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Trusting The God of The Gospel

Trusting The God of The Gospel

By Arthur C Woods
Helping you Disciple Your Adopted & Foster Teenagers. If you are the parent of an adopted or foster teen, join us as we discuss practical tips for talking to our kids about God - in light of their past experiences.
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Episode 00 - Preview Trailer

Trusting The God of The Gospel

Episode 10 - Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Talk to Your Teenager About God
In this final episode of Trusting The God of The Gospel, Arthur & Elizabeth discuss six questions parents can ask themselves before they talk to their adopted and foster teenagers about God. Arthur C Woods Elizabeth Joy Woods
March 17, 2020
Episode 09 - Through Christ You Can be Adopted into God's Family
In this episode Arthur & Elizabeth talk about the Gospel concept of Adoption and why Adopted & Foster teenagers may struggle with that word and concept.  They provide some practical ways to help parents show their teens how to embrace the idea that through Christ they can be adopted into God's family. Arthur C Woods Elizabeth Joy Woods
March 10, 2020
Episode 08 - Finding Our Identity in Jesus Changes Our Perspective
What do our adopted & foster teenagers find their identity in? What if they found their primary identity in being a child of God?  In this episode, Arthur & Elizabeth will discuss how parents can help their teenagers begin to embrace their relationship with God as their true identity.
February 11, 2020
Episode 07 - You Can Safely Give God Control of Your Life
Giving God control of our life can be such a difficult thing today - especially for our adopted and foster teenagers.  Many of them have been controlled their entire life, and they are not too excited about handing control over to God.  How can we help our teens embrace a more balanced view of control and encourage them to try giving God control?
November 26, 2019
Episode 06 - As God Forgave Us, So We Should Forgive
Forgiveness is hard for all of us - and it can be especially hard for our adopted & foster teenagers as they remember the hurt that people from their past have caused them.  In this episode, Arthur C Woods and Elizabeth Joy Woods will give three practical steps we can take to help our teens begin a journey of forgiveness in their own lives.
November 12, 2019
Episode 05 - God Can Be Trusted
Trust can be such a huge barrier to our adopted and foster teenagers as they think about God and the Gospel.  For many of them, their trust has been broken many times.  How can they trust people now? How can they trust God?  Let's talk about it.
November 5, 2019
Episode 04 - God Will Never Leave You
"God will never leave you."  That's hard to believe if you come from a background in which people regularly left you.  How do we help our adopted and foster teenagers actually believe that God will in-fact, never leave them? CONNECT WITH YOUR HOSTS ONLINE:
October 18, 2019
Episode 03 - God's Love Endures Forever
In this Episode Arthur & Liz talk about the gospel concepts of Love and Forever and how they can be difficult ideas for adopted and foster teenagers to embrace.
October 1, 2019
Episode 02 - God is a Father Like No Other Father
In this episode, Arthur & Elizabeth will talk about the concept of God being our father and how that can truly be a barrier to our adopted and foster teenagers as they think about God.  How do we help our teens embrace God as father, when their biological father may have let them down?
September 17, 2019
Episode 01 - Laying The Groundwork of Teenage Discipleship
In this episode Arthur & Elizabeth discuss the unique discipleship needs of adopted and foster teenagers and how their past trauma can greatly affect how they view faith and God.
August 29, 2019
Episode 00 - Preview Trailer
Welcome to the Trusting The God of The Gospel Podcast - designed to help you disciple your adopted & foster teenagers. ________________________________ TRUSTING THE GOD OF THE GOSPEL VIDEO SERIES _______________________________ YOUR HOSTS: Arthur C Woods - Elizabeth Joy Woods - ________________________________
August 8, 2019