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By Nick Knoke
Build relationships, identify best practices, work together to shape regulatory and legislative policies for efficient asset management.
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ALN Roundtable: Microgrid Asset Leadership
- Dr. Dorothy Robyn, Senior Fellow at the Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy; National Academy of Sciences Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment, Board Member; - Dr. Tony McGrail, IEEE Asset Management Committee Chair; - Jon Arnup, CEO Trent Port Services, Singapore, an ALN Member Organization; - Moshe Nelson, ALN Senior Fellow, Principal, Grant Thornton Public Sector, an ALN Member Organization;
May 24, 2022
Value and Benefits from Asset Management – Electric Utilities
Bonneville Power Administration and Energy Australia present case studies of their asset management successes, challenges, and lessons learned. Speakers: - Glenn Schumacher, Head of Engineering, Energy Australia - Stacy Webster-Wharton, Acting Asset Manager, Bonneville Power Administration - Peter Kohler, Director of the Asset Management College, Australia - Sally Nugent, Managing Director at Salyent Pty Ltd
May 24, 2022
Moshe Nelson - ALN Th@3
Moshe Nelson - ALN Th@3
May 20, 2022
Four Questions that Transformed Municipal Asset Management
Melissa Osborne discusses the tremendous success of Windsor, Ontario’s asset management initiatives, in this next installment of the Municipal Asset Leadership Web Series. Melissa Osborne is currently Director, Development Services, Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada, but was recently Senior Manager, Asset Management for Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Ashay Prabhu, Founder and Managing Director of Assetic (a Brightly Company)
May 19, 2022
Dharmen Dhaliah - ALN Th@3
Dharmen Dhaliah, Asset Management Author and Senior Manager, Climate Change and Asset Manager, City of Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada, joins us this week to discuss his previous work with Toronto's asset management, his books, his approach to asset management training and more.
May 12, 2022
A Global Discussion on Value in Asset Management
Part of the Value and Benefits of Asset Management web series with our Australian colleagues Peter Kohler and Sally Nugent of AM Reflections, this web program is a discussion on why value matters and how to address value in terms of asset management. Joining Mr. Kohler and Ms. Nugent will be the ALN’s Jack Kelly and Mike Bordenaro.
May 12, 2022
Peter Kohler - ALN Th@3
Peter Kohler, Director of The Asset Management College, joins ALN Th@3 pm ET this week to focus on why the co-hosted web series matters and why next week’s A Global Discussion on Value from Asset Management is so important at this juncture in the evolution of asset management around the world.
May 05, 2022
Ways to Socialize a Draft Asset Management Executive Order - ALN Th@3
Special Open Invitation discussion on “Ways to Socialize a Draft Asset Management Executive Order.”
April 29, 2022
People Are Not Assets - ALN Roundtable
It is common for organizational leaders to say, “Our people are our most important assets.” While well-meaning, assets are things – tangible and intangible. The contributions of people are the intangible assets that are being referred to in the misguided phrase above. The patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property of people are assets, not the people themselves.  Speakers: - Dr. Monique Beedles - Author, Asset Management Consultant,  - Marty Rowland - ALN Senior Fellow, - Dominic Townsend - President of ALN Patron Member ABS Quality Evaluations;  - Cecilia Mowatt - President Strategies In Site, ALN Organizational Member, - Nick Shepard - Author, Consultant - representing the 6 Capitals perspective on AM
April 29, 2022
Jack Kelly and Yvonne Carney - ALN Th@3
Jack Kelly, ALN Board of Directors, ALN Senior Fellow, and Yvonne Carney, Strategic Performance Director, WSSC Water; Both are members of the TC 251 Work Group and Members of US TAG Mirror Committee 3, Communications, which Ms. Carney leads. They discuss an extensive communication plan for the US TAG, which is launching its own website for the first time.
April 21, 2022
Kimon Onuma - ALN Th@3
Kimon Onuma, President, ONUMA, Inc., an ALN Patron Member, will discuss the California BIMin’, the Summer 2022 BIMStorm that will feature the Los Angeles Community College and others who use a web-based Building Information Modeling approach to asset management. This “digital twin” approach to asset management captures planning decisions and information in cloud databases to be used throughout the life of a project – and all the assets in it. Mr. Onuma has led award-winning public BIMStorms since 2007 and has used the same processes for clients for almost 30 years. Learn what owners need to know to get started on digital twin approach to asset management.
April 14, 2022
Daniel Ortiz Plata - ALN Th@3 Especial
Daniel Ortiz Plata, is an ALN Senior Fellow and the Manager of Ortiz Ruiz Consultorres, which provides asset management consulting with a focus on risk-based approaches to maintenance, inventory of spare parts, and other services. Mr. Ortiz is active in ISO 55001 certification programs in the U.S., Central America, and South America. He is working in water and wastewater, mining and other markets. He advises on energy savings based on ISO 55001, plant shutdown, Life Cycle Cost Evaluation, root cause analysis, and more. Mr. Ortiz will be speaking about what he sees in ISO 55001 certification in many countries.
March 31, 2022
Jesse Rothkopf - ALN Th@3
Jesse Rothkopf is now Vice President Asset Management at Stellar Services, which is based in New York City and serves clients around the country. Mr. Rothkopf will be talking about the value of the “big picture” concept of drafting an Asset Management Executive Order, the key role of technology in asset management, and how culture plays a critical role in the success of an asset management initiative. All of these are issues that were prevalent in the Summit last week.
March 24, 2022
Mark Knight & Rich Culbertson - ALN Th@3
Jim Dieter, CEO, ALN; Rich Culbertson, ALN Board of Directors; and Mark Knight, Senior Managing Consultant, 1898 & Co., discuss the ALN Winter Summit.
March 17, 2022
Roundtable - Transportation Asset Leadership - ALN Summit Winter '22
Roundtable - Transportation Asset Leadership - ALN Summit Winter '22
March 17, 2022
Panel - Learning from International Infrastructure Asset Leadership Success - ALN Summit Winter '22
Panel - Learning from International Infrastructure Asset Leadership Success - ALN Summit Winter '22
March 17, 2022
U.S. GAO - ALN Summit Winter '22
U.S. GAO - ALN Summit Winter '22
March 16, 2022
National Academy of Sciences - Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed - ALN Summit Winter '22
National Academy of Sciences - Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed - ALN Summit Winter '22
March 16, 2022
Interactive discussion with State and Local Executives - ALN Summit Winter '22
Interactive discussion with State and Local Executives - ALN Summit Winter '22
March 16, 2022
Keynote Presentation by the Michigan Infrastructure Council - ALN Summit Winter '22
Keynote Presentation by the Michigan Infrastructure Council - ALN Summit Winter '22
March 16, 2022
Learning from the City of Greater Geelong, Australia
Michelle Walker, City Manager, City of Greater Geelong, Australia will discuss balancing municipal needs with restricted federal, state, and local resources to achieve maximum value for citizens. Ms. Walker has focused on municipal asset management for the past 14 years after being a Senior Engineer in the Australian Department of Transport and Main Roads. She will discuss the success achieved with intentional federal and local asset management integration.
March 10, 2022
How the U.S. can Benefit from International Approaches to Asset Management
Ashay Prabhu, Founder and President of Assetic by Dude Solutions, will describe and model proven infrastructure asset management strategic approaches that maximize financial value in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States and elsewhere. The U.S. can consider this model when addressing IIJA fund distributions.
March 04, 2022
Richard Culbertson - ALN Th@3
ALN Board of Directors and ALN Senior Fellow
March 03, 2022
How to Achieve Long-Term Success with IIJA
This Roundtable of noted experts will discuss ways to frame proven asset management best practices to ensure long-term value from the historic infrastructure funds to be expended in the United States of America. Included in the Roundtable discussion will be: - asset leadership and asset management process insights from experienced U.S. Federal Agency leaders; - candid comments and suggestions from former federal executives; - Association contributions to wide-scale education and training; and more. This Roundtable is the second prelude to the 2022 Q1 ALN Summit “Sustainable Value Creation from Infrastructure Asset Leadership” March 15 & 16. Roundtable Participants - Sita Egan, Infrastructure Investment and Management Branch Supervisor, Asset Management Division, at Bureau of Reclamation - Peter Dodgion, Asset Management Program Manager, USACE, Civil Works; - Chris Roberts, PhD, Principal, Infrastructure and Projects Advisory KPMG; President, Institute of Asset Management; Board Director of the Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management. - Dan Mathews, Head of Federal Sales, WeWork; Former GSA Public Building Commissioner - Jack Kelly, ALN Board of Directors, ALN Senior Fellow; Retired after 36 years with OMB - Jim Dieter, ALN CEO - Facilitator
March 01, 2022
Jack Kelly - ALN Th@3
Jack Kelly, ALN Board of Directors Member and ALN Senior Fellow, is on the ISO TC 251 Working Group 7 Committee which is writing the ISO 55011 guidance for development and application of public policy to enable asset management. Mr. Kelly sees a very close alignment of ISO 55011 with the ALN National Asset Leadership Strategy and understands how these documents can help the U.S. gain the most value from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Mr. Kelly will talk with Jim Dieter, ALN CEO about these issues and how they will be further addressed in the ALN February Roundtable on February 28 at 2 pm Eastern.
February 24, 2022
Robert Radovanovich – ALN Th@3
Robert Radovanovic, PhD., is an Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Calgary and an engineer at McElhanney. He is developing a proposed curriculum in Asset Management for Sustainable Infrastructure.
February 17, 2022
Hugh Sinclair - ALN Th@3
Hugh Sinclair, Division Manager, Enterprise Asset Management at WSSC Water, is one of the most active authors on LinkedIn in the ALN Community. Recent posts address lead in drinking water, the 161% increase in U.S. water, wastewater, and trash removal services since 1997, his recent Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management Award, and the importance of Black History Month. Mr. Sinclair is always articulate on any topic, so look forward to a wide-ranging conversation for this week’s ALN Th@3.
February 10, 2022
Richard Culbertson - ALN Th@3
ALN Board of Directors Member and ALN Senior Fellow
February 03, 2022
Asset Leadership Influencing Infrastructure Spending - Roundtable
Now that legislation is in place to provide funding for infrastructure improvement, what do federal, state and local leaders need to do to ensure investments are made for the holistic lifecycle of assets? Speakers: Amelia Shachoy, Asst. Dir., Infrastructure, U.S. GAO; Peter Dodgion, Asset Management Program Manager, USACE, Civil Works; Lou Cripps, II, Senior Manager, Asset Management, Denver Regional Transit District; Ben Clark, Group Manager Assets and Infrastructure at Town of Walkerville, South Australia; Mildred Chua-Ulger, ALN Board of Directors Member, IAM Knowledge Leadership Group, Chair; Iain Cranston, Infrastructure Asset Management at icInfrastructure; Michael DeMers, Director, Public Sector, Grant Thornton; David Totman, VP of Asset Management, Innovyze; Member, US TAG to ISO TC-251/55000; ALN Senior Fellow; Michael Bordenaro, ALN Executive Director will facilitate
February 01, 2022
Moshe Nelson - ALN Th@3
Moshe Nelson, Principal, Grant Thornton, Co-Publisher of the ALN National Asset Leadership Strategy and the Law Enforcement Sector Asset Leadership Strategy. Mr. Nelson will be talking about trends that are shaping federal, state, and local government in general and federal law enforcement specifically on this week’s ALN Th@3 pm ET web discussion program.
January 27, 2022
Special A55K - ALN Th@3
Lindsay Ziegler, President, Andrew James Advisory Group This special program with Lindsay Ziegler, President, Andrew James Advisory Group talking with a graduate of the ALN A55K Professional Certification course and A55K certificate holder.
January 20, 2022
Cecilia Mowatt, Esq. - ALN Th@3
Cecilia Mowatt, Esq., Owner, Strategies In Site, Inc. Jim Dieter will be talking with her about a range of topics including equity in asset management.
January 13, 2022
Dominic Townsend - ALN Th@3
We are starting our 2022 ALN Th@3 pm ET discussion program series with Dominic Townsend, President, ABS Quality Evaluation, and ALN Board of Directors member, who will be talking with Jim Dieter about ALN increased programming in 2022.   Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at:
January 08, 2022
Open Discussion - ALN Th@3
Speakers included: Lisa Cooley, Better Building with Data and Technology - Vice President, Federal Solutions at Gordian; Art Kurland, Director of Capital and Asset Management at University Health; Jim Dieter, ALN CEO; Jack Kelly ALN Senior Fellow; Nick Knoke, ALN Director of Technology;
December 30, 2021
Jesse Rothkopf - ALN Th@4
Jesse Rothkopf, was with IBM for 10 years prior to his current position as Managing Principal at LCE. At IBM, Mr. Rothkopf headed the North American Public Sector sales team and was heavily involved in a solutions-oriented approach to federal, state, and local governments. At LCE, Mr. Rothkopf leads transportation and non-manufacturing sectors with an asset-intensive approach that leverages advanced technology solutions and ISO 55000 to provide dramatic benefits to owner organizations. He has a background in logistics and supply chain management and likes to be a volunteer crew member on the tall ship Spirit of South Carolina when he has time. He will be talking about his upcoming White Paper on Resiliency co-published with the Asset Leadership Network, and other topics.
September 24, 2021
Laverne Deckert - ALN Th@4
Laverne Deckert, Lead Chameleon at her business imaChameleon, is a driving force in the Facilities Management world, with extensive international experience in standards development and professional certification. Working for IFMA (International Facilities Management Association) and as a consultant, she has led and supported numerous committees, work groups, and advisory groups of ISO TC 267 Facilities Management, including the development of the ISO 41001, the Management System Standard for Facilities Management. Laverne will be sharing thoughts on the standards development process, the intersections of ISO 41001 and ISO 55K, and perhaps the origin of her tag line “Passion: To bring value to every encounter.”
September 17, 2021
Mark West - ALN Th@4
Mark West, ABS Group Senior Director of Reliability Services, first served 8 years in the U.S Navy involved in nuclear power plants and nuclear power training. Since then, he has served in a several key reliability and maintenance positions developing processes and controls for dramatically improving productivity and profitability. At ABS Group, he is the key author of two White Papers co-published with the Asset Leadership Network. Mr. West will be sharing his lessons learned from an extensive career in asset management and how the White Papers are intended to impact the Power and Water Treatment Industries.
September 13, 2021
Mary Adams - ALN Th@4
Mary Adams founded Smarter Companies to focus on intangible capital management in a way to address what she calls the two mega-trends impacting all organizations – 1) Rise of knowledge economy and 2) the urgency of social and environmental sustainability. Ms. Adams has promoted multi-capital models to bring long-term thinking to the private company market. Ms. Adams is the co-author of “Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st Century Organization” and has been published widely.  Ms. Adams advocates a multi-reporting approach to driving profits and performance, which makes her a perfect fit for the ALN, which wants to increase discussion and understanding about intangible asset management.
September 06, 2021
Mike Aimone - ALN Th@4
Mike Aimone immediately saw the value of ISO 55000 to the nation and began supporting the Asset Leadership Network with no hesitation. It is an honor that such a distinguished person decided to be involved with the ALN. Mike has served the U.S. Department of Defense as an officer, and as an executive at the highest levels. He is still actively involved in helping the U.S. by leading the creation of a National Academy of Sciences Federal Facility Council report that is due out soon.
August 27, 2021
Kris Goly - ALN Th@4
Kris Goly has been involved in asset management for a few decades. He was actively involved in the creation of ISO 55000 and now has the influential role of Chair of the US Technical Advisory Group contributing to rewriting the series of standards. In 2014, Mr. Goly was quoted as saying, "...those that use ISO 9000 and other management standards and good practices will find it relatively easy to implement and become compliant with ISO 55000. It could take them just a few months, maybe six or 12 months, to be fully compliant." We will learn if he feels this is still true, what key changes to look for in the revised ISO 55000, and how involvement in the US TAG can benefit an organization.
August 20, 2021
Colonel (ret.) Ronald Bordenaro - ALN Th@4
Colonel (ret.) Ronald Bordenaro's extensive career includes more than 30 years of active and reserve service in the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Because of his reserve service, Col. Bordenaro also had a full career as an educator and 8 years as the Village of South Holland Building Code Enforcer. With Masters’ Degrees in both Education and Warfare, he has been a life-long advocate for innovative approaches to asset management long before ISO 55000 standardized best practices.
August 14, 2021
Jack Kelly - ALN Th@4
Jack Kelly, ALN Board of Directors Member and ALN Senior Fellow has been a great value to the ALN – and to any organization he is involved with. It is an honor to have Mr. Kelly’s insights and ability to connect dots between the many issues he is actively involved with after leaving the OMB after 36 years of continuous service. It is an even greater honor that Mr. Kelly credits the ALN with getting him involved in international standards writing. He is passionately focused on communicating a clear message about the benefits of a structured approach to asset management and he is an excellent extemporary speaker.
August 06, 2021
Shelly Culbertson - ALN Th@4
Shelly Culbertson is a Senior Policy Researcher for the nonprofit, nonpartisan RAND Corporation, where her focus is on disaster recovery, post-conflict stabilization, innovation policy and more. She has published research on preparing for disaster recovery, which provides insight on how to plan for asset management in non-disaster times. Ms. Culbertson is the author of “The Fires of Spring: A Post-Arab Spring Journey Through the Turbulent New Middle East (St. Martins, 2016). She has contributed opinions and articles to U.S. News & World Report, Newsweek, National Interest and others. One of her articles is linked in Sources below. She has a Master’s from the Woodrow Wilson School for Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and many more accomplishments and accolades.
August 03, 2021
Ron Regalado - ALN Th@4
Certified Professional Property Manager (CPPM)   Author, instructor, speaker and content developer. Over 22 years of direct management experience in the aerospace industry as a Property Manager, Property Supervisor, Team Leader, Change Manager, Process Owner and Common ERP Project Team Leader for Fixed Asset and Government Property tracking systems. Six of the twenty two years were at the sector level and sixteen years were at the business unit level. Have led teams of subject matter experts as a Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt Project Team Leader.   For the past ten years, have served as a U.S. Government-appointed Plant Clearance Officer. Personally responsible for the reutilization of over $1B in excess Government property over a two year period.  Frequent contributing author to the Property Professional publication of the National Property Management Association (NPMA). In August, 2018, Received a literary award at the 2018 NPMA National Educational Seminar.
July 23, 2021
Yvonne Carney - ALN Th@4
Yvonne Carney is Director of Strategic Performance at WSSC Water, a public utility in Maryland that provides water and wastewater services to 1.8 million residents of Montgomery and Prince Georges counties. She is responsible for facilitating the development of WSSC Water’s Strategic Plan and champions the use of data and risk analysis to drive decision-making across the utility. Prior to WSSC Water, she was Director of Performance Improvement at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority in Washington, D.C. Ms. Carney is volunteering on the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO 55001. She has a B.A. in English from the University of Houston and a M.S. in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Texas at Austin. She holds certifications in Enterprise Risk Management, Infrastructure Asset Management and Change Management.
July 15, 2021
Robert Kaehler - ALN Th@4
Robert Kaehler - Board of Directors Member of both the National Property Manager’s Association and the Asset Leadership Network. With the NPMA and ALN largely focused on federal asset management, Bob is a volunteer patriot sharply focused on the challenge of helping the United States of American gain increased value from its limited resources to generate greater value for tax payers.  Bob has focused on asset management software through the dominant Sunflower Systems, which was acquired by CGI, where Bob now works in the CGI Federal division.
July 14, 2021
Carrie Heishman - ALN Th@4
Carrie Heishman is a Senior Program Manager with Definitive Logic and is SAMP Theme Lead for the ISO Working Group Updating ISO 55001 in the United States. She has worked on U.S. Department of Defense contracts for more than 10 years. For Definitive Logic, Ms. Heishman works on large federal programs for the U.S. Army, Environmental Protection Agency, and Department of Transportation. Early in her career, Ms. Heishman worked at Booz Allen Hamilton for 7 years. She has a Masters from Johns Hopkins University.
July 01, 2021
Tim Ingram - ALN Th@4
Tim Ingram is Atkins’ Technical Director of Strategic Asset Management and the UK Chair of the Mirror Committee to ISO 55000 (AMS/01). Mr. Ingram has a Mechanical Engineering degree with Honors from the University of Liverpool and has been a consultant with Thornton Tomasetti, NUKEM Technologies and others before joining Atkins. He has worked in multiple industries, including Oil & Gas, before focusing on infrastructure at Atkins. As the UK Chair of the Mirror Committee to ISO 55000, Mr. Ingram is helping with significant revisions to make the document even more accessible and meaningful to organizations.
June 25, 2021
Jessica Dzara - ALN Th@4
Jessica Dzara, CPPM, CF, Asset Management Program Director at Loudoun Water in Virginia. Ms. Dzara has more than 14 years of asset management experience. Prior to entering the utility sector in 2018, Ms. Dzara was a Senior Manager at Sunflower Systems where she specialized in asset management software implementation and data analysis. She also developed asset management business processes, documentation, and training programs for federal agencies, government contractors, and law enforcement organizations. Ms. Dzara served on the NPMA Executive Board in various roles for eight years and was the NPMA Property Person of the Year in 2018. Ms. Dzara is a graduate of Clemson University and resides in Potomac Falls, Virginia.
June 17, 2021
Tom Smith - ALN Th@4
Thomas Smith, MS was a member of the U.S. Delegation to the first ISO 55000 series and continues to contribute to its evolution. Mr. Smith spoke at the first ALN event in Washington, D.C. and spoke at numerous other events for the ALN and the IAM. He is Faculty Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, where he established a Master of Engineering Professional Practice, contributed to the establishment of the Distance Teaching and Learning program and created a series of short courses on asset management. He has authored numerous White Papers on asset management and has provided asset management consulting. It is good to be visiting with Mr. Smith again at a time when there is much discussion about asset management and higher education. Find videos, papers and more at:
June 11, 2021
Gary Merrow - ALN Th@4
Gary W. Merrow, Vice President, Facilities – Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corporation Find videos, papers and more at:
June 04, 2021
Malak Bahrami - ALN Th@4
Malak Bahrami, PE, CPPS, comes to governmental asset management with a solid foundation in Civil Engineering, which gives him a very practical perspective on meeting the needs of multiple stakeholders, including a very unforgiving physical world that impacts parks in Fairfax County, Virginia. With 8 years in consulting before joining Fairfax County five years ago, Mr. Bahrami has meaningful experience, yet is young enough to adopt innovation and invention to solve asset management issues with physical and behavioral science. The ALN has already had the pleasure of learning from Mr. Bahrami about the ways he coordinates disparate stakeholders to establish consensus results on park issues ranging from waterway path construction methods to allocation of financial resources to disadvantaged areas. We look forward to learning more real-world solutions to government asset management issues. Find videos, papers and more at:
June 02, 2021
Equity through Innovative Asset Management with Martin O'Malley
Former Governor of Maryland Martin J. O’Malley, now with Grant Thornton   Joining in the conversation will be Cecilia Mowatt, Esq, A55K, President of Strategies In Site, ALN Organizational Member and Co-Chair of the ALN's Equity Committee. Also, joining will be Tim Luzano, MBA, MSBA, CSM, CDMP, PMP, Advanced Analytics Manager at Grant Thornton Public Sector, providing a presentation on implementing equity dashboards for Los Angeles Department of Transportation while leveraging an agile implementation methodology.   Find videos, papers and more at:
May 26, 2021
Jennifer and Tacoma Zach - ALN Th@4
Jennifer and Tacoma Zach, have been long-time supporters of all elements of the ALN. They are both involved in the ALN Water & Wastewater Asset Leadership Board. Their company, Uberlytics, LLC creates and supports risk-based management programs. It’s sister company, MentorAPM, is a cloud-based Asset Management Performance software that extends uptime and delivers on digitization for companies that want to improve mission success. Find videos, papers and more at:
May 20, 2021
Dr. Annette Kampf-Dern - ALN Th@4
Dr. Annette Kampf-Dern, Professor & Entrepreneurial Researcher, Sustainable Management of Built Environments   Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at:
May 14, 2021
Chris Lyles - ALN Th@4
Chris Lyles, VP of Asset Planning and Management, Western Area Power Administration Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at:
May 06, 2021
Steve Holland and Lindsay Ziegler - ALN Th@4
Steven Holland - Principal, Asset/Property Management, LMI Lindsay Ziegler - Principal at the Andrew James Advisory Group Mike Bordenaro - Director, Communications, ALN Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at:
April 30, 2021
Dominic Townsend - ALN Th@4 ET
Dominic Townsend, President of ABS Quality Evaluations, has been director of Independent International Organization for Certification, was a board member for the International Accreditation of Accredited Registrars, and is currently an ALN Board Member. Here he speaks with ALN CEO Jim Dieter on the organizational value of certification.   See more about ABS at:  Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at:
April 22, 2021
Bill Garrett - ALN Th@4 ET
Bill Garrett, GSA, Director, Personal Property Management Policy, Office of Government-wide Policy is a graduate of United States Naval Academy and has held personal property and policy positions with the U.S. Federal Government civilian agencies since 2009. He has worked with the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. An active NPMA member, Mr. Garrett was the President of the Federal Center Chapter for 2 years. He has been at GSA for just over a year now. This podcast is brought to you by the Andrew James Advisory Group.  AJAG provides training in the ISO 55000 standard. Find other podcasts, videos, papers, and more, at
April 16, 2021
2021 National Asset Leadership Strategy
It became obvious that in order gain benefits from a proven, international asset management structure, the U.S. would need a template National Asset Leadership Strategy for legislators and agency executives to adapt in support of their goals and mission success.  With the strong support of ALN Organizational Member Grant Thornton, the ALN published a document and presented it to the Biden-Harris Transition Team, just as it presented asset management recommendations to the Trump-Pence Transition Team in 2016.   Learn how the 2021 National Asset Leadership Strategy can allow all relevant stakeholders to participate in resolving asset management problems.   Panelists include:  Jim Dieter, ALN CEO  Moshe Nelson, Principal, Grant Thornton  Ed Safdie, Director Grant Thornton  Jon Schneider, Manager at Grant Thornton Public Sector  Jack Kelly, ALN Board of Directors Member, and formerly with Office of Management and Budget for 36 years This podcast is brought to you by the Andrew James Advisory Group.  AJAG provides training in the ISO 55000 standard. Find other podcasts, videos, papers, and more, at
April 14, 2021
Bill Brodt, NASA - ALN Th@4 ET
Bill Brodt, NASA Experimental Facility Engineer has been at the august agency for 20 years. There he provides support for the many enabling services and analysis tools that support decision making about NASA’s facilities. For 15 years Mr. Brodt was involved in the National Institute of Building Sciences Facility Management Operations Council, which he Chaired. During his tenure with NIBS FMOC, the National Building Information Modeling Standard evolved dramatically. Mr. Brodt is well versed in the benefits of standards in assisting organizational mission success. This podcast is brought to you by the Andrew James Advisory Group.  AJAG provides training in the ISO 55000 standard. Find other podcasts, videos, papers, and more, at
April 09, 2021
Advancing Equity with Asset Leadership in 2021
In 2020, the ALN prepared the Advancing Equity with Asset Leadership position paper to highlight the value of ISO 55001 4.2 – identifying relevant stakeholders and learning their requirements – and the other places stakeholders are mentioned. While it sounds simple, it is very complex to involve all relevant stakeholders. But President Biden started his Administration by signing the “Executive Order on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.” It calls for the White House Domestic Policy Council and the Office of Management and Budget to consider pilot programs and suggest best practices. Consider reading these documents and joining a discussion on how to assist the U.S. Federal Government achieve this mission.  This podcast is brought to you by the Andrew James Advisory Group.  AJAG provides training in the ISO 55000 standard. Find other podcasts, videos, papers, and more, at
April 06, 2021
Michael Hardy - ALN Th@4 ET
Michael Hardy, A55K, is Asset Management Leader for Bureau Veritas – Buildings & Infrastructure Group.   At Bureau Veritas, Mr. Hardy is providing strategic insights on cross-functional use of ISO 55000 in the national government. He will speak on the value of earning the ALN A55K Professional Certification and how ISO 55000 can be the centerpiece to organizational transformation. This podcast is brought to you by the Andrew James Advisory Group.  AJAG provides training in the ISO 55000 standard. Find other podcasts, videos, papers, and more, at
April 01, 2021
ALN Senior Fellows 2021 Paths to Success
The ALN Senior Fellow Program was established to provide industry-specific experts a platform for presenting best practices that can be repeated by others in their field – and can be adapted by leaders in other fields. Learn what ALN Senior Fellows think of the GAO High Risk Report, the ASCE Infrastructure Report Card and how their initiatives can improve issues highlighted in these reports. ALN Senior Fellow presenters include: Tacoma Zach, President, Uberlytics, an ALN Organizational Member Jack Kelly, ALN Board of Directors Member and formerly with OMB for 36 years Marty Rowland, Primary author of an ASTM Standard on Municipal Asset Management Bob Smith, ALN Board of Directors Member, ALN Senior Fellow, ALN PhAIM Board Co-Chair Art Kurland, University Health System, San Antonio, Director of Asset Management and ALN Senior Fellow Mike Aimone, ALN Senior Fellow This podcast is brought to you by the Andrew James Advisory Group.  AJAG provides training in the ISO 55000 standard. Find other podcasts, videos, papers, and more, at
March 30, 2021
Mildred Chua Ulger - ALN Th@4 ET
Mildred Chua-Ulger was with New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority for 34 years before retiring in January 2021. She was CFO of MTA Tunnels and Bridges before becoming Director and Program Executive, Enterprise Information and Asset Management, where she led an organizational transformation, much of which she based on ISO 55000. Learn how Ms. Chua-Ulger leveraged ISO 55000 to dramatically improve mission success, hear about equity in asset management and managing asset digital data from a frontline leader. This podcast is brought to you by the Andrew James Advisory Group.  AJAG provides training in the ISO 55000 standard. Find other podcasts, videos, papers, and more, at
March 26, 2021
ASCE 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure
Every 4 years since 2001 the ASCE has issued an Infrastructure Report Card on the state U.S. infrastructure assets. It’s first Report was issued in 1998. This year, experts graded 17 infrastructure asset categories individually and generated an overall U.S. Infrastructure grade. The overall grade improved to a “C-”. Learn why some categories improved, while others did not. And learn why the ASCE sees how improved asset management can contribute to the U.S. continuing to raise the grade. Anna Denecke, Director, Infrastructure Initiatives, American Society of Civil Engineers Caroline Sevier, Director, Government Relations, ASCE David Totman, American Society of Civil Engineers representative as a Voting Member of the US Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee 251 responsible for the ISO 55000 standard on Asset Management and Vice President, Asset Manager with Innovyze This podcast is brought to you by the Andrew James Advisory Group.  AJAG provides training in the ISO 55000 standard. Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
March 23, 2021
Dr. Doug Goetz - ALN Th@4 ET
Dr. Doug Goetz, President and CEO at GP Consultants LLC, and, Jim Dieter, CEO at the Asset Leadership Network. This podcast is brought to you by the Andrew James Advisory Group.  AJAG provides training in the ISO 55000 standard. Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
March 19, 2021
U.S. GAO High Risk List - 2021 National Issues
Every 2 years for decades, the GAO has issued a High Risk List — those federal programs that are at highest risk of fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement.  Federal asset management has been on that list for 18 years in the form of federal real property management. It’s still on the list this year, but it is not a broken record.  This year, GAO removed one of the four areas from the list while another area regressed a little.  What improved?  What worsened?  What does it all mean for asset management?  Keith Cunningham, U.S. GAO Assistant Director, Infrastructure Amelia Shachoy, U.S. GAO Assistant Director, Infrastructure Colleen Taylor, U.S. GAO Senior Analyst This podcast is brought to you by the Andrew James Advisory Group.  AJAG provides training in the ISO 55000 standard. Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
March 17, 2021
Peter Dodgion - Federal Asset Management
Peter Dodgion, Asset Management Program Manager, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works speaking at "ALN Th@4 - Special Federal Asset Managers Session" during the ALN 2020 Asset Leadership Forum - reStructuring America Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
March 16, 2021
Cecilia Mowatt - ALN Th@4 ET
Cecilia Mowatt, Esq. has a background in international real estate asset management for McDonald's and Ameritech. Her company, Strategies In Site, Inc., provides community-building economic development for projects in underserved and under-represented markets, for private and government clients. Inclusion of a broad spectrum of stakeholders has been her mission long before the ISO 55000 structure included this approach. Ms. Mowatt has degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University. And she has helped form ALN Español and the ALN Advancing Equity with Asset Leadership Committee. Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
March 12, 2021
Bill Franklin - ALN Th@4 ET
Bill Franklin is the current National Property Management Association President and immediate past Chairman of the ASTM E53 Committee on Asset Management, which he has been involved with since 2007. He is Manager of Corporate Asset Management and Operations at Noblis, where he has been for almost 40 years.  Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
March 05, 2021
Steve Carlin - ALN Th@4 ET
Steve Carlin, Adjunct Professor, and Former Litigator, Law Firm Shareholder, Practice group Chair, Office Managing Shareholder Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
March 04, 2021
Bob Smith - ALN Th@4 ET
Robert Smith, CMRP, CAMA, Principal Consultant, Asset Management & Reliability at Commissioning Agents Inc., talking with Mike Bordenaro, Director, Communications, ALN Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
March 04, 2021
Tacoma Zach - ALN Th@4 ET
Tacoma Zach, CEO at MentorAPM, talking with ALN CEO Jim Dieter Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
March 02, 2021
Moshe Nelson - ALN Th@4 ET
Moshe Nelson, Principal and Asset Management Lead, Grant Thornton, and ALN Senior Fellow, talking with Mike Bordenaro, Director, Communications, ALN Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
March 02, 2021
Ark Wingrove - ALN Th@4 ET
Ark Wingrove, Asset Management Change Leader at Kompas Development, talking with ALN CEO Jim Dieter Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
March 02, 2021
Webinario ALN Español: Certificación Profesional
Daniel Ortiz Plata, A55K, ALN Senior Fellow; Cecilia Mowatt, Esq., A55K. President of ALN member organization Strategies In Site; and Leonardo Pinilla, Advisory Director, Strategy Asset Management, Colombia. Liderazgo “sin paradigmas” en la gestión de activos, ¡empieza con usted! ¿Cuáles son sus paradigmas? ¿Cuáles son las competencias del líder de gestión de activos? ¿Cómo mejorar las competencias del líder en gestión de activos? ¿Qué es la certificación A55K de ALN? Un camino para adquirir competencias de liderazgo. Les invitamos a revisar cuáles son tus paradigmas, cuáles son las competencias de un líder, qué es la certificación a A55k. Aprende una manera de mejorar tu liderazgo y el compromiso con y de tu equipo de trabajo, para posicionarse como líder en la gestión de activos. ALN Español le ayuda a guiarle por un camino para llegar a ser Líder en Gestión de activos. ___________ Webinar ALN Español: Professional Certification Asset Management Leadership “without paradigms”, it starts with you! What are your paradigms? What are the skills of the asset management leader? How to improve the skills of the leader in asset management? What is the ALN A55K certification? A way to acquire leadership competencies. We invite you to review your paradigms, ask for the skills of a leader and know about the A55k certification. Learn a way to improve your leadership and commitment to and with your work team, and to position yourself as a leader in asset management. ALN Español helps you to guide in the way to be an Asset Management Leader. Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
March 01, 2021
Jennifer Zach - ALN Th@4 ET
Jennifer Zach, Water Infrastructure and Asset Management, and Asset Leadership Network Board Member, talking with Jim Dieter CEO ALN Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
February 26, 2021
Jennifer Tursi - ALN Th@4 ET
Jennifer Tursi, Manager, Standards Development, ASTM International, talking with Mike Bordenaro, Director, Communications, ALN Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
February 26, 2021
ALN Español - ALN Th@4 ET
Daniel Ortiz Plata, ALN Senior Fellow, President, Ortiz Ruiz Consultants; Cecilia Mowatt, Esq., President, Strategies In Site; Horacio Martirena, PhD, Director, M&A Consultores and Committee Member, ISO TC 176 (ISO 9001), TC207 (ISO 14001), TC251 (ISO 55001) and TC283 (ISO 45001) Por primera vez en la historia de ALN, ALN Español presentará un diálogo en español para exponer la razón de su creación y de su importancia, y para analizar cómo el uso de la serie de normas ISO 55000 permite abordar la gestión del riesgo en las organizaciones públicas y privadas que quieran mejorar el valor derivado de sus activos. Se proporcionarán algunos casos de estudio para ilustrarlo. In a first for the ALN, ALN Español will present an all-Spanish language dialogue addressing why the ALN was formed, why it is important to have ALN Español, and how using the ISO 55000 series to address risk management can provide benefits to public and private organizations that want to improve the value derived from their assets. Case studies will be provided.  Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
February 25, 2021
Mike Roussos - Healthcare Asset Leadership in 2020 and Beyond
The COVID-19 Pandemic created the need for dramatic leadership changes that will continue for many years. What have we learned and how can it be leveraged? Learn how dynamic leadership and early adoption of ISO 55001 prepared University Health System, which is certified to ISO 55001, for the challenges of today and years to come. Hear from health care asset management experts and current and past VA Chief Engineers.   Michael Roussos, Hospital Administrator for the University Health System Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
February 25, 2021
Marc Morial on Addressing Inequity with Asset Leadership
Marc Morial, President of the National Urban League and former Mayor of New Orleans connects asset leadership with the ability to resolve inequity and inequality. Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
February 25, 2021
An ISO Journey at the World's Busiest Airport by Dr. Kofi Smith
Dr. Kofi Smith, President and CEO, Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company - presenting at "reStructuring Infrastructure Policy and Strategy" - a part of the ALN 2020 Asset Leadership Forum - reStructuring America Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
February 24, 2021
The Future of Assets by Jim Dieter
Jim Dieter, ALN CEO discusses The Future of Assets in the opening keynote address of the ALN 2020 Asset Leadership Forum - reStructuring America Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
February 24, 2021
Amber Propert - ALN Th@4 ET
Amber Propert, Property Accountability Specialist, U.S. Department of Defense speaking with Jim Dieter, ALN CEO Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
February 18, 2021
Moshe Nelson and Charles Ford - ALN Th@4 ET
Moshe Nelson, ALN Senior Fellow and Grant Thornton Principal, with Charles Ford addressing personal perspectives on Federal Law Enforcement Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
February 11, 2021
Spence Boyer and Jim Dieter - ALN Th@4 ET
Spence Boyer, Public Sector Advisory Associate at Grant Thornton LLC, interviews ALN CEO Jim Dieter. Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
February 05, 2021
Amelia Shachoy - ALN Th@4 ET
Amelia Shachoy, Assistant Director, Infrastructure, U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) discusses current and upcoming GAO reports that have implications on asset management.  Ms. Shachoy has been a leading investigator and author on asset management principles and practices, and has been as frequent contributor to ALN events. Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
January 29, 2021
Advancing Equity with Asset Leadership
From the ALN 2020 Asset Leadership Forum - reStructuring America! Speakers include: Marc Morial, President, The National Urban League Hugh Sinclair, Asset Management Section Manager, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Daniel Ortiz Plata, ALN Senior Fellow, President, Ortiz Ruiz Consultants Eric Brown, ALN Senior Fellow and Department of Homeland Security Director, Mobile Assets & Personal Property Cecilia Mowatt, Esq., President, Strategies In Site Mike Bordenaro, ALN Director, Communications Marty Rowland, New York City Department of Parks & Recreation Jim Dieter, ALN CEO See the LIVE web recording here: Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
January 25, 2021
David Totman - ALN Th@4pm ET
David Totman - ASCE/UESI representative to the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO 55000.    Mr. Totman has a Masters in Civil and Geological Engineering and has held senior positions at public utilities, Esri and consulting companies, such as Innovyze, where he is currently Vice President Asset Management.   He is also an Advisory Board Member of Design Thinking at University of California Riverside Extension Professional Studies. Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
January 21, 2021
Hugh Sinclair - ALN Th@4pm ET
Hugh Sinclair, Asset Management Section Manager with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, was a recipient of the prestigious NASA research fellowship in Environmental Engineering and this year studied at the UNC Kenan-Flager Business School Water and Waste Find podcasts, videos, papers and more at
December 17, 2020