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Arts North

Arts North

By Strange Trip Studios
All things art in the city of Prince George, the Province of British Columbia and the Country of Canada.
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John Reilly Production Manager at Theatre NorthWest. Sea3_Ep1
John Reilly is one reason the shows at Theatre NorthWest are of the highest caliber. Check out the upcoming season. Connect with Arts North on FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram
May 8, 2021
Kate Ames- Omineca Arts - Season 3 - Ep. 1
A conversation with Kate Ames on the importance of The Omineca Arts Centre and how we can help keep this important space as an integral part of the Prince George arts scene.
April 14, 2021
Lisa Redpath Season 3 episode 1
It's here! The Arts North Digital Studio is now open. We had a soft launch on Tuesday, April 6th. It went amazing. The times, they are a-changin'. You can learn more about the opening here CFUR News, CKPG, and CBC  The Rennaisence took place during a time of chaos and plague
April 10, 2021
Angie Weibe - Multi Medium Artist
Full-time artist working towards her first show. Perhaps a post-pandemic retrospect? If you want to connect with Angie or view her fine work, check out the following links. Facebook, Instagram - @greyhareart and Grey Hare Art Etsy
March 8, 2021
Kate Ames - Designer, Freelancer, Artist, Blogger and Volunteer
Kate Ames from Ames Design Studio popped in to talk about her journey through the arts, a pandemic, stepping out of the comfort zone and all things volunteer. Hey if you want to help the Omineca Arts Centre click HERE To see some of Kate's designs tap that link above Stay connected with Arts North on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter If you are a podcaster or interested in starting a podcast. Stop by the Prince George Podcast Group
February 21, 2021
The Last of 2020 an Artistic Bitch Session with Lisa Redpath - Part One
The arts year in review, general airring of grievances and what we can look forward to in 2021. Don't forget to check out the Arts North Facebook and Instagram (@arts.north) feeds. Also, for some fantastic art news and programs check out the Community Arts Council website as well as some support for artisans everywhere; The Studio Fair website
December 20, 2020
Mr. Roy Lewis - Thespian, Playwright, Poet and Director
Roy and I reminisce about his time in Prince George, the state of theatre across the country, his projects and the future of theatre.
July 5, 2020
Arts North #29 Kim Hayhurst
Once I heard what this art-repreneur was up to, I had to get her on the show.  We discuss, art, new business in challenging times, and art in the downtown core. Kim Hayhurst from Hey K and The Makerie.
April 18, 2020
Arts North #28 - Mo Hamilton
Recorded prior to the sheltering and social distancing but right around the time we lost the galleries/theatre/concerts/venues et al.  See Mo's work here:  Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @mohamilton_visualartist
April 7, 2020
What's Coming Up on Arts North
Visit our website for up current and upcoming podcasts and blog posts.  Follow Arts North on Facebook for local, regional, national, and global arts news and events. 
April 5, 2020
Arts North #27 Winnipeg Actor/Director Ray Strachan
I first met Ray Strachan when he came to Theatre NorthWest to play the part of Elliot Lovborg in Hedda Noir.  Jack Grinhaus' masterful adaptation of the Henrik Ibsen classic; Hedda Gabler. This talented Winnipeg resident has travelled across the country to bring us all, first-class stagecraft.
April 4, 2020
Stranded in Peru - Joseph Cunningham and the pandemic effect
I was able to, after many tries, connect with Joseph Cunningham. We talked about his being stranded in Peru, under martial law. His and his partner Melissa's trials and challenges in trying to get home and, of course, ART
March 29, 2020
Arts North #25 Harshpreet Kaur
Harshpreet Kaur is this year's Art Battle PG winner and is off to Vancouver (hopefully). You can see Harsh's, as she likes to be called, work on the web at and on Instagram 
March 25, 2020
Arts North #24 Audrey McKinnon
We may have a new guest host! Artist, art warrior, mother, and so much more. See Audrey's work on Instagram
March 15, 2020
Arts North #23 - Maestro Michael Hall
A most interesting man and a great interview with The conductor and musical director of the PGSO; Maestro Michael Hall To learn more about the PGSO and it's great programs for music lovers of all ages--------->>>>>> PGSO.COM
March 8, 2020
Arts North #22 - Vanessa Wittstruck
I've been trying to get this lovely woman to sing the blues but country and folk are in her heart.  Musician, English Major and not really a cat person. Vanessa Wittstruck
March 1, 2020
Arts North - #21 - The Art of Travel with Wendy Framst- Watercolour Artist
A chat with Wendy Framst and her travels, new videos and watercolour paintings about her travels. You can see Wendy's work on Instagram -@wendy_framst_fin_art on her website - Wendy Framst Fine Art & Design
February 19, 2020
Arts North #20 - Joseph Cunningham
We finally made the long-distance podcast happen. All the way from Cartagena Colombia. Check out this intrepid voyager on Instagram (links to follow)
February 12, 2020
Arts North - Ep. 19 Twyla Exner
Barnacles, things and ten-foot satellite dishes. Toronto to Kamloops to Prince George and many points in between. Checkm out Twyla's work here; or on Instagram
February 3, 2020
Meditation and Creativity - Tammy Skomorowski
Meditation and the positive effect on creativity.  The metaphysical and the creative process. No, this isn't some new-age hippie stuff. This has been done for millennia (which should not be confused with Millenials...) For more information visit; or
January 26, 2020
Arts North - Ep 17 - Darin Corbiere
Eastern Woodland Style - Indigenous artist - Darin Corbiere.  Darin is a relatively new resident to the area and since he first moved here, he has taken off like a rocket. Some of the most unique artwork that really needs to be experienced. You can get a glimpse of his work on Facebook: Instagram:
January 13, 2020
Arts North Jan 5 - Coming Soon & Are You Blocked
Shameless self-promotion for upcoming podcast segments. Upcoming segments here on Arts North and check out the new ARTS NORTH BLOG, the new Facebook Page, and our Arts North Videos at the Arts North YouTube site.
January 5, 2020
Arts North - Jan 1 2020 - Michael Kast
Happy New Year, The Arts North New Year Message. {Just like the queen or the pope except not even close.) New Year, New Decade and a New look and sound for Arts North. Including the new ARTS NORTH BLOG and our new Facebook Page. Don't forget to check out our Arts North Videos at the Arts North YouTube site
January 3, 2020
Arts North Ep 16 - Lisa Redpath
The Community Arts Council of Prince George & District's Program Manager/Events Co-ordinator 2019 Year in Review We talk about art, artists' responsibilities, what's happened and what's on the go. To view our Arts North Videos, check out the Arts North YouTube site
December 29, 2019
Arts North Ep. #15 Greg "Grinch" Gislason -Grinch Airbrush
The talented airbrush artist and muralist Greg Grinch Gislason from Grinch Airbrush o view our Arts North Videos, check out the Arts North YouTube site
December 7, 2019
Arts North - Ep 14 - Hanna Minck
Volleyball, Disney and so much more. The story of a talented artist; Hanna Minck See Hanna's work at these social media spots @hannaminckart and/or Facebook The art of Hanna Minck To view our Arts North Videos, check out the Arts North YouTube site
November 18, 2019
Arts North - Ep. 13 - Jon Chuby - Filmmaker/ Content Creator
Award-winning, Prince George, independent filmmaker; Jon Chuby Creator of Jeff and the Ninja and other great series and shorts. Check out Jon's work here; Picaroon Pictures
November 3, 2019
Arts North - Ep 12 - Erica Hargreaves - Potter
This week's segment on Arts North, I'm with the irreverent and scandalous potter Erica Hargreaves of Wheelhouse Studios.  I will warn you, there is swearing and usage of the word fuck.
October 21, 2019
Arts North - Ep.11 Sandra Claremont
Mother, entrepreneur, actress, media personality and just recently a new student. Sandra Claremont and I talk about theatre, concerts, entrepreneurship and, are you "sponge worthy"?
October 8, 2019
Arts North #10 - Marcel Gagnon
Lheidli T'enneh elder, musician, playwright, performer and more, much more. 
September 29, 2019
Arts North - Ep. 9 Artist, Corey Hardeman
Community Arts Council for Prince George & District Resident Artist alumni, winner of the local and regional(Vancouver) Art Battle and super talented artist; Corey Hardeman See her art HERE, connect with her on Facebook and Instagram. Don't forget the mystery word to be entered for a chance to win a signed, limited numbered print by Michael Kast
September 22, 2019
Arts North Ep. 8 - Artist Harshpreet Kaur
Not only is she a talented pencil and charcoal artist but a damn fine graphic artist as well.
September 15, 2019
Arts North - Ep. 7 Amy Blanding
To learn more and get to know Amy Blanding's fine music check out; To view the Arts North video interviews check out the Take 5 YouTube channel
September 8, 2019
Arts North Ep. 6 Christina Watts
To learn more about Christina Watts and Watts Art Academy; Facebook and/or Instagram To view the Arts North video interviews check out the Take 5 YouTube channel
September 1, 2019
Arts North - Ep. 5 Philomena Hughes
Photographer Philomena Hughes and I discuss the craft, the city and what the future holds for both. To see Philomena's stunning work; Instagram; @philomena_hughes Web; Facebook;
August 25, 2019
Arts North - Ep. 4 Dawn Boudreau
Dawn and I discuss her new grandchildren, Limelight Quest and, of course, music (especially her new Folk/Jazz Album) To visit Dawn's social feeds or find her music, peruse the following links; Facebook:   Instagram:  @dawnbmusic @limelightquest @dawneesgarden Twitter: @dawnmboudreau @limelightquest Websites:
August 19, 2019
Arts North - Ep. 3 Sean Farrell
  Sean Farrell of the Community Arts Council and I share our thoughts on the art scene in the city.  For Arts North video check the Take 5 YouTube channel.
August 11, 2019
Who Is Joseph Cunningham? Arts North Ep. 2
  Joseph Cunningham, an exuberant artist, overflowing with creativity. You can see his great art here.  For Arts North, video interviews check Take 5 YouTube channel.
August 11, 2019
Arts North Ep1
The inaugural episode! I sat down with Program Manager for Prince George & District Regional Arts Council, Lisa Redpath.  We talk about the role of the council in the arts community.  For Arts North, video interviews check Take 5 YouTube channel.
August 11, 2019