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Artist On The Rise

Artist On The Rise

By Dayday_music
Tap in, with upcoming artist from across the globe. This channel will feature 1 on 1 interview's with artist, meaning of lyrics, music reviews and live performances you won't want to miss. Artwork by Cierra Gannon
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Interview with Lil Kari "Down South Baby"
We had the pleasure of Interview Lil Kari the winner of our weekly showcase number 4. "Down South Baby" by Lil Kari is gaining traction on all platforms. (Link to Lil Kari) We discuss the behind the scenes behind the video and key lyrics and meaning. Lil Kari is prepping for his upcoming opportunities with his upcoming show with K Michelle and Exclusive Tidal Music Live Sessions. He has established his brand presence and has his mind focus on his future in the music industry.
August 8, 2021
Artist On The Rise Reviews
We have an amazing new segment where we will be Reviewing Independent Artists Music sent to us at Today we Featured Music Lunacy ft. Kyso, Sheafy ft. Kod Johnson, xcaliber, Prince J, Kyng Ross Ft. Raxx, Cha$e ft. Trilla Kid & Labor207 ft. Tredeuce. Intro/Break - "The Climb" by Dayday_music 1:15 - "Don't Fear The Fall" ft. Kyso by Lunacy 4:50 - "Genie!" ft. Trilla Kid by Cha$e 7:50 - "Keep That Energy" ft. Kod Johnson by Sheafy 10:40 - "See Me" by Xcaliber 14:50 - "Royalty ft. Raxx by Kyng Ross 18:00 "Mist" ft. Tredeuce by Labor207 21:10 - "Pain" By Princej Here's a playlist of all the songs heard in tonight's episode! Our Unsigned Hiphop Playlist!
July 9, 2021
Artist On The Rise Ep. 6 W/Special Guest Prince J
Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Prince J after hearing his song "Pain" and winning our third weekly showcase with that song which went viral on tiktok and motivated him to continue to make music. We got a few tips on structuring a viral tiktok video as well some background information on Prince J. He is currently independent and determined to remain that way. We had a had chance to look at his new single "I Know, You know - Prince J" for all updated about Prince J visit
June 4, 2021
Artist On The Rise Ep. 5 W/Special Guest Tora Woloshin
Today we had the opportunity to interview Tora, the winner of our second weekly showcase! One of her latest releases America - Tora Woloshin is currently sitting at over 100,000 streams across platform. We discuss her past on The X Factor, being coached by Simon Cowell. We also discuss her experience opening up for Artist like Ne-Yo, Flo-Rida, Method Man and had the chance to go on a month tour to with B.O.B. Here's the link to Music Video for America - Tora Woloshin Here's the link to her latest released. Which adds to the storyline of America. Music Video coming July 4th, 2021.
April 6, 2021
Artist On The Rise Ep. 4 W/Special Guest Nia Asiel
Today, we met with the winner of the weekly showcase! Nia is an independent female R&B singer from Chicago, IL. We discuss her inspirations behind the music, and Q&A about what growing up in Chicago is like as well as a deep dive into some of the personal things about her. She is getting ready to drop her upcoming release "Enough for you" - Nia Aisel dropping under the group @dineroduo on (3/26). Too see the latest updates on Nia visit
March 23, 2021
Artist On The Rise Ep. 3 W/Special Guest China Monai
Ladies and gentlemen today we are met with China Monai after debuting her hit single China Monai - Jetski ft. Pap Chanel (Official Video) The video has gathered a lot of attention from music industry. China recently signing with Ugly Money Niche. Comes out with a "new wave" paving the way for female Artist everywhere. We explore china's inspirations and BTS for her latest hit. If you are interested in the watching the full video. Here's a link to China Monai - Jetski ft. Pap Chanel (Official Video)
March 2, 2021
Artist On The Rise Ep. 2 W/Special Guest Labor207
Today, we are met with labor207. After debuting the new album "Let Her Fly" We talk, discuss the process behind the writing, Q&A and a live performance for you guys. Below is a link to his album. Tap in and show the love!
February 17, 2021
Artist on the Rise Ep. 1 W/Special Guest Tony Vorhese
1 on 1 interview with Tony Vorhese. Getting to know Tony Vorhese on a personal level. Sharing the process and inspiration of the songs. Tony's music is live on all streaming platform and his debut single Lonely, is out on January 26. Here's a link to his spotify.
January 20, 2021