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FUN Japanese Listening

FUN Japanese Listening

By Dr. Asuka Tsuchiya
こんにちは!Are you looking for a fun way to learn authentic Japanese and improve your Japanese skills?
Then come and join Asuka sensei's Fun Japanese Listening podcast!
You can enjoy listening activities, everyday Japanese vocabulary, fundamental Japanese grammar, unique Japanese culture, and more! This podcast is for both Japanese language learners and teachers.
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Episode 24: How to start learning Kanji?
Have you started learning Kanji? Kanji is really different from Hiragana and Katakana, So many learners struggle with learning it. One of you asked me "How to start learning Kanji?" Great question! In this episode, I show you the first step of Kanji learning. If you do this, you find it getting easier to learn Kanji! *Are you interested in learning proper Japanese pronunciation? Click here to get Complete Japanese Hiragana Complete Japanese Katakana
June 12, 2021
Episode 23: Follow this method and you can speak Japanese!
Most learners struggle with speaking Japanese. It's actually not your fault. The Japanese language and the English language are totally different, so it's very challenging to make a sentence inside your head. No worries. Here is the solution. In this episode, I tell you the easy method to speak Japanese. Just follow these steps, and you can find a difference. Happy learning! **Online Summer Intensive Japanese Language Course @University of Southampton Please find the details here. ** I'll talk about Kanji learning in the next episode. If you have any Kanji questions, please let me know. Click the link below and submit your questions.
June 5, 2021
Episode 22: Improve your listening skills!
Have you found it challenging listening to Japanese precisely? Do you want to improve your listening skills? Let’s do a dictation exercise! Dictation is to listen to a sentence and write it down. This is really helpful to improve the accuracy of your Japanese listening. If you struggle to catch a particle, people’s name, or tense, it would be the perfect exercise for you! *Download your Worksheet HERE ** I'll teach Online Summer Intensive Course at the University of Southampton. Check the more details HERE
May 29, 2021
Episode 21: How to use the word から? [Japanese Grammar]
From this episode, we start a new chapter of Fun Japanese Listening. You can enjoy listening activities and everyday Japanese vocabulary, fundamental Japanese grammar, unique Japanese culture, and more! Are you looking for a fun way to learn Authentic Japanese and improve your Japanese skills? Then this is the podcast for you. Today’s episode is about から. Have you ever heard of から? This word works similarly to “from” or “because” in English. Sometimes it might confuse you. You may not be sure how to use this word. No worries. After you listen to this episode, you can use から confidently!
May 22, 2021
Unit1-20 Plain Style
Plain style: Daily conversations Unit1-20 Audio
March 11, 2016
Unit1-19 Ta form
Nai-Form: “have the experience of V” and “V, V and so on” Unit1-19 Audio
February 8, 2016
Unit1-18 Dictionary form
Dictionary -Form: “be able to” and “to do” Unit1-18 Audio
January 14, 2016
Unit1-17 Nai form
Nai-Form: “Please do not” and “must” Unit1-17 Audio
January 8, 2016
Te-Form: “Please” and “be -ing” Unit1-16 Audio
November 20, 2015
Te-Form: “May I do …?”, “You must not do…” and more! Unit1-15 Audio
November 5, 2015
Te-Form: “Please” and “be -ing” Unit1-14 Audio
October 22, 2015
Want! Unit1-13 Audio
May 31, 2015
Unit 1 – 12
Adjectives 2 Unit1-12 Audio
May 3, 2015
Unit 1 – 11
Counters! Unit1-11 Audio
May 3, 2015
Unit 1 – 10
“あります” Unit1-10 Audio
May 3, 2015
Unit 1 – 09
“すきです”, “じょうずです” and “わかります” Unit1-09 Audio
May 3, 2015
Unit 1 – 08
Adjectives Unit1-08 Audio
February 12, 2015
Unit 1 – 07
“あげます” and “もらいます” Unit1-07 Audio
February 12, 2015
Unit 1 – 06
What, What, What? Unit1-06 Audio
January 23, 2015
Unit 1 – 05
Go, Go, Go! Unit1-05 Audio
January 23, 2015
Unit 1 – 04
What time is it now? Unit1-04 Audio
December 9, 2014
Unit 1 – 03
“どこ” and “いくら” Unit1-03 Audio
December 8, 2014
Unit 1 – 02
What is this? What is that? Unit1-02 Audio
November 28, 2014
Unit 1 – 01
Getting to know each other Unit1-01 Audio
November 24, 2014