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Ask Solar Sandy Podcast

Ask Solar Sandy Podcast

By Solar Sandy
Ask questions to Sandy all about Solar Power and the benefits of producing your own power in Arizona. Sandy is not only an expert in this space, but a Grandma first that was on a mission to help her daughter save a bundle of money on her electric bill. Now she continues that mission helping you do the same.
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Testimonial - Danny & Rosemary
Danny & Rosemary talk about the TRUTH behind $0 APS bills. They also talk about their $500 credit balance, tax credits, and more!
May 25, 2020
Networking Arizona - Carol Blonder Show: Solar Sandy Will Pay Your Electric & Solar Bill for 3 Months!
During these times of uncertainty, one thing that is certain is that we will always have a power bill. To relieve stress from families, she will be paying for your solar panel payments and electric bills if you decide to go solar with Solar Sandy. Tune in to listen to the benefits, especially in difficult times like this.
April 01, 2020
A Solar Horror Story: Solar Sandy to the Rescue
Jacie F. called Solar Sandy after hearing about $0 APS bills asking why she didn't have $0 after going solar with another company.  Now Solar Sandy is on a mission to help Arizona residents who have gone solar but are not getting the maximum savings and benefits they were promised.
March 16, 2020
Networking Arizona - Carol Blonder Show: Paying Family's Solar Panel Payments for 1 Entire Year
 Solar Sandy continues to help families and on this episode she discusses paying family's solar panel payments, rate increases, summer bills, and doing solar the right way. She goes into detail on how she has helped families achieve $0 bills and APS paying them back at the end of year.
March 10, 2020
960 The Patriot - How The Rate Increase Will Impact You, More Than You Think
On this episode, Solar Sandy talks with Jeremy Segal about the greed of the power companies, and how the increase will affect our families.  Take your power back from the power companies! Have them pay your bills!
March 03, 2020
Networking Arizona: Carol Blonder - New Year Resolutions
Host Carol Blonder talks with Ask Solar Sandy with a lot of information to get ready for 2020 
January 10, 2020
iHeart Radio: Rob Hunter - Why He Chose Ask Solar Sandy
iHeart Radio Host Rob Hunter chose Ask Solar Sandy and is super excited! He also talks about the different companies he met with, and the difference with Ask Solar Sandy. 
January 04, 2020