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The AskMrVin Show

The AskMrVin Show

By Vinay Katiyar
Digital Entrepreneur, Marketer & Public Speaker. I manage a Digital agency - Redirekt, create websites and help SMEs drive attention online.
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#AskMrVin Episode 1: Quantity or Quality - What's more important?
This is the  #1 episode of the #AskMrVin Podcast. I have shared my opinion how quantity is more important than quality. I have shared a few examples and note points that might help you understand it better. So, let me know what's your opinion on the matter? Make sure to hit me up and let me know what you think about the first episode of my podcast. Here's how you can reach out to me: Talk to my bot: Ask me questions here: TikTok for 60-sec clips: LinkedIn for B2B content: Tweet me: @vinaykrkatiyar
January 6, 2020
What is Success?
I asked a question on Instagram about "What is Success?" and received a few answers. Some of them the popular hyped up answers while others were well thought. I have shared two of them that I personally liked. I have shared my personal opinion on success how we're constantly running behind it, chasing it even before we make some time to define it. Tune In to find out. ✌️
May 1, 2019