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Aston SU is a charity run by students of Aston University who elect four full time student officers annually. The student officers run several campaigns throughout their term to raise awareness on different issues faced by Aston students, local and global communities.
Relatable AF 2022 | E2 - SU President Balraj interviews Kitti and Zafirah
SU President Balraj interviews Kitti and Zafirah
April 11, 2022
Relatable AF 2022 | E1 - SU President Balraj interviews Jack and David
SU President Balraj interviews Jack and David
April 02, 2022
Wellbeing Wednesdays with Paige | E4 - Forced Marriage Awareness | Roshni
In this episode of Wellbeing Wednesday, we are talking about forced marriage and honour based abuse. We have been lucky to have Shailia, who works at Roshni which is a charity which supports the survivors of honour based abuse and forced marriage. This episode is part of the week long forced marriage campaign being run by the Vice President Welfare and Vice President Education. Whilst the topic can be heavy, Shailia, Preet, and Paige also talk about what healthy relationships can look like - and also about ways to support the people around you who may be vulnerable to forced marriage or honour based abuse. Thanks for listening, and if you need any support this is the website link directly to the Roshni Website:
December 08, 2021
Wellbeing Wednesdays with Paige | E1 - Being a woman in the workplace
Your VP Welfare gets together with Aston SU staff to discuss about being a woman in the workplace. 
November 10, 2021
Yesmeen asks Student Advice - E1
In this episode, your VP Education sits with Adrian to understand more about situations like expulsion, academic misconducts and collusion. 
November 08, 2021
Forced Marriage Awareness Podcast - 2021
In this podcast, forced marriage and related topics are discussed as a part of our Break The Silence Campaign. 
August 08, 2021