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Whats Holding You Back ?

Whats Holding You Back ?

By Arsalan Merchant and Anusha Merchant
What's holding you back is a podcast that aims to bring inspiration to you in these times of uncertainty and to break past the barriers which are holding you back to achieving your true potential and your goals. It will remind you that the only person who has the power to change the gears of your life is ONLY YOU. We bring guests to you from all walks of life from founders of social startups to mental health coaches to fitness coaches who are doing an extraordinary job in changing the lives around them. Join us on a journey to form a community that's on a mission to inspire and impact lives.
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Losing yourself in service to find your true inner happiness
Episode 7- Today's episode is very close to our hearts as it raises critical awareness of what's happening in India regarding COVID 19 and food hunger. We have with us Nilay Agarwal today- a youngster in India who is the founder of Vishalakshi foundation and is leading Indias biggest youth-run movement project hunger. Nilay’s aim is to serve with the pure intention to do social work and has been working on improving the conditions of slums. He also provides them with free education. Tune in to listen to Nilay discussing the importance of food hunger in India and how our role can be in today's world. He also talks more about his foundation which has over 2000 volunteers working together even in this time of the pandemic. Nilay also shares his WHY behind starting this foundation and how it makes him feel touching thousands of people's lives. The link to the episode is in the bio and catches us on all platforms: Apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcasts, anchor. We are so grateful to have you as part of our community who is willing to grow with us.
June 1, 2021
Journey on how to follow your true passion and to go past people's judgments!
Episode 6 - We are super thrilled to have with us Lokesh Dharmani who discusses his journey from changing cassettes and CDs to becoming a radio jockey at the number radio station city 1016 in Dubai (Bollywood radio station), holding concerts, and doing TEDx talks. Despite the career route not being traditional he followed his true passion to do what he is best at while impacting millions of lives through his job.  He talks about how he began his career to where he right now as a very successful radio jockey. Moreover talks about breaking the past societal norms about breaking traditional routes as career pathways. Then he also talks about his experiences with the Bollywood superstars and his favorite on-air experience. He gives very profound advice to the listeners who want to follow their passion but get restricted due to the high risks it has.
May 3, 2021
Massive transformation journey from an out-of-shape mom to being a world-class athlete!
Episode 5 - Another amazing episode is out about a massive weight loss transformation journey with Angela Mayers. She has gone from being a mother of 3 toddlers who was completely out of shape to become a world-class athlete. She has made this transformation into her passion to help other people reach this stage. She is the founder of emPower training systems, she's a life coach, weight loss coach, fitness expert and she's also the author of living young. She talks about enjoying your whole journey rather than rushing the process to reach the end destination is so critical. Moreover, she discusses how important consistency is to achieve your incremental goals and talks about the importance of self-love in any transformation journey.
April 4, 2021
Striving towards growth mindset!
Episode 4 - We are back with an incredible episode on having a growth mindset and its importance with Anusha Somani. If you want to change your limiting beliefs you keep telling yourself and strive towards a growth mindset- this episode is for you. Many of you requested having someone on who can talk about how to control our thoughts and how to change our mindset especially at this so we listened to you. Anusha is an  American Board Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming master coach and Life Coach. Not only this she has worked with various educational institutes which range from Clinton global initiative Unicef and many more.  In this episode, Anusha discusses the difference between fixed and growth mindset. She explains what is the purpose of NLP and how that can be used to change our limiting beliefs we have which makes us stuck in the same position in our life.
March 7, 2021
How to write your comeback story despite having a disability!
Episode 3 - This episode is definitely going to be an EPIC ONE! We are so excited to have Niranjan Nergile with us today who will discuss how to make a comeback despite having a disability. He had finished his studies at IIT Mumbai (top college in India) and was offered to work in the US. But soon after he faced a tragedy that changed his life forever when the doctors told him he couldn’t walk forever of his life and has to be in a wheelchair but he didn’t stop fighting against the odds. He discusses his initial reaction when he was told he was disabled for life and what made him never give up despite the situation seeming so tough. Moreover gives advice on how to approach a major setback in life and how to change your mindset which is often disabled.
February 22, 2021
Fighting against the odds to help the underprivileged in Pakistan!
Episode 2  - We are back with another inspiring episode! This time we are delighted to have this youngster from Pakistan Arshid Feroz khan as our guest and we discuss the issue of poverty in Pakistan. Arshid discusses his mission behind starting the Street Children Pakistan charity and his recent projects.  Moreover, he also explains his WHY behind starting this charity and shares with us some real-life stories which inspire him to continue the work he does. He also shares insights behind what was holding him back before starting this charity and gives tips regarding anyone who wants to follow their passion but is reluctant to do so. 
February 14, 2021
Whats Holding You Back - Launch Episode
Episode 1 - On this first episode of what is holding you back the podcast hosts Anusha and Arsalan introduce themselves to their community. They explain what can their community expect from these episodes and dig in deep behind their WHY to starting this new initiative in these unprecedented times. In this launch episode, they also share some of the exciting topics that can be discussed by our guests and go deep behind what was holding them back before starting this initiative.
February 3, 2021