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Art Fabula Podcast

Art Fabula Podcast

By Juan Martinez
Do you want to create Art Toys, Vinyl Toys, and Sofubi Toys? Then this is the podcast for you! Get behind the curtains of the artists, the creators, and the brands you know and love. Get the never-shown secrets of the “business” as we discuss the creation of these small pieces of art!
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Making an Art Toy #2. Inspiration
In this episode we take an step back and talk about inspiration and why its so important for our Art Toy Projects. I also talk about whay inspired Art Fabula and about a few apps that can help you with it.  This podcast is directly connected to my last video on my Youtube Channel, so please, watch it also so you can get all the picture. I´m waiting for your questions here in Anchor and in our mail adress: Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and the Youtube Channel if you want more information about the world of Art Toys and Sofubi. We have also a Newsletter filled with information about exclusive releases and articles about the making of an Art Toy. Subscribe if you want to get direct information from us! And if you want to support Art Fabula directly, here you have our toys.
February 09, 2022
Making an Art Toy #1
Welcome to the first "official" episode of the Art Fabula Podcast. We start this journey with a series of podcast where I will explein the complete process of the making of an Art Toy. From the idea, to the design, with the choosing of materials as vinyl, the manufacturing process, the packaging, the selling, etc.  The objective with this podcast is that you get a complete idea of how it is the creation of a vinyl toy, with real examples. Don´t forget to visit Art Fabulas Channel on youtube . I will post a series of complement videos to this podcast that will help you understand this process a bit more.  Visit also our instagram account for more news about our toys and at last, our website , if you like what we do and decide to support us!
January 19, 2022
Art Fabula Minisode #1
In this mini episode or "minisode" I talk about Art Fabula´s plans for 2022 and give some background for two of the character in the SAGA UNIVERSE. I hope you enjoy this short audio. Want to see more? Subscribe to our Art Fabula Youtube Channel or follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @artfabulastudio.
January 13, 2022
Art Fabula Podcast. Pilot Episode
This is the pilot episode for the new Art Fabula Podcast, a podcast about the behind the scenes of the Art Toys, Vinyl Toys and Sofubi scene. Here I try to explain why I make this podcast and the meaning of all this project. I hope you like it and you help me giving me feedback to keep improving it!
January 04, 2022