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Honey Let's Talk

Honey Let's Talk

By Honey Let's Talk
Welcome to Honey Let's Talk, where we say when we talk we make it better. Here we share Christian Relationship Tips to help you prepare for marriage , Spiritual Tips and some bonus life tips to help you grow deeper with God and love your partner better. #honeyletstalk #ashaiyos #christianrelationships
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God is at work - Experiencing God
Do you want to Experience God, the secret is in finding what He is already doing and join Him.
October 11, 2020
Purpose of Prayer | Why Do People Pray? Ashaiyo Shadrack
Let's talk about the purpose of prayer and how to have an effective prayer life. Prayer is the most effective way for us to talk to God and inviting Him to be involved in our early affairs. It bothers me to see more and more people abandoning their faith because of unanswered prayer, but the question is, if your prayer is unanswered whose fault is it Anyway, is it God or is there something that we are not doing or we are doing wrong that needs to be corrected! In this episode I will share with you some reason why I think most people are frustrated and how to make it work. I want us to talk about the purpose of prayer and how to have a prayer life that is effective. We will also touch on the reasons why most people stop praying and how to course correct that in our generation.
September 12, 2020
Effective Prayer | Prayer that works by Ashaiyo Shadrack
Most peop struggle with prayer, the term effective prayer comes as a shocker to many because most of us have suffered the pain of un answered prayer. In this episode I share some fundamental aspects that we need to know if we want to have an effective prayer life. There are three foundational aspects of prayer.. 1. GOD'S will/purpose is way important than our plans. 2. God has placed His word above even His name. 3. God wants us to pray in the Name of Jesus. You can read more on our blog
September 7, 2020