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By Associated Students, Inc.
A podcast created by Associated Students, Inc. of CSUSM

Amplify was created as a platform for students to have unscripted and unfiltered conversations. This is your podcast to learn more about resources you may need, campus topics, and initiatives all from the student perspective.

Listen to the untold stories from real CSUSM students through Amplify's series of rotating hosts. Whether you're tuning in from California or a different country, this podcast is made for you, the students.

So we're here. We're talking.

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EPISODE 4: A Short Conversation About Elections & Voting
5-minute crash course on voting in ASI Elections by Michael Garrett and Jacqueline Montana ⏱. What do you want your next school year to look like? Vote for the candidates that you want to represent you in a few DAYS! Enter your vote March 15th - March 17th to be counted in the 21/22 ASI Elections.  🎧Tap the link in our bio to find this podcast episode. 🗳Check your voting eligibility
March 11, 2021
EP 3: ASI Executives Reflect and Encourage you to Run in This Year’s Elections
Kenny Tran and Mariana Rosales talk about how being a part of the 2019/2020 Board of Directors was a very impactful part of their college career. They chat about the ups and downs and also encourage their fellow cougars to run in this year's ASI elections. 
February 9, 2021
EP 2: A Day in The Life of CalFresh & The ASI Cougar Pantry
In this episode, McKenna and Noemi talk about how the ASI Cougar Pantry and CalFresh have continued to serve students during Covid-19. Listen in to learn more about both of these resources and how CSUSM students can get connected with free food and more!
November 19, 2020
Ep 1: How Long Has it Been?
Brian and Aaron kick-off Amplify's first-ever episode by reflecting on these past 7 months from their viewpoint and the perspective of 7 CSUSM students.
October 14, 2020