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A Short Walk

A Short Walk

By A SAVE Empowerment Project
A SHORT WALK is a podcast that explores the world of Intimate Partner Violence, with curiosity, compassion, and innovation. Each episode highlights a human experience relating to the theme and authentic, no-holds-barred conversations with guest speakers.
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Marcella Maggio
Tune in for another conversation in the Founders & Shakers series with Marcella Maggio, the Prevention Coordinator and Survivor Advisory Committee Member at CPEDV (California Partnership to End Domestic Violence). Join us on a short walk as we listen to Marcella's survivor journey, also the importance and impact of centering survivor voices in the IPV movement.  Trigger warning: This conversation includes topics such as sexual assault and domestic violence. We acknowledge that the content may be difficult. We also encourage you to pause the podcast to care for your emotional well-being.
March 17, 2021
Sheri Kurdakul
Tune in for another conversation in the Founders & Shakers series with Sheri Kurdakul, the Founder and CEO of VictimsVoice. As a survivor of child abuse and domestic violence, she has devoted herself to ensuring victims of discrimination, harassment, and abuse are heard, believed, and able to seek legal justice. In her own words, Sheri, "a Victim by Force, Survivor by Choice, and an Activist by Design, is now the CEO of VictimsVoice, and self-proclaimed SuperSHEro fighting to give a legal voice to victims of abuse." Why did she start the App - VictimsVoice? Why is this tool so crucial in helping victims through the legal process? We talked about the complex legal issue of helping victims documenting the correct information to seek justice and help prosecutors hold abusers accountable. We are pleased to raise awareness around products and services that may be helpful for victims and survivors of intimate partner violence. Sharing information is not an endorsement of this product or service.
March 10, 2021
A Short Walk Down SAVE’s History
We open our celebrations for Women’s History Month with a conversation with SAVE’s Founding Mothers: Iris Nicholson and Pauline Weaver.  How did SAVE’s first shelter come into being? What were the moments of triumph and conflict? Hear it all!’ Join us for A Short Walk down SAVE’s history.
March 03, 2021
History of the IPV Movement
Join us in October to trace the arc of IPV history as we commemorate National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We are honored to host Naomi Tucker, Founding Executive Director of Shalom Bayit, as our guest speaker.  Trace the footprints of the past with Naomi, to explore with curiosity and compassion, all the moments, movements, marches and missteps. Whether you are an advocate, a survivor, or a supporter, this is A Short Walk you will not want to miss!
October 06, 2020
Welcome to the month of September. Summer is fading into Fall and we continue to deal with the challenges of a raging pandemic and disrupted routines. For those of us on the West Coast, the challenges are doubled as wildfires darken our skies. The ripples are deep in the world of intimate partner violence as well. Survivors, advocates, activists struggle to secure basic safety, food, shelter, employment - working through under-resourced systems, riddled with inequities. It is a challenging time!  It is a time calling for great resilience and greater self-compassion on all our parts.  It is a time for self-care. Join us as we talk about self-care with our guest speaker for September: Beatriz Garcia- an IPV advocate, mother, healthcare professional, survivor, activist. Listen in as we explore what does self-care means? How can we make it a part of our daily lives? How does the very personal act of practicing self-care transform into greater equity and social justice for our wider communities? How do we lift ourselves and others by simple, everyday acts of radical self-care? Join us in September for A Short Walk- and step into your journey of self-care.
September 16, 2020
It's July, a celebration of freedom for many. It is also a time to honor the values of independence and liberty. Most of us take freedom for granted, but what is freedom to a survivor of intimate partner violence? What does it mean to be free? Annie, our guest in this episode, is a resilient survivor, fierce advocate, military mom, poet, and writer. Through Annie's journey, we hope to open an intimate and compelling window into the intersectionality of freedom and intimate partner violence.   So grab your headphones, put on your walking shoes, and join us for a short walk... Guest: Annie Concept & Production: Unnati Amin, Chao Lee, Shaila Dixit Host: Shaila Dixit Music: Pradi A SAVE Empowerment Project
July 11, 2020
In this Episode, we explore the Intersectionality of Intimate Partner Violence and the LGBTQ+ Movement Joining your host Shaila are Leslie Garcia and Jacia Mim from SAVE Concept & Production | Unnati Amin, Chao Lee, Shaila Dixit Host | Shaila Dixit Music | Pradi A SAVE Empowerment Project
June 29, 2020
What is A Short Walk?
What is the history of the intimate partner violence movement?  What is the latest research?  Who is writing the story right now?  Will this epidemic ever end?  In an increasingly digital world, what is the role of technology in the domestic violence movement?  How do other movements intersect with Intimate Partner Violence? Join us on.. A Short Walk.. to explore the world of Intimate Partner Violence, with curiosity, compassion and innovation. Tune into our very first Podcast on June 29th,  where we talk about the intersectionality of Intimate Partner Violence and PRIDE month. Join us for.. A Short Walk! Concept & Production | Unnati Amin, Chao Lee, Shaila Dixit Host | Shaila Dixit Music | Pradi A SAVE Empowerment Project
June 25, 2020