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The Astral Hour

The Astral Hour

By Astral Meadow
Join me as we take a glimpse into the mysterious. We will be covering a wide array of metaphysical, esoteric and healing topics such as yoga, akashic records, archetypes, reiki, art therapy, flow, acupuncture, astral projection, tantra, shadow work, starseeds, plant medicine, astrology and many more.
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Justin Murr: Shadow Work
Episode 29 features a conversation with me and my husband on shadow work. We start by defining what the shadow is and where it comes from. Then we go into some ways we can work with the shadow and how we make the unconscious, conscious. This leads us to talk about the difference between our personal vs the collective shadow. We spend quite a bit of time talking about Robert Johnson (the psychoanalyst, not the musician) and some of his work on owning the shadow. We uncover the latent energy that is hidden within our shadow and explore what it means to integrate it. Next, we investigate some common archetypes by viewing their light and dark attributes and how they may manifest in both our outer, and inner worlds. We also discuss how we can ritually and symbolically work with our shadows, why it’s an important thing to do, and share some tips and tools that can help keep us grounded as we do so. We end by talking about how this work has benefited us, not only individually but also as a couple and as parents. “Owning Your Own Shadow: Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche” by Robert A. Johnson  Here's the "Your Shadow" video we referenced in the show.
August 09, 2022
Kandi Leigh: Transformative Healing
Episode 28 features a conversation with Kandi Leigh. She starts by sharing some background on herself and her spiritual journey. We talk about how healing the physical body was a big step for both of us. She explains what a session with her is like and some of the different messages that come through to her from the Akashic Records during them. We explore a new modality that she's been working on called future casting. Then she explains her card readings and some different kinds of decks that she uses. Towards the end she goes into soul contracts, soul mates, twin flames and how she helps people transform their relationships.
July 12, 2022
Aaron Braun: Paganism and Norse Mythology
Episode 27 features an interview with Aaron Braun. He starts off by giving us a little background on himself and his spiritual journey. We briefly go over what paganism is and give some examples of modern-day rituals. Next, we explore the differences between mythology and religion, as well as what he feels inspired some of these myths. We talk about some of the common practices of the Norse people and then discuss the similarities and differences in Odin’s vs Christ’s sacrifice. We end by chatting about Mimir’s Well and how it relates to the Akashic Records.
June 28, 2022
Ashley White: Yoni Steaming
Episode 26 features a conversation with Ashley White of Tranquil Heart Holistic. She shares a little about her journey and what lead her to become a peristeam facilitator and yoga instructor. She defines the word yoni for us and explains where it originated. We explore some of the history of yoni steaming and different cultures that practice it. She then goes on to explain what a session is like and some of the common herbs she uses. We end by talking about cycle rituals and how this journey has impacted her.
June 14, 2022
Angelyn Nicholson: Narcissism/Toxic Relationships
Episode 25 features a conversation with Angelyn Nicholson. She starts by giving a little background on what inspired her to become a therapist and energy healer. She helps us get the idea of what a narcissist is and some red flags to look out for. She gives us advice on how to exist around these people and we talk about how to protect and shield ourselves from their influence. Then we explore what can be done to help clear our minds after waking up to the fact that we have been dealing with a narcissist and their cycle of abuse. Towards the end, we talk about how EMDR can help us get back on our feet after we leave a toxic relationship.
May 31, 2022
Jens Juhl: Stepping Stones
Episode 24 features a conversation with Jens Juhl. He starts off by giving us a little background on himself. He goes on to explain the heartbeat of the universe theory and shares some of the meaningful akashic record readings he’s had. We lightly explore Jewish mysticism and some of the basics about the Ra material and The Law of One. We spend a bit of time diving into 7 years cycles and talk about what inspired him to write his book Stepping Stones. Towards the end, he shares a little bit about life presence coaching as a modality.
May 17, 2022
Mary Juhl: Sacred Moments Holistic
Episode 23 features a conversation with Mary Juhl. She starts off by sharing a little background about herself and her journey. We chat about what conscious parenting means to us and some of the things we’ve learned along the way. Next, we discuss what inspired her to become a holistic birth keeper and doula. This leads to a discussion about free birthing and what inspired her to have a homebirth instead of a hospital birth. Towards the end she shares a little about her yoga journey and what a healing session with her is like.
May 02, 2022
Philip Clift: Carl Jung's Model of the Psyche
Episode 22 features a conversation with Philip Clift about Carl Jung’s Model of the Psyche. He starts off by giving us some background on Jung and then moves into the concept of the collective unconscious and how it relates to the personal unconscious. Next, he defines the shadow for us and explains how it plays a role in balancing the psyche. We explore the persona and how it relates to the ego, as well as how archetypes correspond to astrology, tarot, myths and legends. We talk a little about the individuation process and the deeper meaning behind the evolution of consciousness. Towards the end we share about our upcoming program we have been working on that we will be launching soon called Life as Guru that will be available in person and online.
April 19, 2022
Cory Peay: Sound Healing
Episode 21 features an interview with Cory Peay. He begins by sharing some background about himself and his own spiritual awakening. We explore what shamanism is and how he incorporates it into sound healing. This leads us to discuss some of the science behind what is going on physically during a sound healing journey. We also spend some time talking about how everyday sounds affect us energetically. Next, he shares what a ceremony is like and some stories of some of the people that he has helped along their path of healing. He talks about some of his own meaningful experiences and how they have personally affected him. Then towards the end, I read from my journal and share my personal experience of sound healing travel.
April 05, 2022
Molly Wagers: The Akashic Records
Episode 20 features an interview with Molly Wagers of In Full Sight. She begins by sharing a little about herself and how she was introduced to the Akashic Records. Then she allows the records to come through her and explain what they are. We go on to talk about some of the ways accessing the records can help people and I share some details about some of my personal readings and experiences. Next, she shares some of the different ways she receives information from the records and some of the different energies that can come through during a reading. Lastly, she spends some time explaining how to prepare for a session and then we end with an encouraging message directly from the records.
March 22, 2022
Daniel Mattson : Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu & Tai Chi
Episode 19 features an interview with Daniel Mattson. He begins by sharing with us how he was introduced to martial arts and how his life experiences have influenced his teaching style. He explains how Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi differ from other styles of martial arts and we explore some of the different variations of Chi. Next, he shares some insight into how practicing martial arts has changed his life, and towards the end he lightly covers some of the different animal styles and symbols associated with kung fu.
March 08, 2022
Lauren Logan: Practical Celestial
Episode 18 features an interview with Lauren Logan of Practical Celestial. She starts off by giving us some background on how she became a professional astrologer and yoga instructor. We talk about how learning your birth chart can be liberating and some of the ways it has impacted us. She shares advice for people just getting into astrology and then discusses each of the houses and zodiac signs. We spend some time talking about rising signs and how they tend to encapsulate the rest of the chart. She also explains what she thinks are some of the most important placements in our charts and why our sun signs don’t fully define us.
February 22, 2022
Amanda Trout: Purple Sage Aura Photography
Episode 17 features an interview with Amanda Trout of Purple Sage Aura Photography. We start off by talking about what inspired her to start this business and how aura photography has evolved over time. Next, we move into what the aura is composed of and all of the layers that are involved. This leads us to a discussion about the different attributes associated with each color and how the placements of the colors can indicate different things. Towards the end she explains why learning about our auras is important, as well as some ways that we can practice energetic hygiene and nourish our auras.
February 08, 2022
Mollymae McDonough: Thy Harmony
Episode 16 features an interview with Mollymae of Thy Harmony. She starts off by giving us some background on herself and how some of her gifts have been with her since childhood. We talk a little about how she incorporates different modalities like sound healing, light language and reading the akashic records into her sessions. We also spend some time chatting about the intuition circles she leads and how each person in the group helps each other tune into to their own intuitive ability. Next, we discuss Beyond Quantum Healing, also referred to BQH, and what a session with her is like. She shares with us what it's like to be psychic and how she receives information. Towards the end, she gives us a deeper understanding of what she does with her coaching program, Rainbow Alchemy, and how she uses it to guide and encourage people to step into their full, life potential
January 25, 2022
Kelli Hansel Haywood : Sacred Catharsis
Episode 15 features an interview with Kelli Hansel Haywood. In the beginning she gives us a little background on her story and how the places and cultures we are raised in shape us. This leads to a discussion about the ‘persona’, the masks we wear and how we are often different under the surface. Next, she spends some time explaining chakras, which is a big part of her book, "Sacred Catharsis”, and how they build the framework for self-inquiry. We explore how she was able to find transformative power in pain and how yoga has affected and benefited her on her journey. She gives some advice to someone who may be in the beginning stages of self-exploration and offers some concepts that have helped her along the way. Towards the end, she reads us an excerpt from her book and shares some of her other published works.
January 11, 2022
Philip Clift : Esoteric Cycles and the Evolution of Consciousness
Episode 14 features an interview with Philip Clift. We start off by talking about the Akashic Chronicle, the Ageless Wisdom, and some of the ways this forgotten information has been brought back into our awareness. We explore some examples of how our human form and consciousness have and will continue to evolve. This leads us to the cycles and rhythms of time, where we discuss some of the lost, ancient civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis. We examine some of the features and abilities our ancestors had, as well as how we have evolved into the form that we have today. We spend some time going into the Lords of Flame, the individualization process, and the land of Shambhala. Towards the end we talk about sacred geometry, astrology and the next phases that humanity will move into throughout future cycles.
December 28, 2021
Daniel Webb : Influence of the Mind
Episode 13 features an interview with Daniel Webb. He shares some of his origin story with us and how he has been energy sensitive since childhood. We spend some time talking about meditation and yoga and how they both influence us. We go on to discuss the mind/energy connection and how working with it can help us learn to respond instead of react. Towards the end we talk about how energy follows thought and the importance of staying conscious of what you allow space for in your mind.
December 14, 2021
Angelyn Nicholson: Color of Kismet
Episode 12 features an interview with Angelyn Nicholson. We start off by chatting about EMDR and how she has been able to use it to help her clients. She goes on to discuss Reiki and what an energy healing session with her is like, including  “The Healing Hour”, which is performed with two other healers simultaneously. We move into talking about starseeds and how she became a galactic medium. Next she tells us about Color of Kismet and how she developed the essential oil blends that she makes and sells. Towards the end we cover her project Grid Knoxville, Grid the Planet.
December 07, 2021
Sara & Robin: Kefirian Society
Episode 11 features an interview with Sara and Robin of the Kefirian Society. They begin by sharing some of their story about what lead them on their healing journey to discover kefir. They go into some of the history of kefir and where it comes from. We talk about the various issues that it can help with and explain what the kefir is doing to create this deep, healing experience. They also share some of the healing that they have witnessed in some of the people around them after they began using kefir.  Towards the end we also explore some of the various ways that the kefir can be used in recipes and other everyday items.
November 30, 2021
Noah Frere: Astronomology
Episode 10 features an interview with Noah Frere. He begins by sharing a little background on how he came to blend astronomy and astrology professionally. He goes over the basics of astrology and discusses some of the different variations. Then, he examines the relationship between mythology and astrology and how it changes over time. Towards the end of the episode we spend some time chatting about Lunar Eclipses and Black Moon Lilith.
November 23, 2021
Breanne Anderson: Celestine Harmony
Episode 9 features an interview with Breanne Anderson. She shares some of her story with us and how her quest for self empowerment brought about the vision for Celestine Harmony, which is not only a healing business, but a sisterhood. She talks about what she specializes in and what a session with her is like. We give examples of how we use our intuition and the different ways we've received messages on our journey. We also go into manifestation, the power of our thoughts and how we create our own reality.
November 16, 2021
Rhea Pace: Reconnective Healing
Episode 8 features an interview with Rhea Pace. We start off chatting about how she discovered reconnective healing and why it was so appealing. She explains for us, in her own words, how she would define this healing modality. She then shares a little background on Dr. Eric Pearl, who is the main founder of reconnective healing. We go into what a session looks like, both in person/distance, and some of the ways hers may differ from others. She also shares some healing stories that her clients have experienced.
November 09, 2021
Philip Clift: Death, Afterlife & Rebirth
Episode 7 features an interview with Philip Clift. He starts off by giving a little background on the Ageless Wisdom and where it originates. Next, we talk about the moment of death and go over the 7 principles of human constitution. We dive into some of the spheres and states the soul moves through, as well as aspects, like our personality, that are shed during the journey through the afterlife. We also explore topics like Mahasamdhi, karma, reincarnation and nirvana. Towards the end of the episode, we examine some of the ancient Egyptian beliefs pertaining to the afterlife and discuss, The Egyptian Book of the Dead.
October 26, 2021
Josh Hinkin: Tarot & Magic
Episode 6 features an interview with Josh Hinkin. We discuss how he reads tarot intuitively and how he incorporates both Lenormand and oracle into the spreads. We also chat about magic and witchcraft along with some common misconceptions regarding these types of beliefs and practices. Towards the end, we go over some holidays, rituals and also tools that can be worked with for different intentions and outcomes.
October 19, 2021
Shanti Free: Metaphysics & Energy Medicine
Episode 5 features an interview with Shanti Free. It covers a wide variety of healing modalities and metaphysical concepts. We lightly explore emotion code, emotional freedom technique, cosmobiology, numerology, and astrology. We talk about chi-gong and how it can increase our longevity and also how it can open energy channels which allows us to function more optimally. We spend some time going into different styles of yoga and some practical techniques relating to breath work. She discusses sound healing and how it can help to restore us back to our natural frequency along with some of the tools that are available to work with. She also shares with us the 4 R’s which is something she created to help during stressful situations. Towards the end she speaks about reiki and ways we can learn and access this loving energy.
October 12, 2021
Wendy Weiss: Writing Down the Moon
Episode 4 features an interview with Wendy Weiss. We discuss some of the different intuitive healing modalities she specializes in such as astral navigation, lunar guidance, and moon journaling. We cover some of the different moon phases and how each one has something different to show us. Towards the end of the show we talk about yoga nidra as well as discuss what energy coaching is and how it helps people. 
October 03, 2021
Charity & Eric: Knox Holistic
Episode 3 features an interview with Charity and Eric Edwards of Knox Holistic. We chat about what holistic means and go over ways we can support our bodies while detoxing off processed foods. We go into some of the different plant medicines they offer and what inspired them to start making them. Later in the episode we cover some flow information and go over some of the classes they offer like hooping, yoga and ecstatic dances.
September 28, 2021
Shekhinah Dawn: Energy Healing
Episode 2 features an interview with Shekhinah Dawn and covers a wide range of healing modalities such as biofield tuning, color therapy, energy medicine, and emotion code. We also go into quantum healing, and sound/vibrational therapy. We share stories from our own personal experiences and towards the end we go into the I Ching and how it can be a tool to help bring clarity.  
September 19, 2021
Philip Clift: Yoga Practice & Philosophy
Episode 1 features an interview with Philip Clift and covers various yoga concepts such as meditation, mantras, mudras and some of the limbs of yoga. He also shares with us some of his own personal experiences from his journey. Whether you're an experienced yogi or just curious, you will find this episode informative and entertaining. 
September 12, 2021
Quick Introduction
Here's a little introduction on who I am and what my podcast is all about.
August 16, 2021