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How to successfully redesign your life

How to successfully redesign your life

By Neil Alvanzo
The purpose of the series is to offer meaningful perspectives along with practical techniques to help you unleash your potential and design a life which serves you best
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The path to leading an authentic life
What does being authentic mean to you. How does not living in an authentic way cost us? What would the world look like if Nelson Mandela, Thomas Edison and Kobe Bryant were not authentic? Interested in learning three practical and meaningful techniques to promote authentic living?
January 3, 2021
Are you living not to fail?
What beliefs and assumptions are you holding onto which prevent you from pursuing the life you really want. What if there was a way to turn down the volume on your fear and reposition your mind toward your best life attainable.
December 13, 2020
How to successfully redesign your life
The purpose of today's episode is to offer perspective and guidance to help you understand and find your purpose.
December 7, 2020