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Assault City Circle pit

Assault City Circle pit

By Dez troy
Take a Chaotic dive into underground music with Dez Troy! the show consists of 3 different episode types , interviews , album reviews and what we call circle pit radio! tune in each month to learn about new artists to listen for on the horizon. See you in the pit!
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Episode 8: Mandalorians, Usurpers and Hooligans! Oh my!

Assault City Circle pit

Episode 10: Its not delivery its a heart attack!
In this weeks episode Dez interviews Eric, Tyler and Ethan from Salt lake cities own ANONYMOUS.  Be warned this episode is extra fun, listen at your own risk. See you in the pit!  
April 7, 2021
Episode 9: Circle pit radio w/ Lynda Kathleen and Mick Hooligan
On this months Circle pit radio Guest DJ Lynda Kathleen is joined by Mick Hooligan a fun free for all of heavy music from Salt lake city!  this episode includes music from : The Usurpers, Mandalore, Captain Daniels and the sunnybrook sailors, Anonymous, Power beer  and a circle pit radio exclusive premiere track From Founders of Ruin.  All music used on the episode was provided by the artist with permission for use on Circle pit radio.  find all these artists on spotify, apple music and band camp to show your support any way you can!  See you in the pit!
March 17, 2021
Episode 8: Mandalorians, Usurpers and Hooligans! Oh my!
This week Dez is joined by former co-host Mick Hooligan to review some of the best punk and hardcore that Assault city has to offer!  Band featured on this episode include Mandalore and The Usurpers. all music featured on this episode provided by the artist with full permission for use. find Mandalore on Spotify itunes and band camp. go to for a free download of Future wars 
March 11, 2021
Episode 7: Return of the Lobster King
Starting March off right Dez interviews the Irish bastard himself  Parker McIntyre of Captain Daniels and the Sunny brook sailors and Founders of ruin! This weeks conversation goes off the rails at the drop of a hat so be ready for twists and turns. See you in the pit!
March 3, 2021
Episode 6 : Circle pit radio w/ Buck Truckinton
This week Guest DJ Buck Truckinton hosts a head bangin, skull crushing, thrash fest  Featuring Necrowolf (UT) ,Draghoria(CO) and Sacrilegion (UT)  Get ready to head bang and crank up Circle pit radio!  See you in the pit!
February 24, 2021
Episode 5: Warriors of Colfax
This months reviews are a nonstop Heavy Metal thrash fast! Dez is reviewing an EP from Draghoria(CO) and the full length debut from Necrowolf(UT).  as if that wasn't enough were joined by Dylan "Demon" Dawes of DiseNgaged who is quite the blabber mouth.  All kinds of fun and heavy music as always on this weeks Assault City Circle Pit!  See you in the pit 
February 17, 2021
Episode 4: The True Survivors
This week our host Dez troy went to the bar with the boys from Sacrilegion got a little frisky and turned on the mics . Enjoy the drunken banter of bar buds and maybe learn a bit, about what? we dont know the band? Venezuela ? See you in the Pit!
February 10, 2021
Episode 3: Circle pit radio w/Johnny Rico
We are joined by guest DJ 'Johnny rico' for the first ever circle pit radio displaying all the talent of the first month of season Two. this episode includes songs by Pinewalker ,Winterlight , Sacrilegion , Knellwraith, Unceremonial, Goathill massacre, and Blood purge , all songs appear with full permission from the band. please find these artists on Band camp, Spotify and Itunes SUPPORT UNDERGROUND MUSIC  See you in the pit 
February 3, 2021
Episode 2: Goat purge
This week i'm reviewing Slaughter, rinse, repeat by Goat hill massacre of Denver Colorado and Maniacal carnage by Utah based Blood purge. im also joined by Nate Perkins of Pinewalker/winter light to hear what he has to say about these two heavy as hell CDs.
February 3, 2021
Episode 1: Interview with a yeti and a whore king
Dez is joined by Connor Carlson (Sacrilegion, Unceremonial, Knellwraith) and Nate Perkins (Pinewalker, Winter light) after a few to many at the bar for the first Episode of the second season. enjoy our semi coherent drunk rambling and get ready for even more from Assault city!! See you in the pit!! 
February 3, 2021
Bonus episode: Dont kink Shame Jingles! (Tribute to Alexi Laiho)
Host Dez Troy is joined by Connor (white boy) Carlson of Unceremonial, Sacrilegion and Knellwraith and the Ivester brothers of 'Heirs ov the ancient throne'  or as they prefer 'The new Hanson' to discuss the recent passing of metal legend Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom. Along with being a tribute to a major influence to all of us this episode is a small thank you to everyone for the recent support before we've even released one episode of the new season! a quick bonus episode of just drinkin and talking with some friends is the least i can do to provide some content as a thank you!   See you in the pit! 
January 27, 2021
Episode 0 : welcome to Assault city
this episode is just a quick preview of the new season, the show has changed a lot and like it or not we ain't gonna stop so get ready cause something heavy this way comes!! this preview features music from Pinewalker, Goat hill massacre and Anonymous SLC and Winter light  
January 11, 2021