The Artist Road

Episode 5 - Lil' Fresh Sam

An episode of The Artist Road

By Pulse Of Prophets
The Artist Road is a look into the journey of our guests and ourselves as we dig deep into the darker places, the vulnerable moments, the tough shit and give insight as to how they overcame what was in front of them.
These are stories rarely heard or known, the "anti-highlight" reel of human's finding their way. We hope to show others that they aren't alone in their struggles, and to even help solve or guide you in whatever you encounter.
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More places to listen

EP13 - Jonathan | Rondo Pt.1
Technology and electronic music are synonymous with pushing the boundaries and causing us to re-think how we interact with the world and this life. Rondo is at the intersection of music & tech, showcasing top emerging talent from our global collective and the latest blockchain technologies disrupting the music industry in general.  This is a 2 part podcast with a fuck-ton of information about Music, Blockchain, Crypto, Rondo Token (RND), how it all works, the future of fans supporting artists, and I have to say after doing this podcast, I have learned even more than I ever thought I would and have ideas bouncing around my head. This to me, is the future of fans and artists interactions and support. Along with this series, we have been developing and crafting the Rondo brand of apparel to showcase the fusion of music, mixes, global connection and blockchain.  Check out the series HERE, and cop some merch, it supports the Rondo mission and Pulse Of Prophets. Mynus and myself (DSQISE) developed quite a few designs for this first drop. We are working on our second capsule already for it!  Thank you to Jonathan for taking the time and sharing this wealth of information, check out all the links below to follow, listen, support and be a part of the Rondo movement! 
August 8, 2019
Episode 12 - Loren Abbate
Welcome to the Artist Road Episode 12! This episode is with Loren Abbate ( who is our current June solo artist at Abraxas Gallery/Studio and co-owns Deep Space Gallery in Jersey City.  Her work is on display for her "Spellbound" series. You can see the schedule of the rest of her events for June here:  Come out and view the last week and a half of Loren's work at Abraxas Follow Loren:  @lorenatabba  Follow Abraxas: Follow Pulse Of Prophets
June 24, 2019
Episode 11 - Dela
This episode is with now Colorado based artist Dela. He is a visionary artist with his own unique style mixing dark blacks, whites and then swashes of color in an almost ethereal-acid-trip way. We have been following his work for many years now and it was a pleasure to speak with him. His current showing in the Phil Lewis Gallery is happening throughout May in Boulder, Colorado.  ------ We have a full list of events and workshops this month at Abraxas, check those out and get involved here. And if you are interested in hosting a class, workshop, becoming an artist or member, please check out ------ The track at the end of the podcast is a work in progress by DSQISE which will be out on Quite Right Records sometime in the future. ------ If you enjoyed this episode, please share it with a friend! Follow and connect with Dela: Facebook | Instagram  Follow and connect with Pulse Of Prophets: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Follow and connect with Quite Right Records:
May 8, 2019
Episode 10 - Electric Elaine
Hell yes 10 Episodes in! This has been a great learning experience and such a blast meeting and talking with so many awesome humans! This episode is a talk with Electric Elaine, a badass Artist, Tattoo Artist, Makeup Artist, Dancer and swell human being!  We met her at Burning Man 2018 officially, but had seen her art and been following her for some time before that.  She is currently showing her work at Abraxas Studio in Denver through the month of April and we will have her back in the future! Connect with and setup a tattoo appointment with Elaine below:  Thank you for listening! If you enjoy this podcast please share it with a friend who you think will enjoy it as well! Music at the end of the episode is an un-released remix coming out on Quite Right Records from Nok Nok here this summer! It's a remix of Eric David's "Heart" from the EP of the same name 
April 18, 2019
Episode 9 - IDEA Design + Art
 Hello everyone! Today's episode brings us two remarkable individuals who inspire us and we believe will inspire you, too. Sean and Nicoli are the owners of IDEA Design + Art which isn't just an interior design studio, they take that knowledge and combine it with their desire to learn and challenge themselves to create some awesome works and projects. Mynus and myself (DSQISE) met both of them officially at Burning Man 2018 through some good friends of ours. After we returned and connected more, we found out about IDEA and what they have been building and started to really find common ground with them on so many projects, philosophies and music (which is crucial) This was a great episode, a lot of fun to create and be a part of. This won't be the last time you hear of IDEA and Pulse together, we have quite a few projects we are bouncing around with them, so stay tuned for what's coming up!  Please follow and support IDEA Design + Art and send them your project ideas!  ------ The tune at the end of the show is a clip from an upcoming release on Quite Right Records from Sub Optic titled "I Need You" ------ If you enjoy this podcast, please share it with someone who will enjoy it.  Please leave us a review! They help our rankings and compete with all of the other amazing pods out there!
April 2, 2019
Episode 8 - Noble Arts Project
"Cultivating a higher state of being is the intention behind the Noble Arts Project. "  This was such a fantastic conversation with the artist Noble Arts Project (Chris), and we really go into so many great areas of topic. This episode is definitely longer than most, but we really didn't want to stop talking or hearing what Noble Arts had to say.  Noble Arts Project has developed his skills as a painter in a very short time, constantly evolving and growing as an artist. His pieces demand attention and require many moment of gazing and getting lost in them. Please Follow and support Noble Arts Below: If you enjoyed this episode, please share it with someone you also think would enjoy it!  Please Follow and support Pulse Of Prophets If you'd like to donate to the show, you can do so via our anchor page. (Donations go to upgrading equipment, more server space, creating merchandise, community gatherings and events.)
February 26, 2019
Episode 7 - Recap-betweenisode
Hello world! For this episode, or in-betweenisode, Mynus and DSQISE talk about their upcoming art showing at Abraxas, the process of getting to that point, creating, inspirational stuff and persimmons! If you are in Denver, come out to Abraxas Studio Friday February 1st and see our new work and the work of other amazing artists! We are showing for the whole month if you can't make it on the 1st! Thank you so much for everyone who is listening, if you enjoy what we do, please share it with someone you think will love it! Follow and connect with us:
January 30, 2019
Episode 6 - Xlusiv
This episode is dedicated to Spieegels (@spieegels on instagram). Follow Spieegels! We decided to leave the intro/test recording first few minutes in because it was pretty funny.  This episode we have the one and only XLUSIV on the show. He is a prolific multi-talented artist creating digital art, jewelry, clothing, hat pins, pop sockets and lunch boxes.  He has done work for STS9, Bassnectar, Yonder Mountain String Band, ALT-J, Pretty Lights, and many, many more. Charlie does work with Conscious Alliance in art that gives back. Please follow and support them in any way you can!  This was a fun episode, we go all over the place from design, to upbringing, how great Air Fryers are and a host of other awesome shit. I think you'll enjoy it. I (DSQISE) have known Charlie since middle school, but we recently only reconnected a few months ago after years. He has grown and is just killing shit as an artist. We are grateful to have him on the pod, and if you enjoy it, please share this and leave us a review! Support XLUSIV and buy his art! Follow XLUSIV: Follow Conscious Alliance: Follow Pulse Of Prophets:
January 22, 2019
Episode 5 - Lil' Fresh Sam
5 Episodes in! Woohoo! Thank you guys for coming along with us on this Journey!   In this episode we do a recap introduction that lasts about 15 minutes, where we talk about what has been happening in our lives, the new things, some of the struggles and triumphs. If you'd like to skip to the Lil' Fresh Sam interview then go to about 14:56 into the show. ---- Lil' Fresh Sam is a fashion designer, owner of Infatue', stylist, entrepreneur, motivational human and just fantastic woman. We have watched her rise over the years as a force to be reckoned with in so many fields, we are thrilled she was able to take time out of her day and grateful for this experience. Please follow Sam at all of the links below, reach out to her, support her movement, and tell others about her as we want to push positive flow into the artists we talk with and help to propel them out into the world even more through this platform.  Connect with Lil' Fresh Sam: Facebook The Gram Infatue' Website YouTube ---- Tracks Featured: 1.) Fonzie - Choose To Believe 2.) Pries - Let Me Be Great We are doing a new segment of the show where we showcase music we love and also a track that the guest loves. Each track plays for about a minute and below we will link to the artists and tracks featured. We hope you enjoy this addition and would love feedback on it. Our hope is to introduce all styles of music to our audience and have music, which is a huge part of our lives everyday, shine through in our podcast as well. We love and appreciate your support, please like and follow Pulse Of Prophets and if you feel inclined you can leave a donation directly to this podcast! Donations go to upgrading our equipment and building this show up, creating podcast events, video and more. Thank you for your support! ---- Connect with Pulse Of Prophets: Pulsebook PulseGram PulseTwitter
January 9, 2019
Episode 4 - Boundless Creations
Our guest for the Artist Road is Andrew Escudero, aka Boundless Creations. He is a multi-talented artist (painting, sculpting, music) and has some incredible stories that we dive into this episode. Andrew is also teaching an "Outer Space Techniques" acrylic painting class this Saturday at Abraxas Studio here in Denver, CO - to sign up for this class CLICK HERE. Connect and follow Boundless Creations: IG - @boundlesscreations923 FB - /YouAreBoundless You can listen to Andrew's music HERE and connect with his music, The Boundless, HERE This episode was recorded at our new gallery/studio space on 9th and Santa Fe called Abraxas. If you are in Denver, please come and say hello! 910 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO Follow us: @PulseOfProphets @dsqise DSQISE Apparel Collection @mynusme_art Mynus Apparel Collection
December 27, 2018
Episode 3 - Lucas Zhao
In this Episode we meet back up with Lucas Zhao ( from the first time we tried to record with him a few months back. At the time it was our first recording and our setup was a bit Frankenstein and certain parts did not turn out without a LOT of editing, so we decided to scrap it and do a round 2 and this one was a great conversation about his recent travels, we dive into some theories and philosophies as well as many other topics. It was a great time and we are grateful for Lucas' presence and existence, he is a fantastic soul. Please check out and support his work by visiting Follow Lucas: (instagram) We have a collaboration series that we have started with him that you can see: Please let us know what you think of the podcast, and share with someone who you think would enjoy it! -DSQISE & MYNUS Pulse Of Prophets
December 12, 2018
Ep.2 - Jason Burruss & Av8trix
Episode 2 of The Artist Road see's us sitting with Jason Burruss and Lindsey Mullins aka AV8TRIX. These two are amazing as individuals but even more powerful together as a couple. They are incredibly prolific, hard working, and create beautiful artwork in so many categories. We have long loved the work they do and are so honored and grateful that they sat down with us for a fantastic discussion. This show was hosted at Spectra Art Space ( in the back outdoor area which is peaceful and beautiful. There are some noises throughout of crickets and even a plane I believe, but it just adds to the ambiance of the show. Sorry for a few audio issues with clicks/pops. We are still perfecting our setup. Connect with Purple Couch: Purple Couch Youtube: Instagram: Soundcloud: Connect with Jason Burruss: Instagram: Soundcloud: Writing: Connect and follow AV8TRIX: Instagram: Soundcloud:
October 24, 2018
Episode 1: What is going on? An introduction
Welcome, welcome, welcome to The Artist Road podcast Episode 1! This is an introduction episode to Pulse Of Prophets and it's creators (Mynus and DSQISE), who we are, why we created this, and to share some of our own stories that sparked the idea for this show. Thank you SO SO much for listening, please share with one person if you enjoy it, and send us feedback to You can check out our artist series apparel here: Follow us on Instagram and Facebook: @pulseofprophets on Instagram for the FBook! If you like what you hear and want to join our monthly subscriber tribe, please sign up and any donation amount help us to keep this going! We are so grateful to be here and grateful you have taken time to listen! -DSQISE and MYNUS
September 6, 2018
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