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01 alex leese

An episode of artists in residence

By isabelle wilkinson
artists in residence is a monthly podcast for anyone who has ever had an idea or felt the desire to create something but not known where to start. Born from the question, ‘what is actually happening to our brains when we have an idea?’, host Isabelle Wilkinson wanted to learn more about creativity and the many forms it can take. Reading and studying is one thing, but who better to hear from, than people who create everyday.
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More places to listen

03 thomas harvey
During the hot, sweaty madness that was London in June, I paid a visit to Thomas Harvey's first-floor corner studio, tucked away off the main road in Bethnal Green.  Thomas is a menswear fashion designer who started attracting attention in 2018, as he was finishing up his end of year collection London College of Fashion. Disheartened by the lack of opportunities for final year students to showcase their work, Thomas and his classmates formed a collective called Burn The Man and held a runway show at the Nicholls & Clarke showrooms in Shoreditch. One year on, Thomas spoke to me about his menswear brand, MMRMS, how music is essential to his creative process, and why finding the right people to share a studio with is all-important to production. Check out more of Thomas' work here and here on Instagram. And to see his work inspired by the Barrington Levy song, Here I Come that Thomas mentions in our conversations, check out a video here.
August 5, 2019
02 kate hamilton
Kate Hamilton is a writer, editor, and most recently, Content Director of the agency she co-founded, Sonder and Tell. Having long admired Kate's work for Suitcase Magazine, and more recently, her project to raise money for the charity, Women for Women International, I was excited to sit down with her to ask about her process, and all that creating things entails. We sat with a cup of tea at Kate's dining table where she often sits to work on anything from travel commissions, to creative briefs, and most recently, fictional stories. You can learn more about what Kate creates on her website and also over on her creative agency website. Notes from the conversation: Get a copy of Comfort Zones here.  Follow Kate's Content Agency, Sonder and Tell on Instagram here.
May 28, 2019
01 alex leese
In March, I sat down with photographer, Alex Leese in her West London home. Alex has been published and commissioned by world-renowned fashion brands and publications, but I was most keen to talk to her about her personal project, Boys of Hong Kong. We chat about creative process and collaboration, and how when working with people, it is best to leave your concept open, so as to elicit the purest results. We also talk about why creative expression is quite so important to human happiness, and affirming a sense of self.
March 17, 2019
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