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I Need Wine

I Need Wine

By Ashley and Jessica
On I Need Wine, we talk about everything from relationships, sex, friendships, parenting, trauma, careers, and so much more (like conspiracy theories because who doesn't love those)! Two women, talking over wine and being raw and honest about things that women go through and how we manage to stay sane (or not) through it all!
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Marry F**k Kill, Celeb News, Double Standards
So we start off this podcast right with listeners MFK submissions which was so much fun. You guys requested that we do some celeb news and current events stuff so we also get into that and our initial thoughts about a few topics in the media right now. That evolved into to us talking about some double standards with celebrities as well as between women and men. Is it fair that after a break up, if the woman moves on she is shamed and when the man moves on quickly it's no big deal? We don't think so but that is definitely one of the double standards that we face as women.
June 22, 2021
Epstein's Plane, Serial Killers, Spoiling Your Kids
During today's episode, let us just first apologize for all of the cat meowing and children playing in the background. We normally don't record with all the kids home, so if you hear them playing in the backyard, apologies in advance but they were having fun. But in this episode we went down the conspiracy rabbit hole for the first time on this podcast. We speak about Epstein's plane, the ALLEGED activities that Michael Jackson was involved in, and of course, serial killers because we all love some true crime moments. Also we get into spoiling your kids with material things vs. spoiling them with experiences such as traveling. What is more important and does social media tend to influence how we think we should or should not spoil our kids?
June 16, 2021
Teen Mom "Drama", Self Confidence & Childhood Memories
On today's episode we of course had to do a little recap on the Teen Mom drama that transpired over the last few days. Ashley and her fake ass house, GIRL BYE. We also touch on how social media and everyone's judgement can make being confident very hard. Sure you wanna wear that swimsuit but immediately start to think "what will people say?" and talk yourself out of it. We also damn near dropped tears singing the Out of the Box theme song, which if you never watched that show, did you even live? Finish off this episode with speaking on Drake, G-Eazy, Bay Area rappers, etc.
June 12, 2021
Not Just a Mom
In today’s episode we talk about how being a mom can sometimes be overwhelming and take away from just being you. Sometimes you just wanna be alone and not be a professional fruit snack fetcher. Sometimes you wanna shake your ass and take some shots and that’s okay! We also talk about being a mother in the adult industry as well as significant others watching porn, having only fans, etc. Is that okay or would you be jealous?
June 4, 2021
No New Friends?
On today's episode we talk about whether "no new friends" is a good thing or not? Spoiler alert, we think that's trash advice. We speak about how growing and evolving can cause you to lose friends and that is okay. New friends can teach you new things and open your mind. Outgrowing friends doesn't mean you are a bad friend or that you are disloyal, it just means their season in your life is over. 
May 28, 2021
Teen Mom 2 & How Social Media has Changed Everything
In today's episode, we discuss the premier of Teen Mom 2 and how the transition has been. We also speak on how social media has changed the way our children will grow up, how it affects anxiety/depression and so much more. How did we go from staying out until the street lights on to the world we live in now?
May 6, 2021
Where the hell have we been?
I need wine is now a podcast!!! Just wanted to give you guys a little teaser of what is to come!
March 22, 2021