The Art of Complexity Podcast

The Art of Complexity Podcast

By Roy Adams
Join entrepreneur and military veteran Roy Adams of GiNOSKO Consulting each week as he talks about the wicked problems people face in their personal and professional lives, and how to navigate them.

He will be joined by a variety of guests including CEOs, authors, entrepreneurs, and fellow military professionals, to discuss how complexity works in organizations and society; and how leading and solving complex challenges is an art form.

Simply put...How to think and act beyond...
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More places to listen

Ep 10- Taking the Risk- Veteran, Entrepreneur, Culture Consultant, and Bunker Labs City Lead
You will be inspired by this interview of Valerie Rivera, Air Force Veteran turned CEO of Take Back Work. Val's story is why I'm doing this podcast...She is someone we can all learn from and emulate with her tenacity and positive attitude throughout everything she does. The story of Val creating her own job in the Air Force as a Command Culture Consultant, is a model for anyone who sees themselves as and "intrapreneur." Her story of leaving the Air Force and venturing into the unknown of achieving her MBA and launching her own endeavor of Take Back Work will challenge you to go after your dreams no matter the obstacles.  Val now has concurrently taken on an endeavor brings a pathway to entrepreneurship for Veterans. If you haven't heard of Bunker Labs, you should check them out. Val is now the city lead for Omaha, NE Bunker Labs as it launches later this year.  Here's a clip from her website: Valerie is on a mission to help organizations create workplace cultures where people thrive. Above all, she loves the thrill of seeing people come to life at work – with renewed purpose, engagement, and initiative. Valerie incorporates best practices in organizational behavior, design thinking, and coaching for change that sticks, and partners with clients to develop practical strategies tailored to their needs. So Lean In with me and be inspired by Val Rivera. To connect with Val and learn more about her projects go to Take Back Work
March 7, 2019
Ep 9- The Importance of Culture with Dr. Debora Sepich
In today's episode we discuss the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with Debora Sepich, EdD, MBA.  Deb is an experienced C-Suite founder of a tech company who thrived throughout the boom and bust. She offers some amazing insights into the complex dynamics of a founder team and the importance of building a culture that will last during adversity.  Here's what she says about herself: Entrepreneur turned Professor. I Enjoy bringing new products and opportunities to market. If one can be a higher education entrepreneur, then that is what I am. Education needs people who can see the new opportunities, take calculated risks, develop unusual and exciting partnerships and take universities beyond the walls and into the world of work, service and sustainability. That is an exciting place to be. So Lean In with us as Deb shares her wisdom through the Art of Complexity. ------------------------------------ Don't forget to download the mobile app so you can join us on an episode in our upcoming Q&A segment. For more check out  To connect with Dr. Sepich reach out on LinkedIn
February 28, 2019
Ep 8 - The Eye of the Storm
From the streets of Beirut--to the sands of Iraq--to the facilities of NASA, today's guest has been through it all.  Colonel Joe Dowdy, USMC (retired) joins Roy as they explore complexity and leadership in a variety of places and situations. Joe is a master story teller and you will enjoy this engaging and relevant conversation. He masterfully weaves his "10 Rules of Combat" or leadership that are applicable to any situation you may find yourself within.  We want to hear from to the podcast and only available through the Anchor mobile app, will be your ability to ask questions related to the episode or topic.  So go to your favorite app store and download the Anchor mobile app (iTunes or Google Play).  Search for The Art of Complexity and leave us a message.  Your question and our answer may be featured in an upcoming episode.  So Lean In and let us hear from you. To download Joe's "Rules of Combat" go to and sign up for our weekly "Lean In" posts and we will send them your way.
February 21, 2019
Ep 7 - A Preposterous Pop-up: Journey through the messy middle of Love!
How much would you sacrifice for love? Would you go all the way?  When is enough—enough?  Join your illustrious host, Roy Adams, in this week’s episode of The Art of Complexity as he daydreams with fellow friends & creatives exposing the truth of how to clean up the messy middle in... Ep #7 of The Art of complexity: Preposterous Pop-up, A Journey through the messy middle of Love! Show Links: Within Reach - Love Can Project DayCloud Studios (Our favorite design team, who happened to design this podcast) Wealth Management
February 14, 2019
Ep 6- From Bullets to Beans and Everything in Between
Lean In... What do you think when you hear the word logistics? UPS? FEDEX?  Inherently felt, the word logistics embodies the idea of complexity and how the role of leadership seeks to build trust involving many people, facilities, and supplies.  Join your host Roy Adams, as we distinguish the importance of leadership when facing the “wicked” problems logistics in Iraq and Afghanistan with Colonel Clint Taylor, US Army Retired. Subscribe to our weekly update at: Reference:  Ted Talk: Tim Brown | Designers--think big Contact Clint Taylor on LinkedIn
February 7, 2019
Ep 5 - From Tragedy to Impact - Ann Marie Marlier, PhD
The day that will forever be ingrained in her mind started with a simple phone call uttering the worst, “I am so sorry, but there has been an accident”. In Episode #5 of the Art of complexity, your host Roy Adams interviews colleague, friend and educator Dr. AnnMarie Marlier as they demystify the secrets behind the power of relationships through the lens of complexity in higher education. Blog Post: Subscribe to our Newsletter:
January 31, 2019
Ep 4 - Restoring Community: How risk, persistence, and faith can solve the complex game!
Are you crazy, or just crazy enough? Do you follow your faith regardless of the naysayers? In Episode #4 of the Art of Complexity, your host Roy Adams interviews change agents and community leaders Glen & Nancy Ellis as they uncover and unlock the unique community-based aspect of complexity in Restoring Community: How risk, persistence, and faith can solve the complex game! Lean In with us Links:  May Brothers Building Art of Complexity
January 24, 2019
Ep 3 - Growing the Next Version of You- Forming an Ethos of Leadership
Raised to read, to learn, to think and act beyond, Major General (retired) William F. Grimsley understood from a very young age the world is full of complex problems. He learned early in life that he must be in a constant state of recreating himself in order to solve the complex challenges he would face. In Episode #3 of the Art of Complexity, Roy tackles the story of General Grimsley in Growing the next version of you- forming the ethos of leadership.
January 16, 2019
Ep 2 - Gold, Jungles, and Blockchain
True intention separates those who speak from those who act. The way we navigate our world personifies who we are and how we solve problems. In Episode #2 of the Art of Complexity, Roy explores the compelling story of Ryan Taylor, entrepreneur and change agent, in navigating the complexity of the conflict minerals space. In our conversation, one key thing emerges—the Art of the Question.
January 16, 2019
Ep 1 - Why the Art of Complexity
LEAN IN, we have a story to tell you... In this episode we dive into why we've created this podcast and what we hope you will get out of listening. Additionally, We address some of the concepts and terminology around complexity in our day to day professional lives and really get to two major questions: How does complexity work? and  How do we deal with complexity in our personal and professional lives? Join military veterans Roy Adams and Vince Lindenmeyer, of GiNOSKO Consulting as they talk about the wicked problems they have faced in their personal and professional lives.
January 7, 2019
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