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The Big Ask Podcast

The Big Ask Podcast

By Aspire Living & Learning
The Big Ask Podcast is an exploration of challenging questions facing providers of developmental services produced by Aspire Living & Learning.
Can We Be Artisans in An Industrial World?
Welcome to The Big Ask, a podcast where we challenge ourselves to explore complex questions that face providers of services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In this episode, we ask, ‘how can we be artisans in an industrial world?’ The artisanal approach to making things means small scale or handmade by a skilled worker. It can be a metaphor for the way supports for individuals can be constructed in small-scale environments. At the same time, many smaller organizations have merged or been supplanted by larger providers. We look at how the balance between artisanal and industrial qualities shapes our work. The Big Ask is produced by Aspire Living & Learning, a private, non-profit human service and educational organization, serving individuals in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maryland. We provide services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, supporting them to live full lives in their communities. Learn more at or discover Aspire on Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.
July 19, 2022