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The Artiscience Podcast

The Artiscience Podcast

By Colin Sanderson
Artiscience, — briefly the integration and harmonising of arts and sciences, — provides a world view (Weltanschauung), almost universally applicable. The Artiscience Podcast shall exhibit this in the diversity of topics it addresses. Editor & Producer: Bianka Hofmann
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Conversation with Dr. Roger Malina
00:00: Intro, greetings and introductory questions. 06:00: Roger Malina on his upbringing and family background, early formation and hybrid individuals; neuroscience and racism. 12:00: Further on neuroscience; left and right, and anatomy. Ernst Mach. 18:10: History; intellectual migration; problem-solving. 19:50: Roger Malina’s current positions; the qua relationship; Black Lives Matter; the Experimental Program in Publishing and Curating ExPuCu at UT Dallas ; unproductive miscommunication and mutual understanding; as an example, Yvan Tina and Virtual Africa; life and theatre; emerging technology and publishing Leonardo. Joe Davis. Cultural differences on art and science. 32:40: Joe Davis, the Centre for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT; Gyorgy Kepes; conscientious objectors. 35:05: The United Nations; the international nature of the Editorial Board of Leonardo; John Holloway; Reg Gadney; the trauma of the Second World War; ALSOS; Coronavirus. Vicki Sowry and the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT). 39:15: Careers; artiscient jobs; Dallas as a centre for art and science; Edith and Peter O’Donnell; funding artiscience; the need for breadth and multi-disciplinary training. 46:35: Roger Malina; INFOSYS, India, examples of an Indian student and a Korean-American student; on computer gaming and animation; VIGOR and Black Holes. 54:35: Roger Malina; Anecdote: South Vietnamese refugee, current racism and xenophobia. Quantum mechanics and social problems, slime mould. Certainly jobs for those with agility, the multidisciplinary. Optimism regarding move to online work with new technologies. 57:45: Roger Malina on a visit to Scotland; Loch Ness; Harold Edgerton; observers; underwater imaging.  Summing up and Thanks.  Ends 1:02:47
December 12, 2020