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Rope Ramblings

Rope Ramblings

By Asiana and Door
Personal conversations between rope partners, Asiana and Door, on a variety of topics related to Japanese rope bondage, Shibari, and Kinbaku. Asiana is a European rope top, teacher, performer, and events organiser. Door is a European kinbaku model, performer, and blogger.

This podcast is a documentation of our research into kinbaku, as well as simply us rambling about our passion. It is not meant to educate but to share our thoughts, opinions, and observations. Some of the topics we will talk about are semenawa, emotions in rope, and trust-based dynamics.

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Why we tie? (2/2)
This episode is a continuation of our previous discussion about 'why we tie'. We talk about rope bondage being a very unusual activity; why people tie; why we tie; the differences in roles and experiences of a rigger and a model; what Asiana is looking for in ropes; exploring one’s dark side; rope as an edge play; our dark side in ropes power dynamics; exploring limits and the benefits of the fluidity of our dynamic. 
January 6, 2021
Why we tie? (1/2)
This episode is the first of a two-part series on why we tie. In it, we talk about the reasons why we are tying; our beginnings in ropes; the importance of patience for models; finding and living your intention in ropes; how our intention was changing over time; learning about our preferences and what we have to offer and the evolution of our dynamic.  Here is a link to an article by Door that we mention during the conversation:
December 18, 2020
Sadness and emotions in rope
In this episode, we talk about the feelings of sadness and resignation in ropes; the differences in the experiences of the rope top and the model, how they influence each other and the intention of the rope top; non-verbal communication, safety and the importance of attention and intuition in ropes; objectification and the idea of the model being an instrument for the rope top.
October 31, 2020
On Nawashi Kanna and different styles of tying
In this episode we talk about the difference in the experience of the model between different styles of tying, some of the characteristics of Kanna style, the model’s experience of predicament compared to slow suffering, what Asiana loves about Kanna style, getting to know each other through rope and Door’s favourite ways of being tied.
October 1, 2020
From semenawa to trust and more...
In this episode we talk about: what semenawa is for us; the difference between masochism and suffering; kotobazeme; Door's desire to be violated by rope; the bottom’s imagination as a tool to use in the scene; Door's mindset of offering herself to the rope top; non-verbal communication; trust-based dynamics versus explicit negotiation; our lack of expectations from the rope scene; patience in building rope relationships; the stories we live in ropes; the kind of things we do communicate verbally; the uniqueness of each rope dynamic.
August 28, 2020