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Ask a Homeschooler

Ask a Homeschooler

By Ask a Homeschooler
A podcast where two mostly functioning, grown up homeschoolers talk tips and tricks for homeschooling during COVID-19. Pep talks included!
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School, Sisters, and Silliness
In this week's episode, we ask Ellen's sisters a few questions about what they think school is like. We hope this silly episode is enjoyable! If you're able, please donate to...   OneStruggle KC:  For the Gworls': Lead to Life: Or one of your local black led organization! For our white listeners, please reach out to your local SURJ chapter to do more. 
June 3, 2020
It's Still Learning!
Are you starting to feel pretty worn down by schooling at home? Listen to all of the wild and creative ways we learned in a non-traditional way! You can email us at or find us on Instagram @askahomeschooler and Facebook at Ask a Homeschooler podcast.  Fun fact: shibori is the Japanese word for tie-dye! 
May 6, 2020
Child-Led Learning
In this episode, we discuss child-led learning, a process where students take ownership (to varying degrees) of their own learning. Again, sorry for some choppy audio. You can find us at Ask a Homeschooler on Facebook and Instagram.
April 17, 2020
Deschooling Details
In this episode, we talk a little more in detail about the process of deschooling! Sorry if the audio is a little choppy at points - we had a lot of technical difficulties this week. The articles Ellen referenced were from You can find us on Facebook and Instagram @askahomeschooler.
April 9, 2020
Homeschooling - It's a Learning Process
In this episode, we discuss what this podcast is, who we are, and a little bit about the basic theory of homeschooling vs. regular school. Lots of rambling ensues! Please forgive our audio quality while we are learning. Find us on Instagram @askahomeschooler and on Facebook at Ask a Homeschooler Podcast
March 31, 2020