Bumanlag Project, Arms talks with organizers and more on what to expect for this year's event and how this impacts the community as a whole. Arms is joined by Matt Hernandez, Morgan Ryan, Kendal Malewicz and Tera Gillen Petrozzi.
June 16, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 4 - Chuck Kelly from Movati Athletic
The Fitness Industry of Ontario has yet to asked for input on how to reopen safely. My guest has been asking for months to be part of the discussions on reopening guidelines. He's been looking forward to getting back members into clubs and helping people on their wellness journey, and putting his team across Ontario back to work. His leadership has been instrumental for an organization that reaches across Canada. He's involved in amazing groups like the Miracle League of Amhertsburg. He's a family man, with deep roots in Windsor Essex. And he's someone I am proud to look up to. I'm excited to welcome Chuck Kelly, CEO of Movati Athletic to #theArmsBumanlagProject
June 11, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 3 - Iain Macri & Chantelle Bacon - Fight Like Mason
From inspiring the community to their authentic outreach to sick children through pop culture, to the journey of caring for an ill child to working closely with the Ronald McDonald House, to cancer research, and working with families with sick children like mine, I'm proud to have them on the show. Welcome Iain Macri and Chantelle Bacon from Fight Like Mason Foundation LIVE on #TheArmsBumanlagProject.
June 05, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - Episode 2: Photographer Steve Biro
A photographer here in YQG since 2009, Steve chats with Arms on his career, some of the craziest photos he's taken, going viral, life in Windsor, Comics and how Steve was present for one of Arms most important days in his life... Putting the good, before the news... It's #ArmsBumanlagProject. Check out Steve's amazing photos at Watch the LIVE Stream chat HERE.
May 31, 2021
The Arms Bumanlag Project - DEBUT - Episode 1: Musician Luc Michaud
Luc Michaud from Highland Studios joins Arms to talk a musicians life during COVID, Bigg Wiggle, their time in broadcast and more.... Welcome to a passion project for Arms. Welcome to good news and discussion. Welcome to the Arms Bumanlag Project. New episodes drop weekly. Watch the LIVE stream HERE. Podcast available after show on anchor.FM
May 29, 2021