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By Ashley Prasad
Heart to Heart is all about real incidences which happen to each of us , and how we can handle those situations in a better way. These are letters from my heart to yours. We will get through any situation as long as we got Abba with us and the right people to support us.. Please feel free to tell me what you are going through and what topics you would like to hear in this season of heart to heart πŸ»πŸ™πŸ’–
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You are NOT a disappointment πŸ’œ If anyone has told you otherwise , please listen ,You are Special 🌹
My beautiful Friend , i just wanted to remind you , how precious you are and maybe you are in a season of JOBELESSNESS or a season of people just saying so many things , which end up hurting you . I just wanted to tell you , all this will change , you are not what anybody says. You are a blessing 🌹 God knew exactly how special and beautiful you are , as he was creating you , so dont ever doubt your worth . And i know , how bad you feel , for not having a job , and you are unable to help your family.. but believe me , if we wallow in our self pity..that is not going to change... But if we take small steps.. like studying more , if you have to retake an exam..or working more on creative stuff...or doing something...the moment we begin that START button , nobody can stop us.. you are extremely talented my dear , no matter where you are , always remember that okay. And nobody can take that away from you.. you can achieve anything you set your heart and mind to. And do tell me how this episode 1 was and what are you struggling with at the moment β˜ΊοΈπŸ™‹ YOU GOT THIS πŸ”₯🐻🌹
April 26, 2020