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American Shoreline Podcast | Crazy Busy Week of Coastal News
In this episode of the American Shoreline Podcast, Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham take a minute to talk about the interesting new content coming to ASPN before the New Year and go over some of the most compelling news stories currently on Coastal News Today. Subjects discussed: ASPN news and reflection on NHC Director Ken Graham's interview; the Hurricane Florence Series of shows; the upcoming BOEM interview and the GOMA Coastal Resiliency Fall Meeting this week (CNT & ASPN will be there!); introducing the new host for the Waterways podcast, Robert R. Frump; the NOAA/NFWF $28.9M National Coastal Resiliency Fund; new shipping routes through the Russian Arctic and what it means; Shannon Tompkins, inducted into the Texas Freshwater Fishing HOF and the importance of outdoor journalism; Shannon's story on warmer winters triggering changes in Texas bays; and, more.
December 10, 2018
Local Control | South Padre Island Mayor Dennis Stahl
In this episode of the Local Control podcast, Peter A. Ravella is joined by Dennis Stahl, Mayor of the City of South Padre Island on the Texas coast. Dennis and his wife became permanent residents of South Padre Island shortly after Dennis stepped away from the day-to-day operations of his businesses. Needing something to occupy his time and mind, Dennis found local government, first serving on the City Council then running a successful campaign for mayor. Subjects discussed: the charms of South Padre Island; challenges of barrier island governance; the City's beach management program; working with a beach-tourism economy; SpaceX rocket launches; and, more.
December 7, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | Ken Graham, Director NHC
On this special episode of the American Shoreline Podcast, Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham welcome National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham to the show to recap the 2018 season and talk about the NHC's on-going work to better understand storms and better inform the American public. Subjects discussed: storm tracking and intensity methodologies and advancements; the Cone of Uncertainty; NHC's public education challenge; the national media; working with social scientists to improve product design; and more.
December 5, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | Howard Marlowe & Dan Ginolfi Introduce the Waterlog Podcast
Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham welcome Howard Marlowe and Dan Ginolfi to the show from Washington DC to introduce ASPN's newest show, the Waterlog Podcast. Howard and Dan are experts in the realm of Federal coastal policy and help local governments from across the American shoreline understand and successfully navigate this complicated and confusing - yet critically important - universe. Subjects discussed: expectations for the lame duck period; the NFIP extension; what's on the WRDA radar; the 2019 Corps work plan and process; and, what we can expect to be covered in future episodes of the Waterlog Podcast.
December 3, 2018
Sea Change | HerChesapeake
In this episode of the Sea Change Podcast, Jenna Valente sits down with three of her long-time friends and favorite role models to discuss HerChesapeake, an organization that sits at the intersection of feminism and conservation with the goal of cultivating a network of women who elevate, amplify, and empower each other in a fair and impartial pursuit of their collective success and a healthier Chesapeake Bay. Lauren Taneyhill, President and Founder, Stephanie Smith, Vice President, and Catherine Krikstan, Historian discuss what it means to lead by example, cultivate safe space for innovation and vulnerability, and share their advocacy journeys in an episode that is sure you leave you simultaneously fired up, inspired, and refreshed.
November 30, 2018
Local Control | Topsail Beach Commissioner Steve Smith
On this episode of Local Control, Peter A. Ravella speaks Topsail Beach Commissioner Steve Smith. After a 37 year career with the Eveready Battery Company, Steve and his wife moved into a new home in Topsail Beach. Since then, Steve has served as Co-Chair of Topsail Beach’s 50 Year Celebration and Chairman of Topsail Beach’s Beach, Inlet & Sound Committee, and of course as a city commissioner. He continues to be involved with the Topsail Island community by serving as Secretary for the Kiwanis Club of Topsail Island Area and working with the Historical Society of Topsail Island. Subjects discussed: an overview of Topsail Beach; how the local government manages the shoreline; local funding of the shoreline management program; community engagement and education at Topsail; Hurricane Florence's impact and plans to continue building the beach; community leadership on the issue of sea level rise; and, the importance of local leadership in the aftermath of big storms.
November 28, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | Lone Star Shoreline with Eddie Fisher
On this episode of the American Shoreline Podcast, Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham don their boots for a stroll along the Texas coast with Eddie Fisher, a fourth generation coastal Texan who has spent his career working in the public and private sectors along the Lone Star state's beaches and bays. He spent 10 years as the Director of the Coastal Erosion Program for the General Land Office before transitioning to the private sector and is now the Vice President of Gulf Hydrographic and Coastal Consulting. Subjects discussed: impacts of dredging the Freeport Channel to 50'; changes and trends in Cameron Country's development and what might happen in the coming years; Eddie's top coastal project priorities; looking to Louisiana for guidance on Texas coastal management; and, the importance of bringing stakeholders and local voters into the equation.
November 27, 2018
The Beach Shack | Thanksgiving Special
On this Thanksgiving Special episode of the Beach Shack, Tyler Buckingham speaks with Orrin, Peter, and Jenna Valente about their family coastal "camp" on the rocky shoreline of Maine. Near Acadia National Park, the family's "Seldom Inn" has been a place of gathering and recreation for four generations. For this Thanksgiving Special, Tyler is joined by three generations: Orrin, born in 1933, two years before the family first started acquiring the property that would become the Seldom Inn; Peter, Orrin's son; and Jenna, Peter's daughter. The conversation is a reminder of how much we have to be grateful for on the American Shoreline, which is a venue for so much connection and meaningfulness in our lives.
November 21, 2018
Next Swell | World Champion Surfer Shaun Tomson
Rob Nixon is joined by surfing legend Sean Tomson. Sean is the author of the best-selling book “Surfer’s Code“, and the writer and producer of the award-winning documentary film Bustin’ Down the Door. He is a Business Administration and Finance graduate from the University of Natal. He is a World Surfing Champion, an inductee in the Jewish and South African Sports Hall of Fame, the US Surfing Hall of Fame, and has been described as one of the greatest surfers of all time (Surfing Magazine 2004) and one of the most influential surfers of the century (Surfer Magazine 1999). He is a board member and ambassador for Surfrider Foundation, the world’s largest environmental group dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans, waves and beaches and he received the SIMA Environmentalist of the Year Award in 2002. He currently lives with his wife and son in Santa Barbara, California and still finds time to chase the perfect wave.
November 21, 2018
Next Gen Waterfronts | Kickoff Episode with Rick Hitchcock
Dan Martin launches ASPN's newest show, the Next Gen Waterfronts podcast with a terrific conversation with Rick Hitchcock, Senior Principal and President of the Hitchcock Design Group. Subjects discussed include: differences in economics and development of river-fronts, lakefronts, and oceanfronts; the value of wetlands; planning for waterfront projects with the community; organizing elements; historic shoreline use trends and the new emphasis on recreation; designing in and around flood areas; and, the new commerce of waterfronts across America.
November 20, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | Florence Follow Up
In this episode, Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham speak with Steve Mercer and Joe Gaughan, residents of Brunswick County, North Carolina. Both work at Steve's company, Coastal Transplants, a dune construction, maintenance, and restoration firm. Hear their stories, and how Hurricane Florence continues to impact the lives of those in its path of destruction. Subjects discussed include: preparing the farm for the storm, historic levels of flooding days after the storm had made landfall; the community coming together and chickens; and, dealing with FEMA and its contractors.
November 19, 2018
Sea Change | The Whale Guitar
Jenna Valente sits down with Jen Long, Founder of The Whale Guitar Project, an organization dedicated to protecting Earth's oceans and whales by raising awareness of man-made threats and inspiring audiences to take impactful action. The the core of their outreach is the Whale Guitar - a custom electric guitar hand carved to resemble a whale. Jenna and Jen discuss how the idea to create the Whale Guitar came about, how Jen was inspired to become an advocate, and how music can be used to inspire change.
November 15, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | Veterans Day Special Show
Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham sit down for a special show in honor of America's veterans. Throughout America's history, our armed forces have intersected with the shoreline - to defend the homeland from attack, to leave the homeland for war "overseas", and to return again, god willing. On this show Peter and Tyler look at some of the numbers of equipment and people at left America though its ports during the years of World War II. Its incredible. Other subjects discussed include: ASPN's ASBPA Conference speaker, session, and SWAG awards; exciting new content coming to the Network; and, a status update on the fire in the coastal community of Malibu.
November 12, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | ASBPA Conference Special Round Table Edition
Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham wrap up the ASBPA National Conference with a special round table edition. Peter and Tyler are joined by: Rob Nixon, host of ASPN's Next Well podcast; Dolan Eversole, Waikiki Beach Management Coordinator through the University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program; Liz Skree Ecosystems Communications Manager for the Environmental Defense Fund; Taylor Zimmerman, ASBPA award winner and student from the Stevens Institute of Technology; Corey Aitken, student and ASBPA New Professional Committee co-chair; Jun Cheng, Ph.D. Candidate at the University of South Florida; and Reuben Trevino, Director of Operations with the Galveston Island Park Board of Trustees.
November 7, 2018
Local Control | Scott Jones on Protecting the Galveston Bay
Peter A. Ravella sits down with Scott Jones, Galveston Bay Foundation Director of Advocacy. Scott has been with GBF since September 2008. Previously, Scott worked for eight years at the Galveston Bay Estuary Program and on water quality issues for four years at TCEQ-Austin and the Galveston County Health District. As Environmental Policy and Outreach Specialist, Scott provides education and outreach on the importance of freshwater inflows to Galveston Bay, ensuring that diverse stakeholder groups and citizens at large have a voice in State water planning. Scott also facilitates GBF’s Wetland Permit Review Committee, a group of volunteers that examine Corps of Engineers permit applications to ensure that impacts to our wetlands are avoided, minimized and/or mitigated.
November 7, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | Professor Emeritus Paul Komar from the ASBPA National Conference
Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham are joined by Paul Komar, emeritus Professor of Oceanography at Oregon State University, where he has been on the faculty since 1970. He received a M.S. degree in Geology at the University of Michigan, and a Ph.D. in Oceanography from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Professor Komar's research interests have focused primarily on coastal processes, including investigations of wave-induced nearshore currents and the resulting transport of beach sediments. His recent research has centered on the climate controls on U.S. West Coast processes and the resulting erosion problems, including those associated with occurrences of major El Ninos and a progressive increase in North Pacific wave heights. As well as having undertaken research along the West Coast of the United States, Professor Komar's investigations have included the Nile Delta of Egypt and the coast of New Zealand. He is author or co-author of over 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers, and two books including Beach Processes and Sedimentation published by Prentice-Hall (1976 and 1998). Paul gave the keynote address at the ASBPA Awards Luncheon at this years National Conference, where we recorded this show.
November 5, 2018
Next Swell | Former Commissioner of the General Land Office of Texas Jerry Patterson
Rob Nixon sits down with former Commissioner of the General Land Office of Texas Jerry Patterson to discuss the Texas Coast. Subjects discussed include: Jerry career of public service and 12 years as Land Commissioner; the Open Beaches Act and violations in Surfside and Galveston; Hurricane Rita and the infamous “condemnation letter” to property owners who ended up with homes on the wrong side of LOV; challenges to the rolling easement of the OBA in Brennan and Severance Cases; the Texas Supreme Court, Wayne Christian, Hurricane Ike; and, Jerry's thoughts on the future of Texas's open beaches.
November 1, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | Pregaming the ASBPA Conference with Derek Brockbank
Hours before the start of the ASBPA National Conference, Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham sit down with Derek Brockbank for an exclusive preview of the coming day's events. Subjects discussed: the history of ASBPA and the National Conference; the Certified Coastal Professionals short courses; and, the conference's forecasted highlights!
October 31, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | The Coastal Engineer's Perspective with Michael Poff
Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham are joined by Michael Poff, President of Coastal Engineering Consultants and host of the Podcast for Building Beaches Better on ASPN. Subject discussed include: Michael's plans for his new show on ASPN (P4B^3); trends in coastal engineering and how the profession can be better; an update on the Charlotte County, FL beach project; and Michael's thoughts on the future of coastal engineering.
October 29, 2018
Local Control | Louisiana Resiliency with Pat Forbes
Peter A. Ravella launches Local Control with Pat Forbes, the ​Executive Director of the Office of Community Development and LA SAFE, the state's community resiliency program with a budget of $100 million from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Subject discussed include: Pat's coastal background; the state of the LA coast and the extent to which land loss is an emergent issue; the importance of coastal and community resiliency; and, what other states can learn from Louisiana.
October 26, 2018
The Beach Shack | Ode to a Beach House
In the first episode of the Beach Shack, Tyler Buckingham chats with Don Scanlin, a real estate expert with more than 25 years experience in acquisition, development, and sale of commercial properties in his role as an independent real estate investor. His current investments include a diverse portfolio of commercial and recreational properties located in the Western U.S. Don ownes a family beach house on Solimar Beach, California. Subjects discussed: Don's family history on Solimar Beach; pre-war condition of the beach and the original small beach shacks; WWII and the Japanese submarine attack; pre-western settlement of the area and the coastal existence of the Chumash people; geology of the Ventura and Santa Barbara County shoreline; and, Don's thoughts on short term renting.
October 24, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | News of the Weird and Other Flotsam and Jetsam
Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham are excited to return to the ASPN airwaves, feeling refreshed and invigorated from respective vacations. Subjects discussed: news of the weird on the American Shoreline; Pacific Grove to decide on future of short-term rentals with Measure M; St Augustine Florida's Tax collector working to keep up with vacation rental boom; Santa Barbara County Supervisors to consider Coastal Commission changes to county cannabis ordinance; the power of Hurricane Willa and the recent storm we seem to forget so quickly; and, a look ahead at the other great shows coming to ASPN soon.
October 22, 2018
Sea Change | Kickoff Show with Tim Dillingham
Jenna Valente welcomes Tim Dillingham for the Sea Change podcast inaugural show. Tim is the Executive Director of the American Littoral Society, making him both an excellent first guest for the Sea Change, and Jenna's boss. Subject discussed: Tim’s background, inspirations, and motivations; American Littoral Society’s background and insights gained from running the organization; and, conservation gains and challenges seen over the years, advice for others looking to pursue a similar role, and what his legacy might be.
October 17, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | The Economics of The Edge with Dan Martin
Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham are joined by Dan Martin, host of the new Next Gen Waterfronts coastal economics podcast on ASPN. Dan works directly with clients assisting them and their planning teams to determine the best mix of land uses at a site and to determine and project the market demand and financial outcomes for those specific land uses at the site over time. Subject discussed: what will the next generation of beach users look for at the shoreline; the Millennials are the largest block of US population; climate change and the future of shoreline development; Dan's background and growing up in Boston; development trends on the American shoreline; and rethinking the "highest and best use" idea for the next generation.
October 15, 2018
The Next Swell | Historic Supreme Court Decision Deep Dive
For the first episode of The Next Swell Podcast, Rob Nixon welcomes two outstanding guests to talk about the blockbuster Martin's Beach Supreme Court decision. Angela Howe is the Legal Director of the Surfrider Foundation. Sarah Damron manages over 30 Surfrider chapters across the American Shoreline. This episode is a deep dive into the case and what the future may hold for Martin's Beach.
October 12, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | Fish Stories with Robert E. Jones
Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham are joined by Robert E. Jones, Director of the Gulf of Mexico region for the Environmental Defense Fund's Oceans Program, and host of the Catch Curve podcast of ASPN. Subjects discussed include: Robert's background and connection to the coast; the meaning of "catch curve"; red tide in FL; emerging trends in fisheries management; and, the great migration happening beneath the water.
October 8, 2018
Sea Change Podcast Trailer
Jenna Valente introduces the brand new Sea Change Podcast on ASPN, a show dedicated to telling the story of coastal advocacy and the people to dedicate their lives to protecting our oceans and shorelines.
October 5, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | Special Supreme Court Edition
Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham sit down for a special edition of ASP to discuss the ramifications of the U.S. Supreme Court declining to take the Martins Beach case.
October 2, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | Derek Brockbank
Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham are joined by Derek Brockbank to introduce The Capitol Beach, Derek's podcast focused on federal shoreline policy. Subjects discussed include: the upcoming ASBPA national conference; Derek's vision for The Capitol Beach; federal coastal policy trends; the state of the relationship between coastal states and the feds; and, can we afford to live on the coast and maintain our shorelines.
October 1, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | Jenna Valente Talks Advocacy
Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham are joined by Jenna Valente of the Littoral Society and host of the Sea Change Podcast on ASPN. Subject discussed: Jenna's plan for her show; growing up in a Coast Guard family and splitting childhood memories between Maine and Hawaii; what issues are important in the advocacy community; repeal and replace of the Federal Ocean Policy; offshore energy, including O&G and wind; and, California Surfing Day enshrined into law.
September 24, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | Opening Thoughts on Hurricanes
With Hurricane Florence in the news, Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham share their thoughts on the important role storms play on the American Shoreline. Subjects discussed include: post-storm increases in coastal real estate values; hurricane impacts on coastal community socio-economics; the challenges of local governance before and after disasters strike; local control of shoreline management; and, the federal government's role in insurance, pre-disaster mitigation/investment, and FEMA aid.
September 16, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast | Announcing New Shows
Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham announce some of the new shows and hosts coming to ASPN, discuss how CNT and ASPN can add value to the coverage of the 2018 hurricane season, and talk about recent research papers documenting how coastal real estate markets are adjusting to a changing climate and rising seas.
September 8, 2018
The Beach Shack Trailer
Introducing The Beach Shack, the newest ASPN show covering the fascinating world of coastal real estate. Where are hottest and coldest coastal markets, and what’s driving them? How does coastal flood insurance work? How are AirBnB, HomeAway, and the other short-term rental companies changing coastal communities across America? And, what are beach communities doing about it? We are excited to explore these questions and more with industry's thought leaders.
September 7, 2018
ASPN Labor Day Kickoff | The Endless Summer Show
Peter A. Ravella and Tyler Buckingham launch the American Shoreline Podcast with an introduction to Coastal News Today and ASPN and think about the most important coastal news stories from summer. Subject discussed: the proliferation of plastic straw bans across coastal America; the growing awareness of sea level rise and climate change; the awesome power of the Hawaiian volcano eruption; ongoing tensions between the public and private interests on the beach; and, the red tide and Blue Green algae disaster in Florida.
September 2, 2018
American Shoreline Podcast Network Trailer
Welcome aboard! The American Shoreline Podcast Network is where thought-leaders from across the coastal space - from shipping and engineering to policy and tourism - discuss the latest developments that affect you, your business, or your property.
August 29, 2018
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