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By AstroLushes
The intersection of astrology and literature, ritual, wellness, pop culture, creativity — and, of course, wine. Expect life lessons, more questions than answers, and big feelings. Your water-sign hosts are Andi Talarico, poet, book reviewer and Strega (@anditalarico) & Lisa Marie Basile, poet, author of Light Magic for Dark Times, & editor of Luna Luna Magazine (@lisamariebasile + @lunalunamag). We want to hear from you! How do people get your sign wrong? Who are your favorite Scorpio poets? How do you use the zodiac as a healing tool? Tweet us at
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#4: Your Planets + Our Secrets: A Deeper Look At Our Charts & Ourselves


#4: Your Planets + Our Secrets: A Deeper Look At Our Charts & Ourselves


Creating & Manifesting The Life You Want & Preparing for Autumn Virgo Magic
Our most controversial episode yet! Lots of feelings, thoughts and sass. In this episode we discuss Virgo season and all that it entails — work, showing up to processes, building rituals for yourself, and making sacrifices for what you want. We also get into Cusps (are they real? Are they nonsense? Oh gosh—who knows!). In our “We Call Bullshit” segment we talk about folks who don’t wear masks during COVID, plus slimy “manifestation” gurus who scam people out of their money. We end with rituals for autumn — plants, crystals, and self-care — and ways to connect with Virgo’s earthiness. Lastly, we chat about saying goodbye to summer and welcoming in the magic of autumn.
August 29, 2020
S2E1: Using Your Zodiac To Find Your Path + Embracing Leo Magic In Your Life
In this first episode of the second season of Astrolushes, we offer you: all the insights and magic of Leo season, and how to use Leo energy for confidence, loyalty, and embracing your self-worth. We then delve into your moon and rising signs (and how to use them in your life). Afterward, we get into a new segment called “we call bullshit,” in which we gossip about “hexing the moon,” MLM influencers preying on vulnerability, and so much more. We finish off with a list of things we’ve been loving, including books of poetry and magic. This episode is brought to you by a big summer energy and orange juice and Prosecco. We missed you. Welcome to season 2 of Astrolushes!
July 24, 2020
BLM + COVID Statement 🖤
After a hiatus of a few months, we want to touch base with our listeners and let you know where we’ve been and where we are going. It’s important to us that we speak out about the Black Lives Matter movement and about the COVID-19 pandemic. We missed you.
July 24, 2020
10: Increasing Intuition, Water & Dream Rituals & Pisces Magic
Is this our most watery, magical, dreamy episode yet? We think yes. In this episode, we open with poetry, go into Pisces Season magic, mythology (Persephone, Hypnos, the river Lethe in the underworld), explore water and dream magic, ways and reasons to increase intuition, our favorite untranslatable words, and then we decode recurring dreams. This is a delicious, juicy, and star-studded conversation about the importance of liminality and dream state, and the plurality of Pisces. It’s a DREAMY one.
March 7, 2020
9: Romantic Compatibility, Lipstick for Your Zodiac Sign, & Aquarius + Capricorn
In our Capriquarius episode, we dive into Aquarius + Capricorn traits, our recent book faves, Glam Witch (Herkes) and Astrology for Real Relationships (Lanyadoo, Greenaway), glamour magic (lipsticks for each sign!), and then we get into Valentine’s history, Lupercalia, and how to use your chart to approach Valentine’s. Also, happy Valentine’s to everyone — coupled, single, polyamorous, asexual—everyone! 💜
February 12, 2020
#8 Sagittarius Season: The Most Confessional Episode Ever?
In this episode, we get rum drunk (too rum drunk, one might say?) and super confessional (we even smash a glass —oops!) about what Sag season means to us personally (a lot, apparently). We talk ideas to bring into Winter Solstice, and we explore the poetry of the Sagittarius. Expansion! Charm! Optimism! Disappearing acts! What does it all really mean? There’s also a long rambles about Taylor Swift, Tina Turner, and other pop culture icons. If you’re looking for deep, intense water sign conversation around fiery goodness, this is it. 🔥
December 22, 2019
#7 Full Moon Fever & Scorpio Power: Do YOU Feel It?
In this episode we get DEEP on Scorpio season (is it all sex and death?), intentional book reading (Duras and poetry), full moon magic rituals, shadow work, and automatic writing, Chiron aspects, and our guessing game “who’s a Scorpio?”with SZA & Helena Bonham Carter. Also, we deal with all sorts of lushery and intense feelings. Warning: Very drunk by the end of the episode.
November 13, 2019
#6 Mean Tweets: Which signs do you hate?
In this very lush-ous episode, we get into our ‘Mean Tweets’ segment, spurred on by a simple tweet we asked, “Which sign do you hate and why?” So, we discuss astrological bias, archetypes, and resistance to aspects of the self. Basically, we get into the petty gossip, and share some of those mean tweets. (Does Lisa hate Virgos? Gasp!). We also chat about “the elements of the elements,” which is our attempt to explore how the elements play out in each sun sign. We also play our guessing game (what sign is Meghan Markle?). Tune in and get the fresh gossip.
October 4, 2019
#5: Zodiac Fragrances + Astro Houses
During this full moon, partial lunar eclipse, cancer season, Mercury RX recording the Astrolushes get into the Astrological houses, which fragrance notes work best with each sign (to help you build your own scents), pop culture (including Tiffany Haddish + a focus on foster care), Lana Del Rey as a cancer, plus lots of wine (it’s cancer season!). We also tackle astrological cultural appropriation and some of our future episode plans around astrological history and culture. Plus a bonus segment on why cancers are freaks in bed!
July 17, 2019
#4: Your Planets + Our Secrets: A Deeper Look At Our Charts & Ourselves
In this episode, we discuss what each and every planet means in relation to astrology, giving you a glimpse into which planet rules which sign, and what lessons the planets can teach us. If your Venus is in cancer, for example, what does that mean? We also go in-depth about our personal backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences + how we came to astrology, magic and ritual. Did Lisa lead a ritual to call upon the dark lord at 13? Take a guess! How did Andi come to Stregheria? Find out!  It was important to us that our listeners got to know us a little better, and because we're two SUPER emotional water signs, we really didn't hold back here. You were warned! In short, this episode deals in the heavy topics — like poverty and trauma — as much as it deals in the cosmos. So grab a cup of tea or a glass of red and tune in. 
May 16, 2019
#3. Your Sun, Moon & Rising Signs: What do They Say About You?
In this episode, we get into the depths with the Big 3: your sun sign, your moon sign, and your rising sign. We talk practical applications for this knowledge (dating! Job interviews! Parties! Shadow work! Writing!). We chat about our Twitter fans’ charts, and our recent favorites, including The Astrological Grimoire by Shewolfe & Gravesguard, the Sanctuary World app, Baron Fig, Light Magic for Dark Times and Billie Eilish. We also do a rapid-fire celebrity sign guessing game round and, of course, enjoy our fine red wine. And lots of it (but not too much like last time!).
April 19, 2019
#2. What Are The 4 Elements? + Aries Season Magic
Aries season is upon us! We talk about Aries qualities and Aries season lessons and the elements! Are you earth, water, air or fire? Join us as we get chat cities as signs and Hogwarts Houses. We also guess the signs of Aidy Bryant and John Keats, among others. We get into astrological ‘compatibility’, and why we think it could be reductive. . Also more wine. Also more Rihanna lyrics. And a shout out to author Colin Bedell. Visit us at
March 23, 2019
#1: AstroLushes: The Birthing
In which we discuss what astrology means in the contexts of our REAL lives, reductive astrology memes, pop culture, folk magic and trauma. We also do a Rapid Fire Round of Guess That Sign & discuss future episodes. Background noises includes a warm roaring fire & distressed cat whining (he’s okay, he just wants attention). We also mention the podcast That’s So Retrograde, which has a great episode of Drunk Astrology, as well as a new podcast called Drunk Astrology + we send lots of love to Apothic Wine, and the new books HausWitch: Transform Your Home With Witchcraft. We also mention Luna Luna Magazine ( and the book Light Magic for Dark Times. You can follow us at @lisamariebasile @anditalarico @astrolushes!
March 10, 2019