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This is for parents and educators who want to help build resilience in kids!
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Bullying Episode with Kids Author Sam Dean

The Resilient Kid

The effects of light on the family's health and well-being.
Join Ashley & Dr Shelley, TEDx speaker, Well being advisor, Curator and Artist. She on a mission to raise awareness of the power of light - and darkness - to transform your health and happiness and to cut your carbon footprint.
June 17, 2022
Wellbeing Week - Day 1 Expectations - How we use expectations with the kids - the positive impact it has on their behaviour and your stress levels!
June 13, 2022
Welcome to Family Wellbeing week
Family Wellbeing Week Welcome to new members Join us on Tiktok! Wth Exam bundle - if your kids still going through exams, G.C.S.E's, A-Levels or about to do their mocks - click here - What we are covering this week - Expectations & Behaviour Love languages and how it can help understand our kids/teens behaviour Self-care for the family Special Guest - Dr Shelley James 5. Feel free to drop questions here with anything you want to ask or DM me use the #'s #replay #questions 6. Join the free facebook group for support -
June 13, 2022
Easing our way back to school!
Top Tips on easing our way back to school.  Ashley gives practical strategies to make it easier on the kids and us as parents, god knows we need it! Come over and join our Free Supportive FB group - see link below for more tips on building Resilience in our kids Link to PDF of top tips - 👉To Follow Ashley at The Resilient Kid - 🖥 or 📩email with any questions you would like addressing The Resilient Kid Free FB group is here - come on over! 👍FB page - 😎Insta - 💼LinkedIn -
August 28, 2021
Talking about Homeschooling with Lisa Barry
In this episode Ashley talks to Lisa Barry (from Lisa Barry online) on her decision to homeschool her 3 girls. They talk about choice, the practicalities of it, finding your community, listening to your kids and above all being flexible about the decision to homeschool.  To find out more about Lisa here are here links -  👉To Follow  Lisa at Lisa Barry online - 🖥 or 📩email The Mission Led Content Free FB group is here - come on over! 👍FB page - 😎Insta - 💼LinkedIn - To find out more about Ashley here are here links -  👉To Follow Ashley at The Resilient Kid - 🖥 or 📩email with any questions you would like addressing The Resilient Kid Free FB group is here - come on over! 👍FB page - 😎Insta - 💼LinkedIn - To find out more about booking a session with Ashley -
August 10, 2021
Teaching Financial Wellbeing to Kids
This weeks Resilient Kid Podcast is with the fantastic Michelle Nicole Phelps. We are talking all things Kids and Finance. We talk about the importance of teaching children all about money. How to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their money effectively now and in the future. Michelle gives useful tips on how to talk to kids about money, whatever the age. How to get them to take financial responsibility and how to make it fun too. Ashley gives real life example with her kids, as you have come to expect and they both talk about the delayed gratification and its role in creating debt. Michelle's Top Tips -  Start early Evidence tells us that children’s attitudes about money are well developed by the age of seven. So, incorporate learning about the world of money into your teaching from pre-school upwards.  Put learning into practice Providing kids with experiential learning has been shown to be most effective. So when we run workshops in school they mainly include the children playing games, with regular check-ins as a group to see what lessons are being learnt, and what ideas they can take into the next round of games.  Make the most of everyday events. Financial education can be particularly effective if it coincides with an opportunity for the young person to put it into practice. For example, more detailed learning about banks and saving could coincide with parents taking out a children's bank account. 👉To get in touch with the fabulous Michelle on the socials -  😎Instagram @hartfordwealth  👍Facebook @hartfordwealth  💼LinkedIn Or check out her website or email - 🖥 📩 👉To Follow Ashley at The Resilient Kid -  🖥 or 📩email with any questions you would like addressing The Resilient Kid Free FB group is here - come on over! 👍FB page - 😎Insta - 💼LinkedIn - #parenting #kidsfinancialliteracy #resilientkids
July 28, 2021
Top tips for Summer with the Kids
Summer is amazing, no school routine! However, we will get the usual meltdowns and "I'm bored" so listen to get the most of out the summer with this episode with Ashley. She gives her top tips to put the fun in summer, reconnect with the kids and how help prevent those meltdowns! You can more about Ashley here - or email with any questions you would like addressing The Resilient Kid Free FB group is here - come on over! FB page - Find us on Insta  - LinkedIn - See PDF for Free Printable Summer Top Tips & Event calendar  -
July 24, 2021
Physical exercise and the benefits on Mental Health for Kids
Gareth Kros joins Ashley as they talk about physical exercise for kids and how it's not just about getting fit, but also the benefits on kids mental health.  Gareth is a martial arts expert, he has instructors on three continents teaching kids, after he took up the sport as a small child. Gareth shares his passion and his mission for getting this to as many kids as possible. You can find Gareth here - You can more about Ashley here - or email with any questions you would like addressing The Resilient Kid Free FB group is here - come on over! To book on the Resilient Kid Transition webinar - Please like, subscribe and rate the podcast, it helps it reach others too!
July 12, 2021
Bullying Episode with Kids Author Sam Dean
I have a very special guest with me here today and that is Sam Dean.  So just to give you a little heads up before we introduce, Sam, you're here listening to the resilient podcast with me, Ashley Costello, psychotherapist of over 20 years as you all know if you listen well, less than hard, and today's episode is around bullying, and for Rosie it's real.  Well it's really prevalent at the moment, in society because we don't just see it in schools like we've always seen it but we're actually seeing it in the workplace. We're seeing it online, we're seeing it on social media and our children often can't get away from it, and so I came across this book, by some, and it was just a breath of fresh air because it really is a children's book, but it, it really addresses issues, but with such a funny and naughty feel to it, that you can't help but laugh, and it really gives us a sense of hope.  I think that's, you know, more than anything. What a fabulous podcast with Author Sam Dean who tackles the very serious issue of bullying in his book Timothy & The Triplets Three. Sam talks about his own personal experience, as well as working with troubled children in South Africa and extensive years as a Samaritan. Along with Ashley, they give tips and hope to everyone who this issue effects. Buy the laugh out loud Timothy & The Triplets Three here - Get loads of free resources and check out Sam's website here - Find out more about The Resilient Kid and more about Ashley work here   COMPETITION TIME - Email me a story of when you were bullied (or your kids) or when you were an ally and we will put you in a prize draw to win a signed copy of Sam's book (email
June 30, 2021
Talking about Body image and kids - With Author and TedX speaker Emi Howe
And we are alive in the group. Good morning, everyone. I hope you're well. I'm really excited this morning because we have the lovely anyhow. Now I'm me through my work with TEDx.  I mean, you guys all know about my TEDx experience. And I'm now on the speakerphone. She's really lovely because I get to help kind of coach the guys who are coming through.  Catherine Samarinda is absolutely amazing as insure me Lily, green coaches were all on our actual speech. But I'm just part of that speak panel. And I remember the first time I saw Emi's audition video, it was just blooming away from the actual sentiment, the story behind it was amazing.  And next weekend is the big TEDx event. And so we are, as I was just prepping for that. And we were talking about how I remembered that I wrote books as well. And so I reached out and said, please, please come and talk to us about your children's book that you've wrote. And any very lovely dropped one off yesterday. So we'll do a competition.  We do that a little bit later, we'll tell you how you can win this signed, by the way, somebody that's just today, and he thinks your signature is just amazing. Like he's now trying to design his own signature. Can you see that everybody? How cool is that?  Emi joins us today, to talk about her new children's book "Don't go knocking at the the circus door" The themes look at body image and following your dreams. It is all set to the well know circus theme "Thunder & Blaze" tune (Emi gives a fab demo of how it should be read!) We also talk about what we can do to help kids have a positive body image. Tips for parents and educators alike. To find out more about Ashley click here - or join the free FB group To learn more about Emi Howe - then listen to the next episode or check out her website for the book - which has content and books for kids that explore: inclusion, emotions, relationships, body image and wellbeing .
June 11, 2021
Welcome to the Resilient Kid Podcast!
Parents and educators... listen up! How would you like expert tips on all things kids? 🔥Parenting 🔥Building resilience 🔥Helping children to thrive Welcome to the resilient kid podcast you're here with me, Ashley Costello, psychotherapist and good egg all round good egg that's why I'd say, welcome, it's really lovely to have you here. The theme of this podcast is to capture not only my thoughts as a psychotherapist, with children and adolescents for over 20 years, but also to in price, and have different topics.  We have a free Facebook page, The resilient group, it's for parents and educators, feel free to come over there and check us out loads of free resources, articles out on the resilient keep you productive. Please, if you, if there is a particular topic that you'd like to hear, then let us know.  You can email me at Ashley sh le y at the reason, which is really looking forward to starting our podcast. So, welcome to get yourself comfortable. And listen on. Plus, there's a guest expert every month and you can get your own questions answered by emailing The Resilient Kid podcast is available now on Apple and Spotify.
June 11, 2021