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At Walking Pace

At Walking Pace

By Nyla Naseer
At Walking Pace is based on three principles to help you live your best life:

Walk More
Lo-Fi Life
Be your own person

By walking more you improve your physical health, wellbeing, resilience and confidence.
Adopting a Lo-Fi life means using tech in a more considered way
Be your own person is about being more secure in yourself.

Our podcasts reflect these principles. We also make videos that complement the podcasts. These are on YouTube

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At Walking Pace

A stroll down memory lane: Walking helps us feel the benefits of nostalgia.
The At Walking Pace video/podcast! Walking helps us deal with dark days by evoking fond memories.  This time a stroll down memory lane with my good and characterful friend Philip, who recounts how he loved visiting Swindon Town gardens decades ago. Hear how he made friends with a blackbird called Stubbly and made X-mas decorations out of pine cones and holly...50 years before it was fashionable!
December 22, 2020
Visit to Birmingham City Centre Xmas Lights: At Walking Pace banter!
Nyla and buddy David head into the unknown as they venture into Brum at Xmas time. What a change to years gone by! The lights are bright and the chat is warm as they head into the BullRing past barriers and new building. An intro to At Walking Pace with Walking and Lo-Fi Living, along with being your own person. Discover the secret to a happier life alongside more Brummie banter.
December 16, 2020
Dog Training/ TV Garden/ Nativity Trail....SO Kings Heath!
Having interviewed Barnaby (the pastor of the local Kingsway Church) about the nativity trail around the park, myself and friend Lyndon made a not-very-good attempt to do the trail. On the way to a 'trail fail' (our attempt, not the trail, which was lovely) we watched dog-training, talked about the old Gardeners World TV garden and discussed the principles of 'At Walking Pace' namely walking, Lo-Fi Living and lightening up on life.  Camera angles a bit dodgy! Enjoy life...At Walking Pace. The full video is available on the At Walking Pace YouTube Channel!!
December 14, 2020
Chance meetings At Walking Pace: The Kingsway Church nativity trail...
Walking back from The DIY store  through Kings Heath Park meant I encountered the nativity trail and chatted to Barnaby- the pastor from Kingsway Church about the trail and the forthcoming outdoor carol service!
December 13, 2020
Wise Up To: A light-hearted look at things in Kings Heath and identity...
In this podcast recorded before lockdown myself and David chat about how things are a little bit pretentious in Kings Heath but applaud the new Lo-Fi activities of making things out of pallets and other crafts (despite the chalk paint).
December 8, 2020
At Walking Pace: Making excuses to walk! Where it all began.
This episode of At Walking Pace is a brief snapshot of my journey into a love of walking. I want to inspire others into integrating making excuses to walk into their everyday life! Join me...At Walking Pace.
December 8, 2020
The podcast is a showcase for topics that may be useful to you if you want to be happier, healthier and especially less stressed. There are three core areas of discussion: walking, living at a human pace in terms of living simply and using our human skills rather than letting technology do it all for us and lastly thinking about how our behaviour and wellbeing is affected by what goes on around us.
December 3, 2020
Wise Up To: AA Abbott, Author of 'Bright Lies'.
At Walking Pace talks to Helen (AA Abbott) about her brilliant new book 'Bright Lies', a novel set in Birmingham that confronts the uncomfortable issue of child sexual exploitation. Although the subject matter is dark, the plot includes lighter moments, one of which is delivered to us in a reading by Helen. Helen reveals the part that walking plays in her own creative process, as well as in the book. We talk about the supportive writing community in Birmingham including 'New Street Authors' and the fantastic Gunmakers' Arms in the Jewellery Quarter of Brum.  If you like thrillers or Brummie accents you'll love this episode.
November 26, 2020
Wise up to: Greg Clarke, more foot in the mouth than football...
In the first of my Walking Voices weekly slots I talk with Anita and Satpal. We are all South Asians and two of us are into football...Regardless of whether we follow the beautiful game we are all stunned by the comments made by Greg Clarke about race, gender and sexual orientation. BTW the consensus on Greg was, and I quote,  'Good Riddance'.
November 18, 2020
Lo-Fi Living: Buildings, bollards and Bracken
At Walking Pace is about more than walking. It is about communicating with others and more deliberate living. This is something I wanted to discuss with my friend David as we explored a bit of south Birmingham. Join us as we discover a hidden building, bollards and something very unexpected as we go off the beaten track.
November 14, 2020
At Walking Pace: Walking benefits: cutting back on booze and getting back on track.
Lockdown has meant many of us have slipped into unhealthy habits and no longer feel that we have control over our lives. Listen to my chat with Anne as she candidly shares how easy it is to drink too much when life turns upside down. Walking is a way to 're-calibrate' and enjoy life again in a healthy way.
November 11, 2020