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Ask Ashley is YOUR podcast. This is advice on how to navigate life. A second perspective is yours.

Ask Ashley is YOUR podcast. This is advice on how to navigate life. A second perspective is yours.

By Ashley Kuhnau
Ask Ashley is an advice podcast. If you learn from others stories this is perfect for you. Ashley is an educator on the brain/body connection and your mental health. With a PT background she now owns her own practice as a Life Coach. Five kids, a husband in law-enforcement and an "expert" in living a life of chronic pain, this podcast has small-town roots, but touches on topics that branch out globally. Her "get to it" but kind nature offers individuals incite to situations that need another look. "There is just something about her, she's more insightful than she realizes!" -Barb U., DPT
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What happens when an old relationship is affecting my new one?
In today's episode I will visit with Riley.  Like so many she has dated a few times to have it not work out.  She also is a great observer of other relationships that haven't worked out.  But now, she finds herself in a relationship that she wants to hold on to, but finds herself constantly worrying about this or that due to past relationships.  Now what?  This is a very common dilemma for many and something we can work through.   The brain is designed to "kick in" when we are facing a situation of potential "hurt" or "harm" that feel familiar to our past.  It then puts your brain and body on high alert when these situations look and feel similar in our surroundings.  Working through these situations with actively redirecting our thoughts is a place to start.  When that still isn't working, brainspotting tackles the nitty gritty to finally lay that to rest.   Listen as we talk with Riley about her particular situation and what my be happening and why. 
January 17, 2022
I was roofied and now relationships are suffering
In this episode we will hear from Sophie, who is a college student, about what happened after she suspects that she was roofied.  A scary situation that never truly ends when it's "over".  This experience then becomes tagged in the brain as an emotionally significant event and can carry effects for yeas to come.  Outside of that itself, relationships can suffer.   Responsibility is different burden on our college students then even 20 years ago.  But no matter what we encounter at any stage in our life, what do we do when we aren't being true to who we know we are?  Listen as I talk with Sophie about the importance of who you surround yourself with and why.  
January 10, 2022
I lost my job, now what? As we start the new year it can be a good time for new beginnings.
In my first episode with a guest I visit with Ben about the loss of his job.  I discuss how such an event can impact you on a far deeper level than just the job itself.  We carry "baggage" after an event like that which can hang on for many many years later.  Why?  Because your brain tries to protect you from experiencing that pain or embarrassment or fear again.  It becomes a problem when we need to move on and it's keeping us from doing so because the emotion is too great.  Listen with me today to gain a little incite as to what can happen in this type of situation and some starter steps to try and overcome your roadblocks.    I welcome feedback.  If you'd like to be a guest on the show reach out to me on my website. 
January 03, 2022
What is Brainspotting?
In my first episode and into I talked about how Brainspotting was the tool that allowed the 2 worlds I was living in collide.  Between Physical Therapy and being a Life Coach I now had one of the most powerful tools in my back pocket to help people break through the mental and emotional roadblock to their pain.  The results have been beyond what I expected to find.  Listen to this podcast for a brief into as to what Brainspotting is all about and I will bring this information in time and again during my podcasts as I strive to help others understand the connection between the brain and the body and how they can demolish those roadblocks. 
December 27, 2021
How Grounded & Growing began
In this introduction Ashley tells how Grounded & Growing got it's start.  From Physical Therapy to a Life Coach and Brainspotting Practitioner, she is tackling a new avenue of brain/body connection that is changing perspectives on peoples pain and having a direct effect on their marriage, family, work and future.  
December 21, 2021