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A Student's Perspective

A Student's Perspective

By A Student's Perspective
Interior Architecture students speak with designers, manufacturers, educators, industry professionals, and design media celebrities to hear stories of just how they have gotten to where they are now. We connect the past, present, and future of design to show just how much we can learn from each other. A Student’s Perspective is like a weekly design lecture series…from the student’s point of view.

We aim to expose design students to all of the possibilities that their degree might offer, even if those possibilities might not be exactly what the degree on their diploma might say.
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Season 7 Episode 1- Don Chadwick
The season premiere of A Student's Perspective as Bianca Bancheri speaks with Don Chadwick, one of the most renowned American furniture/industrial designers of the second half of the 20th century.  His designs for Herman Miller, Knoll, and Humanscale (among others) have been recognized worldwide for their contribution to workplace design specifically.  Always an innovator with regards to materials and exploration Don's chairs with fellow designer Bill Stumpf for Herman Miller, the Equa Chair and Aeron Chair were each named 'Designs of the Decade' for the 1980's and 1990's respectively by Time Magazine and the Industrial Designers Society of America. #design #designschool #furnituredesign #innovationtion #inspiration #mentor
August 17, 2022
Season 6 Episode 14- 100th Episode Reunion
Stephen  Garrison, producer/director of A Student’s Perspective, speaks with  almost all of the ASP hosts that you have followed during the 4 years  that we have been bringing you encouraging and enlightening  conversations about the design community…from a student’s perspective.   We recap the journey of the first 100 episodes and begin to look towards  the next 100. #design #studentdesign #interiorarchitecture #interiordesign #architecture #inspiration #education #mentor #conversation #hpmkt
June 19, 2022
Season 6 Episode 13- Cruz Garcia
Cruz  Garcia, artist, architect, theorist, activist, curator, educator, and  co-founder of WAI Think Tank with his partner Nathalie Frankowski,  speaks with Jen on his multi-faceted approach to physical and  theoretical design through the lens of human emancipation at many  levels.  As designers we have a potential role in not only the spaces  that shelter people in their daily lives, but also in creating a just  and equitable relationship for all people with their environments. #design #studentdesign #interiorarchitecture #interiordesign #architecture #inspiration #emancipation #education #mentor
June 19, 2022
Season 6 Episode 12- Tom Conley
Tom Conley, President and CEO of the High Point Market Authority, speaks with Bianca and Vanessa from the University Hall of Innovation Exhibition booth during Fall 2021 Market. Hear  about how Tom got involved in trade shows and how High Point Market has  evolved through the year and continues to move into the future #design #studentdesign #interiorarchitecture #interiordesign #furnituredesign #exhibitiondesign #inspiration #mentor #support #intention #UXdesign #hpmkt
June 19, 2022
Season 6 Episode 11- Tobias Harris W.
Tobias  Harris Wangsadihardja, otherwise known as Tobias Harris W.,  speaks  with Maia on his 15+ years of leadership in Human to Environment  Interaction design and his proven expertise in experiential design for  global brands. His unique approach to creating a memorable physical and  emotional brand experience is based on his deep love of the art of  living life, where aspiration is balanced with reality to achieve  greatness.  Tobias has worked on projects for major national and  international companies and retailers such as Coca-Cola, Hilton  Worldwide, Samsung, Serta, Target, 5/3 Bank, McDonald’s, KFC,  Chick-Fil-A, Pizza Hut, Busch Worlds of Discovery-Dubai, and Hershey  Chocolate World, and now wants to explore how human centered experience  principles that are so integral to successful retail designs can be  applied to homes, products, and other everyday interactions. #design #studentdesign #interiorarchitecture #interiordesign #furnituredesign #restaurantdesign #hospitality #inspiration #mentor #support #intention #UXdesign
June 19, 2022
Season 6 Episode 10- Christopher Grubb
Christopher  Grubb, award winning interior designer, product designer, and host for  House Tipster, speaks with Katie and Maia from the ZUO Modern Showroom  during Fall High Point Market 2021.  Christopher speaks about the  development of his career into the realm of furniture and product design  and how he values education and connection as he speaks around the  country at various trade shows and exhibitions. #design #studentdesign #interiorarchitecture #interiordesign #furnituredesign #productdesign #inspiration #mentor #support #intention #highpointmarket
June 19, 2022
Season 6 Episode 9- John Conrad
John  Conrad, Executive Director of the International Society of Furniture  Designers, and the Design Between the Lines podcast, speaks with Katie  and Maia from Congdon Yards during Fall High Point Market 2021.  John  speaks to the evolution of his career and how he has seen the industry  adapt to the unprecedented global pandemic.  Hear about how the ISFD  works to support and connect students with industry professionals  through competitions, internships, and networking events. #design #studentdesign #interiorarchitecture #interiordesign #furnituredesign #productdesign #inspiration #mentor #support #intention #highpointmarket
June 19, 2022
Season 6 Episode 8- Camille & Henning Martin-Thomsen
Henning  and Camille Martin-Thomsen talk with Katie about their careers in both  academia as well as the profession of architecture and how each  influences the other and allows them to grow fuller as designers.  They  speak to the equity of good design no matter the station of the client  or location or scope of the project, everyone deserves quality design. Also  hear how their roles as educators allows for their students to  influence their personal designs, whether through their investigative  curiosity, or introducing new disciplines to Henning and Camille’s  framework. #design #studentdesign #interiorarchitecture #interiordesign #inspiration #mentor #support #intention #wellness #curiosity
June 19, 2022
Season 6 Episode 7- Lori Miller
Award  winning designer, wellness educator, and mental health counselor Lori  Miller talks with Jen and Bianca live from the University Hall of  Innovation exhibition booth during Fall High Point Market 2021. Hear  Lori speak to her background in prison counseling and understanding of  how the senses both consciously and subconsciously affect our perception  and memory of space has helped to build her design firm LGC Interiors. #design #studentdesign #interiorarchitecture #interiordesign #sensorydesign #lighting #inspiration #mentor #support #intention #emotion #wellness
June 19, 2022
Season 6 Episode 6- Serena Martin
Marketing  Maven Serena Martin spoke with Katie and Vanessa live from the Phillips  Collection showroom during Fall High Point Market 2021. Hear Serena  speak to her love of connecting people and finding out the stories and  strengths of each of her clients throughout the years has allowed her to  work with some of the top brands and individuals in the home  furnishings industry. Serena’s boundless drive has led her to launch her  personal marketing consultancy for the home industry, 24/7 Creative  Agency, as well as recently signing on to become the full-time Director  of Marketing for the award winning Phillips Collection. #design #studentdesign #interiorarchitecture #interiordesign #furnituredesign #productdesign #hardware #lighting #inspiration #mentor #support #intention
June 19, 2022
Season 6 Episode 5- Stephanie Sickler
Educator,  author, and designer Stephanie Sickler speaks with Maia about how  choosing to appreciate the often overlooked parts of design education  can set you apart in a sea of other graduates, as well as the importance  of building and maintaining industry networks throughout your career. Stephanie  coordinates the Foundation Design sequence for Interior Architecture at  Florida State University, as well as owning Chrysalis Fine Fabrics and  Furnishings, and volunteering her time as Director of Service for the  Interior Design Educators Council . #design #studentdesign #interiorarchitecture #interiordesign #furnituredesign #network #softgoods #education #inspiration #mentor #support #intention
June 19, 2022
Season 6 Episode 4- Robin Baron
Designer  Robin Baron speaks with Vanessa and Jen about how her love of fashion  blended with interior design (lighting and hardware are the jewelry of  the room) has allowed her to build a successful design career in  furniture, lighting, hardware, textiles, fashion, and beautifully  detailed spaces. Remaining authentic in a budding, and now permeating,  social media age has also been important throughout her career. Robin  has been featured on @hgtv , @bravotv , @nbc , @openhousetv , and in  @housebeautiful , @elledecor , @traditionalhome , @wsj , @chicagotribune  , as well as being named one of the top 200 Interior Design Influencers  for 2022 by @fixr_com . #design #studentdesign #interiorarchitecture #interiordesign #furnituredesign #productdesign #hardware #lighting #inspiration #mentor #support #intention
June 19, 2022
Season 6 Episode 3- Jim Pearsall
Between  the 1950’s and 1970’s American designer Adrian Pearsall was one of  America’s most successful post-war furniture designers while leading  first Craft Associates, and then Comfort Designs. Both companies were  based in Pennsylvania, with Craft Associates at one time being the  largest employer in Wilkes-Barre after its beginnings in the basement of  a Kingston, PA duplex. Adrian  Pearsall was known for bold designs which brought the ‘high style’ of  the Atomic Age and Mid-Century Modern, to the masses. Here with Bianca ,  Adrian’s son Jim Pearsall recounts his father’s career from the  perspective of both a son and a colleague, having been a manufacturer’s  represenative for Adrian’s designs. #design #studentdesign #interiorarchitecture #interiordesign #furnituredesign #productdesign #inspiration #mentor #support #intention #walnut #midcenturymodern #adrianpearsall
June 19, 2022
Season 6 Episode 2- Allison Eden
When  your talents are supported and you are willing to push yourself to the  extent of your interests, who knows what you can achieve? Maia Clasby  and Katie Shea speak with glass mosaic artist Allison Eden, founder of  Allison Eden Studios, North America's leading stained glass mosaic  designer for commercial and residential interiors. Allison's work in  residences, casinos, hotels, and hospitals around the world has been  recognized and published in Interior Design Magazine, Architectural  Digest and Elle Decor, among others. The  A Student’s Perspective team is not only looking forward to Season 6,  but also for more amazing and inspiring conversations just like this. #design #studentdesign #interiorarchitecture #interiordesign #furnituredesign #productdesign #inspiration #mentor #glass #mosaic #fashion #support #intention
June 19, 2022
Season 6 Episode 1- Melissa Shelton
What  sort of future career might a degree in Interior Design begin to  prepare you for? What about leading the US portion of a 70 year old  family owned European furniture manufacturer famous for working with  some of the most established and well known architects and designers in  the world? Vanessa speaks with Melissa Shelton, President of Vitra North America about just this scenario. The  A Student’s Perspective is not only looking forward to Season 6, but  also for more amazing and inspiring conversations just like this. #design #studentdesign #interiorarchitecture #interiordesign #furnituredesign #productdesign #inspiration #mentor
June 19, 2022
Season 5 Episode 12- Mark Sherlock
Mark Sherlock, Marywood University School of Architecture Alumni and Development Manager for Thomas James Homes in California’s Bay Area, speaks with Katie about how his experiences  during and after school have led him to focus on the homebuilding  industry and single-family residences.  Building experiences and  memories is what he finds important about the opportunity to design and  construct quality homes for the Bay Area.   How has networking and  exposure to industry groups helped to fuel his career, as well as  helping to make a cross-country move more feasible.  Hear from Mark “Why  He Does, What He Does”.
June 10, 2022
Season 5 Episode 16- Jake Rudin
A  Student's Perspective season 5 finale Jake Rudin, Sr. Manager of  Digital Technologies at Adidas, and co-founder Out of Architecture  speaks with Jennifer Brown about how his architectural education  supplied him with the tools to be led down a winding path of interesting  'non-architecture' jobs before landing with Adidas. A great  conversation that covers every aspect of what is at the core of A  Student's Perspective, and how Out of Architecture developed as a way to  assist other creatives to maximize their potential as well. We  at A Student's Perspective are thrilled to have Jake join us for this  conversation about being open to taking the chances that might change  your future.
June 09, 2022
Season 5 Episode 15- Maria Hoffman
Mariah  Hoffman, founder of Micro Modula Design Studio, speaks with Katie Shea  about the  experiences which led her to design and build her personal  ‘tiny home’ and how it led her to form the design studio to assist  others in their downsizing journey.  Micro Modula ‘explores the  architecture of HOME, PLACE, and the SELF.  From small-scale design  services, to public space place-holding, to intentional lifestyle  coaching, Mariah hopes that Micro Modula can continue to serve as a  vessel for human-centered design solutions.’ Mariah  and Micro Modula has been featured in Apartment Therapy, The Spruce,  and Dwell; earning a finalist nomination for ‘Best Small Space’ in the  2020 Dwell Design Awards. We  at A Student's Perspective are thrilled to have Mariah join us for this  conversation about being open to taking the chance that might change  your future.
June 09, 2022
Season 5 Episode 14- Erica Stine
Erica  Stine, Red Dot award winning furniture designer, speaks with Courtney  Mackrell about her experiences in industrial and event design and how  they influenced her to pursue furniture with narrative creativity.    Erica utilizes 'her knowledge of design research, service design and  experiential design to create furniture pieces with greater depth and  perspective. Valuing the duality of story and substance in her design  process, her cross pollination of art and design are an inevitable  driving force in the development of each piece. Erica’s work finds a  cohesive tone in the sculptural nature of her design and a common  narrative in her love of allegory. She believes this type of embedded  personal expression creates an enduring, heirloom quality to design.' We  at A Student's Perspective are thrilled to have Erica join us for this  conversation about being open to taking the chance that might change  your future.
June 09, 2022
Season 5 Episode 13- Ari Peralta
Ari  Peralta, sensory designer, neuroscientist, and CEO of Arigami UK speaks  with Jennifer Brown about his research into the intersection of what we  understand of the science of the senses and how we design spaces and  experiences, specifically retail spaces.  Building towards experiences  that activate memory, thought, comfort, creativity, etc.  An absolutely  thought provoking conversation into what most of us might subconsciously  take for granted. We  at A Student's Perspective are thrilled to have Ari join us for this  conversation about being open to taking the chance that might change  your future.
June 09, 2022
Season 5 Episode 11- Maya Bird-Murphy
Maya Bird-Murphy, Founder & Executive Director of Chicago Mobile Makers,  speaks with Courtney Mackrell about how educating children and teens in  design and design thinking can have a positive effect on the future of  community and place-making.  Why only wait for the kids to come to you,  Chicago Mobile Makers takes creativity right into their neighborhoods. We  at A Student's Perspective are thrilled to have Maya join us for this  conversation about being open to taking the chance that might change  your future.
June 09, 2022
Season 5 Episode 10- Mary Stevens
Mary  Stevens, Senior Vice President for Strategic Projects with Herman  Miller, speaks with Paige Bechtle about how she first began working with  Herman Miller and how the curiosity which led her to parlay degrees in  mathematics, education, and engineering into a 36+ year career which has  seen her lead Engineering and Quality, Global Initiatives, Diversity in  Design, and most recently Strategic Projects, amongst her 12 titles.    How has she seen Herman Miller grow through the years, and what has led  to the founding of Diversity in Design?  Stay tuned to find out. While  curiosity might not have been the best plan for the cat, it is vital to  the navigation of a career in the design industry. We  at A Student's Perspective are thrilled to have Mary join us for this  conversation and invite you to hear the rest of the talk by tuning in on  Wednesday November 10th at 4:00ET on the A Student's Perspective  Facebook page to hear more about being open to taking the chance that  might change your future.
June 09, 2022
Season 5 Episode 9- Bryan Orthel
Courtney  Mackrell speaks with Bryan D. Orthel, Ph.D., NCIDQ, NCARB, Associate  Professor of Interior Design at Indiana University Bloomington, Chair of  the Board of Directors for the Journal of Interior Design, and  President of the INTERIOR DESIGN EDUCATORS COUNCIL FOUNDATION INC. Hear  Bryan talk about the journey from student to faculty within design and  how mentorship at all levels is crucial to helping future faculty grow  into their potential.  To this end, IDECF supports graduate students  specifically through the Graduate Scholars Awards given each year to  send students to the annual IDEC National Conference as well as other  mentorship opportunities. The deadline for the 2022 Graduate Scholar  Awards is December 10, 2021, and more information can be found here: We at A Student's Perspective are thrilled to have Bryan join us for this conversation.
June 09, 2022
Season 5 Episode 7- Ximena Valle
Natalia  speaks with Ximena Valle, Founder and Principal of Fifteen Architecture  and Design.  Hear Ximena speak about how she balances teaching and  professional life and how the classroom informs her approach in the  design studio and vice versa. F  I F T E E N is an Architecture and Design practice based in  Philadelphia "driven by the desire to affect positive change. Inspired  by the power of great design, we see ourselves as a catalyst for  innovation and aim to redefine the dynamic between clients, communities,  and designers. Founded  on our shared optimism for human interactions, we are committed to  delivering a new model for our practice, improving client experience and  project delivery through smart partnerships and new processes. We  are passionate about entrepreneurial, cross-practice solutions that  improve our built environment, our communities, and our future."
June 09, 2022
Season 5 Episode 6- Nina Cooke John
Katie speaks with Nina Cooke John, Founder and Principal of interdisciplinary design firm Studio Cooke John Architecture..  Hear Nina speak about her journey as a student and academic and how it informs her approach in the design studio. Nina and Studio Cooke John have been named to the 2021 ELLE Decor A-List of the top 101 most exciting names in today's design industry.   Additionally, Nina's submission for the Harriet Tubman monument in  Newark was selected to be installed as part of the Harriet Tubman  Monument Project and was described by one of the jurors as, “Through her  concept, she’s actively created a place where the community can gather,  remember, learn, and even rest. Such spaces are rare and necessary now  more than ever.”
June 09, 2022
Season 5 Episode 5- Valentin Haack
Paige Bechtle speaks with Valentin Haack, Experience Designer at BCG Digital Ventures, in their London office.  Hear Valentin talk about how he first made his way to the United States to study at SCAD - The University for Creative Careers,  and the journey there which led him to explore possible majors before  choosing the new, at the time, program of Service Design. Valentin  has been able to combine his early graphic design experience in Germany  merged with a love for technology and an appreciation for the end-user  and their experience- from the often overlooked detail through the  grandest gesture- to craft a career path for himself within the world of  Service Design and user experience.
June 09, 2022
Season 5 Episode 4- Jennifer Smiga
Brenna speaks with Jennifer Smiga, CEO/Founder of Ultraviolet Agency.   Hear Jennifer talk about how she has approached each step of her  career journey with passion and an inquisitive nature. From an Art  History undergraduate from SCAD - The University for Creative Careers, to museums and non-profits, and now CEO of ultraviolet agency- the digital marketing agency for the design industry.
June 09, 2022
Season 5 Episode 3- Karla Jones
Courtney speaks with Karla Jones, Executive Director of the Bienenstock Furniture Library . Hear about Karla's journey within the design industry and how the  Bienenstock Furniture Library in High Point, North Carolina is an  inexhaustible resource for the design industry as well as supporting the  next generation of designers through competitions, scholarships, and  the new Future Designers Summit taking place next week in High Point.
June 09, 2022
Seawson 5 Episode 2- Shayne Fox
Courtney  speaks with Shayne Fox, film and television Set Decorator/Production  Designer and founder of Shayne Fox Hardware.  Hear about Shayne's  journey from puppeteering with the team at Radical Sheep, into feature  films such as 'The Prodigy', and 2020's 'Life in a Year' starring Cara  Delevigne and Jaden Smith, and television series for FX Network, NBC,  Netflix, Warner Brothers, SONY, MGM, CBC, CTV, Hallmark, and TLC, and  what led her to found her unique cast bronze hardware company. For  her work on Season 2 of “What We Do in the Shadows”, Shayne was  nominated for an Emmy, and won an Art Directors Guild award for  outstanding Production Design. Shayne Fox Hardware has been featured in  Architectural Digest, Wallpaper, Elle Canada, Vogue Living, Luxe, House  Beautiful and House and Home magazine.
June 09, 2022
Season 5 Episode 1- Juliana Strieff
Katie Shea speaks with Juliana Strieff, Director of Creative Design + New Concepts for Panera Bread and former Creative Design Lead for Global Innovations for McDonalds.   Hear about Juliana's path of reaching beyond what you might think are  your limits, treating every opportunity as a problem to be solved, and  how that mindset has provided her with some of the most amazing  opportunities in the global design world that have even surprised her.
June 09, 2022
Season 4 Episode 16- Jaime Derringer
Paige  Bechtle speaks with Jaime Derringer, Chief Creative Officer and Founder  of Design Milk Co. We talk about the growth of Design Milk from its  earliest stages in 2006 as a one person website showcasing the things  that Jaime found interesting in the world of design, and managing the  growing social media landscape to further cement Design Milk as the  go-to resource for architecture/interiors/furniture/art/pets/product/and  more. We at A Student's Perspective are thrilled to have Jaime join us for this conversation to mark the finale of season 4.
June 02, 2022
Season 4 Episode 10- Shane Fox
"Technology makes possibilities. Design makes solutions. Art makes questions. Leadership makes actions." John Maeda Hear  CEO and 'problem solver' Shane Fox speak with Natalia Colasurdo about  the evolution of his career and how technology can affect and be  affected by the design industry. In this clip hear Shane's advice on  getting involved in all aspects of a situation to truly understand how  things run. Co-founder  of Link3D, the operating system for the additive manufacturing factory  floor, Shane has worked in many areas of business including for Knoll as  well as Autodesk. This varied experience has allowed him to approach  all aspects of business with a design sensibility helping to lead the  innovation.
June 02, 2022
Season 4 Episode 8- Jillian Soprano
Courtney Mackrell speaks with Jillian Soprano, interior designer and Founder of Studio Soprano bespoke letterpress. What do you do when faced with an obstacle on the path you have chosen? Jillian  Soprano is an NCIDQ certified designer and Founder of Studio Soprano, a  bespoke letterpress, as well as the creator of Better Mail. Hear  Jillian speak with Courtney about how her creativity and agility in  design has allowed her to transition to this new and rewarding venture,  while using all of the skills that she was trained in, albeit in a  different format.
June 02, 2022
Season 4 Episode 7- Bradley Bowers
Does the degree on your diploma define the boundaries of who you are? Bradley  Bowers work explores the boundaries between advanced technology and  handcraft to purposefully inhabit a world that is somewhere in between. Listen  to Bradley Bowers as he speaks with Paige Bechtle about how taking the  time to explore many allied disciplines has allowed him to broaden his  outlook on design and build towards the multi-disciplinary approach that  his studio Bradley L Bowers has become known for.
June 02, 2022
Season 4 Episode 6- Julia Gamolina
Jennifer speaks with Julia Gamolina of Madame Architect and Trahan Architects from A Student's Perspective. How do you build your network? Listen  to Julia Gamolina, Assoc. AIA as she speaks with Jennifer about the  impetus behind the creation of Madame Architect and how her varied  interests have helped her to shape her career as well as make the hard  decisions that have gotten her here. Madame  Architect is an online magazine celebrating the extraordinary women  that shape our world, a magazine designed to break the architect’s mold  and show young women entering the industry the myriad choices they have  in crafting a dynamic, meaningful, and interesting career.
June 02, 2022
Season 4 Episode 5- Alicia Rowbotham
Natalia speaks with Alicia Rowbotham, Founder of Alicia Rowbotham | Bespoke Textiles. As the quote says, "One person's trash is another person's treasure." Hear  about how a tour through historic textile mills in the Midlands of  England inspired Alicia to utilize reclaimed textile waste to produce  high-end fashion accessories and interior details . Being able to access  these fine materials has allowed Alicia to open her own company in  2020, Alicia Rowbotham | Bespoke Textiles and to develop upcycled  product innovations which have been exhibited at the 2020 London Design  Festival, the 2020 London Surface Design Show, The 2020 Future Fabrics  Expo, and as a Designer-in-Residence at London's Cockpit Arts after  winning the Cockpit Arts/Clothworkers' Company Award 2020.
June 02, 2022
Season 4 Episode 3- Laiza Cors
Katie speaks with Laiza Cors, Founder and CEO of Embello, the only marketing platform dedicated to the home and design industry. Laiza  noticed brands and influencers alike craved guidance with their  influencer marketing efforts, from finding the right partners and  creating effective campaigns, to monitoring workflows, and digesting  analytics. Since  their inception in 2018, Embello’s network has grown to include more  than 10k influencers covering niche categories across home &  lifestyle, food & beverage, family & kids, health &  wellness, and pets. Embello is a high-touch influencer marketing agency  backed by technology.
June 02, 2022
Season 4 Episode 2- Diane Brown, RxART
Jennifer speaks with Diane Brown, Founder and President of RxART. Understanding  how a person’s environment and emotional state can play a role in their  treatment and healing, Diane Brown founded RxArt 20 years ago to do  just that. Working with some of the most influential contemporary  artists in the world, RxART works to change the traditional healthcare  experience by placing fine art and immersive installation experiences  within children's healtcare facilities. This  conversation will prove inspiring for design students, artists,  architects, and medical professionals alike, and should let families and  patients out there know that they are never alone.
June 02, 2022
Season 4 Episode 1- Breegan Jane
Paige Bechtle speaks with BreeganJane, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Designer, and star of HGTV's Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  For over 10 years Breegan has cultivated her business and brand with  authenticity in mind. She makes sure that every step she has made along  the way has been true to herself, as well as working to empower those  around her to be the best that they can as well. Listen in to Breegan's story from A Student's Perspective
June 02, 2022
Season 3 Episode 18- Phil Balagtas
Natalia  Colasurdo speaks with Phil Balagtas, Founder of the Design Futures  Initiative. Phil has been a Visual & UX Designer since 2001 and has  experience designing across a variety of devices and platforms within  non-profit, retail, advertising, and enterprise software organizations.  The Design Futures Initiative (DFI), is a nonprofit that organizes the  international Speculative Futures meetups and PRIMER conferences in the  US and Europe. An educator and futurist, his events bring together  designers, futurists, and strategists from all over the world to teach  and speak about designing for the future and the ethical challenges  around emerging technologies. Phil  has presented and taught workshops around the world on various topics  including Design Facilitation, Digital Transformation, and Speculative  Design. Delivering powerful statements around the importance of design  and strategy to shape the future of society and businesses, he shares an  amalgamation of experience from working across sectors and focuses on  how to empower designers for social impact.
May 24, 2022
Season 3 Episode 17- Zehra Ahmed
Paige  speaks with Zehra Ahmed, Founder of Womxn in Windows, a platform for  the perspective of womxn on culture, identity and society using moving  image and providing a forum for diverse and underrepresented voices,  aiming to inspire the next generation of thinkers and citizens. Find out  how the roles of food, identity, culture, and community intersect  through these integrated design events. Hear  about Zehra's career, and how a curiousity to find her place within  design has led her from the office, to the gallery, to the kitchen, and  now to the public space as gallery.
May 24, 2022
Season 3 Episode 16- Alex Gilliam
Paige  speaks with Alex Gilliam , Founder of Public Workshop, and Co_Founder  of Tiny WPA, a nonprofit organization that places youth and adults at  the forefront of stimulating community engagement and civic innovation  in Philadelphia. Alex  has been described as "A cheerleader of possibility, the founder of  Public Workshop, an organization that redefines the way youth and  communities participate as citizens and leaders in the design of their  neighborhoods and cities. Alex fundamentally believes that great design,  empowerment, innovation, and having fun are not mutually exclusive. He  creates inspiring curricula, transformative youth design leadership  programs, innovative participatory community design tools, engaging  events and thoughtful strategies that help people rethink possibility."
May 24, 2022
Season 3 Episode 15- Ming Thompson
Paige  speaks with Ming Thompson , Co_Founder of Atelier Cho Thompson, a  multidisciplinary design and concept firm with offices in San Francisco  and New Haven engaged in the art of architecture, interiors, graphics,  brand strategy, furniture, installations, and exhibitions. Ming  shares with us the value of detail and of assembling a creative and  collaborative team that can function at all scales of design.  Atelier  Cho Thompson is a dynamic environment that allows their interests and  personal histories and varied experiences to shape their design work.
May 24, 2022
Season 3 Episode 14- Dylan Garner
Paige  speaks with Dylan Garner, Creative Director for Cohere, a creative  design studio committed to building conscious brands built around common  goals in real estate, food & beverage, and hospitality. Find out  how the roles of food, place-making, and community intersect through  integral design branding. Hear  about Dylan's career with Cohere, from intern to Creative Director, and  how a simple question in her first interview set up her trajectory.
May 24, 2022
Season 3 Episode 13- Tanya Memme
Paige  Bechtle speaks with Tanya Memme, DIY & home staging expert,  actress, inspirational speaker, former Miss World Canada, and host of  Sell This House on A&E and FYI since 2003. Hear  about how Tanya's path led her from a Canadian farm to hosting one of  the early shows that launched the DIY movement on television and  influenced countless people to become part of the design industry. After  a 9 year hiatus, Sell This House returned in 2020 on the FYI network  Mondays at 10:00ET and A&E Saturday mornings at 11:00.
May 24, 2022
Season 3 Episode 12- Jeanette Himes
Natalia  Colasurdo speaks with Jeanette Himes, Director of Design - Workplace,  Retail, & TI for Mohawk Group, about her time in the commercial  carpet industry and how beginning her journey as a designer has given  her a different perspective as a Director of Design today. Find  out a bit on the journey it takes to develop an innovative collection  like Owls, and how Mohawk Group is addressing the needs of 'work from  home' in the current environment.
May 24, 2022
Season 3 Episode 11- Soft Geometry
Natalia  Colasurdo speaks with Utharaa Zacharias and Palaash Chaudhary, Founders  of Soft-Geometry about the creation of their studio, taking advantage  of all the learning opportunities you can, and how finding people to  generate and work through ideas with can lead to great things. In  a short time as a studio, Soft-Geometry has been recognized as one of  15 Rising Stars of Product Design for 2019 by Interior Design Magazine,  and as part of a movement to redefine Indian craft by Architectural  Digest.
May 24, 2022
Season 3 Episode 10- Julien Albertini
Paige  speaks with Julien Albertini, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of  Asthetique, an award-winning international interdisciplinary design  studio based in New York and Moscow, with his partner Alina Pimkina. Hear  about Julien's path in his career and how learning the business side of  the industry to offset his creative sensibilities has allowed him to  grow as a designer and business owner.
May 24, 2022
Season 3 Episode 9- Elizabeth Ingram
You  may know her more recently from Quarantine Quitchen with her husband  Alton Brown, now Natalia Colasurdo speaks with Elizabeth Ingram, award  winning Principal of Elizabeth Ingram Studio about her non-linear path  in her design career and how important it is to stay true to the stories  that she crafts in creating restaurants, bars, and homes that become  events for their patrons and inhabitants.
May 24, 2022
Season 3 Episode 8- Priscilla Koukoui
Paige  Bechtle speaks with Priscilla Koukoui, Founder of OviSquare*, emerging  tech adventurer, and design futurist interested in creating meaningful  multi-sensory XR stories. Get inspired to think about how design might  respond to the changing work and play from home environment. We discuss Futurism, AR & VR, how to encourage responsibility, remote work vs in person and how to use XR in architecture.
May 24, 2022
Season 3 Episode 7- Greg Melitonov
Natalia  Colasurdo speaks with Greg Melitonov, Partner and Director of both  Taller KEN and the FUNdaMENTAL Design Build Initiative. Having  met while working for Renzo Piano in Italy, Greg and his partner Ines  Guzman founded Taller KEN as a New York and Guatemala based architecture  practice focused on playful design with social and cultural relevancy.   Find out what sets them apart from other design firms and how they  approach design. Greg  is an award winning architect having been awarded one of five 2019  MacDowell Colony Fellowships in Architecture, one of ten chosen for the  2018 Art OMI Architecture Residency, one of six chosen for the 2019 NY  Architectural League Prize.  As a firm Taller KEN has being recognized  as one of six AIA New Practices New York winners for 2016, and Interior  Design Magazine has named Taller KEN one of their 40@forty emerging  designers.
May 24, 2022
Season 2 Episode 3- Royce Epstein
Paige speaks with Royce Epstein, A&D Design Director for Mohawk Group  about her non-linear path in her career and how diligently studying her  craft and communicating with her mentors has helped along the way.   There may even be a music break to be found...
May 24, 2022
Season 3 Episode 1- Kiersten Parsons Hathcock
Staying connected virtually as Paige Bechtle talks with Kiersten Parsons Hathcock about reaching beyond your comfort zone, listening to your intuition,  and believing in yourself.  Kiersten is an accomplished designer and Founder of Mod Mom Furniture,  marketing professional, TedX speaker, Shark Tank / ABC/CNBC winner, design partner with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, and soon to be author of Little Voices- How Kids in Spirit Helped a Reluctant Medium Escape and Heal from Abuse. 
May 24, 2022
Season 2 Episode 17- Nancy Jackson and Grace Jeffers
Nancy  Jackson, President - Architectural Systems, Inc. and Grace Jeffers,  artist, designer, and materials historian, discuss with Natalia Colasurdo and Paige Bechtle how they see the role of the designer within the hierarchy of the  process of dealing with the social problems of today by focusing on  sustainable materials and building healthy business relationships within  all areas of the design community from the showroom and salesperson, to  the manufacturer and installer.
May 17, 2022
Season 2 Episode 16- Daniela Petrusev
Daniela Petrusev from MdeAS Architects in one of their projects at 1221  Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan. Paige Bechtle and Natalia  Colasurdo are introduced to the work and ethos of this award winning  firm by MdeAS Director Daniela Petrusev, as well as how she discovered  the profession and was drawn to MdeAS.
May 17, 2022
Season 2 Episode 15- Trish Beaudet, with Danny Russo
HGTV Design Star Alum Trish Beaudet of Cashmere & Vine Interiors, with special guest Danny Russo, discuss with Natalia Colasurdo and Natasha Gillott how their careers have grown in an era of design  collaboration and networking as a business, a designer, and as a person.
May 17, 2022
Season 2 Episode 14- Elle Millard
Elle H-Millard from Delta Faucet in the Brizo Faucet showroom at KBIS - Kitchen And Bath Industry Show- .  Natasha Gillott and Natalia Colasurdo are introduced to the KBIS award winning Kintsu Collection by this National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) Insider, Style Hound, and HGTV Design Star Alum.
May 17, 2022
Season 2 Episode 12- Tym De Santo
Tym De Santo sitting down with Natasha Gillott and Paige Bechtle . Hear about Tym's life as an artist, designer, musician,and HGTV Design Star. It's a great conversation about working within your passions and being open to what your opportunities are.
May 17, 2022
Season 2 Episode 11- Rachel Moriarty
The fabulous Rachel Moriarty of Rachel Moriarty Interiors speaking with Courtney Mackrell and Gina Nolan . Hear about how one of the 2020 Spring High Point Market Style Spotters has used social media and her love for pattern and color to help shape her successful design career.
May 17, 2022
Season 2 Episode 10- Rosa Otero
Hosts Gina Nolan and Paige Bechtle had the chance during Fall High Point Markett   to sit down with Director & Curator Rosa Otero, and learn more  about this amazing resource where you can not only see some of the most  famous chairs of the past 100+ years, but what makes it even more  special is that you have the chance to interact and sit in all of these  classic designs from your history books.
May 17, 2022
Season 8 Episode 9- John Thompson
Kristin Cussat and Natasha Gillott talking to John Thompson, VP of Sales for the Southeast for Loloi Rugs, from the University Hall of Innovation booth at High Point Market. Find  out what makes Loloi such a great place to work, about their  progressive use of technology alongside their traditional handmade craft  in order to produce quality products for all ranges, and a little about  their partnerships with Joanna Gaines and Magnolia, Ellen DeGeneres, Anna Bond and Rifle Paper Co., and Justina Blakeney.
May 17, 2022
Season 2 Episode 8- Adam Kessler
Adam Adam Joseph Kessler, Education Director for the Association of Woodworking & Finishing Suppliers from the University Hall of Innovation exhibition booth at Fall High Point Market 2019. Hosts  Paige Bechtle and Courtney Mackrell talk with Adam Kessler, Education  Director for the Association of Woodworking & Finishing Suppliers  about his path to where he is today, about working with design students,  and about how students should take advantage of all of the  opportunities that design challenges afford them .
May 17, 2022
Season 2 Episode 7- John Muldoon
John Muldoon, Owner of COHAB SPACE,  live from the COHAB complex at Fall High Point Market 2019. Hosts Natalia Colasurdo and Gina Nolan talk with John Muldoon about the impetus behind opening  COHAB, about his path into the home furnishings industry, and about  introducing new creativity into the High Point region when Market is not  in session.
May 17, 2022
Season 2 Episode 5- David Santiago
David Santiago, Interior Designer, Furniture/Product Designer, Opera Singer,  live from the Junior League of High Point/ ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME Designers Showhouse at Fall High Point Market 2019. Hosts Natalia Colasurdo and Courtney Mackrell talk with Tenor David Santiago,  Interior Designer, Furniture/Product Designer, Opera Singer in one of  the spaces that he designed for the Junior League of High Point/Aspire  Design and Home Designers Showhouse during High Point Market.   In this episode our hosts discuss mentorship, passion, and not giving  up on the things outside of your ‘job’ that make you who you are with  David Santiago.  As one of those things outside of David’s ‘job’ he will  be debuting at Carnegie Halll Friday, January 10, 2020 with David Santiago in Concert, A Journey from Bel Canto to Verismo.
May 17, 2022
Season 2 Episode 5- Kathy Ireland
Hosts Kristin Cussat and Paige Bechtle talk with Kathy Ireland, Designer, Actress, Supermodel, and Philanthropist from the Pacific Coast Lighting showroom at High Point Market.  In this special New Year’s Resolution episode our hosts discuss with Kathy Ireland what it means to persevere in the face of adversity and to use both  your successes and setbacks to encourage you to achieve your dreams and  potential.
May 16, 2022
Season 2 Episode 4- Charles Pavarini III and David Samad
Hosts @KristinCussat and Natalia Colasurdo talk with @Charles Pavarini III of Pavarini Design and @ David Samad, President of Samad Rugss live from Fall High Point Market 2019.   Hear about the history of SAMAD, how their partnership between Charles  and SAMAD has formed and how to build the relationship between a  Designer and Manufacturer.
May 16, 2022
Season 2 Episode 1 - Jason Phillips
Hosts Paige Bechtle and Natalia Colasurdo talk with Jason Phillips, VP of the Phillips Collection from the University Hall of Innovation exhibit booth at High Point Market.  Hear what it was like to learn the  family business at a young age and how the company values every member of their team at every level of experience. Find out more about the Phillips Collection by visiting:
May 14, 2022