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Confessions of a Cartist

Confessions of a Cartist

By Maddie
An interview series in which Kristi Rogers, an art car owner and artist ("cartist") and board member of Art Cartopia Museum (in Trinidad, CO, USA) talks with art car artists far and wide about their motivations, inspiration, public reactions to their art car, and the chain of events that resulted in the creation of their sculpture on wheels. Prepare to be entertained, awe-inspired, and blown away by the ingenuity of this amazing community of artists!
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The ChewBaru art car and the Delightfully Abject
This first interview features an artist and an art car that have become very well known and much beloved in the art car world for its offbeat theme and in the words of the art car artist itself, its classification as a symbol of the “abject”, which he defines as "something which is neither subject nor object, but an intolerable threat against a not-yet formed subject. It is not a definable object but something violently expelled, abjected." You’ll find out why this car might be classified in that way in this interview. We hope you will enjoy Art Cartopia Museum’s very first episode in its Confessions of a Cartist interview series.
June 18, 2020