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A-Side B-Side is a branded podcast powered by WhatsTheMovement.net a multi-media music discovery platform to showcase art, music and anything moving in New Jersey & abroad. The podcast is hosted by Jonathan C. Ramsey AKA RamseySaidWHAT. A-Side B-Side Podcast is the place tell your story, have the hard conversations, host exclusive interviews, Album Reviews, tips, tricks, & more.

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Episode 020 - Poca Interview
In the 20th installment of A-Side B-Side Podcast, RamseySaidWHAT sits down with Poca.  She's back and forth between her hometown of Asbury Park and North Carolina so we're happy she made time to kick it with us at the laboratory at WTM. The two talk about establishing a fanbase when you call two places home. They also break down her last project, Apocalypto as well as her video concepts and artists she's collaborated with. We even talked about her performance at NJ Live 3 by Garden State Hip Hop and Ciroc Vodka that they shared the House of Independents stage with back in February. As always subscribe, rate, review and tell a friend to do the same.  The Music in this Episode is Attitude by Macc McCray.
July 11, 2019
Episode 019 - SoULFULL's I Appreciate You Album Review
I usually have a blurb about what this episode was about. I won't do that this time. I'm so lazy from writing that I just decided to record it on a microphone. Besides, y'all don't like to read anyway. Listen to our review of SoULFULL's latest, I Appreciate You, right here on A-Side B-Side Podcast.
June 23, 2019
Episode 018 - Jon Crawford Interview
The 18th Episode of A-Side B-Side Podcast features Camden, NJ emcee, Jon Crawford. In his sit down with Ramsey they talk about his last project Circle of Life LP, his forthcoming album "For What It's Worth," and how he headlined the place where legends are made, SOBs (twice). They also talk about the difference between the North Jersey scene and being back home in South Jersey.  The music in this episode is Unapologetic by The Euphony. Subscribe, Rate, and Review our podcast. Be sure to listen to all of them right here on What's The Movement.
May 22, 2019
Episode 017: Guava Island Live Recap with @KatCandidly
@KatCandidly joins Ramsey on the newest installment of A-Side B-Side Podcast. In Episode 17 they do a live review of Childish Gambino's new short, Guava Island where he stars alongside Rihanna, Letitia Wright and more. Disclaimer: it's only jokes. Need I say more.  Rate, Subscribe, Review and tell a friend to do the same.  As always keep up with the rest of what we're up to on WhatsTheMovement.net The Music in this Episode is Mind by SoULFULL off his new project, I Appreciate You.
May 8, 2019
Episode 016 - Oh, We Talkin' Support?
"Jersey doesn't support Jersey." If I had a nickel anytime I heard that one man sheesh! I'd have no debt and a summer home in Santorini.  In this episode of our branded Podcast, A-Side B-Side, Ramsey talks about his new experience curating our last show, Feels Like R&B. He also talks about NJ Live 3 brought to you by Garden State Hip Hop & Ciroc at House of Independents last night. Rodney asked a question that piqued our interest about supporting the hometown team and what it means to really love the culture. This one got pretty heavy. Lastly, We're happy to announce that you can listen to A-Side B-Side just about everywhere you consume podcasts. You can subscribe to us by clicking the links below or you can listen now by pressing play via Audiomack below.  The Music in this episode is Depend on Me from  Kärma's  newest EP, About Last Night. SUBSCRIBE TO A-SIDE B-SIDE PODCAST on Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts Anchor Soundcloud Audiomack and more. If you use another one let me know I'll get the link for you.
February 23, 2019
Episode 015 - The Role of the Contemporary Music Blog
 The 15th installment of A-Side B-Side Podcast is inspired by a couple  tweets (quoted below) and a 4 AM twitter rant and editorial that never happened.  "These music blogs are blame for the state of music as it stands now idc call me a hater but they the problem when it comes to all this trash a** music out now people paying them for spins and promo and the people really eat the sh*t up like its not a whole scheme" — Ya Mamma (@_JuseMane) January 11, 2019 "Blog Era was perfect rap. Hip-hop was at its best between 2008-2013 and that just is what it is." — B.I.G.K.E.V. (@indiKEV) January 11, 2019 Instead of the long winded rant. Ramsey explains the confusion. In 2019, what do music blogs even do? Are they part of the blame for the way the music industry is? Press play to listen to the (not quite) angsty music blogger and journalist's response. He made a mention of an article written by @BigSto. I think you should check it out and read it here.   The music in this episode is Doin' The Most by Sade Emoni.   You can also see her performing live at WhatsTheMovement.net's Feels Like R&B. Tickets are still on sale but flying out the door. You can buy them by clicking this link. Listen to Episode 15 of A-Side B-Side below.  
January 30, 2019
Episode 014 - Cool Points & The Age Complex
In a little more than 15 minutes Ramsey tells a story of the H.E.R. concert he went to at Brooklyn Steel. He then dissects how music spans across the generations and talks about  Kat's father's age complex as well as attacking his own head on. The Music in this episode is Big Baaa by Marcus Ariah. Kat and Fred also give us a heads up on WTM upcoming event, "Feels Like R&B" happening February 9th at Above Art Studios in New  Brunswick. Advance tickets are selling out quick. You don't want to miss  this. Buy your tickets here at www.FeelsLikeRNBWTM.splashthat.com.
January 30, 2019
Episode 013 - Mac Miller Minisode
It's Story Time!   Kyle Gill and RamseySaidWHAT are back with a brand new episode of A-Side B-Side Podcast. So much has happened in music world since you last heard  from us. We'll attack it all in another podcast. In this one we pay  tribute to the late Mac Miller. Kyle and Ramsey exchange stories  of when they first heard of the Pittsburgh emcee, his growth, and more.  Ramsey even tells a story about how he interviewed him on the radio and a wild story about meeting him after a show. This one really shook the  music world and our thoughts and prayer are with his family, friends,  and a host of people that were touched by Mac and his music. This  episode is dedicated to him. God Bless. I need y'all to feel this. The Music in this Episode is Self Care (Oblivion) by Mac Miller. 
January 30, 2019
Episode 012 - MostDope Interview
It's been a little while since we dropped an episode, thanks for still rocking with us. Episode 12 features an exclusive interview with A1's own, MostDope. The Asbury Park native sat with Ramsey to talk about his new single and a project we can expect in the fall. They also talked about the rest of  his discography to this point, the A1 sound collective, some acts from  the 732 we all should check out and our opinions on our recently  released Op-Ed: Rap Don't Pay the Bills. We touched a lot in under an hour so press play during your lunch break. I need you to feel this. The Music in this Episode is True by MostDope. 
January 30, 2019
Episode 011 - Tragedy Monroe Interview
If you can make it past our narration of Pokemon and mutual lust of  Jamie Lee Curtis there's a really cool interview afterwards. I'd like to  introduce you guys to Tragedy Monroe.   He's a Trenton by way of Asbury Park rapper and been around for awhile. We chop it up about his new single Alive as well as his upcoming album. We touched base on Kanye West, the Pusha T Drake beef, and how he adjusts to a new generation listening to music. He even talked to us about his involvement in the Cold Summer Web Series, his father's music,  and how his daughter listens to his music. Check it out after the  break.   The music in this episode is Alive by Tragedy Monroe. 
January 30, 2019
Episode 010 - Ty Jackson Interview & Album Listener
We have a treat for you on the 10th episode of A-Side B-Side.  Alter Ego is out now everywhere but we got to interview Franklin's own Ty Jackson early. The singer-rapper-songwriter-producer (wow, mad talented) chops it up with Ramsey about Era Nu, BLVD Blues with SoULFULL, and the creative process behind this new album. Things get deep when we talk about the passing of his father and stepfather, The Trump Administration and more. To make things sweeter is the live album listening session on part two of this interview. I need y'all to feel this. 
January 30, 2019
Episode 009 - Party Michael Interview
Party Michael is probably one of the hardest working music industry cats in Jersey. Time and time again Ramsey talks about how he's  produced or worked with all of my favorite acts (mainstream or  otherwise).  I'm glad he made it in to talk to us about what he's up to these days. In this episode we talked about his new single, Letter. We also talked about how he got involved in music in the church, NVR WRY, playing for Tinashe on Good Morning America, and as much as I could get out of him about his forthcoming album. Press play and listen below.   Music in this episode is River Road by Jon Crawford. 
January 30, 2019
Episode 008 - Let's Talk Business
 THIS PODCAST IS NOT ABOUT KANYE WEST. THIS PODCAST IS NOT ABOUT KANYE WEST. THIS PODCAST IS NOT ABOUT KANYE WEST. Now that that's out of the way, season one of A-Side B-Side Podcast continues with Episode 8. In this show Kyle Gill and RamseySaidWHAT break down the metrics of the major music streaming platforms, being truly independent,  and the pros and cons of being signed. Did you know people still use Napster? I thought that died with Limewire but hey what do we know? On a lighter note we are trying to get an invite to Kyle's wedding and Ramsey shares an old strip club story. Do yourself a favor and learn something.  Press play below.   The music in this episode is Letter by Party Michael. 
January 30, 2019
Episode 007 - Sis Interview
 A-Side B-Side Podcast returns with our interview with Sis. Girl #3 is out now on every platform you can listen to music.  In this interview, Sis talks about what the lyrics of Bite really mean,  coming into her own as an artist and woman, and where she stands with  some of her favorite artists from Trenton. We also really got into the  concepts about Girl #3 as a whole. Oh and fellas her dms are semi open  just don't lead with "What's your p*ssy name?" This is probably one of my favorite interviews and definitely one of my favorite new artists in the Garden. I need yall to feel this. The Music in this episode is Superficial from Girl #3.
January 30, 2019
Episode 006 - Khalil Jibran Interview
Khalil Jibran comes to Black Hawthorne to join RamseySaidWHAT on A-Side B-Side for their first interview in five years.   The two of them talk about getting support from the public, how he collaborated with Trap Dan his award winning F**k 12 video with Nimi Hendrix, and a chilling tale of how he survived a gunshot wound to the head and  performed shortly after. Press play to listen to this exclusive after the break.   The music in this episode is Coffee In the Morning by Ty Jackson. 
January 30, 2019
Episode 005 - Rodney Coursey Interview
 Rodney Coursey of Garden State Hip Hop dropped in on this week's edition of A-Side B-Side.   Before the interview we have a small recap and backstage interviews with Joe College, Qdotdavis, &Drew, and Party Michael   during their sold out Joe College & Friends show organized by  today's guest. We talked about breaking down barriers in the local music  scene, the evolution of the genre, and more. Press play below. 
January 30, 2019
Episode 004 - Joe College Interview
 In Episode 4 of A-Side B-Side, Ramsey sits down with Joe College.   We talked about the state of hip hop today, staying organic, and how  confidence helped him tap into his full potential. We even took it back  to the early beginnings of his discography, his self-titled mixtape all the way to his new offering, CivXSav Forever. This Friday he's  headlining House of Independents in Asbury Park. A collaboration between  Garden State Hip Hop & CivXSav present: A Night For Forever.  Everything you need to know is in this podcast. Stop Complaining. All  you need to do is press play below.  
January 29, 2019
Episode 003 - Kärma Interview
This is the first artist interview we got for the podcast so I just want to thank Kärma for pulling up to Black Hawthorne and recording with Ramsey.  Sunny Side Up EP  is out now just about everywhere you can listen to music. We discussed  the project, her personal singing style and we even talked about her debut, Life After Love.  In this episode there's even a small snippet of my sit down with Mike  Brown the founder of Each One Teach One and The Commission.  The music in this episode is What My Ex Do by Beano French. I hope you enjoy as I have bringing it to you. I need you to feel this. 
January 29, 2019
Episode 002 - R&B Album of the Year 2017
It's only right we talk about R&B too right?  Enough people asked and if we're being honest R&B in 2017 was  superb. So many new sub-genres emerged and we were impressed with how  many new artists debuted last year. Listen to KatCandidly and Ramsey  talk album of the year on episode two of A-Side B-Side Podcast. Did some  of your favorites make the list? Did we miss out on anyone dope? We  break it down thoroughly: Lyrics, Vocals, concept, production, and  impact are the criteria. Leave a comment below.  The music in this  episode is Raindrops by Kärma from her Sunny Side Up EP Out Now! I need you to feel this. 
January 29, 2019
Episode 001 - Pilot AOTY 2017
The piece that brought you all to WhatsTheMovement.net is back. Hip Hop Album of the Year: The 2017 Edition.  Some years fall short, some blossom. This year was the latter and outstanding for music. Instead of writing a long drawn out piece counting down the top five I enlisted some help for this one. Charles Polk, Kyle Gill join Jonathan C. Ramsey to give you our pilot episode of A-Side B-Side Podcast presented to you by WTM. In this episode we break down the top five hip-hop albums this year. Same deal as always: Flow, lyrics, production, Impact, and uniqueness is how we rate our top five. I won't spill too much.  The music in episode is F**k 12 by Khalil Jibran. I just need you to feel this. Press play.
January 29, 2019
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